The Amish Sweet Shop

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The Amish Sweet Shop is a book that includes three cozy novellas. Each story is written by a different author and Each of the novellas are set in Amish Country.

While all three are separate stories, the second and third stories reference the first so they feel a bit more connected. These are easy, quick reads and will fill your heart with hope and love as Valentine’s Day arrives. You can read them independently or one after the other.

I enjoyed all three stories and look forward to reading more from each author.
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These are three sweet novella's all of which are very loosely connected. All three are charming cute reads which would all be great to read to get into the Valentine's Day spirit! All three are enough to make you start craving chocolate and I really enjoyed the Amish aspects throughout each story. As they are novella's each can be a quick read when you're looking for that pick me up of gooey romance.
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I love culinsry type of cozy mysteries. I have also started reading otjer2 Amish cozies. This book was a lot of fun to read. It did not disappoint!
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This is a great series. The first book gave me a lot of laughs. The second book was sweet and dealt with self esteem issues.  The 3rd and 4th books were only partial, so that was frustrating.  But overall I really enjoyed the first two.
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When it comes to reading Amish fiction, a few things about a story are really important to me. First of all, the author does his or her research. I know there are tons of different Amish districts with many different rules, but there are a few general ones that most districts do follow. There's nothing that frustrates me more than reading a book about the Amish where the author has obviously not looked up much about them. Not only does it make the story hard to believe, but it makes the characters lack depth too.

You'll be happy to know that in this book, all of the authors have definitely studied the Amish lifestyle. I especially loved how all of the characters come together at some point in the stories, so you get to know them from another author and character's point of view.

Each story had it's moments and storylines that stood out. In The Sweetest Courtship, it was fun to read about a male Amish character for a bit of a change. In The Sweetest Truth, we watch a young woman overcome her fears and insecurities to reach out to someone else. And in Nothing Tastes So Sweet, there's an exciting story about Hannah, who almost defies the rules she's brought up in and cares so much about.

If you're a fan of Amish fic, or sweet romance stories that have depth but don't get too steamy, then I just know you'll love reading this book!
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This is a really fun book to read, once I started I wanted to keep reading. Taking place in Bluebird,PA this book is a collection of stories by authors Emma Miller, Laura Bradford and Mary Ellis. The stories are as sweet as Beechy's Sweet Shop. It made my mouth water when they explained the candy making steps. Fudge anyone? Each story deals with loss of loved ones,forgiveness and healing. Each story is connected with revolving around the sweet shop. I have read stories by all these authors already and it is a sweet delight to read these stories. The cover really drew me in it's very charming.
Published December 24th 2018 by Kensington . 
I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington through NetGalley. Thank you. All opinions expressed are my own.
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I love Laura Bradford so I was excited to receive this cute mix of stories for Kensington to review. If you love the Amish, candy, and the thought of love, this novel is a perfect way to 'taste' these three authors' styles. All embrace the sweet and beautiful culture of the Amish as well as deliver love stories with true heart from a woman brutally scarred by a fire to a widow who needs a miracle. Perfect for any sweet reading tooth!
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The Amish Sweet Shop is a collection of three short stories that are sweet and clean reads.  Once I started reading this book it was a fast and easy read.

The message of faith, family and hard work is woven throughout.  The characters face loss of loved ones and new beginnings as they move on with their lives.  They make new friends as some settle into new towns.  Theere are some lighthearted moments that made me smile and added to my enjoyment of the novellas.
If readers are looking for a nice relaxing read than I recommend this one and it's suitable for all ages.

I received a copy from the publisher through Netgalley and was under no obligation to write a review.  All opinion are my own.
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The Amish Sweet Shop is a trio of Amish romance novellas by Emma Miller, Laura Bradford and Mary Ellis. This is a Valentine Anthology full of love and sweet Christian romance. 

The Sweetest Courtship by Emma Miller tells the story of Jacob Beechy owner of Beechy’s Sweets in Bluebird, Pennsylvania. His mother Clara wants to find him a wife, so using the premise of him needing an assistant while she is out of town, she sets a plan in place. Clara begins interviewing candidates, but the questions she asks are more about being a wife than a shopkeeper. When Clara interviews Rose Bontrager, believes she will make the perfect wife for Jacob, and hires her on the spot. Will gruff, standoffish Jacob and sweet, even-tempered Rose fall into Clara’s marriage trap? Will and Rose are a hoot. They are like oil and water at the beginning, but the more they work together, the more they begin to enjoy being together. I loved Rose's character and even though I knew they would end up together, I was definitely rooting for their relationship.

The Sweetest Truth by Laura Bradford stars Sadie Fisher. A young Amish girl who dreams of a husband and family, but fears no one will ever love her. After being horribly scarred in a barn fire, she feels that her friends, family and especially strangers can only see the scars. When someone starts secretly leaving her gifts, she is sure it is someone making fun of her, that no one can see the beautiful person she is on the inside. Who has seen past her scars and the wall she has built around her heart? Once again, there were wonderful characters who I rooted for and wanted to get to know. I would love to visit and meet these characters who have such strong love and faith.

