The Age of Misadventure

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I’m a bit on the fence with this one - did I enjoy it, or did I not? The plot was definitely unexpected as the description on Netgalley doesn’t even begin to describe what actually happens in the book, and (I know it’s a story) but I found it a bit far-fetched. I also didn’t care for 2 of the main characters; I found one very rude and the other gross/disgusting. It was an okay read, but sadly it wasn’t for me. Rated it 3 stars because I really am torn with it.
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'I am sorry, I have persevered with this book but found it difficult to 'get into' and it has taken several attempts to get to about a third of the way through. I think that was partly as it seemed to take a long time to get going and it was 20%+ through before there seemed to be any theme/story involved. I have continued to read it on and off between other books but although I am now over 35% through I think I will give up. Sorry, probably just not one for me.
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The Age of Misadventure is Judy Leigh’s second novel, her first being the very funny A Grand Old Time. Loved the cover, very bright and colourful. This wonderful book is about three generations of women in the Turner family.  We have the lovely Georgina and her sister Bonnie, Georgina’s daughter Jade and the wonderful Aunt Nan (my favourite character!) who is just incredible and so very funny.  Everything she said and did was hilarious and made me laugh so much especially when she used the spiraliser! 

An unexpected unplanned trip turned all their lives upside down at first but turned into a journey of a lifetime for them all which brought all the family so much closer together and gave new meanings to all their lives.  They had one huge adventure, full of troubles, but in turn full of love and happiness too.

Such a wonderful story which shows in adversity, everyone working together (well most of the time!) brings out the best in people and unites them and makes them even stronger.  Through bringing them all together they have manage to make all their futures much brighter and enabling them to live life to the full and go beyond.

The ending was not what I expected – much better than I expected :-)

A fun book which I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend. Full of fun, laughter and lots of smiles!

I look forward to Judy Leigh’s third novel.
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I have never read Judy Leigh before and I was pleasantly surprised.  I loved the cover and knew it was going to be a fun read.  The story was this:  55-year-old Georgie Turner doesn’t need a new man. As she gets older, she and her family drift apart, like it usually happens when life gets in the way.  But when she learns her brother in law hasn't been faithful, she gets her sister, her daughter, her 80 year old aunt and escape to the Sussex coast.  A family adventure.  But as adventures go, there is love opportunities, family bonding, and laughs to share.  A great read! I cannot wait to read more from this author.  Thanks Netgalley for the ARC.

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After enjoying “A Grand Old Time” I was looking forward to reading “The Age of Misadventure”. Unfortunately I found the plot weak and repetitive and the characters boring on the whole. The writing style was also rather immature- it could have been written by someone else!
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I actually enjoyed this was a light easy read.
When you run a busy business from home,, your sister is married to a habitual cheater but goes back for more, you care for an elderly relative and your daughter wants to live out, plus you've never really dated since your ex-husband left?
Follow this journey of a lady who puts others before herself.
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What happens when you take three generations of women, a husband with criminal dealings, a top flight football star, a handsome stranger and send them on a road trip / escape and evade mission to the seaside? This is the result. 
Whilst it sounds thrilling and has a strong comedic leaning, I felt that the characters were repetitive and, at times completely unlovable. The daughter of the group, Jade, needed a damn good shaking at times and Bonnie's constant bewailing about her husband starts to grate after a while. It all just took too long to reach the conclusion, and the romantic component for Georgie seemed completely superficial. I've read better from this author...
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Sorry, I  just couldn't get in to this at all and didn't finish the book. I've read books by Judy Leigh before and really enjoyed them but this one just wasn't for me unfortunately
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Struggled to adhere to the main character George & found the whole story far too far fetched, long & drawn out and questioning myself as to whether the police would not have intervened sooner?? That said I did finish it, just to find out final conclusion
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It is a really great book! Amusing  and totally entertaining.
Inside you can find an unputdownable story about three different women who need to run away from their homes to hide a while in the house of a famous Spanish footballer.
This novel has intrigue, love and laughs, a lot of laughs thanks to the character of Nanny, and eighty-old  woman with a sarcastic humour, (I proclaim myself a fan of her)
“The Age of Misadventure” is a perfect feel-good novel to have a good time anywhere, anytime.
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5☆ A Heart warming, Fun, Family Adventure!

