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I wanted to love this one but unfortunately I only thought it was ok. Trinity drove me crazy and Lucas just felt weak. The potential was there but honestly I got bored and barely finished.
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This turned out to be a really good story! I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical at first. I thought it was going to be a very slow book but I was way wrong! 

Yes, it started out rough (for me anyway) but I really enjoyed the hell out of it! 

I really wanted to throat punch Brian and Emily, though. For real.
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Kate Meader did an awesome job of keeping me hooked till the end. I was so ecstatic the publisher, Kate,and netgalley gave me a chance to read this book. This story is a moder age romance with some serious heat. What an awesome story following some sad  events making people grow up before they could truly enjoy their childhood, but they come back fight in the end.
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Hot light romance.   Chemistry can play with original plans. Sexy banter makes the books fun and interesting.
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What happens when you fall for someone you aren’t suppose to. Just when you think you got this book figured out you really don’t. I love that it should emotion and it made me laugh. I actually recommend this one to my sister.
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Thank you to NetGalley for facilitating this title.

After reading "Down with Love", the first title in this series, I was excited to see read Lucas story.

Lucas is the third partner in this divorce lawyer group. He is British born, witty and charming, with a drop your panties posh accent. Things used to mask the pain he carries around. He's the product of a broken marriage, raised by a hippie mother, who never cared much for his well being. He feels especially responsible for Lizzie, his twin sister, who has been in a vegetative state ever since a florest fire when they were 13.

He meets Trinity, a whiskey connoisseur and their attraction is instant... Except for the fact he is representing Trnity's brother-in-law in his divorce from her sister. Will they be able to get over the family drama?

Overall, a very entertaining read, and I am already looking forward for Grant's story.
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Laws of Attraction #2, Another good read from Kate Meader. The mischievous Brit, Lucas Wright, meets his match with whiskey sommelier, Trinity Jones. (I love that she was named for Trinity from The Matrix, my daughter was almost Trinity for the same reason) Told in the alternating first person POV you get an interesting look at both their worlds as they collide.

Lust at first sight and Lucas' smart mouth doesn't help matters in showing off although she seems immune to his charm. Trinity is use to his type but is impressed when he actually sticks around afterwards to apologize for his behaviour. Trinity should know better but she actually likes the guy, even after she finds out he's representing her horrible brother-in-law she keeps running into him and he keeps proving he's a better man than she thinks. For one he coaches her nephew's soccer team, he's more than willing to step up and help out when she gets sick and when the chips are down he's willing to do the right thing. But unfortunately the biggest obstacle isn't the fact that he's her brother-in-law's lawyer.

Both Trinity and Lucas have baggage they need to deal with, Trinity is way over protective of her sister always putting her sister first even it if meant hurting herself. Lucas has a past he doesn't talk about, the people closest to him know of his twin sister and her situation but he doesn't talk about his mom or his childhood. Trinity is one of the few who know the guilt he carries. The chemistry between the two of them is undeniable and strong. As much as they tried to keep it under control and not cross the ethical line Lucas received some sage advice from a friend that had him throw caution to the wind. Their relationship is pretty steamy and Lucas is capable of doing some pretty sweet gestures.

Overall, it was a good read. It caught me off guard the age difference but Lucas, when he's not being a jokester, is very mature for his age and is far more intelligent for his year. This was a nice heartfelt romance with plenty of humor to keep it from being to somber. Can't wait for the next one.
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Loved loved loved! Lucas and Trinity are perfect for each other. Lucas is playful but knows when to be serious,although he still manages to screw up. Trinity wants to be freer but her past and the responsibility she feels towards her sister and her sisters kids pull at her constantly. Trial by fire in the romance makes the ending that much sweeter.
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What I like a lot about Kate Meader is the way she uses humor in her books. The steamy sex is good as always but this is a treat watching them grow together.
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This was my first Kate Meader and I loved the writing, the characters, their flaws and strengths. My least favoritwas Emily's soon to be ex-husband Brian. But I really didn't like Emily either. Trinity loves her sister. Trinity is the strong one. Emily seemed to know how to just let her sister handle things for her. Trinity is conflicted and feels guilty when she's happy with Lucas. loved these two. I wanted the jerks to get out of their way. Lucas goes back and forth to London fairly often. He's a reliable guy. 

