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CLIFF’S EDGE is book two in the SOLACE ISLAND series, and it was better than I expected. It picks up where the first book in the series by the same name leaves off and reunites us with Maggie, Eve, Luke, and some of the townspeople of the island. This is Eve’s story, and it didn’t disappoint.

Eve unexpectedly meets Luke’s friend, Rhys, a movie star, when she is house-sitting Luke and Maggie’s house and watching their dog while they are away. Their first meeting does not go well at all, but things between them change. There is a nice flow to the story as they get to know each other, especially since Rhys, who loves to cook, agrees to pitch in at the cafe. 

There are some sinister things happening on the island that have people on edge. Eve’s ex-boyfriend comes to visit, hoping for a reconciliation, but nothing for him goes as planned. As things take a turn for the worse, Eve is in the thick of the mess but shows what she’s made of!

The author does a great job describing the town and its many characters. I enjoyed getting to know Rhys and his relationship with his mom. There are definitely twists and turns to the story, though a few things were glossed over. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, HIDDEN COVE.
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I really enjoyed the first in this series and was very excited to read this second one! Tilly does a great job of building her characters and storyline. Eve is all set to take over the bakery while her sister and brother-in-law are away on their honeymoon. But, there are two problems. One, she's not very good at baking. And, even though her sister left a lot of premade cookies and bread, they still don't come out nearly as well as they should. Problem number two, she's housesitting for her sister and brother-in-law also. But, someone is already in the house. And not just any someone, a very handsome movie star someone - Rhys Thomas!

But, Rhys turns out to be the right guy at the right time! He helps Eve with the bakery but is he able to help her when danger comes?

Tilly does a great job of building the chemistry and building the suspense in this story!
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I'm leaning toward the high end of 3 1/2 stars.

It's your typical romantic suspense - who's the one behind it all, people being murdered left and right, main characters oblivious to the danger. Everything resolved in the final chapter. 

I did find the romance sweet and sexy. Eve isn't looking for love from someone chasing stardom and Rhys is just looking for a place to hide. I liked the Rhys was not "your typical hollywood type playboy", he had a sense of humor, could cook and knew what he wanted. Eve is struggling to find success in her art and balance her financial obligations. The family secret she keeps from her sister haunts her but her is enduring and strong. Eve and Rhys make a strong couple. 

This is my first book from Ms. Tilly, I'll try another.

ARC from NetGalley
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Author Meg Tilly, yes, THAT Meg Tilly, is a new-to-me author.  This is her eighth book, but only her second in the romance genre with Cliff’s Edge, the second book in her Solace Island series.  Tilly admits that her earlier books were cathartic as she worked through darkness born of childhood abuse at the hands of her step-father.  With this new trilogy, she said she’s enjoying finally writing the kind of books she likes to read “with a little bit of that dark” thrown in to make the story interesting.

More and more romance books seem to be set in bakeries—or maybe I’m just seeking them out???  Cliff’s Edge, which falls into this sugary subcategory, is set on Solace Island off the Washington State coast and is centered around the Intrepid Cafe and Bakery owned by sisters Maggie and Eve Harris.  Solace Island was Maggie’s book and Eve is the focus of Cliff’s Edge. Maggie is the chef behind the business and Eve runs the front of house and does the books. Her real passion is painting, but she loves being close with her sister.  She is strong-willed and doesn’t need anyone to save her.  Eve has a murderous stalker, and I loved seeing her work her own way out of difficult situations even while I was stereotypically waiting for a big strong man to swoop in and save her, or maybe especially because I was waiting for the hero. She makes a good partnership with love interest Rhys Thomas, actor of Chris Hemsworth status, who has come to Solace Island to escape the craziness that is his normal life for a short vacation.

The two meet when Maggie and her new husband Luke leave town for a delayed honeymoon.  Eve is enlisted to house sit and take care of Maggie and Luke’s enormous dog.  Meanwhile, Luke consents to let his friend Rhys stay at the house as well, but doesn’t tell Eve he’s arriving so she won’t back out in the name of some backdoor match making.  Their initial meeting is not cute, but it is funny.  Their relationship is supportive and adult.

