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Lucas and Trinity's story was so heartfelt. Both of these characters have strong ties to family and things they can't let go of. By letting their walls down with each other, they are able to bury the past and move forward together. Of course it's not without its ups and downs, but these two truly compliment each other in the best of ways. Such a good story. I truly enjoyed it.
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Oh the instant chemistry between these two!! Whoa!! Off the charts!! But alas  conflict arises when Lucas represents Trinity's almost ex -BIL in the divorce.
I'm normally not a huge fan of sliw burn romances, but Meader can write a great, engaging slow burn romance!
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I've never been so annoyed with a hero as much as I did with Lucas Wright. I liked some parts of this book but overall it was just a bore.
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4.25 Stars / 3 Steam Fans

It took a little bit to remember why I did not read Illegally Yours when I first received it as an ARC through Netgalley, but then I researched it when I was 40-50% through the book. It was the original cover not portraying an interracial couple accurately. The current cover is a better representation of Lucas and Trinity, as described in the book. I did enjoy the dynamic between Lucas (hotshot divorce lawyer) and Trinity (sister to Lucas client's Ex) with the sexual tension of will they won't they because of law ethics. I also like how Lucas and Trinity had family members that they felt responsible for that added another layer to the story. I was somewhat pulled out of the story by one scene that involved a do-her list by some racist drunks toward Trinity that just did not feel needed or relevant. Otherwise, I felt the emotions from both characters and was very engaged with the storyline.

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Lucas Wright is jaded. As a leading divorce attorney, he's seen the worst of relationships and has vowed to never fall in love. Love doesn't last, he's convinced himself--nor is it enough. And then he met Trinity Jones.

Someone he should never, ever have feelings for. First of all, because that whole "love doesn't last" belief and second because Trinity is his client's sister-in-law. Yep. sister to his client's wife--and even if the client is a complete and total a-hole, the client still deserves Lucas's best effort, right?

Well, maybe... and that's just the predicament Lucas finds himself in!

Lucas and Trinity are wonderful together--they're sexy, smart, snarky and a joy to watch fall in love.
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So, so, SO GOOD!  Once I started this one I could not put it down. Who would have thought this couple would be so perfect for each other? This author, that's who! Lucas is a hot-shot British lawyer who represents predominately husbands and fathers and when he meets Trinity at a bachelor party he is immediately intrigued with and the chemistry between these two is off the charts!  Too bad just when they are getting close they find out he is her sister's soon to be ex-husband's lawyer and there is a conflict of interest and ethics problem...oh my...Will they get past this? You bet they will, in the most witty way possible with so much banter and sass and, of course, with so much heat!  Definitely recommend this one!

**Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
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This was a fun, easy and airy cute title that I genuinely enjoyed. I sped through it in an afternoon and really enjoyed the characters and the writing style.
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Though Lucas was presented himself as the life-of-the-party-goof, underneath there is a lot going on with him. Things from his past that he hasn't discussed with anyone. 

Trinity is the soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law of Luca's newest client. Trinity has always put herself last and never thought she was good enough to receive the good things in life. Once Lucas comes along and shows her how he see her, they both have to get out of their own way in order to see what's in front of them. 

I liked this story. I do find it interesting that the author didn't really address Trinity being black and Lucas being Caucasian, other than to mention it. Also her sister is the steriotypical blond. Does that mean that Trinity's mother was white? 

I liked this series, which I have finished. But I'm glad I was able to listen to it with the Audible Escape package, as I felt like they ran on a little long.
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I tried to get into this book time and time again. I never made it beyond chapter three. I just can't get by the hero's attitude. I am sure there will be an epic character redemption plot, but I just think he's too much of a jerk for me to even try to finish his story. I love Kate Meader and will absolutely read other books she publishes, just not this one. I appreciate the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I loved this one! It was so swoon worthy and romantic! I can't recommend this one enough to people! It makes me want to read more from the author
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Not one of my favorites from Kate Meader, I had a hard time connecting with the main characters; something about their interactions just didn't come across naturally to me.
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I was captivated my the characters and the premise when I first picked up this book but I have to admit that as the story progressed things started to go down hill for me. From the pacing to the spotty character depth and shallow, tunnel like vision from both Trinity and Lucas, this was not an enjoyable read.
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3 meh stars
I had a hard time connecting with this book. I put it down and picked it up way more that I should have. I tried to read it for a week. There was just something that was I couldn't get into it.
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#2 in the Laws of Attraction romance series

GOOD ENDING - 3 stars

Plot - 3 stars - Lucas, the "Hottie Brit," has his sights set on Trinity, the whiskey waitress who served the guys at James' bachelor party.  But both are shy of relationships, with baggage of their own that neither wants to share.

Writing - 4 stars - Meader writes casually and well, easy to read and drawing me right into the story.  Since we had already met Lucas (and briefly, Trinity), it was easy to slide right back into the scenario.  In this book, however, I felt that the main characters, at least at first, didn't quite fit together as well as those in the previous book in this series.  It wasn't as obvious to me that they were suited for each other and should work so far to develop their relationship.  

Characters - 3 stars - Lucas is totally hot, but his sexiness is overshadowed by his silly craziness.  He's really funny, and his comments made me laugh out loud many times.  But, boy, it would definitely be tough to be with him all the time as he's practically manic and always unpredictable.  Although he works hard and is obviously a professional, I was a little unhappy about his relaxation of his ethics when he wanted to be with Trinity and really dragged his feet about deciding how to handle the situation.  Although it was resolved, it bothered me at the time.  Trinity is less easy to know.  Although she is clearly the stabilizing factor with her sister, I was a little about confused about the family dynamic since Trinity is black and it's obvious that Emily is white.  If it was explained, it must have been brief because I missed it.  And she annoyed me with her constant enabling and excuses for Emily's bad behavior.

