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I had decided last year that sadly this author was no longer for me, as I was having too much trouble reconciling the way her American characters speak English. But typical me, I could not stay away from this adorable series, and lo and behold, one of the MCs is Kiwi, so I was able to immerse myself very happily into this delightful book without my brain pointing out every speech oddity! A funny and cute roomies to lovers romance, she even made the whole "green card" trope highly enjoyable for me (as an immigrant myself, I stay away from that particular trope). A wonderful addition to the series.
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I think I say this every time I read an Anyta Sunday book but, this one is the best so far! This series just keeps getting better and better. The banter, the wit, that way Anyta writes the gorgeous slow burn and the final realisation of feelings *sigh* just marvellous.
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Zane believes in love at first sight and he's hunting for it so he can get married before his visa runs out and he has to return to New Zealand. Beckett prefers slowly getting to know someone; feeling hesitant after divorcing from his cheating spouse. When Zane needs a place to stay and Beckett offers up his spare room, they both feel a connection neither can resist but will love blossom before Zane must leave the country?

As a book nerd myself, I adored the banter between English professor Beckett and Zane, who isn't familiar with literature and gets his words confused. I empathize with Beckett's understanding and patience that not everyone knows what he's talking about; which keeps Beckett from becoming unlikable and pretentious. This pairs well with Zane's eagerness to learn so seeing them come together is believable and heartwarming. I really enjoy this series and look forward to the next one! 4 out of 5.
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This was ridiculous. Some of it was cute in a fluffy way, but I never found the romance believable, mostly because Zane was such a doofus that he seemed like a caricature, not a real person. The sex, when it finally happened, was not hot in the least due to that, and there was no hot sexual tension up to that point. I just didn't believe a word of it, unfortunately.
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This was absolutely a wonderful M/M romantic comedy - sometimes even painfully so! Zane comes off a touch immature, but it also is very much a young and wanting-to-be-in-love feel, too. Very light reading and is a much needed niche in the M/M community.
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‘Pisces Hooks Taurus’ has everything I love about this series - an adorably clueless MC, a sweet friendship, an even sweeter romance, and UST thick enough that you could cut it with a knife.

In this addition, the clueless of the pair is Zane, a struggling comic book artist from New Zealand who’s determined to fall madly in love and marry before his visa runs out. 

However, much to his disappointment, he can never seem to get that fall-in-love-at-first-sight thing right.

But that doesn’t mean Zane can’t brove at first sight. Get it? Bromance and love - brove.

And that’s exactly what happens when Zane ends up crashing at Beckett’s place. Unlike Zane, Beckett’s given up on love. But Zane’s determined to prove to his new best friend that love is in fact a magical wonderful thing.

Like the previous books in this series, what I loved most about Beckett and Zane’s relationship was how they truly did become each other’s best friend. In only a few days, Zane was able to wiggle his way into Beckett’s carefully ordered life. 

And Beckett recognizes quickly what a brilliant mind and way of thinking Zane has, even if he isn’t “academic” the way most of his friends are.

Zane brings colour to Beckett’s life, while Beckett gives Zane that extra push he needs to go after the things he wants.

They’re two very different men, yet they fit into each other’s lives seamlessly.

Between shared coffees and reading to each other, the two MCs become more than just friends. Of course, Beckett’s aware that what he and Zane have is definitely more than just friendship. It takes Zane considerably longer to catch on, but once he does he’s all in. 

The transition from bromance to romance is a bit bumpy, but the payoff was so worth it. I’d call the ending a HEA, but with enough wiggle room to make me impatient for one of those short follow-ups Anyta Sunday writes!
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*4.5 stars*

Slow burn story with one of the most clueless characters ever!

I had a blast while reading this fourth installment of the "Signs of Love" series. Zane has such a quirky and unique character, he's likeable right from the start and makes you want to protect him and shield him from himself. He wants to stay in the States to be close to his brother, but his visa is running out soon so he has a plan to get a green card by getting married. The unusual part is that he doesn't want to marry just anyone. He has one month to find the perfect woman, fall in love and stay with her forever.

