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Spirit warriors, lesbian undertones, foxes, special teeth; sign me up.

Watersnkakes starts off with young Mila who meets the quite strange girl Agnes, whom Mila finds utterly fascinating and a friendship quickly forms. Out of this friendship a dangerous adventure begins. 

Can’t really say more without giving away too much but know that it was odd and disturbing but, oh so wonderful. The artwork  and style is by far my favorite out of all the graphic novels I’ve read. I hope more of Sandovals work gets translated for us to read.

Thank you NetGalley and Lion Forge Comics for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately, I was unable to get the full work to download in order to give a review. I will be purchasing, though. The art work and story have piqued my interest and the feedback I have seen makes me want to read this even more than when I first requested the ARC.
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I really like this book because was very unexpected. Instead of a comic, full of girl warriors it focus on two main characters and their friendship. The want and desire for a friend that is just as weird and quirky as you are is very warm and loveable.  Additionally, it has themes of family, lbgtq, and self-awareness. It is a very easy read, and that is part of its charm. The simplicity is a driving force that cause allows the reader to follow along with the weirdness that is going on. There are moments that a character is abrupt with the madness she is speaking and the simple art makes it easier to follow it.  The art gives it a Gothic feel, which helps create a spooky feel. Fans of Neil Gaiman will defiantly like this comic.
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Water Snakes was rather odd. The artwork was beautiful and the story had a strange dreamlike quality - but parts of it were very peculiar. I'm good with weird but I do like a story to have some internal logic, even if it's not reflective of our logic. I'm not sure that this did. That said it was engaging enough that I read it in one sitting. Try this if you like weird, dark fantasy with a fairy tale feel.
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This is an epic strange/ unique Gothic fantasy short story. The illustrations are brilliant, something I have never seen before, and with a pretty “normal” ones they become closer and closer to horror illustrations. The comic book is for adults, not for children, as I think one of the little one may have horror dreams.. plus same-sex graphic kissing scenes. 

The plot makes a reader return back to the very start and read again, it was interesting and at the same very dark, masterly hidden dark graphic novel. The plot involves ghosts, foxes, two similar age school girls and a brother. The story tells of an unfortunate happening when one has been eaten by a demonic figure and has overtaken the little girl. Her family suffers till then, and her parents has never gotten over the fact their daughter disappeared, which is normal… the climax of the story is to kill the evil through the battle… and face the outcome…
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This is a bizarre read, but it works really well. The art is cute on the one page, to seamlessly flow into something bizarre… and it is all pretty and it works so well.

What can I say about this without spoiling anything? The story is great – though weird. We follow Mila and her ghostly friend Agnes. The pacing is great, and I loved Agnes’ back story. There are some queer undertones – which isn’t something I specially look for in a book but can surely appreciate. The cover already hints to the epic, bloody battle with some kick ass ladies that is bout to take place.

Overall, a wonderfully, atmospheric ghost story with some beautiful artwork.
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Watersnakes grabbed my attention by its unique style of art. Now I praise it because of its complexity.

This is a tale-like fantasy with some surprising twist and weird scenes where the protagonist (here Mila) has to save a fantasy kingdom - on the surface. If we go deeper into the symbols (e.g. I am very curious about Mila's fixation to Agnes' teeth) and changes in style of art, disposition of panels and other small details in the background or on the characters' faces. There are so many things to espy in this short graphic novel. This richness worth emptying your pocket to possess a copy of Watersnakes, and also your time to find something new after every re-reading.

I hope  Tony Sandoval will bring more graphic novels such as this one.
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I apologise to Tony Sandoval & Netgalley for this short review - my ebook reader has had difficulties with the format of this ebook and for some reason has only displayed random parts of it for me to read. All I can do is comment on the parts I have been able to read. 

The artwork I have seen is beautiful. Gothic, twisted, imaginative and truly lovely. The story is fascinating and I very much want to read the complete book. For this reason I have ordered the book hardcopy so I can view / read it as a whole, rather than potted snippets. I really want to submerge myself in Lila and Agnes' world. From what I can see fairytale references pepper the book, and there are quirks and strangeness in abundance. 

I look forward to holding the physical book in my hands and reading it face to page :)
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First, I'd like to thank the author, NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for this amazing book.

The illustrations in this book are gorgeous, and the story really interesting. There were several parts when I couldn't get what was going on, but then it made sense.

As the synopsis says, the story is about a girl, Mila (which I really liked) befriend a blonde, Agnes, which was also beautiful.
Their story is beautiful and moving at the end. I also liked the "King" 's personality.

I recommend this book, as the characters are well-formed and the story a little creepy (in a good way).
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I received a digital ARC copy of this book via NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Oh, I don't know how I feel about this.
So let's start with this the PDF I have had some white pages, and I'm not sure if there was something missing or not, because one time I felt like I missed something, but other times it felt like normal.
The story is okay, but the artwork is impressive and beautiful.
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Tony Sandoval’s imagination knows no bounds! Talking octopus. Magical girls. Badass teeth warriors. Awesome stuff!

Watersnakes is completely bizarre and surreal. The artwork is really beautiful and I love the combination of innocent faces, gruesome deaths and the copious amounts of blood that goes with it. I also love the dreamlike atmosphere and how it throws me off kilter. Several times I had to ask, is this really happening?