Nothing Tastes So Sweet by Mary Ellis is the final story in the book. Hannah Kline and her husband, Daniel, are looking forward to saving enough money to have a home, a farm and a family. When Daniel is killed in an industrial accident, Hannah is adrift, especially after finding out she is pregnant. She soon realizes that when the Lord closes a door, he opens a window. Seth Miller left the Amish Community after an accusation of theft. He returns and has a dream to open a business of his own. Can Hannah and Seth, work together to combine their dreams? This is a beautiful second chance story that will have you turning the pages quickly to see if all the hurdles can be overcome. 

Miller, Bradford and Ellis have each brought us a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, family, and faith. Each of these stories was a Valentine treat for me. I recommend this to lovers of clean romance, Christian Romance, and Amish Fiction. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
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The Amish Sweet Shop is a collection of three short stories set in Bluebird, Pennsylvania by Laura Bradford, Mary Ellis and Emma Miller. 
In The Sweetest Courtship by Emma Mille, we meet Jacob Beechy who owns and operates  the best sweet shop around, Beechy’s Sweets. His wonderful mother, Clara is ready for grandchildren and won't let anything stop her from playing matchmaker. Unsuspecting, Rose Bontrager is in town to stay with family and just looking for a job, but with Clara involved there may be a romance baking at the sweet shop. 

The Sweetest Truth by Laura Bradford follows sweet Sadie Fisher who works at Bluebird Quilts.  Sadie has resolved to live a life alone due to an accident that occurred when she was sixteen leaving her scarred.  Her boss, Miss Jenny loves Sadie and encourages her everyday, saying God will send the right man along who will see her beauty despite the scars on her face.  Sadie tries not to get to hopeful when a secret admirer starts leaving her gifts on the back porch of Bluebird Quilts. With the help of Miss Jenny and a new friend, Sadie is determined to find the truth, good or bad, behind the gifts.

In Nothing Tastes So Sweet by Mary Ellis, Hannah Kline finds her dreams smashed when her husband passes away in an accident. When Hannah discovers she is pregnant shortly after her husband's passing, she is determined to support herself and not rely on others. She feels that the answer has been laid in her lap, when she discovers that Mr. & Mrs. Howard are selling the hardware store where she has worked for year. Unfortunately, Hannah does not have enough money for the down payment on her own and the Howards suggest that she partner with Seth Miller who is also interested in the store but lacking funds. To obtain the Bishop’s approval, Hannah must clear Seth’s name of an incident that caused him to leave the Amish.  

I found the stories to be nicely written and well flowing. I loved how they are not only set in the same town, but also linked together by the characters.  The Amish Sweet Shop is a great read and I would recommend it to those who love a great romance. 

I received this book from and the publisher and was not required to post a positive review. All thought and opinions are my own.
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This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading other books by this great author.
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The Amish Sweet Shop was, to use the perfect word, a "sweet" collection of holiday stories about the Amish in Lancaster's Amish Country.  Centered around a charming town, "Blue Bird", each of these stories was an ideal length for the avid reader who has a full plate of "to do's" around the holidays yet still craves the relaxation of reading.  I am actually re reading this book now!

My favorite was the first story, in which Jacob and Rose meet while Rose is employed by Jacob's mother to help Jacob in his candy store during his mothers' absence.  Jacob is quite reluctant to have assistance from someone other than his mom.  He grudgingly comes to appreciate Rose's work ethic, her refusal to have her feathers be ruffled by his front of being brusque, and her ability to handle a crisis.  Rose quickly sees glimpses of his true kind self, the one Jacob keeps hidden.   

With Valentines' Day approaching quickly, I believe fellow readers will quite enjoy The Amish Sweet Shop.
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I completely enjoyed this book.  I love reading about the life style of the Amish.  It's a great romantic book, smooth reading and fun.
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The Amish Sweet Shop features three entertaining and sweetly romantic novellas of true love with delightful but imperfect characters who own businesses in the picturesque modern day Amish town of Bluebird, Pennsylvania. There’s a well meaning but meddling matchmaker at the candy shop, a lonely and disillusioned young woman at the quilt shop and a young married woman who is about to go through serious life changes when her bosses decide to sell the Hardware store where she works in town. Settle in with a cup of tea and immerse yourself in these heartwarming stories that are guaranteed to warm your heart on the coldest December day. I read a complimentary copy of this book provided by Kensington Books through NetGalley and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
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The Amish Sweet Shop by Laura Bradford, Mary Ellis and Emma Miller contains three sweet stories set in Blue Bird, Pennsylvania.  We start with The Sweetest Courtship by Emma Miller.  Jacob Beechy creates the sweet treats sold at Beechy’s Sweets run by his mother, Clara and himself.  Clara is ready for her son to settle down and provide her with grandchildren to spoil.  She will be leaving town to assist her expectant niece and convinces Jacob they need help in the store.  Jacob is unaware that Clara is interviewing the applicants in the hopes of finding him a bride.  When Rose Bontrager arrives, Clara believes she has found the right woman for her son.  Clara takes her leave and hopes sparks will fly between the pair.

