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I tried to read the Stitched with Love Romance Collection a while ago but I just never got into it. The cover is so pretty and from what I know of the other book collections by Barbour it is clean and can be read by all that enjoy romances.
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A local woman’s quilting and sewing circle lives are affected when they find love. Christian women are brought together to help each other through their reverend’s wife and each other as best friends as each one find the love of their lives. Their lives will be Stitched with Love as the try to figure out their futures.

Tumbling Blocks     Andrea Boeshaar      Early March 1837
Shane Gerhard has arrived in Hickory Corners looking for Elsa Fritch and his inheritance. He plans to marry to marry her and go back to his life. She can do whatever she wants with the money he’ll offer. Shane is unimpressed with the small town. He stayed at the local boarding house run by the Fritches. He immediately struck by Elsa. Elsa is thrown into a panic since she’s already betrothed. She keeps the situation from her fiance. Shane starts teasing Elsa from the beginning. As they search for a document to show that a debt has been paid off to make the betrothal agreement void. Shane begins to remember the Fritches from his childhood. Elsa and Shane start becoming friends. Shane begins to like living in the small town and the residents treat him for himself instead of his money. Elsa and Shane begin to have feelings for each other. Shane saves Elsa from unwanted attention. She realizes she’s in love with him and breaks off her betrothal. Shane finds God and comes up with a plan to make the boarding house into a hotel. Elsa decides she’ll marry Shane so he’ll get his inheritance. Elsa and Shane decide to marry no matter the circumstances. The documents are found but that doesn’t change his mind.

Old Maids Choice   Cathy Marie Hake  
Tyson Walker meets Betsy Larkin at church after first moving to Hickory Corners. Her family immediately welcomes him into their home. They live across the road from each other and begin to trade favors and jobs for meals. Ty is completely smitten with Betsy. She knows because of past experience that no man will ever want to marry her with the obligations she has. Ty’s business goes well since there hasn’t been a blacksmith in town. He builds a new log cabin. As Christmas draws near a blizzard comes in and Ty helps residents store up for winter and take the children to town home safely. They devise a signal in case of trouble. After Christmas, Ty lets Betsy use his old house for making fabric. He proposes but is turned down but he stays patient to get Betsy to agree. Her three siblings come down sick and Ty comes to help out. Betsy finally goes back to the sewing circle and is given encouragement to reveal her feelings to Ty. When she comes to see him, Ty shows her the project he’s been working on. Two weeks later they get married. Betsy’s baby sister makes a declaration.

Jacob’s Ladder   Pamela Kaye Tracey
Samantha Thomasohn isn’t enjoying this recent wedding. Her father’s marrying a recent addition to town only five months after her mother died. A wink from Jacob has her wondering what her brother’s best friend is up to. There’s tension in the Thomasohn household between the new wife and the daughter. Samantha keeps wondering about that wink from Jacob. She wonders about the effect he’s got on her. After a disagreement with her stepmother, Samantha bolts running into the man everyone wants her to marry. Jacob has been being patient in his suit of Samantha but when there’s competition he decides to speed up his suit. Meanwhile, Samantha begins to realize what type of man her crush is and that he’ll move away from Hickory Corners. At the spring social his comments make Samantha angry. He doesn’t like that she left to help Jacob with a patient who eventually dies. Jacob gets his chance to get close to Samantha at a maple sap party. They realize they have feelings for the other. Jacob asks to court Samantha but is turned down. Samantha decides to go stay with her grandparents on their farm to help and think things through. She’s disappointed that Jacob hasn’t asked to court her. She’s hurt when Jacob comes to get her from the farm. Samantha comes home to help because her stepmother is sick and having a baby. A truce is called and she’s asked about her feelings and the denial to court. Jacob has started building a house and clinic barber shop to show his love.
Stitched with Love Brides Collection cont.:

