Border Son

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Excellent psychological thriller!  It moved at a fast pace with twists and turns throughout!  I can’t wait to read more from this author!
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What a great action novel about the bond between parent and child!

In Border Son, Ed has moved on with his life in Kansas with little thought about his son estranged son Tyler.  Tyler chose to go down a path that Ed didn't support.  They had had no communication for six years.  Then Ed receives a phone call to pick up Tyler in Mexico.

Their journey is filled with border crossings, drug cartels and violence.  On the softer side there are characters with heart and hope underlying the rough exteriors.  I especially love priest Felipe that has a pivotal role in the novel. His advice to Ed was so heart warming. The ending was perfect.

I loved Purgatory Road and found Cold Water a miss.  Border Son was his best yet and I look forward to more from the author.
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This is a story about hard times,  sacrifices, unconditional love, and reconciliation.  It paints a scary picture of life for those in or who do business with the Mexican cartel as well as for their loved ones.
Camilla knows her son Roberto is involved in bad things.  Yet she loves him no matter what.  She prays for him to do the right thing.  When he makes one tiny step in the right direction, she vows to help him whatever the cost.  She has no idea of the consequences of that one action.  She is an amazing woman and mother.
Edward has not been such a great parent. But when three different things happen on the same day that tell him his estranged son, Tyler, is in trouble. He feels compelled to check things out.  He comes a long way in learning how to love his son and how to be a father to a grown son.
As a parent, I was really drawn to their stories and growth but Roberto’s story is equally fascinating.  He faces unrelenting danger. It’s a hard book to put down once you get a few chapters in and things start heating up.  I’d recommend it.
Thank you to Revell for providing me with an e-copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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The story of the Prodigal Son continues in a turn that will leave readers’ emotions spinning after the very last page.  

When Edward Kazmierski receives a phone call saying his son needs him in Mexico, he isn’t sure he wants to go. It has been years since he has even thought about Tyler. They haven’t had the best relationship and Tyler hasn’t been one to reach out to his father either. After the initial phone call, he receives another from a federal agent wanting information on Tyler and two men show up at his house wanting to know if he knows where his son is.  All this leads Ed to head south of the border where his son has started a chain reaction with one decision that causes a ripple effect of pain and destruction for everyone involved. Even though Ed is going to rescue his son, he is first going to have to prove to Tyler that he still loves him and wants to help him out of the mess he has found himself in and try and get them both out alive.

Samuel Parker has a unique way of taking a story we are all familiar with, such as the Prodigal Son, and reforming it as a suspenseful page turner. The story is one of redemption and self-sacrifice. Ed must be willing to sacrifice everything to try and save his son who needs the redemption himself to try and turn his life around. The dynamic between father and son played out well; even though Tyler knows he needs his father’s help he is hesitant to accept it after feeling abandoned for so many years. Now that they are stuck together and have to rely on each other to find a way out to safety they find that even though they haven’t been close in years, there is still a connection that can never be broken. With short chapters that go back and forth on viewpoints, the story reads quickly and clearly, more so than if it had been from one solitary point of view.  I am really enjoying books that go in this multiple point of view format because it gives so much more of the story and keeps the pages turning much quicker. There is a true feeling of fatherly love throughout the story with not only Ed trying to help his son but also Roberto feeling the need to help this young man who had once helped him. Each character brought their own sense of need to the story in how they interacted and helped the other for their own reasons. Fans of Parker’s other novels will be sure to enjoy Border Son. And if you haven’t read anything by Samuel parker I highly recommend picking up a copy today!

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.
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Set in Nuevo Negaldo, Mexico, a Border Town with El Paso , this is a tale about the drug Cartels and a young American , Tyler Kazmierski, who is caught up working with them.

Tyler’s dad Edward Kazmierski , estranged from his son for over 6 years receives a mysterious phone call, “come to Mexico to save your son “ , having not seen ot heard from Tyler and his last known knowledge of him being In a prison in El Paso, Ed has turned his back on his son, but this strange call has woken his fatherly instinct

Ed is then assaulted in his own shop by 2 thugs looking for Tyler? What’s going on?

The Tension builds and Ed decides to pack up and take the long trip to Mexico and get to source of the strange call and find his son and if so help him. I felt genuine intrigue and excitement around this point

In the meantime , Roberto, a cartel member is telling his side of the story, he appears to be trying to help Tyler at his own very dangerous risk, Why? Roberto’s story also revolves around his mother , Camilla and his need to protect her from his environment

A truck containing a load of drugs has gone missing and the cartel want to know where it is, they want their goods back at any cost.

A crazed Cartel hitmen is loose, a corrupted FBI agent is on the prowl, missing drugs, cartels and philosopher priests are all abound in this tale

Ed’s struggles and fears in a dark part of Mexico where he has no friends and doesn’t know where he is, or who to turn to.

What this book doesnt have is any type of humour , this a straight shooting book, it’s not here to make you laugh.

Short , sharp punchy chapters , there is no unnecessary filling of chapters , extremely well written, this book easily flows along is action packed and delivers punch after punch and you want to turn page after page.

This is a cut above other cartel type stories and told from a very different angle , almost a rehash of the prodigal son.

I didn’t want to put it down.

It’s an outstanding piece of work and it’s a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Thank you to Net Galley for my free review copy, as ever this has not influenced my review score at all.
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Excellent story of two sons on different sides of the drug cartels. Character driven and hypnotic, I couldn't put this one down until it was finished. Samuel Parker will be an author I follow after reading Border Son! Great book!
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It's been years since Edward has seen his wayward son Tyler. Then, in one day, he receives a cryptic phone call telling him that his son needs him in Mexico, another from a federal agent searching for Tyler, and a visit from two men he hopes to never meet again.

Great story, quick read. Interesting reimagining of the Prodigal Son amidst the Mexican drug Cartel and the people who get caught up in it.

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