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This book was a bit of struggle for me at times.  One minute I was smiling at the banter between Lucas and Trinity. The next I was so angry at Lucas for representing Brian and for his brand of pushiness towards Trinity and how he thought she should deal with her relationship with her sister, Emily. Which, in turn made me question all of that anger and now I must have some deep conversations with myself about maternal bias and my own control issues. But that’s a story for my therapist.

I feel like I didn’t love Trinity and Lucas as much as I could have solely based on their situation. In terms of chemistry, sexual tension, and just basic compatibility I absolutely adored them together. From Lucas and his goofy outfits and all his utter Britishness to Trinity and her endless Whiskey knowledge and need to be the strength for everyone around her, I couldn’t get enough of these two. It was when her sister or his job were in play that I felt disconnected and couldn’t completely fall in love with their story.

I adore Kate Meader’s writing and her amazing characters and really did enjoy this book, except for when I didn’t. This is a clear case of me being in my own head and not being able to fully let go of that to love the story but being able to recognize great character building and story-telling regardless. I would absolutely recommend this book to pretty much anyone who enjoys a dirty talking Brit and the strong, intelligent woman he's going to break all the rules for.

Next up we finally get Audrey and Grant’s story and I honestly can’t even wait. I’m dying to know what happened between them but anxious about what they’ll go through as they find their way back to each other. Then Came You is coming in May!!
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I thoroughly enjoyed Down With Love, the first book of this series, but I have a soft spot for this one as interracial romance is my jam. Add that to the fact that there's so much about family and friendship along with romantic love in this book, I can't help but, well, love it. 

I've been reading Kate's books for a couple of years now and I've come to expect her to deliver an engaging read. She didn't disappoint. She never does.

Amidst the divorce proceedings of Trinity's overly-dependent younger sister from Lucas's douche of a client Brian, we find a slow(ish)-burn love story that skirts ethical standards (hence the title). We learn that what these two show to the world--Lucas's loudmouth clown persona, Trinity's dependable competence--are nothing more than masks hiding painful personal history. Neglectful parent, guilt, misplaced pride, long-held resentments, etcetera. Their slow opening up to each other matched with simmering physical attraction made their relationship work for me. 

I loved the older woman-younger man scenario, the varied locations, the trivia quiz, all the pop culture references, and the fascinating side characters. Grant and Aubrey's awesome back-and-forth in this story had me excited for their own happy-ever-after.
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Trinity Jones has marched to her own drumbeat except when it comes to her family. She puts them above all else, even her own wants and needs. Lucas Wright is a hot shot divorce lawyer. He can make you laugh and smile but has his own reasons for being an advocate for fathers getting sole custody. When they meet, he wants her and she says no way, even when her lady parts are screaming for relief. These two are the same side of a coin. Both don't let people in and both have secrets. They get each other and when they speak their minds, it falls apart. So who becomes the bigger person? Wonderful read.
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I loved this book.  It was funny and romantic.  I couldn’t stop reading it.  I can’t wait for the next book in the series
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Another solid entry by Meader. The events happen concurrently with those in Down With Love, Laws of Attraction book #1.

I'm always up for more representation in romance, and Meader does a pretty good job here. So not only do we have an "enemy to lovers" story, but it's also younger man/older woman (by approximately six years), and it's interracial to boot. (Though at times I don't think it was dealt with enough.)

Lucas Wright is the fun party boy law partner, and occasionally I had a hard time with his pursuit of Trinity Jones. (In this political climate, what part of "no means no" do you not understand.) Trinity is a control freak whiskey sommelier who puts everyone else's happiness before her own, which I could relate to easily.

Was the book enjoyable? Yes. Did this book have depth of characters and emotion? Yes; almost too much at times. (Seriously, does Trinity have the worst luck ever?) Was her sister almost a ridiculous parody? Sadly, yes. Do some plot lines get left dangling a bit? Annoying so. BUT, it was a total page-turner for me. I had to know with the secrets they were keeping. I had to know how the court case was going to work out. (Lucas is the absolute shark divorce lawyer Trinity's soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law hired.)

