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This was a fine romance. The characters were well written but there were several moments in this that made me want to bang my head against a wall. The plot made sense for the most part and the writing was clear and easy to follow. This was just okay and a slightly unremarkable romance. It's not one I would recommend if you've read a lot of f/f romances.
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A super fast paced medical romance which was easy enough to read but not overly full of depth.

Galen Burgess is your typical brilliant surgeon with almost everything at her feet, include any number of hookups.  Rowan Duncan is an intern from Texas with a man at home. Trouble is, she has fallen for Galen.

Everything that happens in this book is pretty quick so you don't have to wait long for the action to kick off. I prefer a slow burn but fans of medical dramas might enjoy.
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Having not read any books by Emily Smith I was intrigued as to what this would be like. I was not disappointed.

The storyline was really quite believable and I could fully understand why she hung back in getting in to relationships fully.

I will be looking out for more books from Emily Smith now.
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All of Me is the first novel I have read from Emily Smith.

The plot follows chief surgical resident Galen Burgess and surgical intern Rowan Duncan. I love medical romances and I was super excited to dig into this book but unfortunately it just fell flat.

The MC, Galen and Rowan, especially the latter was really had to connect with. Rowan for the life of me, could not stop getting under my skin. It seemed that everything she did annoyed the living crap out of me. I found Rowan unlikeable because for a smart surgical doctor she sure made a lot of dumb-ass mistakes that had me shaking my head in disbelief and if not that, shaking my fists in anger. Galen wasn't much better because her playgirl tendencies did absolutely nothing to the plot even when there were times we were to sympathize with her, I just couldn't because she would say one thing and then try and seduce the supposingly straight Rowan while asking herself why everyone thought the worst of whaaaat??? It's because you are the worst!

I felt that Ms. Smith built up this opposing character in Galen's father who is this backwards, cold, seemingly heartless father/husband/doctor chief  who would oppose Galen's and Rowan's relationship from the beginning but did, at all. He didn't raise any conflict that I thought besides performing surgery on his wife, which first of all is unrealistic no matter him being the chief of whatever. 

The surprise conflict was so dumb, I feel bad for Brian who was cast unfortunately as the 
"bad guy". Sure the guy needs to grow up and grow a pair but honestly he isn't the worst guy in the world. 

All crucial matters was cast aside and never addressed like the relationship between Galen and her father, Galen's parents, etc. Nothing is ever resolved. So overall, the plot and the characters fell flat and I didn't quite enjoy this read.
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I am a hufe fan of medical romances and I enjoyed this book as a whole, though there are some points I did not like that much. 

The beginning of the story is great, feels funny, hot and promising at the same time. But after reading further I felt that the story looses its bond with the character's emotion. Especially Rowans feelings and her decisions are not believeable or better said reasonable for the reader. I missed the inner turmoil a lot. Just could not feel it. Also the happy end was not really plausible. I think it needed more time, more time on the page, more inner turmoil. It all seemed to be only scratching the surface where I needed more depth. 

So only 3 stars for this book.
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There was a lot to like about this book - but one really big problem.  Now, maybe it's just "I really didn't want it to go this way," in which case, it's not really the author's fault, and I hate to blame her for that.  But the lengths that Rowan went to not disappoint Brian were incredibly unrealistic and really took away from the story.  I could maybe see it if it was set in the 1950s, or a very conservative, isolated place, but otherwise, no.

I'll still read books from this author, and if they don't have that element, I believe I'll really enjoy them.
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This was a great novel. The main characters were both Drs. Dr. Galen is chief resident and Dr. Rowan is one of Dr. Galen's residents. Dr. Rowen left her boyfriend Bryan back in Texas while she  finished up her residency. They would facetime when Dr. Rowan made time.  Dr. Galen was known as a "player" at the hospital.  Not one for relationships or feelings.  There was a charge between Galen and Rowan. They began to enjoy a friendship that bloomed very quickly into much more. Rowan told Bryan they needed to take a break. She loved him, but was not in love with him. He was her best friend. She told him the distance just wasn't going to work. Galen and Rowan confessed their love for each other and wanted to spend every second they could together.  Six weeks later Thanksgiving night Rowan returned to her apartment to find Bryan waiting for her. Bryan decided he wanted Rowan, so he left his job and moved to be with her. Rowan couldn't hurt Bryan. She felt he needed her and that Galen was strong and would be fine. Both women missed each other terribly and Galen was devastated over her lost love.  She had never felt like wanting everything with one person whom she loved with all her heart for the first time in her life.  Bryan proposed to Rowan and she accepted which hurt Galen even more if that was possible.  
Can Rowan be happy loving Bryan without being in love with him? Is she going to rob him of the love everyone deserves as well as herself?  Would Galen even consider taking Rowan back after the world of devasting hurt she caused her?  It is a great story of love, perseverance and selflessness!! Enjoy!
I was given an ebook by Bold Strokes for my review.
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I received an ARC from BSB (via NetGalley) in exchange of an honest review, so … Here it is !!! 

