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A beautifully written book. Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks to publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to read
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I must admit I struggled to first get into this book, but after having a free afternoon I picked it up again and I was hooked.

A bit slow to start but then it picks up speed right to the end.

Very well written in handing gaslighting along with the procedures for court appeals.  Characters engaging and well formed and no extraneous characters.

Definitely worth the effort to get into and would recommend it to a friend.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review
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The Flatshare is not my usual sort of read, as I like a good thriller, however the light hearted, playfulness of this book really pulled me in. 

The characters are loveable, and you just want them to succeed. 

Great, heartwarming read.
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A very clever upending of the rom-com trope. I loved it. I was rooting for both Leon and Tiffy throughout. A love story for the 21st century but with a perfectly executed premise: two people share a flat without ever meeting (she works days, he works nights) and get to know each other via notes on the refrigerator. It's very understandable how it became such a best seller, and also was shortlisted for the Comedy Women in Print Prize 2020.
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I loved this book. It was predictable but that was OK, it was funny, sweet, it's just the perfect, quick, escape book
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A fun light read, especially great if you are on holiday. I enjoyed the characters and the plot was a little bit different.  Very well written
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One of those books that seemed to be trying to do just a few too many things.
Tiffy is a bubbly character, larger than life and warm-hearted. But when we meet her at the start of the book she is making plans to find a new flat having decided to move out of the place she shared with her ex-boyfriend. With a very tight budget the options are limited - so she goes for a very odd set-up...a flat share with a young man called Leon, where they’ll share a bed because he works nights.
That in itself is a sign of the unusual set-up. It is quite bonkers - and her best friends are, understandably, nervous. They drop hints at the extreme nature of the ex but this bubbles under the surface for the majority of the book.
Through post-it notes Leon and Tiffy start to develop a rather unorthodox friendship. Of course we know where this will end up, so it’s about watching it unfold and enjoying some of the moments along the way.
There’s so many other stories going along here - a patient of Leon’s trying to find his lost love, Leon’s brother being imprisoned for something he didn’t do and an eccentric writer. The ex starts to cause problems that go beyond what seemed appropriate in a romantic comedy - there was nothing funny about this situation, or its effects.
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The Flatshare, although generally is your average chick-lit, actually deals with some serious issues such as wrongful convictions & abusive stalker exes, touching on the very real issue of gaslighting. Despite the heavy content, humour is spattered throughout ensuring it is still a light, easy read.

The book was written with the dual points of view of the main characters, Tiffy & Leon. I love this style but, at first, was unsure of Leon's dialogue as it was very stilted, uncomplete sentences. However, as I read more, I recognised it was part of his character and it bothered me less as the book progressed.

The concept of the book was interesting and very well done by the author, I look forward to reading more by her. My first 5 star read of 2021!
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If you love cute, quirky, and heartwarming then you should read this book. I really enjoyed the getting to know you through post it notes idea and I fell in love with both Leon and Tiffy.
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The task of repopulating the senior library has been an exciting and daunting task aS in a boarding school our aim is to encourage all members of the community to read. Because of this, I have been searching down a wide and diverse range of books to read that will entice a wide cross-section of the school to come in, browse and find books that they love. 
Books like this will ensure that the senior students in the school see the library as a diverse, modern and exciting place with books that speak to them and they want to recommend to their friends, classmates, teachers and tutors.
It is an engrossing and exciting read with fully-formed characters and a plot that ensures that it's hard to look away. It is as far from formulaic as it is possible to be and kept me up far too late in order to finish it. I immediately wanted to read all of this writer's other books as I loved their voice and found that it really drew me into the story and made me think about it even when I'd stepped away from this tale. 
This is a thought-provoking read which I'm sure will be a popular and well-read addition to our new library; I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to read it and I know that the students are going to absolutely love it too!
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The Flatshare is a cute book starting from a very unusual premise: Tiffy and Leon sleep in the same bed despite having never met, as one of them is home while the other is at work. It is a romance book, so we already kind of know how things will turn out, but it was nevertheless fun to see how our MCs got there.

For some reason, I struggled to get into this book at first, but by the end I was invested in the story and the characters. I really liked the idea of having alternating POVs, so we got to see things from both Tiffy's and Leon's perspective and it was easier to understand both characters' background and motivations. Still, some things were quite baffling, such as Leon's initial decision not to meet Tiffy at all, despite living in the same house... like, seriously?! But eventually I came to care for both of them, and their amazing friends. I really liked to see how well fleshed out the characters were, and how they grew as the book progressed. 

Despite the light, fuzzy romance, the book also dealt with some pretty hard topics like gaslighting and emotional abuse, and miscarriages of justice. It was good to see these elements integrated into the narrative, but I feel like there should be a trigger warning there as they're not things one would necessarily expect from the blurb. 