I liked the book very much, but it had a few technical failings which feel like a they stem from a lack of writing experience or editing, not something intrinsically wrong with the premise of the story.  None of them are tragic.  They include near insta-love, which I don’t hate as much as other reviewers seem to, predictable similes like “washboard abs,” and descriptive vocabulary during the explicit loves scenes that is inconsistent with the characters themselves. In trying to include the different senses in her descriptions, there seems to be an over-abundant focus on smells.  Lastly, Tilly sometimes uses a few metaphors that are so far out of left field that they don’t to fit within the normal romance reader’s experiences, “To resist would be as futile as iron filings thinking they could escape the lure of a neodymnium magnet.”  Huh? I get the irresistible intent, but how does this fit in the world of an artist, actor, business owner, and baker? Honestly, the whole story would be better depicted visually as a movie where we could see some of the elements Tilly struggles to convey.  Perhaps that’s an outcropping of her cinema background. The writing does show legitimate potential though which I believe will continue to improve.  I will return for the conclusion of this series.

In honor of being set in a bakery, Tilly give us what she says is her personal recipe for oatmeal cookies in the author’s notes. Of course I had to make them. I love a good oatmeal raisin cookie and am always in search of a good recipe or a good tweak to try. I give these cookies a solid A! There are buttery, flavorful, and really textural, which is wonderful.  The only changes I made to her recipe were to use a larger scoop which required a longer baking time, and I grated my nutmeg fresh rather than use ground nutmeg. As a result of using the larger scoop, the recipe made 18 cookies. Maybe if I had made the cookies first to eat while I was reading, I would have been more forgiving of the book’s non-fatal flaws. Get the book.  Bake the cookies. Read the book. In that order.

My Rating: B+ Liked It A Lot
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Review & Giveaway: CLIFF’S EDGE (Solace Island Series) by Meg Tilly
Publication Date: May 21, 2019
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna 
Rated 4.5 Stars 

I enjoyed this romantic suspense installment in the Solace Island series. The looming danger started off with a bang and made me edgy wondering when the axe would fall. Granted, the villain was a bit questionable for me regarding logistics and probability, but not enough to ruin this sexy romance. Although Eve made me frown when she came across as a bit of a harpy to Rhys in the beginning, that changed rather quickly so we could get down to the budding romance. I liked her and related to her. I was pleased that Rhys didn’t play as the stereotypical famous actor. He was personable, had a deep past and was an all-around nice guy – easy to fall in love with. Their romance flowed nicely into quite a sexy relationship. It was a fun trip back to Solace Island and has me anxious to visit again.

*Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review.

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I am usually not one for mixed genre books, I like a book to be what I'm expecting. A romance, to be a romance. A thriller to be a thriller. But that is because I've never read a book with multiple genres, that didn't feel forced. That didn't feel as though the author was just trying to keep you interested. But this book... this book was done perfectly. It was tender, loving, and relatable. And then flipped into the creepy, twisted, and truly terrifying who dun it. I could not put it down, I fell for the characters, I felt truly immersed in their world with Tilly's writing. The descriptions of everything were vivid in a way you saw the whole town before you, you saw every scene playing out as if you were there, and it was both heart warming, and scared the day lights out of me. A solid 4.5 from me. This was my first Tilly, and it will not be my last.
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Eve Harris is house sitting and running their restaurant/bakery on her own while her sister Maggie goes off on her honeymoon.  What she doesn’t know is that her brother-in-law is allowing Rhys Thomas, the famous heartthrob actor to stay at their house as well.  Of course, as this is a romance, sparks fly and despite Eve’s reservations about getting involved with someone famous, they plunge into an affair.  Or what she thinks is an affair, since she’s had bad luck with the famous sort in the past. 

Rhys is actually more serious about their relationship since he tired of the one-night stands and shallow flings, a “bonus” to being famous, a long time ago.  

It ends up being a fortunate thing that Eve is staying at her sister’s house with Rhys since unbeknownst to her she’s become the obsession of a stalker/serial killer. When it becomes apparent someone is after Eve, Rhys is determined to keep her safe. 

