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What touched me the most about Meet Me in Outer Space is how much Edie's mind set mirrored my own. She is single minded about her future, focused on getting through her French 102 course so she can go to Paris. But what she doesn't plan on is meeting Hudson, her TA in French, who charms past her defenses. But we need to open our hearts and realize that sometimes a distraction isn't a bad thing, that not everything is black and white.
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Solid 4 stars for me! This was a super cute and easy read. I loved the characters and the #ownvoices aspect. My only issue is that I felt she pushed people further away and it made things more difficult than they had to be. I am never a fan of self sabotage.
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Edie has a learning disability that is making her French 102 class impossible. While seeking out help she meets her French professors teaching assistant Hudson who becomes her tutor. 

The relationship between Edie and Hudson is both semi romantic and toxic at the same time depending on how you view healthy relationships. 

Edie has a dream that she has been working on for a very long time... go to Paris to immerse herself in the fashion world. In the book, when she is not spending time trying to get Hudson to tutor her in French, she is working on a project called "The Dress." She poured so much of her heart and soul into this dress and you can really feel this girl's fashion aspirations. She doesn't want to be in a relationship because after the semester is over she is going to Paris for the summer and planned on staying for the Fall semester.  What she is terrible at is articulating this to men. She allows the subject to be brushed off a few times by Hudson. They never really say what needs to be said, which should have been Hudson saying... go to Paris, stay through the fall 

Hudson for me was just borderline toxic. 
- She initially didn't want to be tutored by him so he signs up to be a tutor so she'd have no other choice
- Several times she had to tell him no to kissing because she needed to study to pass her mid-term and final. She squeaks by with a D in the class but I bet she could have done better if he spent more time actually tutoring her. 
- He doesn't really want to listen to her when she tells him that she cannot start a relationship because of Paris
- When she broke it he kept texting her ... she said that "He'd texted me twice, both times trying to justify why we should stay together. Telling me that he wasn't going anywhere. That he would be there for me when I came around. The problem was that I had no intention of coming around."
- Edie says this last declaration several times. Even when her supposed best friend Serena tries to change her mind she tells Serena no.
- When he goes to Serena's photo exhibit that featured photos of Edie he texts Serena for copies of the pics because he is a glutton for punishment
-When Edie was in classes after the break all he did was stare at her while she was trying to pay attention

Serena- Edie's best friend
- recognizes that Edie has been working so hard on this Dress, that it was her dream to go to Paris, yet works with Hudson to derail Edie's ambitions by insisting that she really wants this relationship. 
- Makes Edie put on the dress and tricks her into meeting with Hudson at the planetarium. Which would have been cute but all the actions leading up to this moment tainted the romanticness of it for me.

Then the book just ends with Edie and Hudson in the planetarium. Well did she go to Pairs? Did she stay the fall semester? Did they actually have the proper conversation regarding what happened between them? Personally I don't think she wanted the relationship. She used Hudson as a distraction to blame if she failed. Hudson forced himself on her causing him to be her distraction so he is to blame as well. Forcing a relationship  at the end just left me feeling less positive about the story. 

Thank you to Netgally and Swoon Reads for an opportunity to read this book. The opinions are my own.
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(I received a free eARC from Xpresso and Netgalley for a voluntary and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own)

Book review: Meet me in outer space By Melinda Grace (3.5 stars)

Meet me in outer space By Melinda Grace
Genre: YA, Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3.5/5 stars

(DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions are my own)

Edie has a disability that affects her learning, Central Auditory Processing Disorder which hinders her French, which she desperately needs to pass to be able to go to Paris to complete her Fashion Merchandise dreams. Luckily for her, Hudson, the cute and helpful Teaching Assistant is willing to lend a hand.

I like that the two conflicts were addressed right at the start, Edie needing to pass French, but needs help and that she isn’t interested in romance at the moment.

This book was so lighthearted and cute with bits of cringey yet adorable puns. I totally rooted for Edie and Hudson since the very start of the story. With cute banter mostly in French, this book left me swooning over their cute romance.

