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Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 4

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Steamy collection with great chemistry and excellent characters. Great authors and a varied collection of wonderful reads.

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I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Cleis Press for my unbiased opinion of the book. This is a collection of erotica at its best! Each story with its own twists and turns. All the stories are hotter than the last. You would have to live under a rock not to have these stories affect you. I read my first version of these stories twenty years ago and this book is just as good if not better than that. It keeps you wanting more!!!

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Going into Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew it was a collection of short stories and I knew I had heard of a few of the authors, like Alyssa Cole. I also knew there was an erotic Amish story, which I was really looking forward to for the shock factor alone. To my surprise, I totally enjoyed this book! Each short story was probably only 10-30 pages, at the most, and focused around one erotic scene.

What I really enjoyed about these stories, is no matter how kinky, messy, or erotic the novels became, they all had an undertone of love and respect. Whether it was love for themselves, or love for their partner(s), or both, the emotion is what made each story romantic. I loved the focus on unique love. All kinks and fetishes were treated with respect and understanding. I don't want to ruin any of the stories, because half the fun of this book if figuring out what makes the characters or the scene unique.

Overall, this book was hot and interesting. All the stories had their own, individual voice, and I liked some of the scenes more than others, but I really recommend this to anyone interested in something a little different. The stories that aren't for you are easy to skip over or you can read through them and know it's only going to be a few pages and you might learn something new. I can't wait to explore the work of the many authors I had never heard of, yet immensely enjoyed their writing style.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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First off kudos to Rachel Kramer Bussel for yet another great collection of stories. I've always loved these (and all the other) anthologies but this one is definitely my favorite. Maybe it's because I haven't read much erotica this year or maybe it was the theme of these stories but I loved them all.
It was the themes.
All the characters seemed so real and relatable because they're stepping out of their comfort zone or away from what is expected of them. And the general idea of going for what you want is simply beautiful.

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A treasure trove of fantasies

The 4th addition of Best Women's Erotica compiled by Rachel Kramer is a fascinating collection of seductive stories, each unique to its author's voice and perspective. I found that these were stories best savored slowly, to fully appreciate its unique voice.
I received an advance reader copy via Netgalley.

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A big thank you to Netgalley and to Cleis Press for granting me this reviewing opportunity.

As you can imagine, this book shares several (short and sweet) erotic stories with its readers. Hot, hot, hot!

What worked for me:
-the stories were numerous and sexy. There was something featured for every reader.
-the whole thing felt like a steamy gift. Mama liked.

What did not work for me:
-there were many typos but the version I received did say it was a 'uncorrected proof'

Trigger warnings: I found none

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📚I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) from NetGalley and Cleis Press as the publisher in exchange for an honest review📚

Book title : Best Woman Erotica of the Year Volume 4

Author : Rachel Kramer Bussel

Release Date : 11 December 2018

"Does the calendar have a title yet?

"Fat Girls who Like to Fuck"

-Take the Shot, Mica Kennedy. 

Best Women's Erotica of the Year: Volume Four is a compilation of twenty-one short stories written by various erotica writers such as Mica Kennedy, Alessandra Torre, and many more. Similar to other erotic novel, the writers offer the readers with the steamy romance related to the pleasure department from BDSM to normal sexy jiggy-jiggy thing, voyeur and something else makes it fun to spend an evening with.

Similar to other erotica, the book will offer the reader a sexual escapades by mentioning one’s genital;

“His cock is thick and perfect, and I can’t help lingering over it, eagerly slurping him into my mouth again and again, until he pulls me back up with a growl of his own.”

My favourite story is the Dressing Room by Alessandra Torre. It tells a story of a woman who is in dressing room. While trying on some clothes, she eavesdrops a couple making out in the stall next door. The eavesdropping later leads her to such wild imagination . Soon, she joins the couple by pleasuring herself from her own stall.

“My fingers now deep inside of me, curved and pressing on my G-spot, my eyes clenched shut, my fantasies running wild. Them. Her thighs trembling, his cock hanging out, his finger busy, wet from her juices, her eyes tight on her face. She moans and a curl of pleasure unfurls inside me.”