Beckett is a lot more down to earth. He is quiet, dependable and organised. He agrees to let Zane stay with him but he can't resist the temptation of telling him every chance he gets how his plan is not going to work. He has been hurt in the past and is still struggling to get over it.

The story was light, funny and uplifting. Zane and Backett are so different from each other but somehow they click immediately and soon become good friends. Beckett understands the attraction he feels for what it is but Zane is clueless for a good part of the story rationalising his behavior as a bromance. The Professor, as Zane is affectionally calling Beckett, gives his guest time and space to figure things out for himself and is patiently waiting to see what, if anything, is going to happen between them, while at the same time he's getting over the past.

Jamie and Theo are making a guest and show us how good they still are together and how happy they are with the way their life has turned out. One thing that surprised me is that there is a scene where some characters and places from the "Love Letters" series make an appearance. I'm not sure so I'll have to flip through those books to see if the scene we read here was also mentioned there from a different perspective. I love it when that happens!

As for the signs theme, it keeps being in the backround barely ever being mentioned and, I don't know about everyone else but for me, that's a big reason why I keep coming back to these stories. Of course, the slow burn and the amazing writing are the real reasons for that.
So, which pairing is next?

*An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. *
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This series! So many heart eyes. I just love it. I think the first book will always be my favorite but this one was a close second. 

Zane is in the US on a visa and his time is almost up. He's looking for someone to marry so he can stay. The catch? He wants to be in love with that person. He dates a lot of girls but nothing ever sticks. He ends up needing somewhere to stay and ends up staying with Beckett, a friend of his sister in laws.

The two men are total opposites. Zane is a bit dingy and never finished high school. He's an artist and a good one, but his insecurities make him sell himself short. He's a hopeless romantic though and he's sure the perfect person is out there for him. Beck on the other hand is a college professor and enjoys word games and intellectual activities. He's also cynical and jaded and thinks love is a sham and something that only makes you end up hurt.

They end up unlikely friends and as Zane says, are in a "bromance". In addition to love at first sight, Zane believes in "brove at first sight". The plot is very much like the first one. Zane is clueless to the fact that he's falling in love with Beck and Beck has to use a lot of patience waiting for him to figure it out. Somehow this author is able to take the same overall theme and keep the elements I love (slow burn, UST) and yet make them different enough to feel fresh and new and not something I've read before.

Zane's cluelessness was a bit unbelievable in a few places but the books in this series just make me so darn happy that I don't care. These books make me have a smile on my face from beginning to end. I really enjoy every minute of them. I hope the author writes a bunch more of them cuz I'm sure I will be there for every one of them.

This can be read as a standalone. You don't need to read these in order. If you've read book one though you will have a great update and appearance from Theo and Jaime in this.

**ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.** (less)
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Zane is a pure soul. Though his head is full of ideals and his goals seem out of reach, his heart is genuine. Beckett, on the other hand, is damaged by the past. As deeply as he wants to still believe in love, his head guards him from further heartbreak. One a hopeful dreamer, the other a jaded realist-- These two were made for each other. Can they overcome their differences and let their unusual bromance find its way to love?

This is romance writing at its best! Anyta Sunday is a truly creative writer with great skill and imagination-- a genuine wordsmith that incorporates humor, sexual innuendo, beautiful character detail and rolls them deliciously together in a slow burning romance that had my heart aching, long before the characters realized where they stood.

I really loved the story, loved the journey and was rooting for Zane and Beckett from the first meeting. Though there is sexual tension and a touch of eroticism-- this is a classic romance that is so enchanting and sweet-- thick with deeply layered passion and truth-- I couldn't put it down and never wanted it to end.

Do you still believe in love? Pure, unconditional romance? You will after reading this book.

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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My review was done on youtube: 

In short, I read this after reading another book in this zodiac series, Leo/Aries, and the two books are so incredibly similar they are almost copies of each other. A studious professor, comfortable in his sexuality, ends up being roommates with an outgoing, charismatic guy who has no idea he's into men. The two fall for each other in super cutesy domestic scenes like cooking together and worrying about the other's well being. 

It's the same formula in both books. Even down to one guy being a professor, the cooking scenes, the living together... everything was basically identical. I was pretty disappointed and lost interest in the book halfway through because I felt like I already knew the story and what was going to happen with these characters, since I already read this exact plot line and character pairing in Leo/Aries. 