First of all … I’d like to say that I haven’t chosen the novel based on its cover since I’m not a huge fan of pictures of persons on covers. Why ?? ‘cause from my POV it spoils a lot of things about the characters. I prefer when I picture them in my mind's eye based on their description made by the author …

OK … so , now, what to say about « All Of Me » itself … 

I’ll begin by : for me it’s only (and sadly) a 2.5 Stars … and those stars are because the writing and the humor are quite good during a good part of the book (=> one thing for sure, Ms Smith is familiar with medical procedures … ) + I appreciated to find some interesting vocabulary that I checked out, of course (it’s a good way to improve one’s skills after all.). Other than that, well … that’s a different story.

I’m a huge fan of docs / medical romance novels (they are definitely my favourite genre after the cop stories) so I was really excited about this book when I read the plot. Seriously, even if I’m not a fan of the « womanizers / straight girls » topic, the beginning of the story was promising, at a point that I couldn’t put the book down … I really enjoyed more than the first half of the book. But, then & unfortunately the inevitable twist happened. And like some other readers, I had to push through the rest of the book until the end ‘cause, let’s say it truthfully, it was almost painful… I agree with some other readers : The novel felt like a lesser version of many other « docs » books I’ve read/ It could have been titled « Same old story » instead… 

It was quite a nice reading in the beginning… I’ve even begun to appreciate Galen and Rowan seemed to be a good gal …  BUT … (yeah, there’s usually always a « but » … ) the characters’s development was highly disappointing (no explanation about the change of heart in Galen’s behavior, secondary characters appearance too quick, etc)  … and, it was even worse after this ridiculous twist .   That’s just pathetic, the way it happened (on the same screen when you read it on Adobe reader on a laptop BTW) and the way it was handled … I couldn’t believe what I read … NO WAY such a thing happens if you’re really deeply head over heels in love with your soulmate … Who on earth would dump a love story to do « the right thing » and, this, by pity ‘cause the guy wants to come back ( not very original if you ask me … ) … come’on, that’s absurd!!! And in my world it would have been : « Thank you , but no thank you guy !!! I love you since you’re my best friend but you need to grow up man, I’m not your mother and I can’t protect you all your life long… oh , and, BTW, … get over it, I’m madly in love with a WOMAN … and I won’t even talk to you about the lovemakings » … And the end … Oh Gosh … I just wanted to slap everyone in the face. Rowan for being such a stupid bitch who messes up with everyone’s feelings and Galen to take Rowan back after she had hurt her so badly and this, after a hesitation which lasted just the time of the blink of her eyes. 

This book was just too unbelievable for my own taste and it saddens me like always when I feel that a novel had the potential to become a great book but in the end, appears to be quite flat … It didn’t work for me but it seems some people highly appreciate the novel so, guys and gals, I think the best thing to do is that you grab your own copy and make your own opinion …

Enjoy (or not) your reading … 

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I enjoyed this book. It’s an easy read with endearing characters and is well written but I felt there was a lack of development in the relationship of Galen and Rowan. 
As a nurse I felt the medical issues were well written although the storyline is rather predictable. 
3.5 stars.

I received this ARC from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review.
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A good fun romance and good medical drama. Plenty of sexual tension and great main characters. This was quick but enjoyable.
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An honest review thanks to NetGalley.  I love medical dramas and this book started out really well.  Obviously the attraction and relationship between Rowan and Galen went very fast.  That wasn't what bothered me, through out the book Rowan was madly falling for Galen and then when her ex shows up she reverts back to where she was at the beginning.  It didn't fit with the character the author portrayed making the rest of the book very difficult to get through.
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I loved the characters and setting of This book and once you start reading this book you will most likely finish in one sitting .
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I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I very much enjoyed the overall story in "All of Me". I loved the main characters, Rowan and Galan, and the development of their relationship. 

One thing I was a bit disappointed in was the pacing. The first half of the book seemed like the story was building up to the couple being together, but possibly having to deal with Galan's father and repercussions of having a boss/employee relationship. After Galan tells her dad that she is in love with Rowan and that was just how it was going to be, her dad never appears again in the book and that part of the story never comes up again. It made me wonder why so much time was spent building that up with no satisfying conclusion.

The story at that point takes a 90 degree turn into dealing with Rowan's boyfriend that she had taken a break from until she dealt with her attraction to Galan. It seemed disjointed like there were 2 stories being told, but neither completely coming through. The engagement between Rowan and Brian seemed very forced, way too fast, and wasn't very believable.

