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Two Weeks is the 5th book in The Baxter family series by Karen Kingsbury. 
I always enjoy spending time with the Baxter family and have read every book in the series, I have loved them all. This one was no exception. 
I was moved by the way she tackled sensitive topics such as teen pregnancy and adoption, and did so with eloquence and grace. I cried more than once. 
As always there’s a reminder of how with Gods grace and forgiveness we can get through the darkest of hours. 

Thank you Netgalley for an ARC.. which I voluntarily reviewed.
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3.5 stars

Don’t let the Baxter name keep you from reading the latest from Karen Kingsbury. Two Weeks is Elise Walker’s story. While Cole Blake, son of Landon and Ashley Baxter Blake, plays a pretty big role, this book is not a focus on the Baxter family and can be read as a stand-alone. If you haven’t read the 25+ Baxter books prior to this one, starting here will not be a problem.

Cole Blake is months away from graduating high school and going off to college. But as he starts his final semester he meets Elise, a girl who captures his attention from day one. Elise is the new girl in town and soon discovers she’s pregnant. As her and Cole grow close, she shares her secret with him. Undaunted by the news, and in love for the first time in his life, Cole is determined to support Elise. 

Will Elise keep her baby or put it up for adoption? Readers are introduced to two other couples as Elise’s story plays out. What role will these couples play in this story? You’ll have to read Two Weeks to find out  

If you follow my reviews, you know Kingsbury is a fave. However, this book was not a favorite of mine, so let’s jump into what I liked and didn’t.

What I liked about Two Weeks were the messages I gathered from its pages. When it comes to Kingsbury books, the message(s) are ultimately what I’m after and they were delivered. 1- that everyone has a story and 2- you have to trust God’s timing. Your story will not match mine, but no matter the circumstances, God stands with us. We have to remember that during the hard times, especially when the answers we seek may not be the answers we desire.

Unfortunately, the things I didn’t like about Two Weeks outweigh those I did. 
1.	Having never experienced anything that these characters had, I couldn’t completely feel or understand them. Karen usually manages to pull at my heart-strings, but I didn’t feel that emotional pull this time around. 
2.	I would love to have seen the other couples mentioned explored further. I wanted more about the new characters and less Baxters (see #5).
3.	Too many mentions of Liberty University became off putting. I became pretty frustrated that Cole planning to attend LU when he graduated seemed to be mentioned every other page.
4.	Elise’s come to faith moment. I feel like I didn’t get the full faith transformation, as it felt glossed over and abrupt. I’m not saying that accepting Jesus into your life is hard, but that more attention paid here would have been appropriate.
5.	I’m experiencing Baxter family overload and would love to see a book full of completely new and fresh characters.

While I didn’t relate and feel the pull of this story, there are many out there who will. It may leave you sobbing for hours. I believe that life experiences play a huge role in how we respond to books. This review is my opinion and my opinion alone. While Karen will always remain a favorite, every book she writes will not be 5 stars, every book is not going to hit me straight through the heart. If we all loved and disliked the same things, the world would be a less interesting place. So, grab a copy of Two Weeks and dive in. I hope it hits you over the head with emotion!

My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book.
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It’s always a delight to spend time with the Baxter Family!  This book does include the wonderful Baxter’s, but can also be read as a stand alone. Kingsbury touches our hearts again with the story of a teen pregnancy and the tough choices made for all concerned.  Filled with spiritual wisdom, this book will leave a deep impact and hopefully fill your heart with a much deeper trust in God.
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I loved this book. It made me cry; I was so moved.  I love that.  I have two kids close to Cole’s age so I felt the weightiness of the decisions he and Elise were making.  Even more I understood Ashley’s responses and marveled at Landon’s calm. Kingsbury books always tackle really hard things and do so in an authentic way not hiding from the consequences of sin or the harsh realities of life. 
In this book, we experience the pain of infertility and disappointed dreams as well as  life-changing crisis pregnancies and more.   It’s a poignant story that affirms life and family.  It reminds us that we can’t control or plan our kids’ stories….God does that. 
This book can be read as a stand-alone but there is a wealth of wonderful Baxter books.   I look forward to the next one as well as to the upcoming TV show about the Baxters.  Thank you to Howard Books for providing me with an e-copy of this book.  I was not required to leave a positive review.  All opinions are my own.
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This was so good!!!  I love Karen Kingsbury. This is full of faith, love and family. Elise just wants to be a painter and just wants to go to college and nothing will stop her. Until she finds out she needs to make some very hard decisions. 

Cole see Elise and has feelings for her. He wants to be there for her and help her any way he can!  

I love the Baxter family!