And I can hardly wait for Grant and Aubrey's story.
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I am so enjoying this series ... this second book features Lucas who I was so curious about from the first book. And this one totally delivered. I love his heroine Trinity - she was strong and independent, a person who takes care of everyone. Sometimes at her own expense. And I adore Lucas - I was so glad to get a chance to know him better. He's one of those characters who is charming, sensitive and witty. I loved learning his back story. And he and Trinity ... they are perfection. I loved how they worked together. This is a fantastic romance and I cannot wait for the 3rd in the series!!
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This is the second in the Laws of Attraction series introduced last year. Lucas is one of the partners in a law firm specializing in divorce law, we saw glimpses of him in the first book, but got to know him much better here.

He is paired with Trinity, a whiskey sommelier.

I appreciated the situation Ms Meader set up for these two. It was unique, complex, and provided multiple points for conflict and growth between these two entertaining characters.

Both Lucas and Trinity have truck loads of emotional baggage that they bring into their interactions. Ms Meader does an excellent job of letting them unpack some of that while they travel through their relationship.

We see them go from attraction/lust to friendship and then more. The secondary cast plays a big part in this story as their situations and actions create some of the scenarios that Lucas and Trinity have to navigate though.

One of the nice things about this series is that the books are truly stand alones. We see Max and Charlie from the first book, but the time lines are semi concurrent, so the potential spoilers are limited. We also see more of Grant, the third partner and star if the next book in the series.

Ms Meader is a go to author for me and this book is just one more example of why.
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Lucas Wright is the shark lawyer you want on your side if you're going through a divorce. Lucas fights for paternal rights in cases involving kids, especially after his past. Trinity Jones has always been the "mother" for her sister, so when she watches her go through a nasty divorce, of course she's going to be there to pick up the pieces and help in any way she can, even if it means enabling her sister.
When Trinity and Lucas meet, it's not the best first impression since Lucas is drunk, but as their paths cross again, the chemistry is undeniable. Too bad Lucas is the lawyer currently representing her scumbag brother-in-law. There are certain lines that can't be crossed professionally or personally, but their paths keep crossing and feelings only grow stronger. With hidden secrets in both of their pasts, can they overcome the obstacles and find a way to make it work? This was definitely one I couldn't put down!
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Kate Meader is not a completely new author to me as far as her name goes. I’ve been reviewing and blogging in the romance world for over two years so her name is very familiar to me. But, full confession, I’ve never read one of her books. I know, I know. She’s come highly recommended–a lot–by people that I truly trust their opinions when it comes to really good reads. But there are always SO many books to choose from, and I’ll admit that I tend to stick with just a few favorites when I’m crunched for time. And lately, I’ve been crunched for time more often than not. However, when I saw this book as an option on Netgalley, the cover caught my attention, and the blurb drew me in. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to give her book a chance. The storyline seemed like something refreshingly new, and when you read as many books as I do in a week for a romance book review blog, you really do feel like many book plots start to sound a little bit too similar. Just keeping it real here. 

So...Illegally Yours. Let me preface this with the fact that I read the ARC version, as I usually do for reviews. And after all of the recommendations over the last year (or more??), after the first couple of chapters, I almost put it down for good. Now, just in case the author actually reads my review, I feel like I should explain something before I go on. Reading has always been my escape, but in the last three years, I’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes me a lot of pain some days. And sometimes that pain kind of distracts me from what would otherwise be a great book. Oftentimes, I’m self-aware enough that I don’t even pick up a new-to-me author’s book when I’m feeling that bad, because I know there’s a good chance it won’t really hold my attention due how I’m feeling physically and mentally. But...deadlines were looming. All of that to say...I ALMOST put it down and didn’t finish it. However, I kept thinking that surely those people that had recommended her to me in the past couldn’t be THAT wrong about her writing. I mean, they’re professional writers, too! So a couple of days later, I picked it back up. And y’all...I’m SO glad I did! As I suspected, the blah was totally in ME and NOT in the book.

The storyline was refreshingly different, and so were the characters. In the first couple of chapters, you think you know what kind of guy Lucas is: shallow, crude, and a player. But that’s just it. He’s not really all of those things. So give him a chance. Keep reading. I promise you’ll fall in love with this hot British guy too! And Trinity comes across as someone who is jaded and cold but has her life all figured out, and she’s got it all together. Keep reading. I promise you’ll figure out that she’s SO much more. And that their story is much deeper than you’ll think after the first two chapters. Keep reading. You’ll think there is no way these two could ever be right for each other, and that there's no way they are going to make it happen for good. Keep reading.

