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Webs of Perception

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Web of Perception 
By Darlene Quinn
Greenleaf Book Group

Twin sisters Callie & Marnie belonging to the wealthy Taylor family  head out to sea for their senior year of college.. One sister ends up with amnesia, the other sister "Callie" is lost at sea. What's the truth, what really happened? How does this tight knit family deal with all the drama 
In their lives..., a young sibling is kidnapped and missing for 8 years. This family pulls together throughout all of the turmoil they encounter. 
This is the first book I have read by this author, the writing was easy to follow and flowed nicely. I'd like to go back and read the first 5 books of the series, it's a great beach read. 

Thank you to Netgalley for there ARC for my honest opinion also thank you to Greenleaf Book Group
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This was an engrossing family drama.  I enjoyed the way that the family’s relationships were portrayed.  The novel begins with the twins, who are the oldest children of the Taylor family, on board a ship that is involved in an accident with a rogue wave.  One of the girls ends up with amnesia and one ends up missing.  After this, the family is involved in a dramatic chain of events as they try to heal from what happened.  The Taylor family is an affluent family who owns a chain of retail stores.  The family has a close relationship and strong ties with each other.  This helps them to deal together with the aftermath of what happened on the ship.
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This is the final book in  a series. I have not read the previous books but I was able to read this as a stand alone. I enjoyed the writing, the mystery and the well crafted charcters.  The premise of two sisters, one supposedly lost at sea and one with memory loss of the event at sea  was fun to read as the mystery deepened toward the truth. I look forward to reading the beginning books in the series as I enjoyed the authors writing .  

Thank you for the ARC . My opinion is my own. .
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I had the privilege to read this book as a reviewer.  It is a story about a short span of time in the lives of a set of twins who have a traumatic experience at sea during their senior year of college and how they and their family individually and collectively deal with it.  Given the short time span the story covered, a lot of happenings and emotion had to be absorbed, without much background or time for the story or develop.  However, I found it an interesting read and it was well written.  The author is not superfluous with her use of adjectives, which I always appreciate, but was descriptive.  I was delighted with a phrase early on -“ I squeezed my eyes tight, wishing I was already an hour older.”  Short, but giving a complete understanding of the feeling of the character.  I found that all the way through the book.  I would certainly recommend this book by Ms. Quinn.  She is a talented and accomplished author.
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I really enjoyed this book, I found out that I love stories that involves twins. It is another tragedy in Taylor's family, how are they going to cope this time? Callie and Marnie's adventures at sea are going to be a nightmare. Lovely book.
Thank you Netgalley for this copy.
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I was looking forward to reading the final chapter of the Webs series as I have loved all of Darlene Quinn's prior installments in the series. Maybe its been too long since the last one, maybe I 'm getting too old to remember all of the characters and their ins and outs in the Taylor's lives. Maybe I just think that the Taylor family is doomed to be the department store version of the Kennedy's.  I just couldn't get into the story, relate to Marnie, and the whole first person/third person perspective shifts annoyed me.
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Marnie and Callie are young twins setting aboard on a semester at sea during their college years. When the ship is hit by a rogue wave Callie is missing and Marnie has amnesia. I found this book to be confusing and too slowly paced because of  the constant and never ending changes and twists, too many for my liking. The parents don't even know which one of their twins is which, one sister is suffering from amnesia, another one gets hit by a taxi, plus one was kidnapped as a baby and with another family for 8 years. It just seems too far fetched for one family to have so much drama.
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