Great story.
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I devoured this book in a sitting. Hadn’t planned on it, but from the very first page Illegally Yours had me. I fell under the spell of Lucas Wright and Trinity Jones’ chemistry and they fast became one of my favorite couples in the Meader-verse.

Illegally Yours struck my heart in the most personal of ways, from a certain boy wizard to just how devoted these characters are to those that they love the most. Their feelings are not halfway, they are soul deep and unconditional. 

I have honestly lost count of the number of times that I have come back to this book since my first reading. The pull of Kate Meader’s writing is that strong, from the turn of a phrase, to the way she captures emotions — the first flashes of attraction to the pure awfulness of a relationship gone plain nasty - you are experiencing them first hand and it is amazing. 

Happy reading.
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Love the story of Lucas and Trinity.  Trinity has always looked after her sister no matter what and she is determined to do that through her nasty divorce. Then she meets Lucas, the attorney for her sister's husband and everything changes. There are many obstacles to their relationship including ethics and a whole lot of baggage on both sides.  But the story of the journey through those problems is sweet and inspiring. Really enjoyed this book. Have been a fan of Kate Meader`s writing for a while and she never disappoints.
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I got a free copy of this book through NetGalley. At first, I wasn't too sure I liked it. I really didn't care for Lucas — I thought he was going to be a smart-ass, irritating, rich guy. Then, I was floored by what may be the best seduction scene I have ever read, and it ended with him walking away without even kissing Trinity! 

The relationship between Trinity and Lucas, told in alternating first person POV, is an unusual and memorable one, intense and epic. There's something timeless and inevitable about the two of them, as if they were made only for one another. The language used by the author is poetic and evocative and it drew me into the lives of these characters with a ferocity I could not resist. 

Some of the words used were so memorable, it would be a shame if there were editorial changes that might diminish their impact. Though NetGalley specifies quotes should not be used in reviews without first verifying the final copy, I'm taking a chance because there are some that would be criminal to remove. For example, I can't think of a better way to say, “Her hair is a hullabaloo, a minitantrum on her head.” I love how Lucas claims to be “a sucker for competence porn,” and when Trinity's friend tells her that “secrets have a way of bubbling to the surface like a bloated, fish-ravaged body.” This same friend compares her situation with Lucas to “Pride and Prejudice crossed with legal ethics.” 

The depth of feeling conveyed through the words and actions of these characters is impressive, a testament to the skill of the author. I appreciated that the drama and tension between them was realistic and never felt contrived. The love that developed between them felt organic and genuine. I could go on praising this book, but the bottom line is that I loved it and highly recommend it!
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Oh Lucas Wright has it all going for him. Totally hot ☑️, Gainfully employed ☑️, Sexy accent ☑️, what's not to want to jump on and ride into the sunset? Okay so he's the attorney for your sisters soon to be ex? That's a hurdle to overcome for sure. Trinity Jones is used to taking care of herself and others but her defenses are no match for Lucas when he turns on the charm. So they have messy baggage, who doesn't? They have to figure out is where the puzzle pieces connect...
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Cover was awesome, British hero with AA heroine. Execution was just okay, but would definitely read this author again.
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Wow! What an absolute,  wonderful, fun filled, whiskey-woman Trinity and laugh out loud, loving Lucas read! This is my second reader by this author and it was soooooo good, Lol! What do you get with a British hunk of a divorce lawyer and a Sommelier name Trinity? An exceptionally written, with lots of witty repertoire and plenty of HP references, read is what! Lol.  It is funny, moving, poignant and most of all, about fighting for that love you want and holding on to it. I read this book in one sitting and could not put it down! It was real and my heart just about bled for Lucas. He was such a fun and deeply moving character. The love he had for Lizzie was stellar!! Trinity had to do a bit of letting go and allowing her sister to fall and mature on her own. Great cast of characters and I just adore Max and Charlie. I am most curious about Grant and Aubrey and hope to be reading their story soon. I just freaking loved it!!! 4.5 stars*****
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Witty dialogue, snarky exchanges and smoking hot attraction turns our head with Kate Meader's second book in her Law of Attraction series. I am enjoying this series, but it's not my favorite style of this author's writing.

