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ALRIGHT, this book was really so fantastic in all aspects! We meet Tiffy and Leon who will be sharing a flat (and a bed), both coming in and out at different times, never actually meeting each other in terms of their initial contract. Of course, with this being a beautiful romance novel, they're bound to meet eventually, and they meet in QUITE LITERALLY the best way I would've imagined them to. 

Throughout the flat, they talk through post-it notes and I thought that was SO fun because it started as a little accidental labeling, but it turned into full force conversations. If Beth O'Leary would ever want to do this (considering the book isn't out yet), I'd love to get a little book with all of their post-it notes in it, in order, just marking how their relationship develops.

I continued to love this book because I felt invested in the side characters along with the main two. I think their stories, although not entirely developed because it's not about them, but their influence on both Tiffy and Leon is huge. With Richie's development, the character growth is SO incredibly done, and the influence that Richie's story has on both Leon and Tiffy is clearly present. 

Now there's a definite trigger warning for emotional abuse, and an incredibly unhealthy relationship. Despite it being a trigger, I definitely think it was handled SO well, and through the character we can see just how they grows even more so. 

This entire novel just presents so much growth individually and within a relationship, and it's really so beautiful to see how it develops. The concept of the entire novel is so creative, and of course, anytime someone "signs" a contract, it's going to be broken. I cannot wait to read the finished copy and see all parts fleshed out!
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I received an advanced digital copy of this book from and the publisher Flatiron Books. Thanks to both for the opportunity to read and review.

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary is, in a word, brilliant. It is laugh out loud funny and deeply emotional and touching at the same time. The characters are all too human and real. I wanted to be friends with all of these people, especially Gerty. (You'll have to read it to find out for yourself.) There are some incredibly real and emotional themes in the storyline, but nothing is given the "22 minute dramedy" treatment. Every aspect is thought through and well written.

The buzz around this book is well deserved. It should be one of The Books to Read of 2019.
5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended. Add this book to your TBR list now!
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I loved this British romantic comedy. It was the perfect escape on a cold winter weekend.
Tiffany and Leon are both having some financial and romantic troubles.
So, in order to pinch some pounds (save $), they agree to share a one bedroom flat.
Leon works nights and Tiffany works days so they are able to share the flat and a bed without ever seeing each other. They have actually never even MET each other. 
They get to know each other via post it notes left around the flat.
There is a delightful cast of family, friends and ex-lovers (some not so delightful). 
There are some poignant moments including recovery from an abusive relationship.
It is laugh out loud funny. 
And, yes, there is a happy ending.
This is Beth O'Leary's debut novel. Here's to hoping that we will see plenty more from her, including a return of these brilliant characters!

Will be discussed on both Episode 70 and 71 of Book Cougars podcast. (
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Thank you to the publisher for allowing me early access to this book! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Flatiron Books through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

I'm going to come back and post a full review in a month or so, after my brain has been given time to settle and I can work all my jumbles of love surrounding this book into something somewhat coherent to share .. but for now let's just say that I freaking. loved. this. book. I'm only ten books into this year and I already know this one is for sure going to make it into my Top 5! Characters? Check. Plot? Check. Settings? Check. Relationships? Check, check, cheeecckkk please! Definitely one to add to your TBR, especially if you liked books such as Sophie Kinsella's My Not So Perfect Life, David Nicholls' One Day, or Graeme Simsions' The Rosie Project. 

[Small caveat, though: the chapters narrated by Leon are a bit ...weird to get used to. Tiffy's are normal and what you would expect, with quotation marks and cadences that make sense - whereas Leon's have colons after the speaker's name and everything seems a bit clipped. It's hard to explain, but you'll see what I mean almost immediately. What I want to say about that, though, is that you should push through if it feels weird at first! (True story, I had to.) It starts to just *feel* like him, and creates these really distinct differences between Leon and Tiffy's voices and chapters. It definitely wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be when I first started reading!]
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An absolutely charming novel about two Londoners who share an apartment; Tiffy Moore works for a small publisher, and Leon works the night shift at a hospital. However, due to life circumstances, they keep not meeting each other in person and communicate through sticky notes and leftovers in the fridge. When they do meet, sparks fly. A wonderful throwback romance with loveable characters, quick wit, and sharp repartee - you won't find a better beach read this year.
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Do you ever just KNOW that you'll love a book? That's how I felt about The Flatshare after reading a short summary shared way back in September by another author on Instagram. I've had my eye on this book ever since, and was delighted to be given the opportunity to review it! Not only did The Flatshare live up to my (very high) expectation, but it far surpassed them!

