The Age of Misadventure

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The Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh is a highly entertaining book, that is much different than I expected.  I expected a fluffy beach vacation, but this book was so much more. Georgie Turner is 55 years old, who put her family first, as she drives them all to the seaside.  Bonnie, Georgie's sister who is married to a cheating jerk, Georgie's twenty-one year old daughter, and her 80 year old aunt.  I almost stopped reading this book, because Georgie's daughter was so awful to her, but I am so glad I keep reading.  This book has a little bit of everything, romance, humor, and suspense.  I recommend this book as a great escape.  I look forward to reading more books by this author

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The Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh is a book that made me happy, laugh and also drew me in to the story.  Four strong female characters, a dodgy ex-husband, a road trip and a lot of fun along the way and maybe a few surprises.  Georgie Turner’s life revolves round her home where she lives with her daughter, runs her beauty business and is near her Aunt Nan.  Georgie’s sister, Bonnie is married to Adrian, a philanderer and dodgy business man. After an illegal deal, Georgie convinces Bonnie to leave him, and then  her daughter tells her she is moving to Brighton to live with her new boyfriend, Georgie decides a road trip is just what they all need, and it will give her a chance to meet her daughters boyfriend.  So to Brighton Georgie, Bonnie, Nan and Jade go, via Edinburgh and Cumbria; hiding from Adrian and his dangerous business associate. Fun, laughter, tears and new beginnings wait for all four ladies.

Georgie may be the main character of this book but for me it was Nan who stole the show.  Nan is widowed and until the road trip is confined to her flat with Georgie looking after her and going around several times a week.  Once out of the flat she flourishes, starts going out, dressing up more and flourishes as a person.  What I really loved was her mispronunciations of words and phrases, frequently inappropriate but hilarious.  Georgie, Bonnie and Jade also thrive when away from their lives in Liverpool; Bonnie realises what her husband is really like, Jade gains are independence when she moves in with her professional footballer boyfriend, and Georgie finally starts to open her heart to the possibility of love after her divorce.  All four ladies made their way into my heart by the end of the book.

The Age Of Misadventure is a warm, witty and uplifting novel of four women discovering life and how to live it to the full.  There is a crime, thrills, love and laughter to keep your attention and make this a compelling read. Well written, with plenty of action, laughs and mishaps that make this such an enjoyable and fabulous read.  A brilliant and effervescent read.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the book.This was the author’s second book  and it was quite readable. It is about two sisters and their aunt, who are really the main characters and  what happens to them. It was an ideal piece of escapism on a wet March weekend.
I adored Nan, who was the older member of the trio and found it quite an entertaining story.
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I picked this out for review because it sounded a laugh - it certainly was that, and so much more. There's thrills, laughs, tears (yes from me in the odd place), fear, tension, and loads of other emotions that I fear will be a repeat of the ones I've already mentioned. I felt sorry for Bonnie because she didn't know what her husband was really like, although she was under his spell quite a bit which caused Georgie no end of frustration. I'd hoped that side of the story would provide me with tense moments, what I got was absolutely wonderful! 

I loved that even during the most fearful of moments, humour was never far away, especially where it concerned Georgie's aunt who is in a league of her own. Georgie is a bit on the live dangerously/disobey orders that could save her life kind of girl, not that I could blame her because the situation was insane, but I did want to hit her over the head a few times because of her stupidity. If you are told to stay hidden you stay hidden! Initially I thought the road trip was for fun rather than the dangerous turn that it took, but there was plenty of laughs to be had in all the danger that rained down on Georgie and her family. 

