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This is an inexpensive little book that provides weekly assignments to improve your art (generally drawing) skills and get you doing art. Examples of assignments are to draw sketches of your art goals for the year, to practice different hatching techniques or to draw things from different perspectives. This would make a fun book for budding artists, those who want to kick start their art habits, or for homeschool families who want some art inspiration.

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I read a temporary digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review.
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Thank you, NetGalley for the preview of this digital ARC.

Your Year in Art is filled with Chelsea Ward is filled with prompts to help your creative juices get going. It is a perfect gift for people who want to make art but is hesitant to do so because they are anxious that they might not be good enough. I loved all the prompts that Chelsea and provides the reader with. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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Totally cool and a very different book. Now, and then i am fascinated by artists, and art work so this title reached out to me.

I just read it out of curiosity, and see if i can learn a thing or two about art (and i surprised myself, I absolutely did)

Great book and very simple and easy to follow.

There are lots of prints and art work (so digitally it wasn't very good experience), however if you were to purchase paper back, it will be different experience.
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Welcome to Your Year in Art! Designed to give you the encouragement and inspiration you need to fuel your art-making all year long, the prompts,(from the artist) , And in this book you will receive that as the author offers examples, inspirations and prompts to bring out your creativity everyday of your life. I have done lots of 30 days challenges but this book goes further and challenge you too a year of art. Something all of us need if you are a professional or budding artist this book is a great read and tutorials
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This is fantastic, after finishing reviewing this book I purchased it for myself. 
One exercise a week for 52 weeks. 
The exercises and tasks are different and interesting, following this book will really develope your drawing and artistic skills.
I brought it to do the exercises each week as a family with my children next year. I'm really looking forward to seeing the different perspectives for each week. 
Great book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Your Year in Art by Chelsea Ward is a colorful awe inspiring creative book!  The concept is so wonderful.  Chelsea walks you through 52 weeks of art mindfulness.  Her suggestions are unique and colorful as well as encouraging.  The book breaksdown your artist endeavors in small weekly bites.  It focuses on one aspect that you can focus on for seven days.  I think this is a doable way to learn and grow.  This book is for grown ups as well as budding artists of all ages.  Great book!  I definitely plan on using it this year.  This would also make a great gift.
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Thank you Quatro and Netgalley for an ARC of this book in return for my unbiased opinion.

This book was broken into weekly projects to sustain creativity over the period of a year. 
As a very beginner of art I am enthused to attempt many of these weekly ideas.  The book is easy to read, colourful  and attractive.
I particularly liked the zen doodle, mandala and lettering weeks and am excited to try these in the coming weeks.
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I really like this - I is not one of those mindless art books that wants you to copy the writers instructions step by step. There are ideas and illustrations, but what you draw is your own choice. There is an assignment each week  (there are 52 of them) which teaches a skill - or at least challengers your mind - such as making 2 sketch, one using your dominate hand and one your passive hand. - great fun.
I really look forward to each weeks assignment, they are fun and gets me out of the dull mind and back into a painting/drawing creative mindset.
I think this book is perfect for any one who wants to make a start in something creative, someone who doesn't know where to start or just for fun. 
You never know what you can achieve at the end of 52 weeks, what you have learnt,  the confidence gained and the satisfaction and inspiration found in making it to the end.
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Explore with your children and embark on a year in art!
Your Year In ArtExploring is one of the greatest parts of doing art with your children. But oftentimes the biggest hurdle to overcome is not knowing what to draw. I feel that way often when I sit down with pens or pencils and a thick stack of paper. I have heard my kids voice the same frustration time and again over the years.

This amazing book from Walter Foster Publishing takes you through a new project to work on for every week of the year. You don’t have to force yourself, or your children, into a rigid timetable that involves daily activities and will likely end in failure. Face it, how many times have you set up a schedule for yourself or your children that is simply over ambitious and it ends in a blazing ball of failure after just a week or two?

Join your kids and create a year in art!
This book will guide you and your children through week by week, practicing all sorts of art and learning new techniques along the way. At the end of it all you will have enjoyed each other and shared special time together, and your children will have completed a homeschool art class!
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Wonderful book with lots of fun ideas for a creative year in your journal!
The prompts are inspirational and motivating. I recommend this book to people who love journaling or who would like to start a journal in the new year,
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This book was designed to do one exercise per week.  I absolutely loved this book.  I have read many art books and this one was very unique.  The exercises were inspiring and effective.  A few of my favorites was using only primary colors, drawing things that are large small being sure to include defining details and drawing small things large focusing on details you would be unable to fit in a small drawing, and landscape zendoodles.

This was an excellent book for beginning and advanced artists.

I received this galley from NetGalley.
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As an artist who sometimes has a creating block and is also looking to expand my creating horizons, I'm always looking for great books on creativity and how to get through the block. This book proved to be just that. It's fun, has a lot of various exercises to try and provides new ways to expand artistic creativity. I'm glad I have read it and will use many of the exercises and tips going forward.
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A perfect book to encourage you to get started making art! 
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author. All opinions are my own.
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I am deeply in love with this book. I can use the projects in my lesson plans. I can use them at the beginning of the lesson, at the end of the lesson, and/or as exercises to complete before a class project. I love the clear and simple instructions and the approachable exercises, which are not boring at all, easy to complete, and challenging but not too challenging. This is a wonderful, wonderful book!
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I really liked this book. For a beginning artist it gives you a project to do each week. The activities are fun and inspiring and will keep you motivated when inspiration is lacking. You don't have to buy many art supplies as most of the pencils can be done with pencils, inks and maybe a few watercolours. Chelsea gives extra tips to try with the art activities and lots of colourful examples. I liked the book so much that I am going to buy a journal and try these activities each week. It looks fun!
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It's a fun challenge for anyone who enjoys being creative and wants to practice it more in their life. It has a lot of great ideas to try out throughout the year.
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I absolutely love this book. It would be so much fun to spend a year following it's curriculum. If you want to give this book as a gift, it would work equally well for a budding artist or an already accomplished one. The illustrations are fun and the assignments are thought provoking.
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"Your Year in Art: A project for every week of the year to overcome blank-page anxiety and inspire creative exploration" by Chelsea Ward has a broad title, but really is focused just on drawing techniques. Which is not at all a bad thing! The book has a very short list of art supplies, making it easily accessible for everybody to get started.

While "Your Year in Art was primarily designed as inspiration, providing weekly prompts and ideas, you do not need to be an expert in drawing to get going. In fact, it starts really easy, with decorating words or coloring your own doodles. There are weeks devoted to getting used to drawing techniques- simplifying shapes, mixing, colors, mark making or contour drawing. Later things get more interesting, with projects like recipe illustrating and various lists. Assignments also get far more challenging later in the year, with exercises like drawing hands. There are intimidating assignments that make you draw outside your house, in public spaces or fun, like making a map - it really is a mixture of easy and challenging from week to week. To purpose- to keep you drawing, systematically and for simple pleasure.

"Your Year in Art has a very modern design and informal feel. Pages are consistently organized, with the week project idea description, assignment, and additional challenge "Try this".

I really enjoyed reading "Your Year in Art, and I plan to go back to the 52 projects often. Perhaps even finish most if not all of them, eventually. So let me go and but my watercolor pen brushes now...
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This is fun book for helping you create art everyday with prompts and inspiration that will help inspire you to try new mediums and supplies.  There are plenty of pictures and clear instructions found on every page.  If you have wanted to sign up for the many online year log art classes but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for it this is a great way of still getting the ideas and instructions without the high cost of classes.
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I love having creative prompts to help my inspiration flow and this book is an awesome resource for all my art needs
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