Cliff’s Edge was an entertaining read, something to take along to the beach or pool as light reading while intermittently people watching.  While this is a mystery/thriller, I’d say it’s heavier on the romance side, with a lot of heat and spice. I will say I was feeling a bit overloaded with the flowery descriptions, enough that it was distracting me from the actual story and emotions I felt should be coming through in parts.  Also, I felt the romance and sex scenes were a little dramatic and cheesy at times.  

I did love the setting of Solace Island, a small picturesque island off the coast of Seattle, forests leading to seaside cliffs and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. The beauty came through in Ms. Tilly’s writing.
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*4.5 stars*

I loved returning to Solace Island!

This author’s way of telling a story had me once again with my head down, glued to the pages, until it was all over. Cliff’s Edge had just the right amounts of humour, suspense and romance as Eve found her calling. In life and love…

Eve was a bold, bright character I fell in love with in the first instalment of this series. She was artistic yet grounded in a way that kept her feet on the ground. She worried about living up to her role as big sister and that fed her anxiety unfortunately as she felt overwhelmed by the choices she’d made. She loved the island and the artistic freedom it gave her but the cooking… Not so much. I sympathized with her skills in the kitchen and laughed along with her as she moaned her lack of culinary skills. Rhys was an unexpected gift as his need for solitude, and skills in the kitchen, met both their needs…

I loved how their story played out. Two artists with very different paths came together in a meeting of the minds as well as the kitchen. They were flirty and serious yet but the combination worked as they came together at the café as well as uniting against an unknown enemy. The unfolding of the mystery went hand in hand with the romance and it came together in another great read.

I hope there is more from Solace Island because I don’t want to leave!
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When Eve’s sister Maggie goes on her honeymoon, Eve is ready to house sit and enjoy the peace and quiet painting on their property. When she comes home one day to hot movie star Rhys Thomas making himself at home in their kitchen she hog ties him with a toaster cord. Seriously! When it turns out Maggie’s husband is playing matchmaker they decide to co-habitate. Their chemistry isn’t the only thing sizzling! Rhys turns out to be pretty handy in the kitchen and pitches in and plays chef at her restaurant, helping her keep it afloat while Maggie is away. When some strange things start happening to Eve, Rhys’ senses go on high alert and he turns all Alpha determined to keep Eve safe. The tension ratches up a notch when it turns out she’s come to the attention of a serial killer.

Cliff’s Edge falls into the romantic suspense genre but really feels more like a romance with a side of mystery. I really enjoyed the almost lighthearted romance between Eve and Rhys. He seems to have a really level head for a top billing movie star and she is pretty clueless as to how popular he is. There are a couple of funny scenes where the locals figure out he’s somewhere nearby. That doesn’t phase either of them at all. What does is all of the strange incidents that begins to befall Eve. When the POV switches to the killer’s it creates a stark contrast to the lighter love story building the tension very effectively.

The mystery was pretty straightforward and I’ll admit even though I wasn’t sure of the name of the stalker, I guessed his identity pretty early on. That didn’t take away from my enjoyment in reading up to the climactic ending. I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say that Eve is no fainting heart. I love a strong heroine and Cliff’s Edge does not let me down in that regard at all.

If you love romantic thriller’s then you should pick up Cliff’s Edge. It’s the second novel in the series but it stands on it’s own and can be read without having read the first novel. I did and it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the novel at all. In fact, now I’m curious about Solace Island and am going to put it on my TBR! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received a free copy of this ARC through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!
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4.5 Yummy Stars 

What a lovely surprise! I loved this sexy and funny and warm romantic suspense. Fans of Kristen Ashley will devour this one. 

Eve Harris is left alone to run a cafe that she owns with her sister Maggie when Maggie goes on her honeymoon. Eve is also going to dog sit for Maggie and her husband Luke's Wolfhound Samson. Soon after Eve arrives,though, she realizes that there is another house guest: Luke's old friend Rhys, a famous actor who is seeking some much-needed some peace and quiet in the small town of Solace Island. 

Eve has had her heart broken and isn't interested in men. But she enlists Rhys to help her run the cafe while Maggie is away and soon their banter and flirting turns into something more. Eve isn't interested in being just a fling but Rhys and Eve have fabulous chemistry and soon he falls in love with the gorgeous Solace Island and the beautiful, funny and artistic Eve. 

