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Get ready to soar to the sky with one kickass pilot who knows her own worth in Flygirl. 

Listen, people, listen, I feel fairly excited about this book and I wish I could call up its author, R.D. Kardon, because she's written a hell of a tale. 

Set in 1998, Flygirl presents us with Tris, a determined thirtysomething that is looking to improve her flying experience and become a captain. But like many women, Tris faces the challenges of climbing the work ladder while also dealing with hostility and sexual advances from her male colleagues. 

What is also refreshing is that Tris and her journey remains our chief focus. Sure there is a backstory of Tris's heartache and there are chapters highlighting several of her fellow pilots, but the novel stays true to itself(a woman pursuing her dream)and I found that utterly refreshing . I certainly will be keeping an eye out for this author in the future.
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Flygirl by R.D. Pardon by a new to me author that I will be checking out more books by.  I found the storyline of this book very interesting and keep me going back to read more.
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Interesting subject matter, fun heroine, and definitely relevant in terms of theme, but that said, I don't think this book should be marketed as historic fiction. 

RWA (Romance Writers of America) & HNS (Historical Novel Society) both classify historical as being fifty years ago or more. Thus means the standard benchmark for the genre is 1968 and while I don't like splitting hairs on this issue, I think the classification sets inaccurate expectation.
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