Advent for Everyone: Luke

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Enjoyable daily reader for Advent.
This reader begins with the genealogy of Jesus so we can see how Jesus fits into history and ends with the Parable of the great banquet. Thus spanning the entirety of time. The birth of Jesus being covered on Christmas Day as expected.
This is an interesting reader by the well-known writer NT Wright.
I was given this book by Netgalley and the publisher. This is my voluntary review.
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World-renowned author and theologian, N. T. Wright gives us this well-considered and balanced devotional for Advent.  Wright has written major theological tomes of significance that are fairly inaccessible to an average reader (see his Christian Origins series of books).  It is refreshing to have him re-state his ideas in the context of a devotional for "everyone."  This particular edition has a good balance. The writing and ideas are accessible and yet offer enough food for thought to challenge a wider audience.  This book has enticed me to look further into Wright's "everyone" series.  It was very enriching and enjoyable. 4.5 stars
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Choosing an Advent devotional is very personal.  What draws one person into meaningful preparation for Christmas may not speak to another.  For me, the Advent for Everyone devotions by Tom (N. T.) Wright fall in the first category.  This is the second I've used to guide me through the Advent season.  The scriptures which are from Wright's "The New Testament for Everyone", the readings and the questions for reflection or discussion worked together to lead me deeper into Jesus as I prepared for the celebration of his coming.  I look forward to Wright's next advent offering.
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"Advent  for  Everyone  Luke"  by  N.T.Wright   is a  devotional to  prepare for  Christmas during Advent time.   . It  gives  good back  round and   for the setting and times  during that time  period.  It  helps the reader   put their   mind   and heart  during the time of the day.   The   reader then  is able to ask how the  book applies to their life.  The   questions at the   end of the devotional   are very  practical and personal.   It is well  written and good for families.  This  devotional  provides  good discussion for  families .  It is the  perfect  length for a family devotional.    Thank you to the publisher for sharing this devotional  with me for a review.  I will share my  review with   pastors , friends,  on my blog,  Amazon,  Goodreads, facebook.
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I made it 41% of the way into the book.  No mention of advent or any Christmasy feels at all.  So I was thinking maybe this was a general bible study which is fine. But then I made it to week 2: Wednesday and the reflection just skeeved me out big time. 

"Do you ever think of money, or land, or other people, as commodities you're entitled to own or exploit? What would be a better, more faithful way to think of them?"  

Say what?!  Not a Christian was of thinking at all and very disturbing to me.  I can't read further.  Sorry.
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What an extraordinary book! Although I am pretty sure it wasn’t the author’s intent, I read all the devotions in a day. I’m certain I will read through them again, with less speed. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that these are, truly, for everyone. In the past, I’ve gotten intellectually bogged down by Wright’s work because he’s really, really smart and I, well, I can be an Episcopalian of little brain.

But this book was different. I loved the way he picked apart the book of Luke without losing the bigger picture and the historical content was absolutely fascinating. It wasn’t the typical “true meaning of Christmas” drivel I encounter in many places this time of year. There seemed to be a great emphasis on Jesus as revolutionary which I appreciated.

Thanks to Westminster John Knox Press and Netgalley for this arc.
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NT Wright always has something interesting and inspiring to say, and I was glad to see this new book. The Gospel of Luke is a popular scripture for Advent, and the author's take on this Gospel is appreciated. This book of devotionals offers scripture passages followed by a longish homily by the author. These essays are a bit longer than those found in most devotional books. Some will see that as a plus; others might want a more succinct
 passage for daily use.
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Advent is a time to prepare our hearts for Christmas.

Christmas isn't about presents and decorations but about the coming of Jesus and what his birth means for humanity.

Advent for Everyone: Luke is a great devotional for the advent season.

Each day for the four weeks of advent there is a different bible reading and corresponding application to ready our hearts to the true meaning of Christmas.
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