Five Ladies Go Skiing

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There was a lot to enjoy in this book, the descriptions of the ski resort in Switzerland, the restaurants and food and the in depth skiing from a total non skier to skiing the blue run was very enjoyable  Karen Aldous had researched the Swiss resort well.

The book follows five friend In their sixties who plan the holiday to help one of the group whose husband died a year ago.  There are secrets shared and future fears and hopes expressed.  I did find the book slow to begin with and it did get bogged down in places with unnecessary details but on the whole an enjoyable read.
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Loved the book. Being part of a group of five life long friends who come together to help one who has the 1st anniversary of the death of her husband death from cancer. They plan a ski trip. Each looking at their life and marriages. Sometimes life is not what it seems to be. A very good read.
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Ginny has struggled with the death of her husband and to make matters worse she has also lost her job so her four best friends decide that they need a holiday together to help cheer her up and decide on skiing in Switzerland.   As they are around the sixty mark and some of them have never skied before a brave choice!   It soon becomes apparent though that Ginny is not the only one with problems,  they all have their secrets!

A lovely novel and one that made me want to go skiing again thinking of the fantastic scenery and the fun of the apres!  Good characters and fun as well as a few twists.
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I loved the FLOWERS - no matter what stage of life you're at, you need your girls around you.

Siblings called Ross and Rachel was way too cliché for me.

A little slow to begin, picked up about halfway through
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The five ladies in this story are all around sixty years old and have been friends for years. However, family commitments, distance and secrets have kept them from all meeting up until they agree to go on holiday for the New Year . . . . and not just any holiday – four of them are going skiing for the first time ever, travelling to beautiful La Tzoumaz, Switzerland to do so, under the guidance of the one remaining member of the quintet who regularly goes skiing! One of the main purposes of this holiday is to help reconnect with Ginny, who has been particularly reticent to share how she is since the untimely death of her husband during the festive season last year and her being made redundant shortly thereafter. Ginny is the obvious one needing support but, as the story progresses, they discover that they all have their own secrets and that life isn’t always as rosey as it may appear for any of them!

This is a heartwarming story of friendship, learning to face your fears and discovering that a trouble shared may well be a trouble halved! Told mainly from the points of view of three of the ladies, it explores relationships, expectations, temptation and love in a laugh out loud adventure on the Nursery slopes with some unexpected twists though not necessarily of the injury kind. The ladies explore the après-ski options and discover more about themselves and each other in this delightful festive read. It is such a lovely change to have more mature main characters and this story shows that age is not a barrier to making changes in your life, facing new adventures and having fun.

I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.
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my first read by this author and i didn't know what to expect but i enjoyed it a lot. I would read another by her as well so thats a plus. Really well wrote.
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Was very disappointed in this book. Sadly it wasn’t what we had hoped it would be from reading the description.  It just wasn’t for me
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This book was ok..The story line was good. Then charcters for me were well developed, however I did not connect with them. I didn’t love this book yet didn’t hate it.
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I enjoyed this book but felt tht we were reading about 5 extremely lucky ladies. No financial worries, excellent friends, expensive holidays.  Even when they had troubles they were dealt with in double quick time to the satifaction of everyone.  If you are looking for a good chick lit read that takes you away from reality you will find nothing better.
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Really loved this book. It is a christmas book, but its also much more than that, its about grief, loss, friendship, love, and healing. A really lovely read.
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I started reading this but just could not get in to the story so did not finish the book. Might be something I try and read again in future.
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I really enjoyed the setting for this one and I love the cover too!

The book was well written and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and getting to know the different characters and I loved that the focus of the book was older women and not those in their 20s and 30s which seem to be so common in this genre of books at the moment - it was a really lovely change!

For me this was a lovely book to curl up on the settee with a blanket and a warm drink! A really enjoyable story - 4 stars from me for this one!
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A really funny read with likable characters and a  great story. Great for this time of year and really puts you in a christmas and holiday mood
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This is a story full of friendship and emotional highlights as one of the party, Ginny, tries to come to terms with losing her husband the previous year. Each of the five friends have their own back stories and personality but together, they form a united group. At the beginning, you get to meet each of them and see what is going on in their own lives. Then, the story is told primarily through the eyes of three of the group, so your interest never flags: Ginny, Kim and Cathy. Each of the friends has something to offer the group and their own issues. 