Four Hearts   Sally Laity
Diana Montclair has just arrived back in Hickory Corners for good after finishing boarding school. She thinks she wants to live in a large city to have more fun on her trips home from school she’d always have run in with Brady who she couldn’t forget. Brady has grown up and started working for the town’s furniture maker. He always makes sure to stop by during his aunt’s prayer meetings because of the goodies everyone brings. He always says the wrong things to Diana. Diana wonders at her reaction to Brady. When the gossipy neighbor’s son starts paying attention to Diana, she thinks he’s the perfect gentleman but he makes her nervous. Brady helps Diana’s housekeeper with a leak. Brady doesn’t show up and ignores Diana and it has her wondering what’s wrong with their friendship. When she tries to talk to Brady about it he tells her about what going through town. Diana becomes friends with the women in the sewing circle. Diana learns about her neighbor’s son’s reasons for trying to get to know her better. After hearing the details Diana wants nothing to do with the neighbor’s son so she gives him an excuse and when she goes inside and Brady is there.  She’s very embarrassed and when he’s about to leave and asks about seeing her. Diana and Brady head to one of their favorite places to go spend together where Brady proposes and Diana accepts. That October a wedding takes place with her parents absent like always Diana has realized that with the people around her. They have a good start in life.

Marry for Love     Janet Spaeth    Archer Falls Dakota Territory 1879  
Brigit Streeter loves helping her father on the farm and doesn’t do much of the household chores. Everyone in Archer Falls is glad to be getting a full time minister. Reverend Peter Collins has always wanted to come out to the Dakota Territory. Brigit isn’t holding out hope that the new minister will be handsome. Right from the beginning the two are drawn to each other. When her father, plays matchmaker and invites Peter to supper. Brigit must throw together supper only to be ruined. She’s saved by her best friend. Peter and Brigit begin seeing each other and fall in love. Peter receives word that his mentor is coming for a visit and Brigit agrees to hold a tea. She puts it off and kind of forgets until Peter says something at church a couple of hours before. With a helpful word from her father it all goes smoothly thanks to the church ladies. Brigit thinks again that she won’t make a good minister’s wife. Peter proposes and Brigit accepts. He wants to get married in a couple of weeks by his mentor. Brigit keeps putting off making her wedding dress from fabric given by Peter’s mentor’s wife. A day before the wedding she stops in to see the progress only to find a mess. She gets married in her dress and then gets surprised by the idea Peter and her father had. Brigit washes her wedding dress only to have it fall apart. She tells Peter the truth and that she’s determined to learn to sew a quilt. She writes a letter to her son.

Basket Stitch Cathy Marie Hake   No Man’s Land between Texas & Kansas 1886
Deborah Preston thinks her finance is playing a trick on her and should rescue her soon. She's just arrived in Petunia and is surround by irreparable men. A young woman in pants comes to her rescue. She also stabs one of the men with a knitting needle. Her rescuer takes Deborah home to the Stafford ranch, The oldest sibling Micah isn't pleased with her arrival. He wants to send her back home to her family. Deborah collapses from heat exhaustion. She's determined to take care of herself by living in her deceased finance's soddy. Micah physically removes her from the soddy. They settle into a routine and keep Deborah safe from the aggressive suitors, she's had since her arrival. Micah teaches Deborah how to shoot. When his brother pulls a prank, Deborah comes up with a plan to get revenge. Her rescuer gets poison ivy. Deborah helps out while the men are on a cattle drive. A visit to a neighbor’s house results in helping with a birth. Micah begins to think Deborah will fit in. Micah sends Deborah to Petunia where she sets up a basket business, and hopes he'll change his mind. Basket Stitch her business takes off and Micah is miserable. A proposal, wedding and future living plans are made.
Stitched with Love Brides Collection cont.:

Double Cross    Tracey V. Bateman   No Man's Land     April 1886
Lou Stafford is convinced by her brother that some baby skunks have been abandoned. She's just got them picked up when the mother returns. Lou is sprayed and immediately jumps into a nearby creek. Trent Chamberlain and his two adopted sons are passing by and hear Lou yelling for help. He sends the boys to the Stafford ranch house while he investigates. He finds Lou in the creek where her brother forgot about her. Her oldest brother shows up to rescue her and is protected by Trent because he thinks the family may not be treating her right. Lou and Trent are smitten with each other right away. Trent and his brothers are getting tired of traveling their preaching circuit and want to settle down. He has offers from several towns on his circuit but wants to settle in Petunia. A visit to Stafford ranch results in an injury and an embarrassed Lou. As winter comes on and they get to know everyone, Trent leaves the boys so they can get an education. Lou is jealous of a woman that is after Trent. Lou tries her hand at sewing. She gets advice from a friend. She takes a gift to tell Trent how she feels only to change her mind. A scream brings Lou to the rescue. Her rival shows their true personality. Lou reveals her feelings for Trent, throwing him for a loop. She hides in the barn and takes care of an injured dog. Two boys play matchmaker and a proposal is accepted.