“However, for the record, I’m tired of short-term. Am looking for something more. Whether that ‘something more’ is you?” He shrugged. “Who knows? But I’m not so chickenshit that I’m going to tuck tail and run without exploring if there’s a possibility for something more.” 

But Rhys isn't the only one interested in Eve. There is a criminal lurking around Solace Island and he has hit sights set on Eve. 

'Cliff's Edge' is an engaging and lively story with lots of action and sexy, steamy romance. This was my first book by Meg Tilly and I enjoyed every minute. I was surprised at the well-written romantic scenes and the absorbing characters. While the second book the 'Solace Island' series, this book can be read as a complete standalone. If you are looking for a low-angst, sexy and witty story with adult characters with adult issues and concerns, then you will love this book. And read through the Acknowledgments for a lovely surprise from the author! I highly recommend this captivating and romantic tale. 

"Home is not a physical place, he thought, smiling up into the darkness. It’s a state of being. And right now, in this very moment, I am home."
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Oscar nominated actress Meg Tilly is no stranger when it comes to the literary arts – Cliff’s Edge is her eighth book, and the second in her Pacific Northwest-set Solace Island series.  So far she’s made a good home for herself in the romantic suspense genre, writing tense thrillers with a solid human core and a good small-town feel to them.  Cliff’s Edge is no exception to that rule - it follows Eve, sister of the heroine of Solace Island, as she finds true love and tries to survive a stalker.

Artist Eve Harris thinks that she’s going to have a fairly easy time house-sitting for her sister while Maggie goes on her honeymoon with Luke.  After all, anything’s got to be simpler than dealing with the broken heart she’s been nursing for months and the fact that her art was rejected for an important gallery showing.  Unfortunately Eve has a worse problem than trying to serve up coffee and tarts solo at the Intrepid Café; she’s attracted the attention of an obsessive stalker who saw her leaving Maggie’s wedding and promptly decides Eve must be his.

Actor Rhys Thomas is an old friend of Luke’s, and he’s looking for somewhere quiet and remote to hang out after finishing his latest movie.  When the address of his vacation home leaks to the press and makes resting up in his usual haunts impossible, Luke offers Rhys space at the family home.  He has an ulterior motive – he hopes to set up Rhys with Eve.  In spite of what amounts to an unpleasant shock for them both, Eve and Rhys end up spending time together working at the Café and taking care of Maggie and Luke’s Irish wolfhound Samson.  Combustible sexual chemistry means that their awkward beginnings are soon forgotten.

Unfortunately, Eve’s stalker is watching. Caught up in a creepy whirl of obsessive fantasies about her, he’s enraged by seeing her with Rhys. Soon Eve realizes she’s not exactly alone with Rhys anymore – and the new couple must battle their way toward safety and freedom.  Will Rhys’ need to return to Los Angeles separate them – or will the man tailing her get to her first?

Cliff’s Edge is a fun, fast-moving read, and although I had a couple of problems with its plot that keep it below DIK level, there are enough positives to make it worthwhile.

Tilly truly knows romantic suspense.  The book is dedicated to Jayne Ann Krentz and lives up to that lofty billing in a lot of ways; reading Cliff’s Edge is like reading the notebook of a fellow romance fan.  Tilly knows her tropes and how to deliver them efficiently, with punchy speed, sprinkling in moments of humor and nerve-wracking tension as she goes. The way the mystery unspools is pretty clever, and I liked Eve’s toughness and Rhys’ cleverness in saving each other, themselves, and puzzling out the true murderer.

I loved Rhys’ self-deprecating snark, delivered with truly hilarious internal monologues, and Eve’s steel spine.  Their pairing does carry a lot of heat, even if that heat is dished out too quickly to be credible, and Tilly’s stalker character is a legitimately creepy, rageful sex pervert who feels suitably oily and gross.  I liked the glimpses of life in Solace Island that we’re given – characters like peppy, giggle-worthy sexagenarian Dorothy Whidbee, sweet Big Hank, or the indecisive Ethelwyn all add to the story and paint a successful picture of a slightly quirky small town.  Best of all is Eve’s ex, Levi – the perfectly deluded author of ukulele-strumming ‘hit’ songs like “Candy Flippin’”.