As a whiskey sommelier, Trinity Jones comes across men of all natures, but Lucas Wright just might take the cake for the cockiest around. He's condescending, he's smoking hot and that British accent of his ... well, she'd be more irritated if she wasn't so attracted at the same time!

A chance meeting at a bachelor party leaves Lucas wanting more! Too bad they discover he's representing her slimy ex brother-in-law who's trying to take her sister for a ride in their divorce. She should be off-limits, they both agree to that ... but there's something about her that he just can't stay away from!
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Illegally Yours is a steamy, smart, sexy, scintillating love story—and it encompasses everything I love about Kate Meader’s books. From butterflies-in-the-stomach feels to absolute heartache, this book checked off all my boxes, and gave me a strong, sassy heroine and a delightfully accented, swoony hero. A must-read for lovers of all the feels romance.
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“You know what I mean,” Gideon says, annoyed. “She thought he was a perv, poured a beer on his head, flirted her ass off. Some quality meet-cute stuff there. Now she’s ready to get busy except they’ve got a Pride and Prejudice crossed with legal ethics thing going on.”

This is the second book I’ve read by Kate Meader, and I’m quickly becoming a fan. Ms. Meader writes incredibly deep characters, with lots of sharp edges and soft vulnerable spots, and it’s such a delight to watch the characters come together. There’s some P&P echoes here, as well – which one side character hilariously calls out – and that was just the cherry on top of this lovely book. While this is the second in the series (and I’d highly recommend the first book), this could easily be read as a stand-alone.

“Can’t we put aside who we are to each other and marinate in a bubble of mutual attraction for a while?”

Trinity is a whiskey sommelier – a black woman in a very white, very male field. Her younger sister, Emily, is going through a contentious divorce, and between her job and helping her sister with her kids, she has no time for anything else. Especially not a hot, eccentrically dressed lawyer with a British accent – who just happens to be representing Emily’s ex. Lucas, for his part, recognizes that their electric attraction is something special, and is willing to wait until the case is over – and the ethical issues resolved – before having some fun with Trinity. But Lucas can’t help thinking about her, and Trinity can’t stop thinking about the man who seems to see – and respect – all of her, too clearly.

“I know there are a million reasons not to do this. I can only think of the one reason why we must: I need Lucas Wright more than I’ve ever needed anything.
I need something for me. Someone who sees me, if only for a sparkling star-filled moment. I expect I’ll fall back into sanity, but hopefully, not too soon.”

I adored these characters. Trinity is so confidant, so desperately in need to be in control of life – and Emily’s. Trinity’s love for her sister – even in all its smothering, enabling glory – is such a key part of her character, and both Lucas’ and Trinity’s messed up family histories lend a depth to their interactions. Much like Trinity, Lucas is all happy-go-lucky crazy pants on the surface, and unbelievably sweet underneath, even when it comes to telling hard truths to his clients or his friends. Their relationship is a bit slow-burn, but once they decide to go for it, it all happens pretty quickly. I loved, absolutely loved, that Lucas found Trinity’s confidence and competence at her job such a turn on. I also loved their banter and how it went from silly and sweet to ridiculously hot.

“How do I tell him that I had no idea he was the one until I was so deep that I was drowning in him?”

The side characters were excellent, and we get a peek at the past couple as well as a preview from what I’m assuming is the next couple, divorced Grant and Aubrey. This felt like a heavier book than the first – there’s quite a bit of childhood trauma for both characters that has to be brought out and dealt with – though I don’t think it overdid the angst. I also thought Ms. Meader showed the micro-aggressions Trinity experienced – as a black female sommelier – with a deft hand, and I found Trinity’s reason for going into her field particularly touching. She does have a touch of the “strong black woman” archetype, but I thought how she came to terms with and accepted her vulnerability was well done.

Overall, if you’re looking for a steamy, witty read, I’d definitely recommend this book!

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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Started reading and did not want to put it down. Great story kept me involved. I could see it, hear it and feel it. The characters were good. Lucas was hot, hunky and real. Trinity (love that name) beautiful, strong and independent. 
This journey, with a lot of realities and depth, just flowed for me, tapping all my emotions.
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