    All the women are all at an interesting stage of their lives as they approach their sixties. It is great to read a story which is full of their friendship, understanding and hope for the future. I particularly enjoyed seeing the ladies through each other's eyes. With fabulous scenery, there are some lovely, sparkling festive touches. It is an entertaining read, just right for the holiday period.

In short: Five fabulous ladies and a wonderful festive setting.

Thanks to the author for a copy of the book
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This is an absolutely brilliant read that I loved from start to finish. Ginny and four of her best friends, Cathy, Kim, Lou and Angie are heading for a Christmas break  skiing in Switzerland. This is to help Ginny deal with the anniversary of her husband's death.It has really been a difficult year for Ginny and her friends are keen to help her get over her loss. It will be the first time the ladies, known as the FLOWERS, will have been together for a long time.
You really get to know all of the main characters as the story progresses and really find out what makes them tick. All of the ladies are very different types of people but between  them they have all created very strong bonds and they all adore each other. They are all keeping a few secrets to themselves and are worried about sharing their secrets and looking like they have failed in front of each other. But as the week progressing it isn't long before they all start to open up and share what is troubling each other. They realise that sharing what is troubling them soon makes them all feel better however Kim is keeping one secret from her friends to try and protect Ginny from any more heartbreak and loss. However the choice is taken out of her hands and it really rocks the group. Is it possible for the the FLOWERS to deal with this revelation or will this be the end of their relationship. 
This book is written so well and it its great to read the story from all five different aspects and the setting in Switzerland sound amazing. 
This was the first book I have read by Karen Aldous and I can assure you it will not be the last.
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Ginny Watts is still grieving a year after her husband’s death. To make matters worse, she’s also recently lost her job. Her friends, self-styled as the Flowers, decide to whisk her off on a ski holiday in Switzerland, where the wine flows freely and ABBA plays regularly. However, it soon becomes apparent each of the women has been dealing with her own difficulties, and a host of secrets threaten to fracture their friendships. 

The title suggests five women and, technically, there are five friends, though they each receive different levels of attention in the text. Most of the story revolves around Ginny—after all, the trip would not happen without the sudden loss of her husband and the distance she puts between herself and the rest of the Flowers. Author Karen Aldous puts her through the ringer as she struggles with tragedies and a major secret carried by one of her friends. She’s a character struggling with loss and finding what she truly wants in life. Because of this, scenes from her perspective are some of the strongest.

However, the book alternates perspectives within chapters, with Flowers Cathy and Kim also getting major time to bloom. Cathy struggles with writing a novel and her husband’s clinginess after his early retirement, and she uses the holiday as an escape. Kim is the only Flower living overseas, in Australia, and she longs to return to the United Kingdom. These complications alone would be enough for one novel, and that’s before considering the final two Flowers, Lou and Angie. It’s a lot of action jammed together and, for the most part, it works. However, there are moments when the sheer number of names and side stories becomes overwhelming.

Fortunately, Aldous is more than skilled, and her humor and sheer joy for her subject matter shines through. Here are five women of varying ski-skill having the time of their lives. Whenever they join together for a meal involving lots of cheese and wine (which is usually after a heavy day of skiing triumphs and blunders), the conversations that flings back and forth between these women sound so perfectly natural. Whether they’re discussing aging, infidelity, grief, or even who’s the better-looking ski instructor, it feels as though you’re eavesdropping on age-old friends. In those moments, it’s real.

And, as a note, if ABBA starts to play, assume dancing will follow.

Note: Review will be posted to my blog, Plucked from the Stacks, on 12/17/2018.
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Ginny Watts is facing her first Christmas without her husband and the job she loved. Kim Anderson couldn’t wait for her trip to Europe. After being in Australia for several years she really wants to move back to England.

Cathy Golding is feeling smothered by her husband’s constant attention and demands since he retired. Angie Ricci’s energetic personality and sexual appetite is proving a little too much for her husband. Lou Cavendish still remembers the chemistry between her and her first love when they were at university. She cares for her husband very much, even if the chemistry isn’t quite the same.

The five women friends, who call themselves Flowers, have booked a skiing trip to Switzerland between Christmas and New Year, thinking it would be good for Ginny and help her get over the first anniversary of her husband’s death. Only one of them had ever been skiing before, the rest were novices.

Alternating chapters are from the first person perspectives of Ginny, Kim and Cathy, each including a lot of introspection which slows the pace considerably. Each of them have aspects of their relationships that they’re struggling with and as secrets are gradually revealed, friendships are tested and lives are evaluated. It’s an emotional time for them all, a time for discovering more about themselves and what they can still achieve. 