Family problems take up some subplot space; Rhys’ mom has Alzheimers, and he struggles with the slow loss of her – this is handled particularly well.  The Harris’ fractured family was well-chronicled in Solace Island, and that continues here, as Maggie tries to figure out a way to explain her origins to Eve.

Unfortunately the plot held a few twists that caused me to knock the grade down a peg or two.  I found it a little nonsensical, for instance, that Luke thought it was a good idea to hook up Eve and Rhys by telling both of them that the house would be unoccupied and letting them be surprised by the sudden presence of a hot new stranger. I know he intended for them to find one another and embark on a relationship – and at least Eve reacts realistically to the surprise - but Luke is very lucky that Eve didn’t succeed in taking a cast iron pan to Rhys’ head when she assumed he was an intruder.

Another problem – Rhys and Eve fall into insta-lust with one another and it’s so quick and the heat so intense between them that it felt a little cartoonish.  I believed in their conflicts; that Eve would have trust issues at first because Rhys is so handsome and he’s a big star, that Rhys wouldn’t tell Eve about his mom, and would worry about sharing that part of himself with her – but I think they should’ve taken a little more time together to talk out their feelings.  Which is ironic, because the last fifty or so pages could’ve been trimmed from the back end of the novel, since they’re mainly plotless bits of fluff – well earned by the characters but still a bit light on substance.

But Cliff’s Edge is a fascinating reading experience, as it wends its way between contemporary romance tropes, cozy mystery plot points, and gives us a villain who’s 100 percent nasty thriller material.  It earns its recommendation for keeping all of those balls in the air without dropping a single one.
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Cliff’s Edge is the first book I have read by Meg Tilly. This is the second novel in Ms. Tilly’s series, Solace Island. Thanks goes to the publisher, via Net-Galley, for inviting me to read and review in advance of publication. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Cliff’s Edge is an interesting read with engaging characters and an intriguing plot. The pacing is good, keeping me enmeshed from the beginning to the end. I was completely surprised when the villain is revealed. I never saw it coming, which is always a plus.

Eve Harris is an enchanting character. Her passion is her art, but she’s discouraged when she can’t sell her work to anyone besides her friends and family. She’s dedicated to her sister and will do whatever it takes to give Maggie the honeymoon she deserves, even though she’s ill-equipped. She’d a dismal baker, and even though her sister has prepared lots of items in advance, she can’t even manage to bake them without burning the pies and cookies. 

This is the part of the story I had a problem with. I could not imagine leaving Eve in charge because Maggie had to realize it would be a disaster. The other issue I have is Eve’s debt. There’s no way I would let my sister struggle when the man I married has bucketsful. Of course, Eve is as stubborn as they come.

Rhys is an outstanding hero with many facets to his personality. He is immediately attracted to Eve. Although, she nothing like his previous women. Eve is not a short-fling type of woman, but that’s okay, since he’s grown tired of meaningless hook-ups with groupies who only see his superficial actor’s façade. He offers to help her with her dilemma. Fortunately, his hobby is cooking, and he’s a great one. He takes over the kitchen, letting Eve run the front, which she does most proficiently. 

The romance is strong between Eve and Rhys, and I enjoyed them as a couple and could see them having a lasting relationship. The sexual scenes are well-written with the emotions of the act more important than the physical aspects.

Ms. Tilly gives the villain a POV that is graphic and chilling regarding his plans for Eve, with no hint as to his identity. As the story progresses his obsession only grows in intensity. There are several murders that occur, one that involves an individual who has played a major role in Eve’s life. That was most shocking and gruesome.