Tiffy and Leon share a flat in London (apartment before us US readers). However, due to scheduling, Tiffy and Leon have never met. Tiffy has the flat nights and weekends. Leon works nights, so he sleeps at the flat during the day. The perfect set up, right? It sure is! However, Tiffy and Leon begin getting to know one another through notes left around the flat, and they begin to wonder what might happen if they do meet....

Ahhhh! I loved this book. This will be a re-read for me, for sure, and I will be anxiously awaiting more from O'Leary. There is so much depth to this book that I don't want to give away because I feel like it will spoil it, so I'll ask you to trust me - you want to read this book. It's every bit as good as it sounds, and more.
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Romance novels are like meditation for me, but only if they are good. And “The Flatshare” by Beth O'Leary is just amazing!

I liked the book for the healthy atmosphere. I mean, there was a man who cried or a woman with incredibly strong character (in other books it is mostly the other way around). There were situations, when someone would tell something a little bit sexist, but another character would disagree with that. Some characters did not like Trump and his intention to build the wall between USA and Mexico. For me all these moments were precious. I really liked characters for their dialogues and their positions about certain things in the world.

Of course the book also was incredibly cute, especially the first half. I was in love with both Tiffy and Leon. And their family and friends too. I even remembered all the characters! (I just always forget secondary characters in romance books, but not in “The Flatshare”!).

However, it wasn’t always cute in the novel. The author revealed some pretty serious topics like emotional abuse and not quite good justice system.

I don’t want you to become skeptical about this book before reading, so I’ll just stop saying how amazing this debut (!) novel by Beth O'Leary was for me. I definitely wait for another book by this author! (and as I know, the new novel is already written and is in editor’s hands!).
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I really liked The Flatshare. Though I didn't care for the way the male main character's inner dialogue was written, it was great to see multicultural story. Great romance that slowly blossomed through the story.
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Fresh, yet familiar! 

The Flatshare pulls off the feat of making a premise I felt I'd seen before feel new and interesting. Instead of solely focusing on the budding relationship, Beth O'Leary fills out Tiffy and Leon's worlds with compelling secondary storylines tied to their jobs, and even delves into abusive relationships.

The semi-epistolary nature of their early relationship (via Post-It note) is a fun twist and makes an excellent set up for their meet cute in real life. I thoroughly enjoyed the Flatshare. Recommended for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Helen Fielding and Katherine Center.
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This book exceeded all my expectations, which rarely happens for me. The plot ended up being so much more nuanced and interesting than the blurb let on. I loved both of the main characters, (although I wasn't a fan of the stilted voice in Leon's chapters) which is probably my only complaint).
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The Flatshare is an engaging, fun and very often serious novel telling of the oddball relationship that forms between flatmates Tiffy and Leon. Oddball because they only communicate through Post-it notes and do not meet until late into the relationship. Serious because Tiffy’s ex-boyfriend has emotionally abused her and will not let her go even though he is the one who dumped her. Serious because Leon’s brother is in prison innocent of charges and dealing with a lax lawyer. What Tiffy does for Leon is wonderful. What Tiffy’s ex does to her is awful. How Tiffy rebounds and stands up for herself is what makes it all worthwhile.
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I loved it! Tiffy and Leon were so relatable and I loved how they each took turns telling the story. I think everyone can relate to jotting down notes on Post It’s, the author did a great job of building their relationship in an unconventional way. I can’t recommend this book enough, it was a fairly quick read with characters that I truly cared about.
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A very high 3 stars for this one. I don’t want to say too much about where this novel goes since I appreciated not knowing in advance. But know that the plot does much more than wind toward an inevitable happy ending. (See trigger warning at bottom, but avoid if you don’t want a spoiler.)

