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3.5 stars
I had a harder time connecting with these characters. While I still rooted for them to be together, I didn’t find myself as invested as I have been with the other books I’ve read by Kate Meader. Lucas was sweet and determined to woo Trinity despite being on opposite sides of a divorce case. I liked the progression of their relationship, but at times it felt like it was dragging. I think it also says something that as much as I liked the main characters, the thing that stuck the most with me is the conflict with the side characters.

I really liked Trinity and her need to protect her sister, but it got a bit frustrating at how much she was taken advantage of. I was hoping for a good confrontation or conversation between her and Emily, but the one they had was very quick and it’s hard to believe that it would change Emily’s bad habits, both as a sister and a mother. I would have also liked to learn how the divorce turned out. I know the book wasn’t about Emily and Brian, but their divorce is a big part of the story, and it would have been nice to see it get resolved on the page. Seeing some kind of connection made between Chase and his mom would have been good too. I felt bad for him and what he had to go through while his parents were having a bitter divorce. I was glad that he at least had Trinity to rely on.

Overall this was still a good book, but it just wasn’t my favorite of Kate Meader. I’m really looking forward to Grant and Aubrey’s book though. My anticipation has been growing with every interaction they have. 

(Random side not: I seriously love the updated cover!)
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4.5 stars

Lucas falls for a whiskey sommelier at his friend’s bachelor party, only to discover she’s the sister to his current client’s soon to be ex-wife. Talk about an ethical conundrum!

I’m not usually a fan of the older woman/younger man trope, but Meader won me over with Lucas and Trinity’s quick-witted banter and hot attraction! I loved the sexual tension between the two and admit I giggled when that particular powder keg blew! How Trinity resisted the roguish Lucas as long as she did... Of course, Lucas totally caved first. Trinity’s snarky charm and sass definitely caught his attention! 

Trinity and Lucas’s story weighed heavier then Max and Charlie’s, not just because of Trinity’s sister’s divorce and custody battle, but because of Trinity and Lucas’s childhood emotional hurts and scars that lingered. I liked how the playful side balanced out the emotional issues, and loved how it pulled the two closer than either was expecting. 

Kate Meader has another winner with Illegally Yours. Granted, there’s little focus on the law aspect. However, with plenty of sexual tension, a Harry Potter obsession, and a wild romance guaranteed to win a cynic over, there’s plenty of compensation to be found! 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Illegally yours was a cute fun read.  Lucas was a funny determined MC and Trinity was a MC with baggage.  Neither should be seeing each other because Lucas is representing Trinity’s sisters husband in a divorce but the chemistry and pull between the two is hard for them to fight. 

Lucas was a little too insta for me but it was something I was able to get over during the story.  He was just a character you couldn’t help but enjoy.  Trinity was an interesting character though at times I wanted her to stand up for herself and not let her sister walk all over her.  She seemed weak at points to me. 

Generally, this was a light read with little drama and a HEA great for a Sunday afternoon.
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Lucas. I wanted to just smack a couple of times, but then he’d be so wonderful, I’d forgive him, Trinity is amazing when she allows herself to get out of her own way. I loved their story!
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I loved this book! Author Kate Meader does a fantastic job of combining humor and tenderness in her characters’ relationships, in addition to lots of fun, steamy scenes. Trinity is a whiskey sommelier who meets Lucas at his friend’s bachelor party. He doesn’t endear himself to her at the beginning, but when he and Trinity trade quips, sparks fly. However, when Trinity decides to take advantage of his expertise as one of Chicago’s top divorce lawyers on behalf of her needy sister, Lucas realizes he’s already representing her soon to be ex-brother in law.

