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Arabella’s dreams are soon within her grasp after meeting Bennett. The instant attraction they felt towards one another was evident from their first meeting and she will likely provide what was missing in his life. Great story and look forward to more from this author.
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This is a charming Christmas novella that captures the holiday spirit with a touch of romance and a gradual friendship turn romance. There are bristles and confrontations but there is heart and like all Williams' novels there is a happily ever after but not before there are some feathers ruffled and a genuine possibility that they destined couple may not end up together. This is a sweet story with characters who aren't overly complicated but show enough substance for this kind of story.
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you were to put a holiday novella under a box, propped up by stick that had a string tied around it in order to form a great Elyse-trap, Heartstrings would be the book you’d want to choose.

This novella features:

A sexy British actor who plays villains in every movie.
A young woman who is obsessed with Wonder Woman  and Gal Gadot.
Sex in a heated pool.
You don’t need to read any of the other Hollywood Hearts books to get Heartstrings, but they’re good and I recommend them, especially Heartthrob.

Now, a lot of celebrity romances feature heroes who are like, “I’m People’s sexiest man alive. I don’t have feels, but my dick is telling me I should follow around this lady even though she’s normal and plain and not like the models I date! I must put my penis in her! WHY?!”

I mean…

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This series features heroes who are, like, actual, normal human beings who just happen to have weird jobs.

In this book Bennett Moss, sexy British villain actor and Elyse-bait, hires Bella Valenti to throw a Christmas party for him, his mom and his niece. His niece lost her father (Bennett’s brother) earlier in the year and since her mother passed when she was young, Bennett and his mom are her only family. Bennett wants this to be the bestest Christmas ever for Kelsie.

The problem is Bella knows Kelsie is a little warrior who idolizes Wonder Woman and wants a production while Ben’s idea of a perfect party for three is really his not moving on with his own grief and it’s gonna make Kelsie sad.

So we have a hero who is a celebrity (a trope I find really interesting), who normally plays a villain (please see my Pinterest board dedicated to sexy British villains) and who in real life has a heart of gold and just wants to make Christmas special for his niece. That is like all the things I love so hard. Added to that is some seriously emotional conflict that’s resolved in a satisfying way. For such a short book, I was impressed by the depth of feeling it had.

Heartstrings was the perfect holiday novella for me, and I think it will appeal to a lot of reader
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I've received a ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

A cute and short series that is definitely worth the read if you're looking for something quick and easy.
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As a novella Heartstrings by Belinda Williams is significantly shorter than her previous books in the series – therefore the reader cannot expect the same character depth as her other books. But surprisingly the characters work well even without that background- maybe because I know the series and read the other books? Not sure because as I read them I cannot “un - know” what I read #laughing – But maybe to be sure I would not recommend reading this book as a standalone.
Even though this novella has a Christmas setting it is not one of these typically oversweet holiday reads which is a fact I enjoyed very much and fits the series well. 
I was confused by the Blurb with its mention of the “other event” but – it turns out to be a clever twist in the story. 
The characters were interesting – funny enough I think it’s the first time I read a book that featured an actor that is notorious for playing the villains – very refreshing fact. 
There is not much I can add when it comes to the story – because the Blurb already gives away what should be told - more and it would be too much.
When reading the series and enjoying it – I can recommend adding the novella around Christmas time as it is a nice add-on
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Very short but a nice 30min read. Perfect if you are waiting for an appointment as you would be able to dip in and out without to much bother. It is the book version of chat magazine, happy to read it if its lying there but wouldn't make a point to choose it.
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This is a feel good story about Bella who fell in love with her first client. I enjoyed this story immensely because the twist is  unpredictably.
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Short and sweet book. Both the main chracters are likeable people. I hadn't read the other book, but I don't think it mattered.
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We met Bella in the first book, so I hope you have started from that book since the previous characters make an appearance. So thanks to her cousins connections Bella is able to go solo as an event coordinator but the first job she gets on her own isn't what she was hoping for, but then another opportunity arises and she is conflicted professionally and emotionally..It was ok, my favorite part was reading of the others..
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4.5 Stars!

Belinda Williams has authored another entertaining book with Heartstrings, a Christmas novella from her Hollywood Hearts series. It is a fun read, replete with an engaging plot, well-defined characters and a lighthearted romance. This story takes place in Hollywood, where the holiday parties are simply amazing.

Arabella Valenti, or Bella to her friends and family, is on the cusp of being a successful party planner.  Thanks to her cousin Ally, a very hot fashion designer, she gets her initial break in the event planning business. Her first client is Bennett Moss, a famous actor known for his wicked roles. Bennett hires Bella to plan a three person Christmas gathering for himself, his mom, and his ten-ear-old niece. Simultaneously and secretly, Bennett's mom has Bella plan a large holiday party, replete with Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot.

Bella and Bennett share an immediate chemistry, which they explore in a heated pool on Christmas Eve.

This is a quick read that I truly enjoyed. If you are in the mood for a holiday novella with a strong heroine and a kind hero, then spend sometime in Hollywood with Heartstrings.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Heartstrings is a novella in the Hollywood Hearts series by Belinda Williams.  I have not read any of the other books in this series.  This book is a quick read—I finished it in less than two hours.  I didn’t develop an emotional connection to either the hero or the heroine.  They seem rather unremarkable.  Bella and Bennett meet when he hires her to plan a party for him.  The emotional angst in the book is because Bella has competing interests in two parties she is being asked to plan.  I just couldn’t get excited about this book at all and was not at all invested in Bella and Ben getting their HEA.
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This was a novella. I haven’t read prior books in this series but it was fine to get into it. It was a cute story but ended on a cliffhanger.
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