Her daughter helped Georgie a lot, although in places I thought could be a bit more thankful for what Georgie did, and that Georgie was only trying to keep her safe, but equally I thought Georgie needed to let her daughter do her own thing, even if she thought it wasn't a good idea for her. I lo

I wish so much there will be another book about this family, because their dynamic is pure joy to read, and I didn't want the book to end. Highly recommend it, but make sure you have a few hours free to read it in one sitting so you can find out what happens at the end!
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I really enjoyed this book. It was a delight to read. This is the kind of book that makes you smile and laugh until your face aches. It would make an amazing movie. I can picture some well-known elderly actresses in starring roles. This book is fun, feisty and just sheer fun to read. The cover would imply this is a light-hearted romp and it is at times but it is also quite dark at times which I really didn’t expect. The characters are a mixed bunch, some I loved and others I wanted to strangle. They were flawed, dysfunctional at times and totally real, even Nanny, who was the perfect characterisation of the moaning old witch you secretly adore. I really didn’t expect to enjoy this book so much.
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This was a great summer light read. Read it one day and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Bit far fetched in places but still so very amusing.
I loved Nan who came across as such a funny lady, old, crotchety yet always speaking as she saw no flies on her. Georgie was great and made the adventure seem so much fun, she loved her daughter Jade and was afraid of letting her start her life without her - the nest was being broken! Bonnie came across as a woolly headed dreamer but gradually over the one became more down to earth.
I loved the book and can’t wait for the next book by Judy.
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I was sent an uncorrected advance proof of The Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh to read and review by NetGalley.
This novel is an easy chick lit holiday read.  It tells the story of a family of women, each with their own personal issues, who end up going on the run and into hiding together.  Written in the first person, the story is quite amusing but rather repetitive in places and I personally think that the book would have benefited by being written from a third person perspective.  Also the fact that the women didn’t have to want for money during their escapade lessened any tension surrounding their plight.  I quite enjoyed this novel but I have to say it’s not a patch on the author’s previous book A Grand Old Time.
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When I saw the blurb for The Age of Misadventure I was really looking forward to reading about the adventures of these women. Sadly I wasn’t for me. I expected it to be a humourous tale but didn't find it as funny as I'd hoped. 

Georgie had a need to help and take care of people and did so whether they wanted her to or not. Georgie insisted on getting her sister out of town after learning a gangster was after her. This man had worked with her husband in a dicey business deal and was owed money that he was trying to collect. Her sister loved her husband deeply and didn't care what shady deals he was involved in. Actually, getting out of town wasn't a bad idea. Georgie's daughter and aunt were part of the group leaving town. Her daughter was on her way to live with her new boyfriend and wasn't happy that the other women were going with her. Especially her mother. What young woman wants her mother helping (interfering) with her life? I found Georgie's elderly aunt's (Nanny) antics more sad than amusing. She needed a lot more care than Georgie could give her.

Two of the characters were particularly irritating when they were in hiding. Both Georgie and Bonnie left the house at different times even though they knew better. By this time Jade was with her boyfriend but any time she was with her mother (Georgie) she acted like a grumpy teenager telling her mother to stay out of her life. I didn't like Nanny at all. I couldn't have put up with her. It was funny that she asked for a Guinness so often. Once she got it, she was content.

While the women had quite an adventure hiding from the gangster, I found the middle of the story slow moving. Then it got really exciting toward the end.

The good thing about opinions though is that not everyone has the same ones, so this book will really catch the attention of many readers. All that being said, it was a good book.

I received this book from NetGalley.
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This was a real let down with only one really good character who just happened to be the oldest.
The rest of the characters were like wet fishes and totally unbelievable.
Far better stories to read than this.
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This is a nice, easy read with a good, multilayered plot and some great characters; I loved Georgie and Nan in particular.  At times, the plot becomes a teeny bit far-fetched, but hey, it's a novel!  I could imagine this book being made into an entertaining TV programme or short film.

This is my second book by Judy Leigh, and I'd happily read further titles.  

My thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for an ARC in return for my honest review.
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Georgie is 55, long divorced, and happy on her own...... her family give her enough problems without a man to add to it!   When her younger sister Bonnie finally realises what a rat she is married to Georgie decides to pack up her family,  Bonnie, her daughter Jade and Nan and take off to the coast and get away from everything, but who will find them and what problems will it cause! 