If you read this book by itself, without ever seeing anything else in the series, it would probably be a great book for you. Just don't try and read the whole series.
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While I like this newest entry into this series much better than the last one, I think these books would be much improved with a dual point of view and some emotionial intelligence and communication on the part of our heroes.

I enjoy the clueless of Zane for a while as he falls in love with Becket and doesn't really understand this isn't just bro attraction. I am always up for opposites attract but I want more romance after clues are gotten and their is a relationship to be had. 

I will say the crazy idea that this is how hiring at an university works for professors made me want to hit my head on a desk. 

But there is a lot to be charmed by here as well. Good banter.
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Hooked from the first chapter, I read this in one sitting (and didn't go to bed). Zane and Beckett's bromance adventure was sweet, charming, and funny. The banter between them had me in stitches on one page, d'awwwing on the next. I have loved all the books in Sunday's Series of Love series and this may be my favorite yet.
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Pisces Hooks Taurus is a fun romance by Anyta Sunday. 

From the start, this book had me completely invested in these men. And along the way, I was gifted with so many cute, sweet and funny moments. 

Zane's a hopeless romantic, who's looking for the love of his life. He's been traveling abroad and hopes to find his true love before he has to return to New Zealand.

When Zane ends up staying with Beckett, Zane insist that they will have a great bromance. And what follows, is a fantastic bromance that turns into a romance without Zane even noticing. 

Zane's never been interested in men, so he doesn't even realize how perfect Beckett is for him. And Beckett, meanwhile, is still reeling from his past experiences.

It is positively charming and riveting as we follow these two men on their journey towards self-awareness. Zane struggles to find his inner strength, as he constantly puts himself down. And Beckett needs to learn to open his heart again.

The two men get along so damn well, with so much wit and banter flying between them constantly. They are opposites in so many ways, yet they completely compliment one another. 

I also have to add that all the Kiwi comments and little Kiwi talk is a lot of fun. 

I absolutely loved every second of Pisces Hooks Taurus. I am elated to have found this gem by Anyta Sunday and highly recommend it when you're in the mood for something with some humor and a whole lot of love.
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There are so many reasons why I love this series. The biggest one is that each book brings a special something that personalizes it for you. In this one for me it was the quotes. Being a lifelong reader and a lover of the classics, I’ve read quite a few of the authors mentioned. Reminding me of why I fell in love with reading, it was a pure joy to get lost in the story. I love Zane. He is such a beautiful brave soul. Then you add the sexy smart Beckett. They were made for each other. It was nice seeing how Theo and Jamie are doing. You can bet that between the books and the extra epilogues, I will be re-reading this series many times. It will be the perfect read for my birthday week, which is when I actually pay attention to my horoscope.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was cute, heartfelt, funny and i enjoyed reading about Zane and Beckett find their way. You will be left with a smile on your face.
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"Pisces Hooks Taurus" is the fourth volume of the "Signs of Love" series and like the other books I really enjoyed reading it. The love story of Zane and Beckett ('Becky') is emotional but also humorous and although the protagonists are quite different, it quickly becomes obvious that they would make a great couple - even if it takes Zane (who is the focal character of the story) a while to realize that. It was entertaining how clueless he was to the fact that their 'bromance' was very, very intimate, in many ways definitely not platonic and more like a romantic relationship than an ordinary friendship, but I have to say that this ignorance lasted almost too long in my opinion. The scenes between him and Beckett were beautifully written and their friendship, the debates and the small unconscious gestures were nicely done, but a few of the situations the two found themselves in were so charged and filled with emotion that I could not fully understand how he could be so blind.

That aside, I liked Zane very much and his romantic, kind nature endeared him to me very fast, but I also liked the other facets of his character - his attachment to his family and the fact that he is trying to be there for them, his unwavering belief in the fact that he will find his true love, his will to prove to himself and others that he can achieve something, even though he has dropped out of school and may not be as smart as most people. It was easy to empathize with him, and despite being a bit oblivious when it came to his own feelings, he was a great friend and partner to Beckett who is, as mentioned before, in many ways the exact opposite of Zane: he is already divorced and therefore has a rather cynical attitude when it comes to romances, is a professor and loves to talk about classical literature. There were some moments when I thought that I would really have liked to be able to read his view on certain events; it would have been interesting to know what went through his mind, but even so it was clear enough what he was feeling.