My only highlight here is: I personally feel that those stories should be better if they can develop their character a little bit more. It will also enable the readers to explore and engage themselves to the story more. I know it is not easy as it is an anthology and an author should keep it short, but a little bit of conflicts to make those characters alive is not a bad idea. Well, the jiggy-jiggy stories are always fun but they keep going on and on through all the chapters, they become something monotone. The readers will tend to read the first stories then neglect the rest of the novel.

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What a wonderful collection of hot, sexy and passionate stories that will set your blood pumping and your pulse racing. Each story has its own unique quality and they range from very vanilla, to BDSM with some voyeurism thrown in too. There is definitely something for everyone and they are great for times when you need something quick to read over lunch; just remember to keep your head down and a clod bottle of water on hand.

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Ceres Press’ Fourth volume of erotica explores tales spanning from a post-photoshoot encounter between a younger man and an older woman to the coming together of a protestor and the owner of the construction company she hates. There are moments of desperation and moments of lazy, comfortable, loving sex – much variety, some very romantic, some very not and some leaning heavier on certain fetishes (bondage mostly, though there is ddlg (Daddy Dom/Little Girl) play involved in one of the stories). The series is impeccably woven together by Rachel Kramer Bussel, who edits the varying tales together with a judicious eye.  There is a wonderfully high number of contemporary romance novelists in the mix this time.

The acts and types of stories are highly varied, and there really isn’t a bad one in the bunch. Highlights include:

Mark by RosieBeth Randall, in which a dom’s demonstration of ownership turns into a lesson in self-worth for the heroine.

Essential Qualities, Alyssa Cole’s cozy, brainy tale of an intimate moment between husband and wife.

Protests of Passion, the aforementioned story by Eliza David, of protestor meeting executive.

Words with Benefits by Tamara Lush, about two Words With Friends playing friends who become so much more to one another.

Seven Sweets and Seven Sours by Megan Hart is the story of two Amish women in love and lust having one final encounter before one of them leaves their world forever.

The overall quality of the volume is quite high, the sense of eroticism beautifully enacted.  Best Women’s Erotica of the Year is just that, and will please many a reader on the long, cold winter nights ahead.

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I loved getting a chance to read Best Wonen's Erotica of the Year vol.4. It was so hot you could feel the cum dripping from the book. So hot and steamy, will have you begging for your own release.

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I enjoyed this book but I did not love all of it. That's the problem with anthologies. I did love Alyssa Cole's short story though but I'm bias because I love Cole's writing in general!

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This book is perfect if you're looking for a steamy book but you don't want to read a long book. The scenes and stories are good to satisfy and craving you have for romance books. This book was able to hook me even though the stories are short. It's exactly as it says in the title and the description of this book. Although of course not all stories are perfect, but most of them are pretty good.

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Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to preview this book. It was a little too strange for my liking. Only "OK."

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FEMALE FRIENDLY EROTICA. I liked some stories more than others but all of them were good. My favourites were SULEIKHA SNYDER,
Alyssa Cole and Megan Hart. They were so good, I would love to read a book about their characters.

There's a lot of diversity here, you have stories about older women, bi women, queer women, black women. And I liked that the authors talk about consent.

Good erotica, sexy times but most of the characters are complex and have personalities and that made me enjoy their stories more.

There's only one story where the Male lead speaks Spanish and there were some spelling mistakes. "Cariña mía" he said and that doesn't exist, he should have said "Cariño mío". This is an ARC so I hope this get fixed before the release date.

So if you want to read good erotica with a diverse cast you should read this.

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Not a horrible book but not the greatest either. Skipped some of the stories. It was ok. Seemed like a weird assortment of stories.

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Good compilation of erotica. Short stories to suit a variety of tastes. Definitely one to heat up the kindle.

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This is a scrumptious taster buffet filled with hot short stories - each one getting right into the action! I'd say there's something here for everyone's tastes and hotness levels. You can easily read several stories in one go or simply read one in between tasks or before bedtime.
I usually read romance or erotic romance, so I knew these stories would be hot - which I enjoyed - but lack the guaranteed happy ending. This is a great book for when you want all the action and not much more around it! :)

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I'm not a huge fan of anthologies but I did enjoy the fact that many of the stories depicted older main characters. Some of us that are approaching middle age want to be reminded that our happily ever after could still be out there somewhere.

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This compilation covers a very broad spectrum of genres so there’s something for everyone and gives you a chance to find new authors.

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A great steamy romance collection that will leave you breathless. Great characters and a great storyline.

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