The Sweetest Truth by Laura Bradford features Sadie Fisher who works at Bluebird Quilts.  Sadie is happy for her best friend, Miriam who is getting married.  But it makes her sad that she does not have any prospects and Sadie believes she will be a spinster because of the scars on the right side of her face.  Sadie received the scars when she rescued animals from her families burning barn.  Miss Jenny says the right man will come along who can see Sadie for what is inside her heart.  It does not help that an English teenager torments Sadie each day on her way home.  Unexpectedly, someone starts leaving little gifts for Sadie on the back porch of Bluebird Quilts.  Does someone see Sadie for the kind, caring woman she truly is?

Hannah Kline is a recent widow in Nothing Tastes So Sweet by Mary Ellis.  Hannah and her husband lived above the hardware store where she works.  Hannah discovers she is pregnant shortly after her husband dies in a work accident.  When Hannah learns that Mr. & Mrs. Howard are selling the hardware store, she wants to buy it.  Unfortunately, Hannah does not have enough money for the down payment on her own.  The Howard’s suggest that Hannah partner with Seth Miller who also wishes to purchase the hardware store.  To obtain the Bishop’s approval, Hannah must clear Seth’s name of an incident that caused him to leave the Amish.  Their talents and work experiences complement each other making a good working relationship.  Can their work association lead to something more?

The Amish Sweet Shop contains three pleasant Amish romances.  I found the stories to be nicely written and they work well together.  They contain likeable as well as relatable characters.   Beechy’s Sweets is the link that ties the three novellas together plus they are all set in the small town of Bluebird, Pennsylvania.  There are sweet treats mentioned in the books that will have you craving chocolate.  All three stories are clean, Amish romances with Christian messages (such as looking beyond the surface to the person within).  While they do have expected endings, the novellas are diverting.  The Sweetest Courtship is my favorite story.  I enjoyed the banter between Jacob and Rose as well as the humor sprinkled throughout it.  Clara was not subtle with her matchmaking.  The Amish Sweet Shop is the perfect book to read on a cold winter day in a comfy chair with a hot drink and a box of chocolates.
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The Amish Sweet Shop is a fun collection of stories that centers around the town of Bluebird, Pennsylvania. Each story is written by one of three popular Amish fiction authors, including Laura Bradford, Emma Miller, and Mary Ellis. In the first story, The Sweetest Courtship, Miller brings to life the tale of Rose and Jacob. Two years ago, Rose lost her husband and son in an accident. Although she misses them, she is ready to move on with her life. Jacob is a quiet man who has also experienced loss. When his mother decides to hire Rose to work at his sweet shop, he is not at all happy. But when an accident leaves him dependent on Rose to get all of the orders done for Valentine's Day, they may both find happiness is closer than they realized. The second story is Bradford's The Sweetest Truth. Sadie Fisher was burned six years ago in a barn fire, leaving her face a scarred mess on one side. She believes she is destined to be alone and that no man can see beyond the scars. When Amos Yoder's father opens an ice cream store next to where she works, they become friends. Sadie doesn't believe it can be anything more than friendship though, so she works to put some distance between them. Will Amos be able to show her that her beauty is more than skin deep? Finally, in Nothing Tastes So Sweet, Mary Ellis brings us the story of Hannah and Seth. They are two people who both want to buy the same hardware store, but alone can't afford it. Can they work together to make their dreams come true?
I really enjoyed all three stories. I had fun reading them and finished them in one day. They are light, easy reading but they have good messages, as well as some laughs. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Amish short story genre. I received a free copy of this story from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Get ready for a sweet romance set in Bluebird , Pennsylvania. Home to these 3 novels each filled with love and romance. My favorite is :  The Sweetest Courtship finds us at the Sweet shop where Jacob’s mother is conspiring to have grandchildren. Being a confirmed bachelor is not what his mother wants. She convinces Jacob that maybe help during their busy time might be a blessing. What he doesn’t realize is that the applicants are really there for two reasons. Store help and a wife. Who doesnt love a match making mother. But the other 2 books are just as great – so grab this collection and enjoy a sweet treat.
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The Amish Sweet Shop is a three story collection surrounding a small Amish community. It is written by three different authors, but the stories all work together, similar to a three part continuing story. I enjoyed reading each story very much. All of the stories were clean, decent, and fun to read, If you enjoy Amish fiction, you will certainly enjoy these stories.
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I believe this is my first time reading an Amish themed book and I liked the view into their lives. I also liked the flow and pacing of all three stories and commend the authors for a job well done.
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The Amish Sweet Shop is a collection of 3 novellas by Emma Miller, Laura Bradford, and Mary Ellis. All three are set in Bluebird, Pennsylvania and mix characters throughout each story, but all have ties to the candy shop in town. 
All three of them have a lovely story dealing with love, compassion, understanding, friendship, and romance. The heroines are each strong Amish women. Each family has it's own uniqueness and separate story line. 
This is a sweet Amish romance novel that is easy to read and perfect for Valentines Day. Caution though, you may be left with a craving for fudge. 
I was given an ARC by the publisher and Netgalley for an honest review.
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