Despite the languid looking art, the pacing is fast and the story telling is not bogged down by too much dialogue. The talky bits were concise and to the point but they also had some snappy humor. The events of the story simply happened here and now and there is little backstory. But even with all the weirdness, the plot is easy to follow. Mila and Agnes were wild, adventurous girls with a streak of crazy. Yep, shipping them!

Watersnakes is a gothic horror graphic novel that sucks you deeper as it gets creepier and creepier. When the ancient king appeared, he asked to be taken to the water while doglike monsters hunted them. The warriors prepare to fight. The battle was fierce and took a heavy toll. The fields were red with blood.

We are already dead…You can only see and feel the projection of our energy like the light from a dead star.

Hold on to your teeth!


I received a copy of Watersnakes from  Diamond Book Distributors  via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

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Artist: Maggie Rogers
Album: Now That the Light is Fading
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Beautiful, dark, and disorienting. I was first drawn in by the gorgeous art--reminiscent of the "big eyes" style of Margaret Keane that seems to have influenced many a goth teenager a generation later--and then grabbed by the surreal weirdness of the story. It never quite grabbed my heart, but it certainly lived in my head for a while. Just don't read this if you're prone to nightmares about your teeth falling out.
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I cannot get over how gorgeous this graphic novel is! Author Tony Sandoval draws wispy images that are both beautiful and creepy, bringing forward fantasy gothic tale where our world overlaps with the other world. I'm not sure if anything was lost in translation; some of the plot points were lost on me until I reread and came to my own conclusions. Highly recommended. Giving it one of my rare five-stars.

ARC courtesy of NetGalley.
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First off, the art is awesome! It has a very grim and gothic feel to it which perfectly suits the story. The plot was different from the fantasy books I usually read, so it kept me intrigued. Recommended to readers who like their fantasy dark.
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I loved the artwork in this book. I have never looked at any of his works before. The story gets creepier and creepier, although nothing explicitly horrible happens. It's all threat and imminence, and the tension keeps winding up even though nothing explicitly bad is happening. Then we have an alarming development, a pause, more alarms, longer pauses, some monologue to clean up the  after the  storm, and then, amazingly the rest of the book, (the fairy tale magical adventure part), finally starts.  Over all it was a very good read but the artwork was definitely my favorite
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Thanks Netgalley, Diamond Books Distributors and Lion Gate for this chance of reading the ARC in exchange of a honest review! 

With dark and gothic at, focusing manly on their grey pallet and reds, and on a beautiful art reminding me a bit of Coraline, we have the story of Mila and Agnes. A fast friendship of two teenage girls that quickly blossoms to more. And more I mean Mila's feelings about Agnes, also Agnes Teeth (don't ask question, I just finished and I'm still digesting all the plot and this particularly.).

They meet, they form a friendship, feelings arise, and then we meet some mystery and a octopus! 

It all seems like a dreams, it makes us feel like we're Mila discovering and feeling it with her (except the teeth, I still don't get the teeth), as she feels it all was a dream, as she feels about Agnes, we feel with her!

Fantasy is just around the corner as well, with all makes seem even more dream like than before!

As someone that loves this type of dark, gothic art, and this dream state of storytelling. I really recommend it! It's a fast read with great art, and a cute ittybit romance in the mix of fantasy is mystery!
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This story was out there.  I definitely did not know where it was going, but in the end I was rather satisfied with the ending.  The art style is rough and beautiful.  It stuck with reds, blacks (greys) and bridges with its colouring for the most part which I felt fit with its darker tone.  

There will be many points where you ask "where are we going here?", but I think that adds to the story itself.  It brings mystery and an un-knowingness to the overall story, which you feel the main character feels.  She isn't sure if its real, a joke, or just part of a dream and you're left wondering the same.

I really enjoyed this and believe anyone looking for a darker, dreamlike story would be happy with this one.
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Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an review copy in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel I liked the story and the art work too. I’ve never read anything like this but I liked that it was like that. If the author comes out with more I will definitely read them.  I definitely recommend this, I think you should pick it up. I gave this a four out of five stars.
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The artwork in this book is amazing. It's beautiful, surreal and gothic, with just the right amount of creepiness. This book has octopuses, lesbians, bad ass females, foxes.. Oh and an obsession with teeth. The story has a sense of melancholy to it and quirkiness.  
There wasn't a lot of world building or character development, which is my complaint with the book. It didn't wow me, and based off of the blurb I was excited for it. Bad ass girls, ghosts and an ancient king? Adventurous friend that shows the way to more excitement? Things I typically love. I also do enjoy graphic novels, and wasn't expecting a ton of character development or world development due to the method of presentation. Even still, it didn't reach that for me. This could very likely be a me, not you moment but it wasn't for me. After I read this I learned that it was middle grade, which surprised me with the artwork, but makes sense with the character development and simplicity of the story.   
2 wineglasses out of 5.    
I honestly think this was just me. The story just didn't work for me, because lack of world building and character development are deal breakers for me. It felt a little too simple of a story for me. For a middle grade novel, it is good. The artwork is great and the story is on par for MG books. The fact there is ghosts and ancient kings is really cool. I'd recommend it to that age group, but I wouldn't recommend it to adults.    
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While I liked the fantasy element, it took an odd turn or two, and it took a while to get where it was going.
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