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We find Kiran, a space flirt. She wants to become the captain of the most popular ships of all time. Kidnapped and sent back to her home planet to forcibly marry the most powerful warrior. Many girls would dream of being princesses but to be the one from the kingdom of Eeristan but this one is not a fairy tale. The women upstairs have no rights and Kiran will never accept it. She will do everything to regain her freedom and lifestyle.

A book full of suspense and twists and turns, captivating with endearing characters such as Kiran. Looking forward to reading on.
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Well, I read this book. I did not like it that much but I did finish it. I did not enjoy the writing style and I therefore could not completly get in the story
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In this story we follow Kiran, who has a good life going for her. She has a best friend, is an accomplished student and star cadet, and plays as hard as she works. They run schemes, make money, and have fun in the process. When they have to end one of their long running money making gigs, her mentor leaves her with ominous words of support. 

Now, the only thing that made me bump this down to a 3.5 read for me, was the writing, I don't know if the translation somehow affected this, but at times the writing felt a little all over the place, especially the pacing. 

The story is funny at times, and wild, ridiculous, and fun, but it was also frustrating to read of this patriarchal society on the planet Eeristan and the society there that values male warriors. Yes, it's a super misogynistic world, which I understand is the premise of the story- the MFC, Kiran is taken to that planet which is actually her home planet, but clashes with the rules for women there due to her upbringing on another planet and has grown to be strong and independent with a wild nature. 

Unfortunately, I felt like the characters were inconsistent and committed some really random actions at times. Kiran is supposed to be intelligent, but does some pretty dumb stuff, and her father can be both cruel and kind, and does conflicting things- dissonance between actions and words, and there were some pretty ridiculous parts that were just unbelievable. I did enjoy the many characters, and it can be fun if you don't take it too seriously though. 

Like I said, It might just be because of the translation that I struggle a bit with the writing and descriptions in this story, but I am still going to read the second part of this series. 

A huge thank you to NetGalley for sending me this!
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I got so into this book that the ending snuck up on me like it came out of nowhere!
Poor Kiran is surrounded by insufferable men, with the exception of her mentor. In a very realistic move, even characters that are "the good guys" are terrible. 

Kiran has a good life going for her. She has a best friend, is an accomplished student and star cadet, and plays as hard as she works. Kiran and her best friend are a slightly less slapstick version of Lucy and Ethel. They run schemes, make money, and have fun in the process. When they have to end one of their long running money making gigs, her mentor leaves her with ominous words of support.

Kiran discovers her mother is in trouble, and is told by anyone who knows anything about the situation to run far away, because these are people she can't be up against. But finding out that dead-beat dad has beaten and whipped your mother? Oh, that man's gonna burn. Kiran has a fire to her that I adored. She knows that when a line is crossed, nothing matters except stopping that person from doing harm, even if you have to burn planets to do so. 

When she's whisked away to her planet of birth - which she's never even heard of - the craziness just increases. She alters between self pity and devastation, and giving her father and his meat heads hell. After arriving, things go worse when she's instructed in what she has to do in order to escape with no context or details. She's stumbling through this blind as so many try to use her for their political gains. It's slowly revealed to her that she's surrounded by intrigue wrapped in conspiracies, each getting progressively more complicated, terrifying and confusing. She finds herself in situations where the only way out of trouble is by getting herself into greater trouble. She's constantly spinning plates of troubles, just trying to stop one from falling. 

In the process we meet a well written world (though a little too coded as MENA) with complex and detailed social structures, practices and politics. And a cute creature!  Many of the characters are those you just love to hate, some of whom you end up pitying, and others where you feel you need to burst into the pages to rain hellfire down on them. Other characters are both enraging, terrifying, and charming and endearing all at once. Her father's rival is a load of fun, and can help Kiran maintain safety for a time. And with Kiran's fate looking as bleak at it is, the reader wonders if she would be best off marrying him in order to get revenge against her father. But her mother's cryptic words put a halt to that view!
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Mixed feelings on this I like the idea and it seemed to be going in a positive way. Kieran stayed independent but it seemed to loose focus, the character kept changing her mind.  The plot itself couldn’t decide which way it wanted to go. I think I enjoyed it and want to read more, but I’m torn because it was all over the place. Enjoyable but confused