It was a little bit clichéd but this was so cute. I loved how the whole outer space thing was weaved in and included. I like that the conflict is resolved in the end.
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I enjoyed this book, but I found it pretty surface-level. None of the characters are very expanded on and the main conflict is a will they/won't they relationship. I found the main character kind of annoying because of how she was treating Hudson, first unjustly thinking he's rude and then constantly leading him on, and Hudson himself wasn't developed much. I love that this is a #OwnVoices book and talks about CAPD, something I had never heard of before reading this. I love that it takes place in college, even though the characters seem more like high schoolers at times. It just didn't go as deep as I think it could (and should) have.
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This is a short book with a lot of impact, especially as it adds to an area of published books: Disability Own Voices.

Edie has Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), which makes French class difficult with the professor's accent and his firm refusal to allow Edie to use the tools she normally uses to succeed. Fashion student Edie needs to pass this class, because--in addition to her language requirement--she's going to France that summer, possibly longer. Enter Wes Hudson, ridiculously attractive TA and fashion disaster, who offers to tutor her...

This is a fantastic story, full of cute interactions and opportunities to learn about life with CAPD.
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Edie Kits is an early 20-something college student just trying to pass French so she can go to Paris in the summer and study abroad in the Fall. That is her goal: Paris, Paris, Paris. Her French professor, Mr. Clément, and the cute TA, Wes Hudson, make it achieving this goal hard enough without the added complication of her disability. Edie Kits has central auditory processing disorder (CAPD); messages get jumbled up or completely distorted, especially in noisy environments where she can't focus. You know what also makes it hard for her to focus? Wes Hudson. Between her growing infatuation for him and struggling to pass French 102, will she ever make it to Paris?

I wanted to like this book. I really did. It is a #OwnVoices novel for a disability that 1. doesn't have a lot of visibility in fiction and 2. doesn't have a lot of visibility in the real world either. I was also looking forward to a cute, fluffy romance, especially considering my past few reads this month. Unfortunately, by 30 pages in, I wasn't feeling it and by 60, I was ready to DNF this book. However, since the ebook was only 160 pages, I figured I might as well finish it. By 111, I just started skimming the pages to get the gist of what was going on and to find out how it ended. 

I thought the concept was cute and like I said, I was excited to read it. It wasn't a /bad/ book, in my opinion, but it was not the book for me. However... it just....... annoyed me more than anything and that is incredibly disappointing. Edie was whiny and the hot, then cold, then lukewarm, then tundra aspect of her relationship with Hudson was just ridiculous. At many points in the book it felt like she was overreacting and because she wanted to be upset, or wanted to find some... flaw in Hudson to be like "See! Paris," she would twist things to be offended. All of the characters, even Edie, were quite flat and one dimensional and I really just didn't understand Hudson. One moment he was all "I can't do this; you can't have it both ways," and then quite literally in the same breath said, "Let's overanalyze this later and kiss for now." It made no sense. His reactions-- their entire relationship-- did not make sense to me, at all. And part of me thought that maybe things that he was doing-- the constant apologizing, the biting at his nail beds, the bouncing knees-- were pointing to an anxiety disorder and that would maybe explain things, but.... no, that was never even suggested. Edie was just as bad; she wanted to say she wasn't leading the boy on, that he knew what he was getting into, but just as often as she was like, "Nooooo, Paris. None of this," her actions contradicted her words and she continued to pursue a relationship with him-- even if she didn't want to admit to herself that it was a relationship (if you're not in a relationship with someone and you're sure that they know that they're "just your tutor," then why do you feel the need to preemptively break up with them, hm?) 

I am very proud of the author for writing a book that sheds light on her own disability, one that we don't hear or see in the real world or fiction that often. And like I said, it's not a -bad- book and I'm sure that there are many with tastes different than mine that might love this book. However, I just... really did not like it.
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I learned a lot from about auditory processing disorder from this one because I really had no idea what it meant. I like that it gave examples of what she thought she heard versus what the person actually said. I think that it did a good job of the balance of her being an advocate for her own health versus wanting to fit in. I know that that's something that young adults would probably struggle with especially with something like this that is not well known and being embarrassed to have to explain.
I really like the romance in this one. Hudson is a really nice guy and they have a lot of chemistry. She is learning French for college and he is the teacher's assistant for and it's the class that she needs help with. So there's the forbidden romance element as well as the wrong timing element. She wants to go to France to study next semester and she  feels like it's the wrong timing to start a relationship but there's just this thing between them.
I liked the friendship in this one too. She does have someone on campus that understands her ASD and its brought them closer. 
One of my favorite quotes was "you can live without Wesley Hudson I have no doubt about that but you don't have  to let it end like this. It matters how it ends...  Give yourself a break. Get out of the right now and think about the after for a second."
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Edie has an audio processing disorder, which means that she needs to pay very close attention, at all times, to understand what people are saying. This, of course, does not make learning a second language easy, especially when her professor speaks with a heavy French accent. Seeking help – Edie really wants to learn French; she has plans to enter the fashion world (but… has she never heard of Duolingo?) – she gets the handsome Hudson as a tutor, and while he is not always as sensitive to her privacy as she would like, and she is pretty sure he just feels sorry for her, he slowly comes to win her trust—and more. Meanwhile, Edie’s circle of friends is just the best, and there is enough beautiful, if unexplained, French in here that you will probably want to learn that mellifluous language immediately. Funny and sweet but also authentic to the college experience in so many ways – and especially feeling very real when discussing Edie’s learning difficulties (this is an #ownvoices novel) – Meet Me in Outer Space is a stunning debut novel from a very talented young author. – Clara Shipman