Despite - or maybe because of - the fact that the two characters are so different, they had a strong connection right from the start and the development of their relationship was realistic. How they grew closer was written in a convincing way and I liked how the situation that Zane has to marry before a specific point in time if he wants to stay in the country was ultimately resolved. The mixture of meaningful, emotional and moving moments with fun, humorous ones worked well and the conflicts and obstacles to the romance were believable and addressed adequately without making the story feel too loaded. I especially liked how well the quotes at the beginning of each chapter matched the content - and the last quote, of course, is especially meaningful and a perfect ending to the book, even if I would have liked to get more details.
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A wonderful read!! I read the whole thing within 24h, couldn't put it down!
I loved the writing style, I loved the characters and the pace and just--!! Some scenes were so so adorable and fun, I'm sad it ended so quickly. 
I must say, I'm a Pisces and very much into astrology, and I've always thought I was quite attracted to Taurus-type energy, so the title caught me and I had to give this book a try.
It did not disappoint.
I was quite surprised that the book was so accurate for me personally, because although some things may be exaggerated (I mean, some things were a bit silly, but fun), I spent half the book thinking: "Why is this ME???" I loved relating so much to Zane, and Becky was just so lovable and wonderful Gaaaah!
Sometimes if I finish a book very quickly and love it so much, I'll reread it again right after to stay more time with it (and prevent myself from the biggest slump and post-book depression!!) But since I had other books to read right after, I decided against it. I'm going to read it probably in a month or so while I'm studying for my finals and dying inside, this book will keep me alive! Since I read it so quickly, I'll remember few things, so it will be almost like reading it for the first time, which I'm so excited about.

TL;DR: I loved everything about this book. I subscribed to Anyta's Newsletter. I will be soon reading more of her books. I definitely recommend Pisces Hooks Taurus!

*I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated here are mine  and genuine."
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Another great book in this series 

Zane’s visa was about to expire and he would be going back to New Zealand. He wanted to fall in love and marry in order to stay in the US. This was a slow burn because Zane had never had feelings for a guy. All that changed once he met Beckett. What started as a Zane-declared Bromance turned into true love. 

So much goodness in this book! “Kingly” scale. “Monogamy” bed. Toy Story. But what made it so wonderful for me is how my FAVORITE book, Pride and Prejudice , was woven throughout the story.
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Zane and Beckett are super cute and likable characters. There was a great slow burn to their romance that I really enjoyed and when things heated up--they really heated up! I've enjoyed every one of Anyta Sunday's books that I've read so far and this was no exception
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An engaging and sweet slow burn romance that would make us believe in the importance of literature and love.

Zane is a hopeless romantic, who believes in love at first sight and is determined to find love and marry the woman of his dreams before the month ends. Due to unexpected circumstances, he get to meet an English teacher whose down-to-earth attitude might be what Zane needs to start seeing things a little differently and begin to put his feet on earth. But the stars might have something different prepared for this unlikely couple.

It took me a little while to get into the story. There was something that wasn't really working at the beginning but the more I keep reading, the more I began to love these characters. It was Zane who made the things a little hard for me. I didn't quite get his sense of humor but I got used to it. Beckett was fantastic. I liked him from the start, he was caring and so easy to love. He was dealing with a broken heart and it was lovely to see him overcome it.

Their relationship was really nice. I loved how patient they were with each other. It is a low burn romance, my favorite kind, and it was exactly what I could hope for. It had a steady pace and a plot that would keep the reader interested. There are also some nice secondary characters who showed so much love for them, that it was easy to understand where all that love they have to give to each other came from. There are some bittersweet moments too, but nothing with too much angst that it would bother readers. There are some really funny moments too that lightened up the story. I particularly loved the words games and the importance given to words all along the story.

Overall it was lovely read. I would recommend it to M/M readers looking for something romantic to read.
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