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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This was on my 'to be read' shelf for almost two months and... I have put this book away after reading 25% of it. I don't know if the translator just did an awful job or the author just doesn't know how to write... I think the first one is correct as I have read other reviews and people loved this story. Unfortunately the writing was so terrible I wasn't able to get into this book and I was just lost with every single sentence. It was like going to the Michelin Star restaurant and getting burnt chips. Not classy and not appetizing at all.

Such a disappointment as I heard only great reviews of this book.   I might try to get this book in original language and translate it myself- I believe I would do a better job than the copy that was provided to me. I am very sorry to the author of this book- which is why I am not rating this read on my goodreads- it wouldn't be fair to Ellen to put only a 1 star for someone else's mistakes.

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I received this book from Net galley in exchange for a honest review. I struggled to find interest in this book for the first couple of chapters. Once she got to the planet it got better. I was and still am confused at how many different men she has connections to. Ed, Dame, Nrogo, or the blond headed warrior. Was it too much for us to at least have a name? A fake name? The things that were done well were certain aspects of the world building and loved the snow beast. Some parts of the world building were confusing and disappointing. The many sons of her Dad for instance. Ok is this girls name Kiran or Kiera? The whole two girl bookie job made no sense. Bookies break legs. The shadows made no sense and was really overdoing it. I feel like so much has still been left unanswered. What is the deal with her mom and her father? We keep getting told that she is a warrior. Well she doesn’t act like it most of the book. I didn’t get or appreciate some of the goofy humor. It actually got on my nerves. I am curious as to what happened with the warrior. Not sure if I will pay for that knowledge. When I saw it cost 6.99$ no I won’t.
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I really love the premise and the potential that this book had to offer. The protagonist, Kiran who also goes by several other names such as Kiera, never quite lived up to her nickname that's used throughout the book of "little panther". That's unfortunate and disappointing. The book as far as character development wise of Kiran, starts off strong. She has a multitude of skills she has learned through hard study and yet as the story progresses, it appears she forgets these skills sets and goes for the more traditional feminine wiles tricks. The world building is lackluster and I cannot kind myself really emotionally invested in the main character. What disturbs me the most, and why I have given it only one star, is this book is geared to YA but there are disturbing themes that send the wrong message to young women. I felt uneasy since one of the first scenes. The protagonist and her best friend who were underage got drunk, to the point of being inebriated. They decided to return to the best friend's older brother's house and while Micha, the best friend thought he was out of town. He was not however. Kiara went to shower and he was there silently watching until he spoke, then hit on her. Yes, she did have a crush on him at 12. But she was clearly inebriated to the point of almost blackout drunk. The author leaves it a mystery for a long period of time if anything happened between them, because she passed out on his bed. This was distressing to read. This day and age, YA should not be getting any mixed signals like this. No man, teen, woman or girl has the right to to have sex with someone who cannot consent. I hope other YA authors will try to please understand that and not write these types of scenes.   This book was gifted to me by Netgalley to review for free. I feel that I have to write this, due to the nature of what was written.
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Kiran: The Warrior's Daughter by Ellen Stellar, an interesting book. This book did not start off nor continue as i was expecting, and that was a little refreshing. Kiran is a cadet with her local planetary body and involved in the local underground, but thats when things go south for her.... her father shows up after 18 years and out of the blue.
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Kiran is a cadet at a prestigious space flight school. On her 18th birthday, her father appears and demands she return to the severely patriarchal planet where he rules a territory. Destined to an arranged marriage where she is expected to produce heirs of their clan. But a strong willed woman raised to be a warrior and not a submissive will create chaos on the planet as she escapes their machinations. A mixture of technology and medieval swords bring this novel with an explosive protagonist to life. The only caveat was that the whole book had words that ran together in the sentences. Hopefully the released version was corrected. I voluntarily reviewed this book from Netgalley.
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