This review appears in Romantic Intentions Quarterly #4.
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The beginning of this book really had me hooked. You find out right away that Edie has a learning disability. She is trying to learn French in order to go to Paris the following summer and not feel anxious about not knowing the language. She goes to her advisor first and it is clear he is not much help. It was cringe worthy the way he pretty much disregarded her disability. How very frustrating to be in that situation and not be able to get the help needed. Then she went to her French teacher and he was even worse than her advisor. While the advisor was clueless, her French teacher was down-right rude. Enter Hudson the cute teaching assistant. 

 	Edie and Hudson's relationship started out pretty rocky and there is some up and downs with them. Edie feels as though Hudson feels sorry for her and feels as though he is being rude to her. However, the more they interact, the more she realizes she might be wrong. I thought Hudson was a great character and felt Edie was pretty hard on him throughout the book. She sometimes frustrated me with the way she pushed people away.  However, I did like their interactions there was a lot of humor between the two of them.  

 	I loved all the secondary characters in this book. Edie's best friend Serena is the kind of friend anyone would be lucky to have. I loved all the interactions between the two friends. 

 	Overall, I felt like book showed a good depiction of what discrimination students with disabilities might encounter. It also did a good job of expressing the frustration that must occur at not getting the help necessary and how hard someone has to work with disabilities. The characters were fantastic, the book was full of funny moments, and I loved the sweet romance between the two characters.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review from Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group Publishing via NetGalley.
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This book does an awesome job of presenting a character with a disability that isn't often heard of.  It reminds me (sort of) of Katheryn Erskine's Mockingbird in the sense that Edie's voice is so real and relatable, even for those who haven't specifically encountered or experienced her hardships.  Definitely an auto-buy and one I'll be recommending heavily.
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I received an advanced copy of the book via NetGalley. Meet Me in Outer Space is a cute, light read. It is a young adult romance. Edie has an auditory processing disorder which causes her to struggle in a French college course. She has dreams of working in the fashion industry, and has plans to go to Paris, France during the summer. Therefore, passing her French class is her biggest priority. However, she soon finds herself distracted by the Teaching Assistant/Tutor. 

I had a few issues, personally, with Edie’s character. She manipulates the relationships with her male friends. She knows how they feel about her, yet she continues to string them along and hold them responsible for how things end up. She also reacts in ways that are not typical of someone who is feeling the emotions that she is feeling. I felt that the ending of the book was a little rushed.
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"I stopped at a photo I had seen earlier in the week, the one with my dress pooled in my lap, pins in my mouth. That was who I was. The Edie who had dreams , ideas, goals yet achieved. I’d snipped away a piece of that Edie to make room for Hudson. Carefully trimming my edges and serging him in without even realizing it."

Edie Kits, Meet Me in Outer Space

Told with flurries of beautifully woven language and a fresh point of view, Meet Me in Outer Space opened my eyes to the invisible; the timeless romanticism of the French language in its simplests forms, the appreciation and thought behind high fashion (at least what I consider high fashion, since I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy)  and the empowering perseverance it takes to overcome a disability that isn't obvious to the eye and mostly misinderstood. 

Edie Kits, the star of this tale, is a likeable protagonist with agency. She has goals (passing a difficult French class so she'll qualify for a semester of studying fashion in Paris), challenges (an auditory processing disorder that most most mistake for a hearing disability) and a fun supporting cast. The friendship between her and her roommate, Serena, feels natural and genuine with dialogue that pops with a sense that these two characters are people with a real history. 