This setup could have been pat and formulaic, but instead Trinity and Lucas both seemed like strong, fun and interesting people in their own rights. I especially loved these characters because they didn’t fall into stereotypical romance roles, but felt original and fresh. This book is the second one in the Laws of Attraction series, focusing on divorce attorneys in Chicago. The books can be read in any order, but I enjoyed knowing the backstory of the characters from book 1, Down with Love. If you haven’t discovered this series yet and like strong characters with a sense of humor, I highly recommend it.
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This is another great book from Ms. Meader! I really enjoyed her first book in this series, Down with Love, and Illegally Yours was an excellent follow-up. I enjoyed the characters of Lucas and Trinity. Lucas was a charismatic, handsome (sounding) Brit, and Trinity was a bad-ass whiskey sommelier. Lucas also happened to be Trinity's brother-in-law's divorce attorney. This was a great, touching story of the connection these two had, set against family unresolved family issues galore. There was even a slight surprise of a plot twist in there, involving Trinity and her brother-in-law Brian, which showed us why she despised him so but also added more to the complexity in the relationship between Trinity and her sister. This was a great book, although slightly less fun than Down With Love due to the family issues involved (contentious divorce, kids). But I highly recommend, and I'm sure you will fall in love with both Trinity and Lucas.
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I am always so excited to read a new book from Kate Meader and this was no exception. The chemistry between Trinity and Lucas is set up from the get-go and there is definitely a lot of hilarity that also ensues. This book had it all - from the tender and sweet moments to the sad and funny moments. 
I love how Trinity was a strong female and especially one of color (yay!), and how Lucas was the funny/crazy guy who has a heart of gold underneath.  I enjoyed their backstories respectively and it really made you understand why these characters were so complex. I can't wait to read Aubrey and Grant's story - so much history there just from the undercurrents! 
**ARC provided by NetGalley. All opinions are my own**
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I can't even describe how much I enjoyed this book. A little more serious background than other Marina Adair books but absolutely amazing! I loved it start to finish. Hunter and Mack were so good togther. I don't like giving to many story details in the review but the story is fantastic and as always detailed. I love how you feel like you're a part of the story as you read along. Her characters are easy to connect with and keep you engaged completely.  The story shows it isn't always easy but hard work pays off! I always enjoy readying Ms.Adair's books they always make me laugh and cry at times! Enjoy!
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I know that when I read a Kate Meader book I’m going to enjoy the ride. Illegally Yours was definitely a fun read. I found Lucas delightful in the first book of the series and I looked forward to seeing him meet his match in Trinity. They are ridiculously hot together, the sparks flying the moment they meet even though Lucas suffers from an unfortunate case of diarrhea of the mouth. 

Kate mixes swoon moments, with moments of hilarity. She also mixed in moments that made me want to strangle everyone but the kids but in a good way. Lucas is almost perfect and Trinity is amazing. The obstacles keeping them apart almost seem to be too much at times, but even the wildest storm would have a difficult time keeping those two away from each other.

I enjoyed every minute of this book and the cover give me ridiculous cover envy. It fits the characters perfectly and gives the reader a great glimpse of what’s to come. And it’s hot as heck. I can’t wait for Grant and Aubrey’s book. I just know that one is going to be explosive. How can it not be when you have a divorced couple finding their way back to each’s just impossible.
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I always enjoy reading Kate Meader. Her Chicago series is one of my favorites. This is the 2nd book in her new series. The writing is fantastic as aleahs, and Lucus is definitely swoonworthy. I felt it was a little slow in the middle, but overall I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the final book.
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I was unable to read beyond the first couple of chapters of this book. The insta-lust was too much. Definitely a case of it's not you, it's me.
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"She needs to recognize that this path has one destination. Me and Trinity sittin' in a tree. F-U-C . . . You get the idea." 

So sue me, I like #ForbiddenRomance and Illegally Yours fits the bill. Imagine the disappointment of discovering the woman that you're in lust with is the sister of your client and off-limits. Seems doable though, right? Well, not if fate keeps throwing you together time and again and she feels the same way. So, then the solution would be to just ride it out, keeping your hands to yourselves until the divorce is final and the asshole is no longer a client. Sounds like a plan, huh? "Just thinking of all the things I plan to do to you once the obstacles are out of the way. All the dirty things." Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans...

