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Hannah hasn’t seen her estranged sister, Diane, in years. But now she has showed up on their doorstep, with daughter Mia - now a teenager - in tow. Diane asks Hannah and her husband, Mark, to look after her daughter for a few days while she sorts something out. Hannah is delighted to reconnect with her niece again but soon begins to worry after Diane cuts off contact.
This story about painful family dynamics is a great read right from its suspenseful opening.
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This is avery good solid, emotional story. It's packed full of drama and i really enjoyed it. Worth reading.
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This book was fast paced. Hard to put down. It flowed well and it was very well written. It caught hold of me and had me hooked from the start . I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this book.
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A heck of a lot of build-up to be shown that there is a very little climatic end. An okay read but not overly exciting.
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Family. It has the power to build you up and to tear you down to nothing. Some of us get lucky with our families. Others count down until they day that they can make their escape, no matter what the consequences. 

Hannah has a strained relationship with her father, in thanks to her new stepmother and a now nonexistent relationship with her sister. Not having any children of her own, she misses the niece that she used to be so close to. So when her estranged sister shows up on her doorstep asking her to look after her niece, Hannah jumps at the chance. 

Little does Hannah know that everything isn't as it appears to be. When her sister fails to pick up her daughter worry starts to eat at Hannah and her husband. What's happened to Diane and when will she return. What they don't know are the secrets that Diane is harboring. Waiting for the right time to bring them to light, inadvertently smashing Hannah's world to pieces.
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I want to thank SD Robertson, Netgalley, and Avon UK for giving me a chance to read this book for an honest review.

This book too me by surprise...I mean it was obvious something bad happened between the sisters but you really don't get into it until half way through the book...I kinda had more questions then answers towards the end...I was surprised at the fact that they were twins... all in all it was a good book just felt like there should have been more to it
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I can see why many women will love this plot. It's very suggestive from the very start and it offers a classic story underneath it - the two sisters with secrets from their pasts. A family where nothing is as it seems. Need I say more?

S.D. Robertson's writing is fast-paced and engaging, adding a certain new thrill to this age-old story. I liked the jumping perspectives and the fact that the author wasn't afraid to give it all up front, making the story deeper rather than just sticking to the usual cliff-hangers.

I think most bookaholics that read this genre can guess what this book is about just by glancing at the synopsis. So the skill is in delivery and the little nuances that create this particular family set-up so interesting.

It's a nice beach read.

Thank you Avon Books UK for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.
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A heart felt read. Two sisters who had become strangers, suddenly appears on the others doorstep.  Requesting that she looks after her daughter.  This is just one of those stories that’s such an engrossing read. It pulls on your heart. Exceptional.
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This was an excellent read!!!! I could empathize with each character and enjoyed the little twists that showed up.
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From the moment I finished reading the prologue my heart was literally in mouth and I had so many questions running around my head, wondering who it was narrating but the most important of all was why they had decided to take that most final and decisive action from which there was no point of return.  But of course none of the answers come quickly or easily as otherwise there wouldn't be a story to tell, you just have to be patient and read everything that follows and slowly but surely the pieces begin to slot together. 

To the outside world Hannah and Mark have the perfect life, a loving marriage even if a sacrifice or two has had to be made over the years to achieve this, good careers and financial stability that they could enjoy a luxury holiday or eat out at a fancy restaurant whenever they want to.  But appearances are deceiving and underneath the surface we discover that things haven't always been so great, that a major falling out with her sister Diane ten years ago has had a deep and emotional effect on Hannah.

So maybe a surprise visit from Diane and her teenage daughter Mia might finally be able to heal old wounds but the reality is that for Hannah, Mark and Mia their whole world is about to be turned upside down.  For Mia has no memories of her aunt and uncle who she has been estranged from since she was taken away as a toddler, and Mark has never wanted to be a father, a decision that Hannah had to agree to if she wanted their relationship to continue, let alone look after someone else's child.

From the moment Diane turned up on her doorstep painful memories that she'd tried so hard to block out came flooding back for Hannah, especially in connection with that final fateful day that led to Diane disappearing with Mia never to be heard from again until now.  But it's also a time for Hannah to bond with her niece, especially when she discovers they have common interests and ambitions, and experience a part of what it is like to be responsible for someone other than yourself.  But at the back of her mind she's wondering what is going on with Diane and when she'll be back. Can bygones be bygones and they rebuild a new relationship?