Overall I enjoyed the story. Maybe a follow-up covering the relationship after getting back together, the tension between Galan and her father, and what happened to Brian after getting dumped would help round things out.
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Loved the setting and the characters. The quickness of the engagement was a bit over the top, but it moved the story along. I really liked the supporting character, Makayla’s no bullshit attitude and calling Rowan out when she was wrong or in denial.
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Going into this book, I was looking for a romance to get invested in with an interesting medical setting, and that's definitely what I got. Like Grey's Anatomy, the characters live out their personal drama amid a sea of day-to-day medical life. The author works in medicine, and it shows: all the hospital scenes felt detailed without being unfollowable, and as someone who enjoys medical dramas, I found this one of the highlights of the book. While Galen and Rowan's romance happened slightly too fast for my taste (they're in world-changing love after two days being together), I was definitely invested in their relationship working out, in Galen learning to let someone in and Rowan learning she can prioritise her own happiness. Also like Grey's Anatomy, this book is packed with tropes (hurt/comfort when Galen is ill! crying scenes in a staircase! coffee as a romantic gesture!) and I loved that about it. This may not have been the strongest book I've ever read, but I enjoyed my time reading it and will probably return to it for comfort reads in the future. Tropey medical drama with queer ladies! A good time.
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If you are a fan of any medical drama on TV, then you'll love this book. It is littered with hospital terms that we all know and love as we follow Dr. Galen Burgess through the corridors of Boston City Hospital. 

It took me a couple of chapters to get into the flow of the story, but once I got into it I couldn't put it down, and stayed up late into the night. Which for me, is always the sign of a good book.
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This is a romance in a medical setting and the first book I have read by Ms. Smith.  I enjoyed All of Me and found the characters to be well developed.  Although the story was predictable, I liked this light, easy read.

The two main characters are Dr. Galen Burgess, the newly appointed chief resident of surgery and the daughter of the chief of OR at the same hospital.  Galen is always trying to meet the expectations of her father and has become a workaholic.  She is known to be a “player” and has frequent hospital hook ups with nurses and other hospital employees.

Dr. Rowan Duncan is a first-year surgical resident under Galen’s authority.  She is a straight woman from Texas and has a boyfriend named Bryan.  Rowan is an excellent surgical resident and quickly draws the attention of Galen.  Rowan has never been attracted to women, finds herself drawn to Galen.  Thus, the push and pull of this relationship develops.   

I enjoyed the story and found it to be a very pleasant weekend read.  As with most romances, it is predictable yet entertaining.  I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to reading the next book by Ms. Smith.

I was given this ARC in return for a fair and honest review.
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All of Me is the story about Chief of Resident Surgery and womanizer Dr. Galen Burgess and Dr Rowan Duncan an Intern and Straight woman with a boyfriend back home. Galen is instantly attracted to Rowan and visa versa. 

I thought this book was ok. I actually had a few problems with it. Rowan is straight and is instantly drawn to Galen even though she know Galen is a player. She has never been attracted to a woman before and I find it hard to believe that she would fall for a woman. Galen on the other had is a womanizer. She has plenty of women who is willing to sleep with her. In a short amount of time, Galen finds herself falling for Rowan. The story just doesn’t seem feasible. 

I did find myself liking the supporting characters and the hospital scenes. I rate this one a 3 star.
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It starts on July 1st, the day when New Residents (i.e. Interns) start at hospitals around the country. Galen is the still newish Chief Resident of Surgery. Rowen is one of the new Interns and previously has had a sheltered life in Texas (Oh yeah, coming from somewhere in Texas to Boston might be a little bit of fast coast east coast whiplash).

At the end of my review of 'After the Fire', which is also by Emily Smith, I wrote, "Galen Now?" and boy oh boy was this Galen's turn. Because while she falls for Rowan, Rowan's part of the story is much more complicated, mainly because she has a boyfriend, Brian, who is still in Texas.

Of course, Galen also has some baggage, having been a player for quite a while, as well as some hard core Brugess (her family) family drama.

I liked the secondary characters the most in this book. Teddy was back and Makayla was quite a character.

I liked the book for the most part. It was a nice sorta sequel to 'After the Fire' and a very enjoyable (I blew through it because I was hooked) fast read. Oh, and it was set in Boston, and that part was written perfectly, no trips from Boston to Pittsfield in Twenty Minutes. And that's always a very big plus for me.

I received this book via Netgalley thanks to Bold Strokes Books.
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I enjoyed this book. The characters were well rounded and thought out. The discovery phase is always my favorite time in the story and this one lasted.
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