A Thunder of War

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After having read a book by this author I can honestly go on. Unbelievably over-hyper. Nothing here for me!
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This is the final book in this series and I felt it to be the weakest too unfortunately. 

I hadn't read McHugh previous series and I now now that a lot of the secondary characters from this series have featured before but as I had missed that series I didn't know who or what they were and the book kept introducing new people with no explanation as to who they were as if we were expected to already know and that really bugged me (not just with this book but the the whole series)

Not a recommendation from me this time sadly unless you have read McHugh previous works maybe.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this world. It was great to read and I couldn't put down at some points. Steve McHugh writes a fantastic storyline with great characters. The mix between action and the funny moments was great. I didn't read the first two books after I read this one I liked it so much.
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A Thunder of War, by author Steve McHugh, is the third and final installment in the authors Avalon Chronicles series. The story picks up right where A Flicker of Steel left off. It has been several years since Layla Cassidy discovered a new world that lives right under the eyes of humanity. She became an umbra (a joining of 3 spirits and a demon), found she had kick ass powers, and joined a group that fights against Avalon, an organization that once stood to protect mankind, but now wants nothing more to push it's agenda on everyone from shifters, to gods, and goddesses, and everyone in between.

When a mission to the realm of Norumbega goes wrong, Layla and her allies are faced with the possibility that their rebellion may be at an end. After all, Abaddon has been several steps ahead of Layla's group and always seems to come out ahead while her group ends up on the raw end of things. The battle against Avalon has become more brutal as the fighting increases and the losses stack up. No one knows if Avalon can be defeated and everything is risked. No one knows if they are safe anywhere in any realm from Abaddon and Arthur's forces. 

Yet, Layla refuses to give up. Not even when Avalon masses an army to conquer Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, thereby gaining control of all the portals so they could kill everyone. Not even when several key figures in the rebellion are taken has hostage in yet another Abaddon plan to smash the rebellion and bring all realms to their knees. One of the main reasons I like reading this series is that the author mixes and draws on legends, folklore, mythology from various countries and times. The author also introduces new characters to the story including a shadow elf, Norse dwarves, fire giants, and a saber tooth panther which becomes Layla's side kick. 

He also takes readers to such realms as Helheim & Tartarus and Shadow Falls. If you've read the first series, you know all about Shadow Falls. While Mordred is thought of as the leader of the group, and there are several chapters which are told from his narrative, it is Layla who seems to be involved in every single aspect of the rebellion, and it is she, and her allies who find themselves involved in the bloodiest battles across several realms. A Thunder of War is a bloody, violent, emotional and thoroughly entertaining finale to this part of her story.

It is true that I spent time getting involved in these books after failing to read the Hellequin Chronicles first It is also true that Layla's arc seems to have come to an end. Still, I still have lots of questions. However, I clicked over to the authors web page and was surprised to learn that a new three book trilogy will be releasing in 2019. The new series is being called Rebellion Chronicles. Apparently this means the return of Nate Garrett who has all but disappeared since being reintroduced in this new trilogy. All three books in the new series pick up right where this book leaves off.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange of honest review!
This is the third book in the series. I was really looking forward to read it and it didn't disappoint me. 
The story continues and the fights with Avalon are in their peak. We have new characters introduced, old one evolve and so much more. 
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Brilliant Series of books as usual. Great ensemble of characters. Steve McHugh has a way of scooping you up in to his universe and taking you on a thrilling ride with fantastic lands, meeting legends from Lore and monsters from myths. Bring on the next one!
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I have always really enjoyed reading stories based in the world created by Steve McHugh. The characters are so fleshed out and lifelike and it always has the right mix of humour, action and serious storytelling.

A Thunder of War is the perfect culmination of the three-part series "The Avalon Chronicles". The action scenes are absolutely stunning and you can feel the pressure as the war continues to rage. Most of all this book showcases the advancing story and world that we were first introduced to in Crimes Against Magic and leaves us ever ready for the next chapter.
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Another great book by Steve McHugh. He has the right mix of action and humor, and he writes characters that really grow and develop. If you were holding off on the Avalon books because they don’t feature Nate, you are really missing out on some great characters.
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I haven't come across any of Steve McHugh's work before so I was going into reading this completely blind (so to speak). I really enjoyed his writing style and the images that were conjured up during this were brilliant. I have often said that I don't like long descriptive monologues, especially in science fiction or thrillers, but I feel this story had the right balance. There was a lot of description, but it felt necessary rather than frivolous.

There was an incredible amount of suspense and action and I really enjoyed the "journey" too. I have researched this and found out that this story is part of a series and I feel like I would have benefited from reading the previous ones first. There were a couple of references to the previous stories (I think, I can't be certain because I haven't seen the previous ones yet!) and I think some of the characters from previous stories come back. But this does work alone too - I didn't get too lost!

There was quite a lot of heart throughout too, and although I don't want to give spoilers I found the emotive writing quite unexpected. I will look out for Steve McHugh in the future!
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When McHugh began the Avalon Chronicles, it was clear that he was shifting gears, both in terms of style and in terms of the primary protagonist. While I have enjoyed the Avalon Chronicles, I missed the style from the Hellequin Chronicles. In A Thunder of War, McHugh returns to some of the stylistic form of the Hellequin Chronicles. In A Thunder of War, the reader experiences a series of substantial events in the Avalonian war without the book feeling like a series of action sequences. One of the things the McHugh excels at in this book is imagery. The backdrop is painted with such vivid detail, that one can feel like they are present in the story. This book was by far my favorite of the Avalon Chronicles. The ending of the book gave me chills and makes me excited for McHugh's next installment in the series.
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Another great book in an already amazing series. Once again I was blown away at the action and suspense that once it gets a hold of you it doesn't let up. Lots of returning characters that I was very happy to see and a lot of new characters that I really enjoyed getting to know.i highly reccomend this book and cant wait to see what the next book has in store.
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Once again Steve McHugh has taken us on an amazing adventure through this wonderful world he has created. Layla and the rest of your favorite characters (plus some new ones) continue their fight again Avalon, trying to gain just a little ground in this battle. There were quite a few laughs and some unexpected tears. This was a great addition to the Avalon Chronicles and all 3 books are a must read for the continuing Hellequin/Nate Garrett books.
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