My Sister's Lies is very much a character driven story, one of family dynamics, secrets and lies and how they affect everyone around them.  I know only too well how relationships, no matter how strong you think they are, can become strained under stress and duress and before you know it days, months and years have passed since you last spoke to or saw that person.  The raw pain and emotion that the characters felt was so heartbreaking and even though I didn't particular warm to either Hannah or Diane I couldn't help but feel for them.
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The beginning of this book is shocking and very sad but it makes you want to read it to know what brought a person to that point.
A story of twin sisters Diane and Hannah. Good twin, bad twin? They haven’t spoken to each other for ten years but you don’t know to start with why. 
Hannah, is a happy, a writer waiting for her first book to be published, living in a ‘trendy’ apartment in central Manchester with her husband Mark who works in the city. They have chosen not to have children -  well Mark has due to his childhood and Hannah decided she wanted Mark but still longs for children really. 

Then one day Hannah’s Sister Diane turns up, unannounced with her fourteen year old daughter, Mia who Hannah and Mark haven’t seen since she was a toddler. Diane won’t discuss why she has just turned up there and not gone to their Fathers who she is still in touch with.
She asks her sister to look after Mia for a few days, so she can get some things in her life in order. Hannah agrees after speaking to Mark, mostly because she wants to get to know her Niece, but they are unable to contact Diane for days and even Mia hasn’t had any contact. Where is Diane? Why hasn't she come back? Did something terrible happen?

Secrets soon unravel when Mark goes to Diane’s house down South. 
A nice read. It would have been good to explore some of the subject matter in more detail but still good. Perhaps this could happen in further books about them?
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My thoughts

I was eager to read this book as it seemed a little different. An easy to read and follow story based around family, lies and deceit. A great opening had me hooked and the short read I'd planned in the bath turned into a good few chapters. 
The story kicks off with Hannah's sister, Diane turning up on her doorstep along with her teenage daughter, Mia. Hannah hasn't seen her sister or her niece for almost a decade. As the books starts you are eager to know why she has turned up, why now? Is she in trouble. There are many thoughts going through Hannah's mind. Hannah phones her husband at work to come home, she needs backup and support. 
It seems odd when Diane asks Mark and Hannah if they can watch Mia for a few days. She needs somewhere safe for her daughter to stay, but won't elaborate why. 
This is when to book gets really interesting and the story begins to unravel what has gone on in the past. 
Is this visit from a long lost sister going to change life for the happy carefree couple Mark and Hannah, when they finally agree that Mia can stay with them. Hannah, although hasn't seen her niece in all these years did love her little niece and had a close bond with her back then. Knowing her husband never wanted to have children  was something Hannah went along with. Now they both have a child in their lives even if only temporary is it going to upset their carefully planned out lives. 
Can the past be buried and all move on? This book certainly delves into family secrets. If this doesn't make you think about not keeping lies, then nothing will. 
This book is a real interesting read with some great mystery built up,it's one of those books that you want to and need to keep going with so once started you'll fly through it. I actually found it quite an addictive read. Great characterisation even though at times some characters did annoy me. lol. 
Grab yourself a copy, get those feet propped up and get stuck in.
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A gripping family drama about two estranged sisters, after years or not speaking one of them turns up on the others doorstep asking her to look after her daughter, a sweet book that’s easy to read
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Twin sisters who are estranged are the story line in this great story.  One a single mother and one who is married and childless.  When Diane shows up with her teenage daughter, Mia at Hannah and Mark's doorstep to say they are surprised is an understatement.  Diane wants Mia to stay there for a few days and Hannah and Mark are happy to help.  Several days later they find out that Diane has committed suicide and a terrible secret.  This is a good story that has a strong family theme.  It is emotional and well written and the story could be true with no stretch of the imagination.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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4☆ A Gripping, Taut read

My Sister's Lies is a gripping and taut story of family, secrets, lies and drama.

Hannah and her twin sister Diane don't have the best relationship, so when Diane turns up on Hannah's door asking for Hannah to take care of her daughter Mia for a little while, Hannah can't say no!

Despite their awkward relationship, Hannah adores her niece.
But as time flies by, Diane still hasn't contacted Hannah and she's beginning to worry.