The will they, won't they relationship Edie has with a helpful and unabashedly   lovestruck T.A. named Hudson never tires but provides dramatic lift to a cinematic conclusion of the book that I will not spoil here. That being said, I would've liked to learn more about him. There are hints to his own unique challenges but not enough for me to feel fully satisifed with his prescence in the novel. This doesn't distract from the story at all but is more of a personal preference since Hudson is the kind of character I would like to hang out with in real life. Fingers crossed we get to learn more about him in a sequel.

Are you looking for a story that is fun or enlightening? Say yes to both and pick up this book.
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This book was a really cute read that I found hard to put down! I loved the story, and the characters felt real and flawed, which I loved. I think it handles disability in a very refreshing and respectful way, and I appreciate that it was a big part of the story and not something mentioned once and then forgotten. I do wish that the book had a more conclusive ending, or perhaps some sort of epilogue. It felt like it sort of ended abruptly. But overall, I was really pleased and surprised by this heartwarming book.
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I loved Edie from the very first misunderstood line right to the very satisfying ending. This book was not only fun to read but showed a set of unique characters that, as a high school English teacher, I think is lacking from most YA novels. I always read books with two perspectives--first, my own and second, my students. I'm constantly searching for new books that might capture their attention and help them fall in love with reading and this was definitely a solid candidate. I would love to have a copy of this book on my shelf right now for them to grab. It has great humor with a strong storyline and touches on real issues that I think they should be exposed to in literature. I cried at Hudson's letter and found myself with the biggest dorkiest smile on my face by the very end. Overall, a wonderful read!
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I'm so glad I didn't have to wait until on March 12th 2019 to have such a delightful reading experience. And why is that? Here is a list:
- every chapter has an awesome title (such a nice surprise! I love that in a book!)
- relatable, easy to connect with, strong heroine (also, Edie's perseverance and ambition!)
- own voices
- sweet cute college romance
- strong friendship (Serena! We need more books where girls support each other)
- amazing chemistry between the main characters
-book-boyfriend-caring-supportive-understanding-I-need-him-in-my-life Hudson
- lots of smiling and swooning
- no unnecessary drama or crazy unbelievable situations
- no cheating
- lines in French and other foreign languages - studying foreign languages
- fashion and style (THE DRESS!!)
- fighting for your dreams
- Paris talking
- pizza cheering (Always!)
- photography
- volleyball and how to be a proper supporter
- stars and outer space
- dates you'll want to have in real life

I loved Melinda Grace's writing. This book has so much heart, so much real emotion. I read that she has the same disability like her character Edie and I think she is so brave and strong to talk about it through this book and especially through Edie, encouraging others to open up too. If this is her first book, well YA and Contemporary fans and not only, prepare yourself for a starry future ensured by her books.
I'm so grateful to have gotten an early copy of this, and I'm excited for others to get to read it, too!
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I love reading books with different themes- learning disabilities, mental health issues, etc.  I love seeing the inner workings of someone’s mind and thoughts when coping with these things. Unfortunately for me this one fell flat in that regard. 

Edie was just so... whiny. She was whiny to the point of feeling more attention seeking than someone who was just frustrated with people’s lack of understanding. There was some explanation in the beginning of the book as to how this disability works, but that was it. Edie actually got legitimately angry at Hudson when he asked her to explain it to him. She acted as if he was viewing her as a sideshow and not as a person. Uh no.. he was genuinely curious about it. She complained so much that people weren’t understanding and then complained when someone tried to learn about it. She just came across as very juvenile. 

I actually liked Hudson. I thought he seemed like a pretty cool guy, but I don’t feel like he was developed well. After finishing the book I’m still not positive that I have a grasp on his personality. 

The book itself was okay. The biggest issue I had was that It just.. ended. The chapter ends and there is no more. We never get an epilogue involving Paris which was such a huge theme in the book. 

This book very much read like a YA novel set in a college atmosphere. It was unbelievably clean. No joke, a 14 year old could read it and aside from very mild cursing and the phrase “sexual tension” they would be just fine. 

Overall, this book was just okay. I wouldn’t suggest it to someone, but i was able to finish it without any issue. 

 ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 
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Meet Me In Outer Space By Melinda Grace is an AMAZING read. I could not put this one down and I loved the twist such a surprise. A Must read for all.
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