Spiderweb Rose     Vickie McDonough    No Man's Land      Spring 1887
Rachel Donovan and her grandfather are trying to reach her uncle's ranch in Texas. They left Dodge City to escape the man who killed her father and tried to rape her. They loose their horses and the grandfather is hurt. Joshua Stafford finds strangers on the ranch and sneaks up on them. Once he realizes they need help he takes them home. Rachel's not able to tell Joshua the truth but confides in his sister. That night Lou pulls a joke on Joshua about Rachel's identity. He doesn't talk to anyone for a few days. Rachel apologizes. A shindig brings them closer together only for Rachel to pull away because of her grandfather's dream. She goes to town with her new friend. Joshua goes off to think about what Rachel has said about his brothers and his dream. With a wagon full of supplies the women are stopped by a man from Rachel's past and they're kidnapped. Joshua has made a decision about Rachel only to return to the house to find everything in an uproar, because the girls are missing. They go back out searching for them. Rachel comes up with a plan to save them. Joshua and Rachel reveal their feelings. A trip to their favorite spot leads to a proposal and acceptance. Rachel and Joshua get what they've both been wanting all along. 

The Coat     Tracey V. Bateman   
Leah Halliday just lost her job, because of men coming home from WWII. Her ten year old son Collin is gong to the Rosemont Academy on a scholarship. He comes home upset and his coat is ripped. So she can save money, Leah uses an heirloom quilt for the lining. Max Reilley is the headmaster at his family's school, He hears a ruckus outside and investigates, coming to Collin's rescue. He comes by Leah's house to talk about the situation and she puts him in his place then later apologizes. Max gives Leah an idea to help Collin. Collin is happy to have a male role model. Leah and Max begin spending time together making Collin jealous. They begin falling in love with each other. Max reveals who his family is but still carries a secret. He wants to reconcile with his brother after a scandal kept them apart. Leah finds her dream job. Collin comes around. Max has a confrontation with his sister-in-law and advice from his father brings a family back together. Max and his brother come to explain, about what happened. They realize their lives won't be complete without each other. 

Nine stories centered around the arts of quilting and sewing bring couples together and that God is your guide through life. Stitched with Love brings together nine stories of  love of God and each other. Each story is connected in some way to each other. Like the first few stories are all centered around the lives of a sewing circle in a town in Ohio. Another set of stories revolve around the Stafford ranch in No Man's Land around Kansas and Texas. Two stories follow a woman who's live revolves around helping her father on his farm and their descendant who must deal with the aftermath of a war and making a good life for her son. All the while God is weaving his touch throughout their lives and bringing them true love after some rough spots.
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I received a copy from Net Galley for an Honest review. Seven mini novels Elsa, Betsy, Samantha, Diana, Brigit, Deborah and Lou have faced the situation of being lost in their faith or searching for a husband. Despite challenges of pioneer days these women rely on their faith in God to help them meet the challenges of the days ahead.  A common thread of friendship and quilting patterns ties the women together. Years later Leah trusts in the quilt to help her I. Times of need. each woman overcomes adversity and emerges with a stronger faith
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I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley for my honest opinion.

What a lovely collection, each story is truly beautiful and God center. The first four stories are in a small town call: Hickory Corners about four women that are part of a  sewing circle. I won't get into particulars since I dislike spoilers alert. But I did make myself one question about the first story about Elsa: I'm happy or just comfortable?. Because I think that was one of the things that happen with Elsa, you get used to a situation and you kinda don't see yourself in other places. Now, my favorite quote of this story was on.

" Our focus is to desire to do God's will to love things our Heavenly father, He wants the very best for us. By trusting in His will, we will live in the faith that through we through trails and tested, God will bless us in His own time and way". 

 And what about of Annie, I'm allowing fear to steal my dreams?. Samantha.  Forgiveness is necessary. Diana learns that pride can take you away from the chance of a lifetime. Now, Bridgit story is very interesting. Because I'm pretty sure that we all feel or maybe we still do. That we need to change in order to be more, I don't know you name it. But this story remaind me, we are perfect in our own imperfections. God loves us as we are.  