Book given to me by author on netgalley
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Wow! This was such a good book! It was definitely a tearjerker, like most of Karen Kingsbury's books are, but it was so worth reading!  Every time I read a book by her, I can't help but feel like her writing is without a doubt inspired by the Holy Spirit! I always feel closer to Jesus after reading one. That is one of Karen Kingsbury's gifts!  I would recommend this book to any woman who likes to read!
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Oh how I love the Baxter family!  It's hard to believe that Cole is now old enough to be heading off to college.  Where has the time gone?  Two Weeks is an awesome read!  So many families with teens deal with these issues and Karen Kingsbury has done a great job with keeping it real with this book.  It was a quick read for me because I didn't want to put it down!
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I read an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I was so excited to receive this ARC, I have over 25 books from this author in my collection and have only read one of them besides this one. I met the author last year and her spirit truly lives through her writing. 

Karen Kingsbury writes in everyday language that reaches the heart and minds of everyone who read her work. 

Ashley’s internal struggles with Cole graduating hits close to home for me since my oldest just went off to college this year. 

This book takes on real world problems with Elise’s unexpected pregnancy and the mental turmoil teens face. Cole is such a special soul, even if he is a fictional character, I pray that there is someone like him out there for my daughter.
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A delightful book with great messages regarding love and faith and parenthood. About choices for the future, and believing that God has a plan, no matter how difficult the waiting or the decisions to be made.
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I have yet to read a Karen Kingsbury book that I did not thoroughly enjoy! I love the Baxter Family and this book gives us Cole's story, Ashley's son. This book will take you on an emotional ride that deals with real life issues. I love that about Karen Kingsbury too, she never shies away from difficult topics. She faces them head-on and leaves you thinking.  

Elise is a young lady that is in the middle of her Senior year in high school. She has made some bad choices and rebelled against her mother, so her mom sent her to live with her Aunt and Uncle. When Elise shared a few things about her ex-boyfriend, Randy, with her mom, her mom knew that she had to do something to get Elise away from him. Randy was abusive and controlling and Elise regretted ever meeting him. 

When Elise starts her new school, she meets Cole on the first day in one of her classes. Cole is immediately smitten with her and can't take his eyes off of her. Cole knows that there is something special about Elise and he wants to get to know her better. The two hit it off and start to hang out a little. Elise begins to realize that Cole is a one of a kind guy. When Elise realizes that she might be pregnant a little after she and Cole meet, she shares her fears with him. Cole promises to be by Elise's side and not leave her. What guy offers to stick by someone he just meet and not leave her? Cole does, that's who and learn that from Landon, the person he calls dad now. 

Elise goes through the whole denial process of being pregnant and then says she is going to abort the baby. When Cole insists that Elise talk with his mom and let her tell Elise her story, things begin to change for Elise. We meet Lucy and Aaron in this story too who have dealt with infertility issues for 10 years now and have endured heart ache after heart ache with adoption and trying to conceive. Aaron stays strong in his faith and tells Lucy to do the same. When Elise starts thinking about adoption, she chooses Lucy and Aaron, but will she go though with giving the baby up for adoption? Is it the best thing for everyone? Elise has a lot of thinking to do and has been told by the lawyer that she has until two weeks after the delivery date to make up her mind. 

This is such a great read. I could not put it down once I started reading and it ended up being a late night when I finished!! I went through all the emotions reading this one for sure. There is a lot going on in this story, but not so much that you will get lost with it. Karen Kingsbury has a talent with keeping you glued to the pages, but also giving you a couple of characters and being able to pull the whole story together in the end. Amazingly done!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All opinions are my own. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for an advanced copy!
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Two Weeks is a touching story about Elise Walker, a rebellious teenager who leaves her home state of Louisiana for Indiana, where she finds help and support from the Baxter family. Cole Blake is 18 and in his final year at Clear Creek High when Elise Walker steps into his life. Finding herself pregnant, and very much alone, Elise accepts friendship from the oldest Baxter grandchild. Cole sees an opportunity to honor his own step-dad, by walking alongside her and offering her support in the very same way Landon had helped Ashley. Cole and Elise’s story is a mirror image of Ashley and Landon’s story.
Aaron and Lucy Williams have lost three children and long to be parents. Aaron maintains faith that God will provide a child while Lucy has lost hope that God even hears their prayers. When Elise chooses them to be the adoptive parents for her unborn child, only indecision and a two week waiting period to change her mind, keeps them from becoming the parents they’ve always dreamed about becoming.
Theo and Alma Brown tragically lost their only daughter. Her last request, an hour before her death, was for her parents to begin fostering babies again. Elise’s baby brings the healing this couple desperately needs, if only for two weeks.
The story was well written, and nicely paced. There are heartfelt moments when a tissue box may be required. A lot of issues were touched on – abuse, abortion, adoption, drunk driving, grief - but written with sensitivity to each topic.
Karen Kingsbury is able to bring readers into her story world and coax similar emotions from them as her characters are experiencing.
As a long time reader of Karen Kingsbury novels, I’ve been fatigued with the Baxter family, and had taken a hiatus from reading anything Baxter family or remotely connected to the Baxter family. After reading this novel, the characters have not changed much at all other than getting older. The same fatigue I felt a few years ago, I still felt at the start of this novel. I think this story would have been just as effective without the Baxter family, just different characters replacing Cole and his family.
I received an ecopy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.
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I love all Karen Kingsbury books. She is an amazing writer who shows that things are not always perfect even in a world with God who is amazing. Bad things still happen in life but good can always come from it. Just trust in Him. Books involving babies and Ashley Baxter are some of the most emotionally but heart felt books about the Baxter’s..  The combination of the three main couples and their connections made me want to keep reading.
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Two Weeks,  book five from The Baxter Family, is an excellent read. I give it five stars and highly recommend it.
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have not read a Karen Kingsbury book in a long time. I was glad to revisit the Baxter family. I need to go back and read some of the Baxter books I have missed. I have always enjoyed Karen Kingsbury books and my patrons at the library will look forward to this book.
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I have followed Cole's story for so many years through Karen's books. This book shows how grown up he is and also how young he still is. It makes a mom's heart happy to see how he was  willing to stick by Elise  but it also hurts a mom's heart for those same reasons. He was willing to give up on his  dreams for what he believed was right.
It can be hard waiting on God and then always wanting confirmation that what we heard was Him and right. 