And now I have to mention those pesky dialogue tags! It’s my personal opinion but dialogue tags do tend to grate when they seem unnecessary or over the top. Unfortunately they were littered throughout the narrative. There was so much screeching, squealing and shrieking, even a few roars, going on that it did get a little tedious after a while, making the ladies quite difficult to believe as mature women approaching sixty, which is a shame because the characters had a lot going for them.

On the plus side the descriptions of skiing, the learning processes and eventual use of the slopes, is interesting if a little scary but still makes me want to visit such a resort (mainly for the après ski, I have to admit. I’m not a skier.) The village, restaurants and food are fabulous and the relationships between the friends is lovely.
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This book had such a brilliant group of friends although I have to admit that at first I was a little bit worried about trying to follow so many characters. However they all have their individual personalities and that helped me no end in being able to understand each character. After a few chapters it was like catching up with old friends!

All of the five friends have a few secrets that inevitably surface and create a little bit of drama along the way. With the possibility of new beginnings and other realisations being made on this skiiing trip. It definitely makes this trip very interesting!

The setting was lovely and I could easily picture it as Karen Aldous described the area they were visiting. It also brought this group of friends together but in a place where they were maybe slightly out of their depth well apart from one who was used to skiiing. The pacing was good for the most part and gave me time to get to know the characters seeing how they complimented each other.

A wonderful story about friendship, love and even new beginnings!
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This was a fun festive story about friendship, love, and moving on....

Just as the title implies this is a story about five ladies that go skiing ⛷ I have read several books lately that were about ladies in the twilight of their lives.... as someone who is knocking on the door of 50 I have enjoyed these stories immensely, it never being too late for adventure or to start over... this was a lovely story of laughter and tears set in beautiful Switzerland....

Ginny and her four friends the “flowers“ plan a skiing trip on the anniversary of Ginny‘s husband’s death... I loved the bond between these ladies, even though they all had some secrets they were hiding... I enjoyed them all learning to ski, it was kind of a metaphor for life... it really made me want to take a girls trip, it also made me wonder what secrets my friends are hiding?

The pace of the story was that of a skier going down the bunny slope rather than a black diamonds run... it was a bit slow especially in the beginning... but just like a novice skier at the end of the day, by the end of the book it picked up some steam.... I really enjoyed watching these ladies grow as individuals and as friends throughout the story...

Recommend as the perfect winter Reid especially when you’re all snug and warm....

*** many thanks to HQ Digital for my copy of this book ***
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I was really looking forward to reading this book, attracted by the cover and the title and the blurb. I am really enjoying the current trend of books featuring older protagonists and I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones I’ve read this year. I think it is refreshing to read about women who are a bit older, although there was quite a lot of talk in this book about having a body of a younger woman which actually slightly detracts from the appeal of a book of this nature for me. I like heroines who are happy to be and look their age!

The setting of the Swiss Alps, a cosy chalet in a bustling ski resort and all the trappings that go with a ski holiday were the main draw of the book for me and this aspect fully lived up to my expectations. I love to ski, and I think the author did a fabulous job of bringing the scene and the whole experience to life, especially the food! I loved the fact that four of the ladies had never skied before and the trials and tribulations of that learning experience in later life were marvellously portrayed. The theme of being young at heart and it never being too late to experience new things were delightful and the book gave me everything I had hoped for in this regard.

The heart of this story is the friendship between these five women, which has lasted through the years and seen each of them through some tough times. However, it also explores the ideas that people still keep secrets from each other, however close they are, and that these secrets have the potential to destroy even the closest of relationships. Again, I think the author brings the characters to life very well and they are all warm and likeable and the relationships they have are genuine and plausible and really reflect how women interact and relate to one another. So far, so great.

However, there were parts of the prose that needed cutting because they dragged the pace of the book to a crawl, especially at the beginning. I understand that the author was trying to establish the characters, and this took some doing as there were five of them and the book is telling the story from multiple points of view. However, there was simply too much description early on, too much telling, rather than showing, of the ladies’ back stories and a lot of repetition of points that had already been covered.

It was a bit of a shame, because it made the reading a little laborious to begin with of what was otherwise a warm, seasonal, uplifting  and enjoyable book about female friendship and enjoying life.
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