A lighthearted fun book, a bit far fetched in places, but some good humour and characters..... not all likeable especially Jade..... but overall easy read
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Not a bad read, not as good as her first one, took a while to get in to and wasn't too keen on a couple of the charecters, thought the story was a little far fetched, but did keep me interested until the end and came to a satisfying conclusion
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Cliché plot. True to life, vivid characters that you can easily like/empathize with. Plus Judy Leigh's gorgeous writing style is very much present. All in all not as good as her debut novel but still an enjoyable read.
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Good read, complex and interesting charatcers, didnt end the way i thought it would, i really enoyed it.
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Thank you NetGalley for the ARC,

This is the perfect book to read when you don't want to think!  You just want to laugh and feel good. 
Granted at times it came across as an over the top thriller that I couldn't quiet take seriously!  I wound up reading the whole book on my flight to FL.
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"You know that big clock on my mantelpiece, the loud one that keeps ticking away all the time, tick-tock? You don't expect it to stop but one day it will tick and then it won't tock. Or it'll tock and then it won't tick again."

Reading this book, I had feared that being a 21 year-old, I might feel a sense of disconnect with the protagonist and most other key characters being in their fifties and beyond. But I didn't. I so didn't.
There are few novels as aptly named as The Age of Misadventure. It was an misadventure in all, but one that shows that the best adventures are a miss.
I opened this thinking it would be a chick-lit, cosy mystery as I needed a change of pace. But this story was so much more than that. It was a beautiful tale of bonding of three generations of women separated by opinions and years of routine, but still interwoven by the bond of familial ties and people past.
Georgina, our protagonist is the eldest of the two sisters, and the glue that holds three generations of women together. She is caught between concern for her daughter, sister and last surviving Aunt while constantly swatting away the chance at love after being betrayed by her ex-husband of about twenty years.
Sometimes, the dialogues, the details and the general pace of the story towards the beginning got a tad bit tedious. But then it kicked off and never slowed down. Overall, it was a very comfy read, filled with laughs, giggles, and fond relatibility with the anecdotes and experiences of the characters.
There was no magical ending here, nor any incredulous, unrealistic love stories. It was a smooth natural tale of self-love, love for family and plenty of naughty bit and pieces that left a warm fuzzy feeling in me throughout!
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This was a brilliant read, an excellent story line and very amusing  The characters were will portrayed and I just loved the Aunt, a good relaxing read.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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What a shame; I enjoyed Judy Leigh’s first book, but this one was a complete disappointment.
Bonnie: vacuous spoilt shopaholic
Nan: trying (unsuccessfully) to channel Terry Pratchett’s Nanny Ogg
Georgie: supposedly the smart one, driving from Liverpool to Brighton via Edinburgh to put Bonnie’s philandering husband and the mobster who is chasing them all off the scent. Yet doesn’t have the nouse to confiscate Bonnie’s credit card and phone when she makes traceable purchases and tells the husband where they are. Not even on the second occasion. Or the third.
Beddowes: stereotype gangster
Marcus: stereotype Mills & Boon hero.
Jade: petulant brat, but at least I can sympathise with her eye-rolling at everyone else’s idiocy

Had this been written as a farcical comedy, the idiocy with which they all stumble from one disaster to another might have been entertaining. As it is, the book is just a catalogue of how not to go into hiding when a murderous gangster is after you. The significance of the bracelet could not have been more obvious if Bonnie had been walking around with a neon sign above her head, and yet none of them thinks to give it a look to work out why it’s so important?! At every turn, the characters’ actions are totally implausible, but they have to be to drive the story along, otherwise Bonnie, Georgie and Nan would have been tucked safely away, untraceable, and the police would have just caught Beddowes, rather than letting him into the flat (?!!!) to attack everyone.

The writing style is creative writing course writing by numbers, and I ended up speed-reading the book just to get the irritation over with. Not good for the blood pressure.
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A suspension of disbelief is really necessary for this book.  However, if you can manage that, this quite a fun read. Ideal holiday reading
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I don't know whether this story was meant to be a thriller but I couldn't take it seriously. It was almost farcical at times but great fun to read. There were some tense parts but even those were almost funny. Overall it was a great read and I do love happy endings.
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