Now we move onto No Man's Land and we meet Stafford's family. Deborah a mail order bride without a groom and some surprises. Lou story is lovely, the tomboy-girl that finds out more about herself and on the road finds love and a family. Rachel while running for life and meet Josh and everything change. I like this advice: Have faith and patience. And finally, we meet Leah, who is a widow with a ten-year-old son, she is struggling and recently let go from a job. She was bitter and resent to God, but then she meets Max. Second chance and redemption.

So, if you like. Good Christian books, family, friends,  clean romance, a lot of funny situations and tons of good bible verse that can help you and encourage you. This book is definitely for you!
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I really enjoyed this collection of stories. I loved that the first couple all went together and that you can see where the previous characters go in life.
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This historical novella collection centers around love stories that have elements of quilting or sewing in each of them.  As someone who enjoys similar pursuits, I particularly enjoyed this aspect of them.   Novella collections are a fun way to find new favorite authors to read and this collection contains stories from some of the best  Christian fiction writers out there.

Several of the novellas take place in the same little town of Hickory Corners and the same small group of friends, which was a bonus in having been previously introduced to each of them.  These four stories were amongst my favorite, and I recommend these charming tales.

I received an ARC from NetGalley for this my honest review.
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Christian historical romances. With these authors you simply cannot go wrong! Pick up this book and settle in with some people whom you're really going to like. It's made up of several stories and I'm glad that a few are woven together, then a couple more woven in their own town and time, then wrapping back somewhat. Lessons of faith and bible throughout. Really good stories to get lost in.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher and Netgalley book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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Love these collections every time. This was no exception. Each story was sweet and interesting, even if they're not overly original/creative. Would read them again.
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A great collection of historical novellas.  I enjoyed each selection.  All of the stories are well written with good plots.  I highly recommend this book.  I received an arc from the publisher via Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.
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An entertaining collection of stories from an all-star lineup of authors who know how to write a great story!  I always look forward to reading these kinds of collections from Barbour, and this collection does not disappoint.  Although it’s hard to pick a favorite, Cathy Marie Hake’s story was my favorite.  I loved Betsy and her family and was glad she found her happily-ever-after.  Take time to read this collection and find your favorite story, too. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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Absolutely loved this book.   The way the stories intertwined was magic.   As with most Amish fiction,  thatsvwhat I kost admire of the writers.
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There are nine novellas composing this book.  They all have some kind of sewing or quilting in the storyline.  Each book is stitched together by wonderful authors who are masters at creating a wonderful story that is both sweet and clean.  These are stories make you feel good at their conclusion and ready to move on to the next story in the collection.  Each story takes place earlier in history, most in the 1800s when most communities had people who typically lived at a slower pace and were kind and helpful to one another.

If you are looking for a wonderful compilation of stories by amazing authors, you will enjoy this Stitched with Love collection.  

I was given an arc of this book to read and I offer my honest review willingly.
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I have read quite a few of these collections and this one was also very good and connected with sewing and quilting.  There are nine sweet stories and historical romance.   I love the values in this Christian themed book and will continue to look for these collections.