If you like a romance with plenty of suspense, and a fulfilling love story, then you will enjoy Cliff’s Edge. While I had a difficult time buying into some of the plot points, nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Happy reading!
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Eve Harris moved to Solace Island in the Pacific Northwest after giving up a high pressure, soul killing job in New York City. With her sister Maggie, Eve opened a café and though she is a menace in the kitchen, she runs the front end. Eve agrees to house sit for Maggie and her new husband, Luke, but she is in for a big surprise of the masculine kind. Actor and heart throb Rhys Thomas takes Luke up on his offer to stay on Solace Island after finishing his latest film. Rhys is looking for some quiet time not an eye-catching roommate.

After an initial rocky start thanks to Luke’s idea of a fun surprise, Rhys and Maggie have a good time together endeavoring to keep the café from disaster. Rhys is trying to stay out of the spotlight which proves to be quite a challenge. Maggie had a musician boyfriend before so she is not interested in risking her heart again, but she is oh so tempted by Rhys. The downside to their budding relationship is some creeper is stalking Maggie and has already proved to be lethal. Rhys is determined to protect Eve from danger no matter the risk or danger to himself.

This the second in Ms. Tilly’s Solace Island series of romantic suspense with a splash of rom com tales. Ms. Tilly’s background from the film industry gives her work an authenticity when it comes to the acting world of the rich and famous. It is also evident that love, family, and friends are important to this author as those themes are interwoven throughout her story as well as really enticing food including a very yummy cookie recipe included at the end. Readers of the first book will enjoy Eve’s story although it can be read as a standalone.
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Sandy M’s review of Cliff’s Edge (Solace Island, Book 2) by Meg Tilly
Contemporary Romance published by Berkley 21 May 19

I was pleasantly surprised by Meg Tilly’s first book – her debut – in this series, so I have waited for this one to hit the shelves. I’m happy to say I see a marked improvement in Ms. Tilly’s writing since that first book. This is Eve’s story, and while I like her just fine, she is a bit difficult to take in large doses at the beginning. Rhys, however? Like Luke in the first installment, I fell pretty hard.

Eve is planning to stay at her sister and brother-in-law’s house while they’re on their honeymoon. What she doesn’t know is Luke has also invited his friend to stay at the house in their absence. And that first scene when they meet is quite fun. As much as Eve’s behavior at the start bugged me, she can definitely hold her own when confronted with perceived danger, as Rhys finds out the hard way. It sure was fun to read. After their initial banter trying to get rid of each other, they settle down to a reluctant truce. 

I find it a bit humorous Eve doesn’t know who Rhys is – a Hollywood superstar needing downtime after wrapping his latest movie. But it works out well for him, because what he needs is peace and quiet. He’s enjoying Solace Island and has even agreed to help Eve at her and her sister’s newly open cafe – he enjoys cooking and trying his hand in a restaurant is something he’s wanted to do. Too bad their new-found camaraderie is interrupted by strange happenings that eventually lead to a sick evil that is stalking Eve.

I do like the intervening chapters from the villain’s point of view. They’re short and repulsive, giving you a little insight to the monster’s psyche, pulling you along with him to keep you reading just to see what will happen next. Because you know he will eventually get his hands on Eve. There’s some good twists and turns along the way that you don’t see coming. 

I’m very glad that love agrees with Eve and she realizes what she has in Rhys, learning not to keep him in the dark about her life. Ms. Tilly seems to have a knack for great romantic heroes. Rhys is my favorite part of this entire story. I’m also glad Luke and Maggie return from their honeymoon to get some page time with them. I love Luke just as much as Rhys. 

Ms. Tilly’s web site is not up to date, so I don’t know if there is going to be another addition to this series or not. I’m not sure who it would feature, but if she decides to add another book, I’ll definitely be reading it.

Grade: B+
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When Eve's sister Maggie goes on vacation, she's left to run their bakery and take care of Maggie's mansion in the Pacific Northwest. Much to her surprise, her new brother-in-law has also offered his movie star best friend a chance to stay in the house. After a rocky start, the two feel sparks flying. But as mysterious murders come to light in town, Eve has no idea what danger is headed her way.