Thus book is a sweet love story with interesting and creative subplots (a hunt for a long lost WWII veteran being one of them), but equally the story of a woman coming to terms with and overcoming some serious stuff.

The plot: Tiffy needs to get out of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, but her job at a publishing house that specializes in DIY isn’t exactly lucrative. (I loved her workplace storyline, but could we have less books with writers and publishers as the main character?) Anyway, Leon, a hospice nurse, needs extra cash and works mostly nights, so he decides to get a roommate who will only be there when he’s not. (Leon’s girlfriend is less than thrilled.)

Tiffy and Leon start writing notes to each other, having not met in person, and form a friendship...and....???!!! Tiffy is fun and eclectic. Leon is reserved and lovable, and thankfully they met sooner than I expected.

There are some dark and hard things in both of their lives that they have to work through separately and together. I really appreciated how the author handles Tiffy’s storyline, and Leon was a great beta male —thoughtful, considerate, kind, and patient.

Also loved the secondary characters, particularly Tiffy’s best friends, Gerty, a no-nonsense attorney, and Mo, a sensitive counselor and foil to Gerty.

Didn’t quite earn four stars because it went a little movie rom-com in one particular scene.
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Reading this honestly was like being wrapped up in a nice and warm homemade knit (crocheted? I also don’t know the difference) blanket. ItThis book had so many of my favorite romcom tropes but set up in such an unconventional way that I was dying to see how it would play out. 

The heart of this books truly lies with its characters, and that can only be attributed to O’Leary’s writing and the careful thought and care that goes into her characters, from their eccentricities down to their wardrobe; you can tell she’s already had them fleshed them out in their mind before even putting the pen down to paper. I also loved that as Tiffy and Leon started getting to know each other, we were also getting to know them as individual characters as well so by the time it came to their first meeting (which happens in such typical romcom fashion), we’re emotionally there with them. Supporting our main characters are a wonderful set of characters that are just as endearing and loveable.

Undercutting the lightheartedness of the story is Tiffy’s despicable ex, whose inability to let Tiffy go prevents her from being able to emotionally move forward with Leon. With how well Tiffy and Leon’s relationship seemed to be going, it did concern me how O’Leary would present a conflict between them. But I think she was able to handle it well, along with the resolution and proving that sometimes, our worst enemies really can be just ourselves. 

Overall, SUCH an enjoyable read and stellar debut from O’Leary that makes me genuinely excited for her future works!
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I just finished The Flatshare and I was completely BLOWN AWAY!!  After reading the synopsis, I went in thinking this novel was going to be a cute and fun read.  This book was so, so, so much more- it was sweet, hysterical, heartbreaking, quirky, heartwarming and (best of all) brilliantly original!  

I knew early on that The Flatshare would definitely be on my 2019 favorites list!  I cannot recommend this 5+ star read enough!  I adore romantic comedies that have depth and Beth O’Leary has provided that in spades!  I was so wow’ed by Beth O’Leary’s writing that I looked her up on Amazon so I could 1-click anything and everything she has written and I was completely shocked to learn The Flatshare is her debut novel!!!!!!!!!  Talk about knocking it out of the park on her first try!  I am very excited to read whatever she comes out with next and will be checking Beth’s social media regularly to find out when that will be lol!!!  I already know this will be a book that I will re-read—it’s just that fantastic!
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This is the most darling book! Tiffy and Leon made me laugh, cry and just want to hug all of my friends. There’s so much to this story. Yes, it’s a cute romance but there’s depth—particularly in Tiffy and Leon’s sad backstories. I expected to smile, maybe even laugh out loud (and I did, many times. British humor at its finest), but I didn’t expect to get teary eyed. Also, this had a great cast of side characters, all with such distinct voices! 

I highly, highly recommend this book. Enjoy, and you’re welcome! :)
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I didn't want this to end! Tiffy and Leon were great characters and still had problems and issues. It was such a sweet story!
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