Overall, this was a funny, light-hearted book with some serious undertones that rang truer than most romance books, even though some bits didn't really work for me. I'll definitely be reading more from this author!
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This was a lovely fun read,  totally different to my normal genre and I really enjoyed it.  It’s not a fast paced read by any means but one that I really enjoyed as a fun and easy read.
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I have seen this book all over Bookstagram and must admit I became very curious about it!
The blurb that I came across before beginning to read it was, ‘What if your room mate was your flat mate? Tiffy and Leon share a flat. Tiffy and Leon share a bed. Tiffy and Leon have never met.......’ 
It is such an unusual storyline and I absolutely loved it! I loved the way in which the story was told, from the alternating points of view of Tiffy and Leon and I just immediately fell in love with them both, they are amazing characters!
It is such a good story, I loved everything and couldn’t fault a single thing about it!
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Unfortunately, I have not been able to read and review this book.

After losing and replacing my broken Kindle and getting a new phone I was unable to download the title again for review as it was no longer available on Netgalley. 

I’m really sorry about this and hope that it won’t affect you allowing me to read and review your titles in the future.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. 
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Thank you NetGalley for sending me a copy of this eArc. 

This book should really be called “The Bedshare”. Because our main characters, Tiffy and Leon, share a bed. One sleeps in it during the night and works through the day, the other sleeps through the days and works at night. It’s the perfect arrangement! Except they have never met and both have pretty huge issues going on in their lives. 

This whole concept really intrigued me and it didn’t disappoint. It turned into a super cute romance that wasn’t at all cheesy... much. Okay it was cheesy in some places and that did kind of affect my rating- plus the whole epilogue was not needed, actually a sequel would have been good for that - but on the whole I did enjoy the romance. 

Definitely should have trigger warnings in place for emotional abuse, trauma and ex-lover violence. Oh and Leon works in a hospice so please take what you will from that.
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I put off reading this for the longest time and, boy, do I regret that. I adored this book!

It sounds like strange premise but it actually works so well and I was hooked from the very beginning. 

I loved Tiffy and Leon and I want to read this all over again!
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So many thoughts are running through my head, the tears down my face but unequivocally this is what I believe love should be about. I will be ridiculed but I don’t care. I am a romantic by heart and I love all things romantic. I loved this story!!

In the beginning, I must admit when I read from Leon’s point of view I found it a struggle but that is because it was different. It wasn’t proper sentences, more like random thoughts by him. But when you get in the flow of the book, you see Leon grow in confidence and then his perspective begins to formulate better and he becomes whole.

This book has made me happy, I spent the book smiling. So much is going on, friendships are formed, mysteries to be solved, complete pig of an ex (that’s the PG rating of what I want to say), near misses and then that meet up. I always say this, I don’t care that we know what will happen, I am here for the journey. I love the journey that the characters go on to get where they need to be. By heck, this was a fab journey.

I am in awe of Tiffy, not only is she everything I’m not, shes tall I’m short, she’s gorgeous and most of all I WANT her flame-red hair! How can I be jealous of a book character but I am! Plus I want a post-it type of love like she has.

It is weird thinking of the main premise of the story, sharing someone’s bed but never meeting. I mean you just don’t know who you could end up with but it’s also a refreshing idea for a story and gives us a completely different take on a gorgeous love story.

The characters, and I mean all of them (bar 2), won my heart. They drive this book, they make this book heartfelt. The characters are dealing with different issues, and these aren’t the heart and flower issues. Everything is tackled delicately, and in a way that when Tiffy reflects, we reflect and we begin to see the truth. She has her own journey to go on, and this is not an easy one. It makes her more appealing to the reader because she is made real and she could be your friend. The whole ordeal had me raging, to experience that is no easy feat, but her own self-discovery is something that drew me to her and wants to go and get drunk with her because she is so much fun!

I am probably blinkered with this book, I’ve not read any reviews but I have seen the hype and I knew that I would love it before I read it. It’s my type of book when I’m not all up in the doom, gloom and ghosts. (Couldn’t think of a word to rhyme). I am a sucker for hearts and flowers, Prince Charming and the eccentric type of love and for me, this book has it all. If a book can make my face hurt from smiling so much, it’s done a job for me. I already feel this is a book that I will read again. It is such an easy and fun read, why would I not! And yes it’s so going to be on my book list at the end of the year, how can it not!!

I can’t wait to read The Switch and I have spied a new book coming out next year so I will quickly be adding that to my TBR list. I am excited already and I have not even read the blurb! LOL.
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I have FINALLY read the Flatshare after so many months of it sitting on my Kindle. The hype doesn't lie, this is a gorgeous romance and made me feel all kinds of things! It will set your heart aflutter. Simply gorgeous.
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Sorry for late review  - just catching up after a busy 6 months.  Loved this book a lot - know it's had mixed reviews but I would recommend
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I love, love, love this book....

The characters were all very likeable except for Justin and Martin (you will soon see why) and I would love friends like Tiffy and Rachel, Getty, Mo and Leon. 

A feel good novel that will definitely leave you wanting more.
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