This book was definitely readable! It's an interesting balance of romance and thriller that kept me on my toes. I was a little unnerved by how quickly the plot moved from sexy scenes to the creepy inner monologue of a sexual predator, and the similarity in descriptions between the two. But Meg Tilly's writing was engaging and fast-paced. If you're looking for something with both romance and suspense, you might enjoy it!
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Wow I didn’t think this book would be like this which made it even better! Eve is just trying to make a success of the Intrepid her cafe that she owns with her sister but the mortgage is a killer. When Eve agrees to stay at her sisters house while they are on a two week honeymoon she never expected a house guest but there Rhys is and he is planning to stay. With her sister gone she doesn’t know how she is going to bake to keep the business going as Eve is a terrible cook so she begs Rhys to help her, which is going fine but things start to happen and things of hers are missing like her scarf. No one believes her except Rhys who is becoming closer and closer to her so she is pretty sure she loves him. 

This story had a lot of surprises and it was nice to see someone in Rhys position care so much about anyone and to see how brave Eva can be when faced with a threat.
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Cliff's Edge is filled with suspense and fun romcom. It was an enjoyable read and I look forward for the next installment!
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I'm enjoying seeing where this series is progressing and how the author's voice is growing. This is a rather unique contemporary romance, as it is equal parts small town romcom and romantic suspense, which are tonally tricky genres to intertwine. Somehow, though, it comes together for me, and I enjoyed equally the forced proximity trope with a stalker suspense plot. All in all, I've enjoyed both books I've read from this author and would read more in the future
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3.5 Stars

"Her life was about to change. She just didn't know it yet."

Cliff's Edge is my first book by this author and won't be my last.Told from multiple points of view, Cliff's Edge follows the story of Eve and Rhys. When Eve's sister goes on her honeymoon, she finds herself house-sitting. Only when she arrives, she finds the house is already occupied by non other than Rhys Thomas. Not only is he a movie, but he's also friends with Eve's brother-in-law. He's looking for a place to unwind and get away from it all. And he's not about to let Eve's presence stop him from getting the sanctuary he so desperately is looking for. The time Rhys and Eve spend together, the closer they become. Little do they know that their entire worlds are about to be turned upside down....

Overall, I thought this was a really good read. I loved the idea of the story and I was certainly sucked into it. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and loved seeing them all interact. I thought this story was paced well and I enjoyed not only the romance, but the suspense element. I really liked getting the villains point of view and the suspense kept me glued to the pages. While this is the second book in the Solace Island Series, it can totally be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

As I previously stated, this is my first book by this author and I look forward to checking out more from her in the future.
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While her sister goes on her honeymoon, Eve Harris is tasked with running their cafe and keeping an eye on her sister's house while they are gone. But shortly after her arrival she realizes she is not their only house guest, her brother-in-laws sexy movie star friend Rhys is also staying there. But she isn't interested in sharing anything other than the house with him, she has had her fair share of hurt by men in the last couple of months, and she isn't too eager to jump back into the dating pool. No matter how darn tempting and sweet he may be...

Rhys Thomas has just wrapped up shooting on his newest film, and is in desperate need of a little peaceful getaway, and Solace Island sounds like the perfect place to hideout for a while. His buddy Luke has a place there, and has offered it up to him many times. With Luke leaving on his honeymoon that means the place will be empty for a while, and he can relax peacefully. Or so he thought! The minute he arrives though, he gets the shock of his life, when he is accosted by a pint size beauty who isn't buying any line he is feeding her about his little vacation. Once things are sorted out, he decides to try and make the best of the situation and tries to strike up a friendship with Eve, but she isn't too receptive to that either. Good thing he is a patient man, with lots of time on his hands. 

But he isn't the only one after her, there is a murderer on the loose and Eve seems to have caught his attention, and Rhys isn't about to let anyone get his hands on his girl!

Cliff's Edge is an absorbing little tale brimming with heart penetrating emotion, toe curling romance, and breath stealing suspense. The instant your eyes hit the page you will be hooked, with a new romance brewing and a killer on the loose there is plenty of action between the pages to hold your attention. I really enjoyed this second installment in the Solace Island series, as with the first, the characters were well drawn, and the story line was engaging and full of moments to keep me teetering on the edge of my seat. Once again Ms. Tilly has penned a captivating and picturesque tale that paints a vivid and memorable literary picture for readers! Highly recommend!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am leaving my honest and unbiased opinion.
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