NICUnurse’s Rating:  When it was all said and done, and I got to “The End,” I came to the conclusion that none of my book peeps led me astray after all! So, I give Illegally Yours by Kate Meader 4.5 stars! If you like May to December romances (because even though she’s older, Trinity ultimately is not a cougar in my opinion), you’re going to love this book. And if you’ve never read a May to December romance, this just might be the one to change your mind. So grab the book...and keep. Reading!
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5 Stars
Review by Elizabeth
Late Night Reviewer
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Have you read a book recently that had you laughing from the start? If not, gear up because you will be laughing at the antics of Lucas and Trinity. 

Trinity is as straight-laced as it comes and she does not have time for relationships. She has played the mother to her sister, Emily, for years. Now that Emily is going through a gruesome divorce, she finds herself babying her sister even more. Insert Lucas and the attraction is there but it is a lot more complicated. 

Lucas, of course, has his own demons to fight and his coping mechanism is to result to jokes Lucas is British which makes his character a lot more likable. From the moment he meets Trinity, he wants her but the vibe she gives off is anything but interested.

This is the first book I read by Kate Meader and I have to say I was downright impressed. Kate has this way of writing that makes a sticky situation all that more exciting to read about. Lucas is the lawyer of Trinity’s soon to be ex-brother-in-law. Needless to say, it puts them and their relationship in an awkward position as it is Lucas’ job to make Trinity’s sister, Emily, look like the bad person.

The question is, is their relationship doomed before it even starts? 

**ARC provided for an honest review**
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Illegally Yours is the second book in the Laws of Attraction series by Kate Meader. You can read it as standalone but I do recommend reading Down with Love. It’s sexy and so much fun. It is also where I first started to fall for Lucas Wright. 

It all started with a glass of whiskey. 

Trinity knew the type. She always saw men like him in her field as a Whiskey sommelier. The British hottie was definitely full of himself. Thought he could say one word and she would fall to her knees. Maybe even thought being an asshole was a way into her pants with the way he was talking during her presentation. So when he stayed at the bar after his friends left, she had her guard up. She had to. The damn man was tempting. Stupid cheekbones, accent and the almost kiss. But, then he shocked her by saying it was better to wait. 

Lucas was nervous. It was the only way to explain the way he was acting. He was not an asshole. He wished he was because then maybe he would have taken her right there. At the bar. It felt their spark. Thank God he didn’t though. He would be even more fucked when she showed up to his place of business a few days later. Looking for a lawyer for her sister who so happens to be the soon to be ex wife of his client. Lucas meet conflict of interest. Conflict of interest meet Lucas, the man you just fucked over. 

A slow burn he says. It will be worth it he says. Dammit. She wanted the burn now. She also wanted to kick his ass for representing her useless foreskin of a brother in law. But, she can’t go there now. He is the enemy. And her sister Emily would not forgive her. Even though she has always taken care of her. Always. That is what family does. They come first but after getting to know Lucas, he feels so right. Can she have it both ways or will she have to chose? 

I knew Lucas’s story was going to make me fall completely in love with him. The bloody hottie who loves Harry Potter and has a unique style in clothing. He is so much more than I thought he was going to be though. Be still my heart. The way he makes her feel is swoonworthy. I also fell for Trinity too. She is a badass who takes care of everyone. These two have obstacles. Within themselves and in their relationship. 

Overall...It was amazing being with them on their journey. It was full of laughs, sexy times, and even some sadness. I can not wait until the next book. It’s going to be a crazy ride. 


Trinity, love, prepare to be conquered.

“That girl will chew you up, baby.” 
“I can only hope!” I drop a kiss on her head, step back, and smooth my lapels. 
“How do I look, Mom?” 
“Away with you. And I’ll be interrupting in about seven minutes with tea. No shenanigans.” 
“Seven minutes? Challenge accepted!”