The Age of Misadventure is a heart warming, fun, poignant story about Family, relationships, protecting your family, finding love when you least expect it, bonding and adventure.

In the early hours of the morning, Georgina, Bonnie, Jade and Nanny find themselves on the run, from Adie... Bonnie's crook of a husband! 
But can they outsmart him? Or 
Will Bonnie crack and give in to his bullying and tell him where they are hiding?

Jade is a spoilt brat. She treats her mum like a door mat. Family should always come first. She's selfish and obnoxious and I really didn't warm to her at all. To be honest she didn't really redeem herself at all.
Bonnie has been so grinded down by Adie mentally bullying her, she believes she can't cope without him, even though he puts her and her familes life in danger.
Nanny is my favourite character, she is strong, loveable, sassy, likes a good drink and is thriving on their adventure and their had company. She melts my heart!
Georgina is the glue that holds the family together, always putting her families needs before her own. All she wants is to be close and support them. But they just keep pushing her away. She is a strong business women, with a big heart. 
But will she ever put herself first?

When Adie and the Crime gangster that's after then gets closer to finding the girls can they stay strong or will everything fall apart around them. They are about to find out just how much danger their in.

I adored this gorgeous book, it had a lil of everything it was fun, jam packed with drama and laughter, with some tender moments too. It truly was an adventure of bonding, sharing, family, and hiding from the bad guys.
I really would love to see more from this loveable bunch.

Would i recommend reading this action packed, feel good adventure.....
Without a Doubt....100% Yes!! 

Thank you to Avon Books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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If you like quirky character driven stories, I was quite entertained by The Age of Misadventure. Sure, the premise was far fetched, but that's what I look for in pure escapist novels.  Judy Leigh writes with humor. Her characters are rather strange but very well drawn. I appreciated the situations she dreamed up for them and their individual actions and reactions.  I consider this a very light, entertaining, almost gentle read. It took no effort and afforded me a nice afternoon's read.  I would read more from Judy Leigh.
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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I am undecided about this book.
It is very funny in parts, with Nan stealing the show. However, I found the plot a little far fetched and the characters selfish and irritating - it was not a book which gripped me from start to finish.
Having read and enjoyed Judy’s first book I look forward to reading her next. Thank you Netgalley for the ARC.
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I loved it your everyday business owner, her sister, her aunt and her daughter on the run from sister's husband and some baddies. You'll laugh, hold your breath and really emphasise with these characters. Not what I expected at all!
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Based on the blurb I expected to enjoy this book a lot more than I did. The beginning was good and I originally liked the characters of Georgie and Jade. There were some really funny moments through out and it would be a good read for someone who was looking for some mindless escapism. However it drags towards the end and as it’s wrapping up there were some unbelievable plot points. Overall this wasn’t for me.
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Easy reading book funny and emotional all at the same time. Loved the bright cover which really made me want to read the book
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It was an okay book, but nothing about the characters made me warm to any of them and if anything they were quite irritating and the plot meant you needed to suspend reality for a little while. I know some have loved it and will love it but it really was not for me.
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I tried and failed to get into the book. Others feel different. I suggest picking up the book and read a few chapters in the store.
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3.5 Stars

Misadventure certainly sums up the zany story-line in this book. 

Definitely a story where you need to suspend your belief in reality while reading as  this was a completely unexpectedly wild ride. 

Somehow multiple generations of one family end up on the run, after Bonnie's husband does one too many dodgy deals, and some really nasty bad guys want some revenge, 

I didn't really take to most of the women in this book, but did enjoy Aunty Nanny, who has a habit of not quite using the right words, to some hilarious consequences. Plus she is easily the most fun of the characters and really came into her own. 

The last third I was barely able to tear myself away from, as when everything started to heat up and come together, it did it in an addictive style. 

Story wise it felt quite original, and the writing was certainly good, I just didn't really gel with most of the characters. 

Thank you to Avon and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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A Funny, uplifting novel where are is no limit when it comes to living your life to the full! A book full of emotions, humour and the sky's no limit adventure! I have read a few by Judy Leigh before, and will make an effort to read some more of hers  in the future, it was well written and a joy to read.
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