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Let me tell you just one little thing: I need to follow Tony Sandoval's works because this book is amazing. The story-line is good and intriguing, it may not be the best, that's true, but it was intriguing and I found myself captivated by it. But the best thing, the really amazing thing, in this book is the art. The illustrations are creepy, a tad morbid maybe, but so artfully done, so beautiful They are art and I fell in love with the dark atmosphere of this book, with its amazing drawings and arts. 
We deserve more of this around!
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I was attracted to the breathtakingly beautiful artwork, but after seeing Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval listed with the Lgbt tag on Goodreads, I knew this was a graphic novel I needed to read. A shot read, and a bit weird, the artwork remained stunning and the story itself was well paced and touching. Parts were weird/confusing, though I assume this was mostly just to go with the dreamy art style. The ending was well deserved and I can still remember the feelings this gave me long after finishing. If the artwork is your aesthetic, I definitely recommend picking up Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval. Absolutely impressive artwork and a solid, stirring story.
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During summer vacation, Mila meets Agnes, a mysterious girl that she develops complicated feelings for. Complicating those feelings are the fact the Agnes is a ghost holding the spirit of a fallen king and his soldiers. Mila is tasked with helping Agnes return the king to his kingdom.

This graphic novel is such a fever dream. I loved every moment. The plot is tenuous at best, but the art pulls you in and the interaction between Mila and Agnes is just amazing. It's a good read for fans of creepy, Gothic stories.
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I loved this!!! I really enjoyed the art work. Excellent graphic novel. I highly recommend this book.
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Beautiful art. Cover is definitely captivating. I just didn't quite get the entire story though. I might need to reread this or try another story by the author to get a better grasp on the author's style.
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The art was...surreal and morbidly fascinating. I really enjoyed the style, and that's the reason I picked up this book. The story though...not my favorite. It was hard to follow, and I struggled to stay focused on what was happening.
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I'm calling this Oneiric crapstatic.

Mila finds an strange girl while on vacation. Lesbic fantasies aside, then odd, weird, fantasies starts. Ghosts, or something else, nightmares and some disturbing teeth paraphilia and story that made no sense.

2.5** for the art

But really this was not so my thing. Ug. (--b/c teeth falling is one of my worst nighmare x_x)
Once again duped by the cover.

Romance? Atracción lésbica.
Sexo? Besos. Fetichismo dental.
Lenguaje? Normal
Recomendada? NO.
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Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval follows Mila, a young girl starting summer vacation. She makes a new friend, Agnes, who happens to be a ghost. Mila becomes obsessed with Agnes and her story, and they embark on a dangerous journey. Or do they? Much of this is comprised of fantasies or dream sequences. There's a serious teeth motif going on, which really creeped me out. The story was very disjointed, and made no sense. I made it about a third of the way through before getting to annoyed to continue. It didn't help that I really wasn't a huge fan of the art style. 

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I had gone into this expecting something really cool and interesting, and while it WAS both of those, I did not understand a single thing that happened. Nothing made sense, I understand this is a graphic novel but I'm tired of just seeing panels of art without any explanation. On top of this, it was also just... very strange.

On the flip side, the artwork was stunning.
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I received an ARC of this from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

At first, I was put off by the art work, I wasn’t a huge fan. But then, as I got into this crazy ghost revenge story, the artwork started to get better. By the end, I liked it. It was dark, original, and a lesbian love story. 

I’d check this author out again for sure.
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It started out quite interestingly, but then it turned into some weird kind of teeth-kink story? I have no idea what I was reading and honestly, even though I liked the art (it gave me Tim Burton vibes), the story itself was a bit cringey?!
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The art work for this was...dark...disturbing and beautiful.  The story follows Mila, a young woman who gets this weird obsession over another girl...especially her ...teeth.  Yeah! Weird!  The story is great...weird but great. The artwork is by far my favorite thing. 

Giving it a 4/5

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Get this for the stylized, moody art.  The story doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  There's a lot of dream sequences and scenes where it's not really clear if they are real or imagined.
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Spirit warriors, lesbian undertones, foxes, special teeth; sign me up.

Watersnkakes starts off with young Mila who meets the quite strange girl Agnes, whom Mila finds utterly fascinating and a friendship quickly forms. Out of this friendship a dangerous adventure begins. 

Can’t really say more without giving away too much but know that it was odd and disturbing but, oh so wonderful. The artwork  and style is by far my favorite out of all the graphic novels I’ve read. I hope more of Sandovals work gets translated for us to read.

Thank you NetGalley and Lion Forge Comics for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately, I was unable to get the full work to download in order to give a review. I will be purchasing, though. The art work and story have piqued my interest and the feedback I have seen makes me want to read this even more than when I first requested the ARC.
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I really like this book because was very unexpected. Instead of a comic, full of girl warriors it focus on two main characters and their friendship. The want and desire for a friend that is just as weird and quirky as you are is very warm and loveable.  Additionally, it has themes of family, lbgtq, and self-awareness. It is a very easy read, and that is part of its charm. The simplicity is a driving force that cause allows the reader to follow along with the weirdness that is going on. There are moments that a character is abrupt with the madness she is speaking and the simple art makes it easier to follow it.  The art gives it a Gothic feel, which helps create a spooky feel. Fans of Neil Gaiman will defiantly like this comic.
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Water Snakes was rather odd. The artwork was beautiful and the story had a strange dreamlike quality - but parts of it were very peculiar. I'm good with weird but I do like a story to have some internal logic, even if it's not reflective of our logic. I'm not sure that this did. That said it was engaging enough that I read it in one sitting. Try this if you like weird, dark fantasy with a fairy tale feel.
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This is an epic strange/ unique Gothic fantasy short story. The illustrations are brilliant, something I have never seen before, and with a pretty “normal” ones they become closer and closer to horror illustrations. The comic book is for adults, not for children, as I think one of the little one may have horror dreams.. plus same-sex graphic kissing scenes. 

The plot makes a reader return back to the very start and read again, it was interesting and at the same very dark, masterly hidden dark graphic novel. The plot involves ghosts, foxes, two similar age school girls and a brother. The story tells of an unfortunate happening when one has been eaten by a demonic figure and has overtaken the little girl. Her family suffers till then, and her parents has never gotten over the fact their daughter disappeared, which is normal… the climax of the story is to kill the evil through the battle… and face the outcome…
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This is a bizarre read, but it works really well. The art is cute on the one page, to seamlessly flow into something bizarre… and it is all pretty and it works so well.

What can I say about this without spoiling anything? The story is great – though weird. We follow Mila and her ghostly friend Agnes. The pacing is great, and I loved Agnes’ back story. There are some queer undertones – which isn’t something I specially look for in a book but can surely appreciate. The cover already hints to the epic, bloody battle with some kick ass ladies that is bout to take place.

Overall, a wonderfully, atmospheric ghost story with some beautiful artwork.
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Watersnakes grabbed my attention by its unique style of art. Now I praise it because of its complexity.

This is a tale-like fantasy with some surprising twist and weird scenes where the protagonist (here Mila) has to save a fantasy kingdom - on the surface. If we go deeper into the symbols (e.g. I am very curious about Mila's fixation to Agnes' teeth) and changes in style of art, disposition of panels and other small details in the background or on the characters' faces. There are so many things to espy in this short graphic novel. This richness worth emptying your pocket to possess a copy of Watersnakes, and also your time to find something new after every re-reading.

I hope  Tony Sandoval will bring more graphic novels such as this one.
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