Futaribeya Manga Volume 2 (English)

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Title: Futaribeya: A Room for Two Volume 2
Author: Yukiko
Genre: Manga
Rating: ****
Review: So in Volume 2 of Futaribeya we continue to follow Sakurako and Kasumi, although now it is spring, and we are being introduced to other aspects of Japanese life like cherry blossom viewings as well as what life is like for Japanese high school students. The girls are going into their second year of high school and they still get along well, and they eventually get neighbours in the form of Seri and Shouko who don’t really gel well at first but seem to still get along okay. 
Despite the personality contrasts between Sakurako and Kasumi I also liked the physical difference between Seri, who is quite girly and Shouko who is a classic tomboy. I also like the fact that Yukiko has introduced prominent character who are quite different from the main characters and it helps to break up the story, so we don’t get bored. 
I really liked the new group dynamic and how over their high school education both Sakurako and Kasumi are coming out of their shells and making friends. While Kasumi has a little more life experience because she has a part time job Sakurako is definitely the more mature of the pair although the still definitely act 16 at times. 
During their summer vacation Kasumi gets a second part time job in order to save for cram school the following year in preparation for college which is one of the first times we see Kasumi planning ahead like an adult. It was also excited to see the girls go on a trip to Hokkaido which they have to travel to be plane. Seeing the girls outside of school with their friends for an extended period of time was great and we also get to see some individually interactions where Sakurako and Kasumi aren’t together which was interesting.
Futaribeya: A Room for Two is definitely a slice of life manga, if you weren’t a fan of series like Lucky Star then I don’t think you’d enjoy this manga. However, I would recommend people pick it up because even though not a lot happens the relationship between the characters are great and the banter is just hilarious.
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Thanks to net galley.com, Diamond Book Distributors and Yukiko for the advance PDF copy for my honest review. 

This was my first read from author Yukiko, just never really got into Futaribeya Manga (Vol. 2), not sure if not having read the first volume effected reading this one and felt the graphics could have been better. Sure other readers will like this, enjoy it even and definitely will read more from Diamond Book Distributors.
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This is my third manga book, and the hardest one yet I had to read.  It was the cover that caught my eye, and was glad to be able to access it.  

The story is about these two girls, in middle or high school and sharing a room at the school as roommates. The book tells of their life through multiple short stories, shopping for food, going to school, buying clothes, a school trip and other things that two young roommates might experience at school.

The art is exquisite, and the chapters end with a page from the illustration gallery. Some of the dialog was done with a outline font, making it hard to read even after enlarging. the page. The artwork went from finely detailed drawings to a frame or two of a type of gesture drawing on each page. I am an artist and I am not sure I would have the patience to do the work on these pages as much as the artist. had done.

Read it and enjoy it.
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First up, thank you. I absolutely adored the first book, and I was highly excited about the second one. Sadly, for some reason this book and I just didn't click. I tried, tried, but I just didn't laugh, didn't get into it, wasn't sure why I ever shipped these characters. Maybe I am just way too stressed or maybe the first book was just so much better, or this one has the dreaded second book in a series-syndrome. :| Either way, I am giving up on this one. Maybe one day I will try it again and then update this review, but for now we are not friends.
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Great read! I was kind of confused at some parts because I have yet to be Volume 1 but I do plan on buying it! If you like manga with a splash of yuri, I recommend.
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I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This manga was cute and short read. Although this manga is based off high schoolers I felt as though I'm the two main characters were in college. Overall, the story is well executed.
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I love the artwork and style. This is a great slice of life manga which should do well with my patrons.
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