Binstead's Safari

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Jan 2019

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A belated sibling for Mrs. Calaban! A drab unloved wife travels to Africa with her husband who is in search of the underpinnings of a myth of a lion God with a human bride. As the journey into the dark continent proceeds, she finds herself the belle of the ball and transforms into a woman her husband can desire. But too late. She no longer needs him as she falls into a bizarre romantic adventure. Rachel Ingalls leads the reader into the unbelievable and makes it seem natural. As in Mrs. Calaban, the animal kingdom intersects the human bringing a sort of enlightenment.
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I really want to like BINSTEAD'S SAFARI because I adored MRS. CALIBAN—and what I've read certainly isn't bad—but it's just not doing it for me. Might return to it at a later date.

Shout out to NetGalley and New Directions for allowing me to read it (or try to, at least)!
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