“Jesus, you are one fine woman, Trinity Jones. Looking at you is sun and starlight and what keeps my heart beating when all it wants to do is stop.”
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So. Freaking. Good! Kate Meader once again brings us an incredible couple that at first glance don't appear to fit yet work so amazingly well together. Trinity and Lucas have sizzling hot chemistry but being together is forbidden since Lucas is the new hot shot divorce attorney Trinity's soon to be ex brother in law has hired. Completely off limits or is Trinity the one woman who can make Lucas want to break all the rules - ethics be damned. Their story is laugh out loud funny with witty banter and humorous situations while also being emotional, heartwarming, and full of hope. If you enjoy a fun, fresh, sexy story this is the book for you! I highly recommend it.
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Fun, sexy romance

Kate Meader’s Law of Attraction continues with Illegally Yours,
Lucas and Trinity story. Though they have amazing chemistry old baggage and current complications make for a very rocky, though satisfying road to their HEA. There were moments that tugged at my heart and others that made me grin. I really liked the secondary characters and while it was fun to see characters from the previous book, this story reads well as a stand alone book.
I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley.
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Another really good book in this series. I loved the characters and their path to each other. A wonderful emotional journey. I can't wait for the next book.
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This was book 2 in the series, and just as good as the first! Entertaining characters, that are sweet, sexy, funny, but also real stories of struggle. Loved this gpbook and look forward to the next!
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An instant attraction at the worst possible time. Illegally Yours takes mixing business with pleasure to a whole new level. Lucas is about to break his number one rule and lose his heart in the process. Kate Meader is back to steam up bookshelves while charming her way into your heart. Lawyer, Lucas is about to get schooled in matters of the heart and Trinity Jones is happy to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.  Let the laughter commence and the good times roll. A laugh out loud, can't put down, piece of fun.
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Lucas and Trinity are definitely opposites.  He is young, charming, a divorce attorney and only 26-years-old.  He is also British and that has great sex appeal for Trinity.  Trinity is 6 years older than him and quite jaded.  She is used to taking care of her sister and her nephew and niece.  When her sister finds herself in the midst of a divorce, it stands to reason that Lucas winds up to be her soon to be ex-brother-in-law's attorney.  Their relationship that already had complications, becomes even more so.  
Trinity coddles her sister and has no qualms about it.  She makes endless excuses and doesn't see a problem with her sister using her as a substitute babysitter.  Lucas calls her out on it but Trinity refuses to acknowledge that he may be right.  Trinity also keeps a part of herself from Lucas and it becomes painfully clear to him at one point.
Lucas has his own family issues and is caught between trying to hold onto a family member and moving on with his life.  His childhood was not great and he finds himself trying to protect the rights of fathers since he feels his life would have been better if his father had stayed in it. He makes bi-monthly trips back to England and really has not explained why to anyone in his life.  So he and Trinity both keep a part of themselves separate.  
It was interesting to see them grow closer and their relationship start out as more a friendship.
Kudos to Kate Meader for pulling this book off.  It was a quick, easy read that had a good flow.
I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.
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A delightful rom com. Trinity and Lucas are an unlikely pair. She is serious and focused. He is hyper and fun going. There is instant heat and attraction between the two. The dialogue is really of comedic proportions. The author really gets the imagination going with her use of language and the inner voice monologue of the characters. The angst that both Trinity and Lucas are dealing with in their personal lives add another level of depth to the plot of the story. It is beautiful and joyous.
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Lucas is a partner in a law firm with his 2 best mates, but he's keeping secrets ... even from them. Trinity is a whiskey sommelier and has been over-protective of her sister since their parent's death. When they meet it is instant attraction, but when they find out that Lucas' client is Trinity's sister's ex ... they know they can't take their attraction any further ... or can they?

I just loved the way that Lucas was so care free in his personality and his choice of clothing made me laugh out loud. And I felt for Trinity wanting to protect her younger sister, but she needed to let go of her apron already. As for Trinity's sister, well  ... I just wanted to slap her! Grow up and quit being so self-absorbed and look after your children. I really enjoyed this story and all the characters ... I can't wait for Grant and Aubrey's story next.

I received an ARC courtesy of Random House-Loveswept through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
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Illegally Yours is one of the most satisfying slow burns I’ve ever read! 
Lucas and Trinity stole the show in the whiskey tasting scene in Down with Love and Illegally Yours picks up right from there, so you don’t have to read Down with Love - but you totally should!  The sexy Brit and badass female whiskey sommelier have crazy chemistry but they also have a conflict of interest and so begins the slow burn. Meader craftily weaves friendship, banter, and sexy moments into a story that has you as anticipating THE MOMENT as much as Lucas and Trinity are!  
I’ve been a fan of Meader for a while now and Eli Cooper, the sexy Chicago politician from Playing With Fire, has been my fave Chicago hottie but Lucas as stolen the show! 
I’m beyond ready for Grant and Aubrey’s story and more excellent books from Kate Meader!
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