I received an ebook copy from NetGalley.  All thoughts are my own.
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With "Stitched with Love" Barbour Publishing is presenting nine historical courships that are taking place in the sewing parlor. "Tumbling Blocks" by Andrea Boeshaar is taking place in March 1837 in Hickory Corners, Ohio. Shane Gerhard needs to marry Elsa Fritch to get his inheritance. He doesn't plan on a real marriage since he only cares for his money. Elsa does not like him, she is already engaged, and Shane is not a Christian. How ill things work out for them?
Cathy Hake's first novella is "Old Maid's Choice" which also takes place in Hickory Corners.  Betsy Larkin is responsible for her younger siblings and does not belief that she will ever get married. Tyson Walker is the new black smith. What will it take for Betsy to see that he loves her and her family? Hake's second novella is "Basket Stitch". Deborah Preston arrives in summer 1986 in No Man's Land, situated between Kansas and Texas, to marry her fiancé Justin Travis, but he was killed in a stampede. She ends up in the home of Lou and her family. She tries to stay against all odds. Lou's brother Micah wants her to leave, but that is not possible. What will happen to Deborah?
In "Jacob's Ladder" by Pamela Kaye Tracy Samantha Thomason has problems in 1888 in Hickory corner to accept that her father is getting married again. Jacob Stahl secretly loves Samantha. Will Jacob be accepted as a suitor for Samantha?
"Four Hearts" is written by Sally Laity. Diana Montclair is coming back to Hickory Corners although she never truly considered it home. Her first tentative visit to the Tuesday sewing circle helps her to get settled a little. Brady Forbes always seems to stick his foot in his mouth in her presence. He feels socially lower than her. Dandy Martin Crabtree is convinced that she ought to marry him and live in a big city. Who will win her heart?
"Marry for Love" by Janet Spaeth takes place in the Dakota Territory in 1879. Birgit Streeter farms with her father because he mother died at her birth. She is a better farmer than a house wife. Reverend Peter Collins is new in town. He is interested in Birgit, but she does not plan to marry. What will happen?
The first novella by Tracey V. Bateman is "Double Cross" which takes place in 1886 in No Man's Land. Lou Stafford deals with her brothers while encountering the circuit preacher Trent Chamberlain. He cares for two orphans, Timmy and Davy. There are also the four sons of the Testament family who will resort to kidnaping to get their brides. To whom will Lou belong? In the second novella "The Coat" Leah Halliday, a young widow, and her friends Susan and Janie lost their jobs. Leah asks herself how she can care for her son Collin who is being bullied in school. Max Reilly is the headmaster of Collin's school. He is a great help to Collin, but will events in his past influence his relationship with Leah?
"Spiderweb Rose" by Vickie McDonough takes also place in No Man's Land in spring 1882. Rachel Donovan camps with her injured grandfather after having lost their horses disguised as a boy. Josh Stafford finds them and takes them to the Stafford's ranch. Will Rachel and her grandfather continue their trip?
I enjoyed these novellas that are very well written and present a good variety. I highly recommend this collection to anybody who wants to have a fast enjoyable read. 

The complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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These 9 historical romances tell stories of struggle, trials and doubts. Tracie V. Bateman, Cathy Marie Hake, Andrea Boeshaar, Sally Laity, Vickie McDonough, Janet Spaeth and Pamela Kaye Tracy weave stories that catch your interest and claim your heart! I was sorry when I finished the last one and wished there were more! Inspirational and warm, they cheered my days as I read them.
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This is a sweet set of short stories that are Christian fiction, romance. The gender roles tend to be very traditional, but the writing is clean and flows well. There are some stories that are weaker than others but overall the collection fulfills its genre. It is just not a genre I usually read, as I found it a little repetitive and heavy handed with the morality and traditional gender roles.
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A great collection of 9 books piecing together a great courtship and life. As 9 strong women find men they think they are not good enough – but find away to make love work. I enjoyed this collection since its a great way to get a taste of new authors and renew friendships with other authors writing . -Sewing,quilting and reading the perfect afternoon past time
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9 historical courtships of lives pieced together with seamless love. In these 9 novella length stories 9 women have found their own niche in life and they aren't going to change, not even for a man. They may be a bit quirky but that's just who they are and they are just ahead of their time thinking wise. Now these delightful women may think they are undeserving of a man because of their circumstances but it's simply not true. Finding the right fit in love and life is never easy. These young women have found the courage to be themselves. Enjoy the stories of strong,courageous women who weave together their faith and love into their lives seamlessly. Loved it!
Pub Date 01 Jan 2019 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley. Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Stitched with Love Collection by various authors is a wonderful set of stories set in the 1800’s and each focusing on a unique bride. S0ome are continuations of the previous story as friends find love. There are nine stories in this collection and each is unique in that each bride and groom are very different and have sometimes one has been sure they are not suited to each other. 
Ii loved this book. It is nice to have short stories as I can read a whole story and then take a break. It was hard though as I wanted to keep reading until I finished the book. The bride in each story, along with the other characters, are so realistic they jump off the pages. I wholeheartedly give this book 5 of 5 stars. It is so well written it draws you in to the stories and you feel like you are there and know the people in the story. I could feel the brides’ angst and wanted to hug some of them as they fretted over their grooms. I think this collection will appeal to a wide audience.
I received an advance copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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This is one of my favorite things to read. I love a good collection of novels or short stories by an assortment of writers. For me this is one of the best ways to learn about a new author. I was familiar with over half of these ladies and enjoy them very much. Next to reading, quilting and sewing is my next favorite past time. For that reason this collection was extra exciting to me. I had previously read a couple of these stories, but I enjoyed them just as much the second time around. I thought this was the perfect Historical Christian romance collection. It has something for everyone.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley. My opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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