What has happened to Diane, can Hannah find her before it's too late?

I love the thriller feel to this book, it had a dash of suspense, it was taut, emotional, gripping, the characters are complex, flawed, but strong and well written.
It really toys with your emotion.

Overall a Compelling read that draws you in, its a slower paced emotive read that is cleverly written, with a few lil twists to keep you on your toes.

Thank you to Avon Books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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This book opens with a jaw dropping first chapter ensuring that you don’t put it down,  Hannah gets a shock when her twin sister Diane and teenage niece Mia, turn up on her doorstep.  She hasn’t seen or spoken to them for over ten years after a major argument following the death of their mother, which has caused Hannah a lot of pain and anxiety over the years.  Hannah is married to Mark and now has a successful career as an author.  Mark didn’t want children so when Diane asks them if they will look after Mia for a few days as she has things to sort out, Hannah is very wary.  The few days pass and they hear nothing from Diane so Mark goes to her home.  Then the secrets and lies start to be revealed. The story goes back in time to the sisters childhood and teenage years and explores what happened and examines their relationship.  I found this book an enjoyable read, but disappointing as, for me, it lacked in suspense and surprise.
Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This book drew me in immediately.  When twins Hannah and Diane lose their mother, they also lose the other part of themselves.  Hannah is separated from her twin after an issue with inheritance draws them apart.  However, before they parted ways, Diane had a child,  I loved that this book started it out with a heart pounding suicide and kept me guessing throughout.  The characters and situations were dynamic and well written.  I will be recommending this to others and especially to twins.  Thanks for the ARC, Net Galley.
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An easy to read book which I did enjoy this is a story of family, secrets,  jealousy, grief, suicide and lies. The story flowed well but was a little slow in places. I was drawn in from the start - the first chapter was so shocking and I wanted to find out more. Heart wrenching in places, this is an emotional read. I liked the characters and how their stories developed throughout the book. I enjoyed the sections with the counseller which added greatly to the story. 

Highly recommended - I would give this 4.5 stars if I could.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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My Sister's Lies by Rachel Hargrove was the story of strained relationships and secrets all around. It begins with a death (so content warning right away that this is a suicide), and you wonder what has happened and who is involved. The story then fully begins when after a decade of being estranged, Hannah's sister Diane shows up on her doorstep with her teenage daughter Mia in tow. With no context as to the request other than that she needs help, Diane asks Hannah and her husband to watch Mia for a few days while she gets some things in order. The rest of the book is then the unraveling of the mystery in both the past and the present. It's understanding what drove the sisters apart, as well as what's going on with Diane (and Hannah) now. I'll be honest and tell you that there was a twist in this one that I figured out (y'all, I've watched a lot of Lifetime movies), so it meant some of the thrills weren't as big for me. For me, this one was just okay. It was an intriguing premise, but just not my jam. That said, if you like your thrillers steep in family dynamics, this could be for you. Thanks to NetGalley for the sneak peek in exchange for my (always) honest review.
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If you like your mysteries with a lot of emotion–the sort that make you tear up (okay, downright weep)–this is the book for you.

S D Robertson introduces us to two sisters, Hannah and Diane, who have spent the last dozen or so years largely estranged. The one tie that remains is Diane’s daughter Mia, whom Hannah wishes she knew better. The opportunity for that presents itself when Diane shows up, Mia in tow, and asks Hannah to watch her for a few days. When a few weeks go by and Diane isn’t in touch, Hannah goes in search for answers. Some will shock and baffle her, some will sadden and nearly break her.

This book is almost impossible to put down, despite a prologue that kind of gives away a few things. I’ll say this much: the prologue made me want to know what happened, and with each plot twist–some major, some minor–I kept turning the pages.

Hannah, her husband Mark, and Mia are all well developed characters. Yes, at times Hannah seems a little too willing to go along with things she doesn’t truly want, which can be frustrating, but she’s likable. You see what this distance with her sister has done to her, and as she tries to find out what happened with Diane, you suffer with her along the way. Mark starts off fairly one-note but becomes far more complex, and Mia will capture your heart.

My complaint: Diane. She’s so totally unlikable that I kept wishing the worst for her. But … I mean … maybe not the worst that S D Robertson had in mind.

This is a solid mystery, one you can read over a weekend. Let me know what you think of it.
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