It was fun being inside Trinity's head, especially when she's thinking about the #HottieBrit and decides that "I'll let it buoy me and fuel a few British-accented fantasies later." Yup, I knew that eventually those fantasies would turn into reality and I couldn't wait. I found myself giggle-snorting more than once as I got an education on sexily accented slang and curse words. I also found my heartstrings being pulled more than once when I discovered why said HB chose to be a divorce attorney.

I'm enjoying the Laws of Attraction series, but I do have to point out that there's not much legal stuff included in the story. Unfortunately, the sexy divorce lawyers did not need my help with strategy or information gathering and there are no objections or badgering of witnesses. But there are a great group of friends that have each other's backs and a specific couple that I'm very excited to read about next. The author has been teasing me from the beginning about them and I'm beyond intrigued to discover their secrets. The line forms here...
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This is the second book in Kate Meader's Law of Attaction series.  I enjoyed the first book but found this second book to be somewhat "over the top".  I couldn't get into the relationship between Lucas and Trinity.  Lucas seemed to be a caricature and Trinity seemed to be underwhelming...overall, I was disappointed with this one.

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchnage for an honest review.
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So our lovable divorce lawyers are back. This is the second in this series, we now have Lucas story. Lucas new love interest Trinity Jones whom he officially met at a liquor tasting and who he was attracted to but ends up being a conflict of interest because he is representing her brother in law, meaning he is going to brutalize her sister. When he find this out he is besides himself and looking for ways out of this and ends up having his friends ex Aubrey to represent her. I can't wait for Aubrey's story, that one has me counting down..Anyhoo we also get to read about our original couple Max and Charlie..Enjoy!
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Illegally Yours was entirely disjointed. The characters, be they main or supporting, randomly appear at the same place at the right time, and carry on tedious conversations that are trying way too hard to be witty, exotic and clever. Trinity, the female lead, was incredibly annoying. Every time she would have a negative thought about her one-dimensional, lifeblood-draining sister Emily, she would immediately follow it up with how much she loves and needs to be there for her. I thought Lucas’ character was trying too hard to be whimsical and original. I never understood the defining moment of Lucas’ and Trinity’s love; especially as it seemed Lucas instantly (i.e. randomly) falls in love with Trinity at first sight. Everything was too over the top and dramatic for what I thought was going to be a true sleeping-with-the-enemy novel without the OTT clichés and big secret reveals towards the end of the story. My disappointment could not be contained with Kate Meader’s new addition to the Laws of Attraction series. Hopefully the lead-on to the third book will bring back the original writing style Meader is typically known for.  

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Kate Meader is a new author to me and I’m so excited that I got to read this book! I really enjoyed Lucas and Trinity’s story in Illegally Yours. I liked this book so much that I went back purchased the book before this one in the series. Kate does a great job of telling the story of Trinity who is the woman that is always trying to be the helper of the people around her. She’s the strong woman who always there to help out. She’s trying to help her younger sister who’s going through a divorce from an awful man and she is helping with her demon niece and sweet nephew. Trinity is a master sommelier of whiskey. She meets Lucas during one of whiskey tastings. Lucas is a young hot shot know it all lawyer. Lucas is the kind of guy who is always kind to others and is fun to be around. He knows how to put smiles on faces. Can he put a smile on the lovely Trinity’s face though? He falls for her and yet he can’t seem to get it right. They both have a history and lots of baggage to carry. Can they put it all behind them and find love? There are so many funny moments in this unique love story. Trinity is such a charismatic woman that it’s hard not to love her character. Kate Meader does a great job writing a funny hot British lawyer who is super nerdy and caring. Loved all the extra characters in this book and I had to get the previous book to know more about them. I can’t wait until the next one. Definitely a great five star read!
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Lucas just has a way with his woman, " would be really bad form to abandon me in my time of need.” And then he trots off that perfect * ** and those Thighs of Thunder, leaving me in serious need of more Franzia." I liked this book, I loved Lucas.
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Sorry I cannot review this book as I did not finish it. Could not keep reading after 1 chapter. The editing of the book or the format just did not work for me.
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