Title - 3 stars - Not too sure about this title.  Why in the world would you want to start off the relationship (and the book) admitting that you're doing something illegal or, at the very least, unethical?  It didn't seem like the best choice for a title.

Cover - 2.5 stars - It's always risky to put faces on covers, and in this case it totally didn't work for me since these characters look totally different in my mind.  I kept flashing the cover models in my head as I read the book, and in actually detracted (or at least distracted) me from the book at times.  Isn't Lucas supposed to be blond?  And English?  The model seemed very American and definitely brunet.  And I imagined Trinity to be beautiful, but this model was not particularly attractive.  Altogether a disappointing cover.

Overall - 3 stars -  The conflict of interest at the beginning of their relationship didn't sit well with me.  Despite Lucas's supposed professionalism, I felt he delayed way too long in resolving this issue.  In addition, these characters just didn't seem to fit with each other, especially at first.  Lucas tried too hard to be wild and crazy, and I found him to be manic and hard to live with, even on the pages of a book.  His total downs when dealing with his sister led me to believe he suffered from manic depression.  Trinity started out as an overwhelming enabler who constantly kept up with her role as protector, even when it became obvious, even to her, that it was problematic for all of them.  All that being said, I was happy with the ending since both characters brought out the best in each other.  Trinity could tone down Lucas's wild mood swings, while Lucas brought fun and caring into Trinity's strong independence.  I was happy with the resolution at the end, but I'll admit to being frustrated throughout, which is why I took off some points.  However, I will definitely continue with this author and this series.  You can't always have a winner.
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I will not be reviewing this book for personal reasons that I will not be disclosing. I appreciate the opportunity to read the title early.
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This second installment of Laws of Attraction is another Enemies to Lovers and Bartender meet the lawyer trope.  Lucas Wright, another divorce lawyer falls for the whiskey sommelier, Trinity Jones who happens to be the sister-in-law of his big shot client.  Sparks fly right when they met, but given the situation, this is a no-touch territory. Of course love knows no bounds and work ethics be damned but they will not be able to stay away from each other.

I loved Lucas, I love that he is transparent with his intentions and feelings though I can see how he can be mistaken to be a jerk.  Despite his aggressive track record with women and his cut throat job, I really liked him. I thought he was funny and sweet. Trinity on the other hand had familial issues and the protectiveness over her adult sister annoyed me.  I admit, I love her independence and I loved how she handled herself.

Together, Lucas and Trinity were funny and cute.  They bantered like there’s no tomorrow and the tension between them was a slow hot burn.  Meader did a good job with this story, not only putting the right characters together but keeping the story interesting and fun.  Though I like the first installment a tiny bit better, I still recommend this book for anyone who’s in a mood a light hearted contemporary read.
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This was okay. I would have given this a 4 star review if Trinity would have been less of a doormat for her sister. The whole thing with Lucas starts as something easy. No expectations. While Lucas opens up about his past and what drives him, Trinity chooses to keep everything to herself because of how it might make her sister look. It would have made her look exactly as she was. A spoiled GROWN woman, who expected everyone else to do things for her, and not to have to give up anything in her divorce. The one line that stuck out to me the most was "He's trying to take my kid's home away from ME". Not my kids, me. Yeah, mother of the year. Trinity constantly makes excuses and enables Emily, and it was SO frustrating to read. The whole situation with Lizzie was sad, and I hated to see it end that way. Lucas and Trinity get their HEA, and it was a sweet ending. I loved the first one in this series, this wasn't my favorite, and I'm hoping Grant and Aubrey's story is great. 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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I love Kate Meader.  She tells this story a little differently than her usual prose, and while I think I prefer the other style, I still loved this book.  You can relate to her characters and their thoughts and feelings.  I would tell anyone to read this book!  And, the only reason I give this a 4 and not a 5-star rating is because nothing tops her firefighter series ...
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Kate Meader knocked this book out of the park. I have read all the books in this series so far. Trinity and Lucas are total opposites but their story is a fun, flirty read. 

I really enjoyed this  book. It is wrote with a dual  POV, funny banter between Lucas and his friends and some sexy scenes. 

I received an advanced copy for an honest review.
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Lucas meets Trinity at the bachelor party and is immediately taken with her. She is also attracted to him but it takes her a little while before acting on her feelings. She also wants to hire someone from the firm to represent her sister in her divorce. It is then that she discovers that Lucas is the sisters ex-attorney. Later she also finds out that he is also her nephew’s soccer coach. Wanting to be upset with Lucas and not be around goes up in flames when he helps her when she is sick and also takes care of the nephew at the same time. She begins to see a change in her nephew and slowly in herself. When the two of them went to be together though he actually needs his clients' permission and when she finds out more of the past is revealed that at first makes you mad but really just makes you realize how much that she has put her life aside for her sister, and allowed to be walked over. Lucas is dealing with his own issues with his family mother, and sister in England. When he calls one night and talks to Trinity she knows that something is wrong with him but he won’t say, he has been drinking whiskey which when reading the story you know is not with the character. Trinity ends up going to him and together they begin to heal from each other’s past together. A very good story and I really liked the interracial story and the characters.
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