Great book.
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I was so excited to see Cole had his own story - I loved Ashley and Landon!!! They are the couple who made me fall in love with Karen Kingsbury's stories. 

Cole meets Elise on his first day at her new school. Cole feels an instant connection to her and wants to spend time with her. He even tells his parents that evening that he is going to marry someone just like her. Or maybe he is going to marry her which is what his mother took it to seem like what he said. I liked these two together. 
We later learn (it is in the blurb) that she is pregnant and that is why she is there living with her aunt and uncle. She fluctuates between wanting to keep her baby and giving the baby up to be adopted by a sweet couple with fertility issues. 

This book was written well and handled all these 'issues' well. this might be hard for some people to read. Not sure. Just wanted to give a small disclaimer. 
If I have any complaints, it is that I still am left wondering how Cole's story 'ends'. Is he going to get another book? I sure hope so since I fell in love with him.
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TWO WEEKS by Karen Kingsbury is an incredible thought provoking book.  Filled with emotion and heartbreak!  I couldn't put this story down.  A truly Christian book it tells the tale of Elise a teenager who finds herself pregnant.  Elise has some big decisions to make.  Luckily she finds a friend in Cole, a classmate and his family.  I loved this story!
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I have been looking forward to this book for a couple months.  
I have read almost everything she has written.  I enjoy her writing!
Her books are always an enjoyable read!

I was intrigued by the introduction- a young woman has very big decisions that will affect many lives.
I love the Baxter Family- they feel like extended family to me.  

This would be a good book for young teenagers to read.
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This is the very first book I have read from this author and I couldn't have enjoyed this book more.  There is the perfect blend of family, drama, and faith to tie it all together.  I was extremely taken back by the strength of the characters and my heart was broken when they had to make the decisions that they did.  I will be recommending this book to others and can see why people love this author so much.  Thanks for the ARC, Net Galley.
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Karen Kingsbury writes emotionally heart gripping stories that wring every sense of emotion from you. This book is actually the story of three different couples and how they are brought together by one tiny baby. 

Cole Baxter meets the new girl in school for the last semester. He’s planned his life out - college & medical school at Liberty, playing baseball while an undergrad & back to work with his grandfather. Shortly after meeting Cole, Elise finds out she’s pregnant. She doesn’t think she’s ready for a baby but what’s she going to do now? The baby isn’t Coles but he is in love with Elise. Will he change his plans to take care of her?

Aaron & Lucy Williams have been trying to have a baby for years. They’ve struggled with a miscarriage. Had their hearts broken with a couple of failed adoptions. Aaron still believes that God has a plan for them but Lucy doesn’t believe anymore. She’s so tired from the process & the toll it’s taken on their lives & marriage. Can they find their way back to each other or will they be broken apart?

Theo & Alma Brown were foster parents until they had their beautiful daughter, Vienna. Now, Vienna is growing up & feels her parents should go back to fostering kids. After a tragedy changes their lives for ever, will they fall apart or will they follow their promise & find a way back? 

At first, I was confused by the different points of view & how they fit together. The story pulls you in from the beginning & starts you on the emotional journey. You feel Elises’s pain & fear deep in your heart. Cole’s faith, love & heart make you believe everything will be better. Theo & Alma pull you into their grief & confusion. Why them? What did they do wrong? Lucy & Aaron were a case of one spouse clinging to his faith & the other spouse discouraged, frustrated & tired. All are brought together to learn something by little Gracie.  The ending isn’t what I expected but what I love most about this story.
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