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Yes, this is a nice romance with just enough steamy to make is a fun read.. The story was well told. I liked the book.
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Imagine if one minute you are thrilled at having just finished your first surgery as a fourth year resident and suddenly on the drive home your life suddenly ends. Or does it? You can feel your neck snap. Then consciousness surfaces and someone is sobbing and calling you by a different name.  No idea who you are or where you are. That is what Aliya must content with when she slowly realizes she in in habiting the body of a countess who had died in chid birth and miraculously is now alive. And living in a Medieval Castle. Aliya must figure out how to cope with this new life and more importantly survive by only her strength of will and wits.  The challenge is huge and her journey is full of many twists and turns. This is the beginning of a series so it ends abruptly. This is a good read for those that seek an interesting and strange adventure. Some of which seems surreal. I would like to thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.
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This book needs a LOT of editing. There are pages and pages of information about the world that it describes in footnotes, and this is weird and it dosen´t help the flow of the story. I didn´t feel like I was reading a professional book, more like a story that a friend wrote for fun, a little rough around the edges. That said, the story holded my attention and it was interesting.
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First off this book is amazing but it's not a romance book. It may be a women's historical fiction or romantic fiction but this is not romance.  The next book may be but again not this book.  Next, the world inside this book was so amazingly done, I don't really care that it wasn't a romance it was just so mind blowing. Lily never actually meets Jess (her husband) in this book. I think that will come in the next book. Maybe that is why this a under romance as the series has romance in it.

So the main character is more or less thrown back in time to an alternative world in a different body.  It just similar enough to Earth and Earth culture that it makes perfect sense but different enough that you really have to pay attention.  

The book really has everything in it but focuses mainly on politics and religion and countess's role in her new world.   In fact, I love how the character, Lily, learns about the world; she dreams her bodies memories.   The character is amazing especially how she tries to change her circumstances in her new world.  I will say (as a warning) that there is a miscarriage at the start of the book. Nothing is graphic or in great detail.  It's important for the storyline. 

The only issue I had was that the main character took to the world a little too easy. She knows a little about everything and know just how to get it. I get the feeling that there will be more angst in the next book though.  I look forward to reading it.
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First Lessons by Lina J. Potter, an interesting tale and retake of a Yankee in King Arthurs court. A modern woman wakes up in a foreign world set in the dark ages. She immediately sets about learning about where she is and starts making changes but the authorities may not like all the changes she is trying to make. ( There are some editing errors that if fixed would have improved the star rating.)
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