Blanket of Stars

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 18 Jan 2019

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As someone who has hiked the Appalachian Trail, I always love hiking stories. It's a documentary of a pilgrimage. This journey is so necessary that it really can't be explained. It's nice to witness this process and learn about the trail.I adore stories like this one! Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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I love hiking stories and have always have had a fascination for those who have walked the Camino de Santiago. Each story has such a unique feel to it and this one was not exception.  The author had a lot of issues that she wanted to come to terms with, and fear was a big factor in this. Having been in the army and having had a bad experience there, she had things that she just couldn't let go of. There was also the thought of having an empty nest and needing to save her marriage, some health issues and she was tired of sitting on her couch and doing nothing about it.
It was fun to see her changes, and to experience with her the challenges of the walk and the connections she had with the friends she made along her journey.
I think all of the Camino stories, let us feel a little bit of something we may have gone through at sometime in our lives.
A great read, and I look forward to more of her adventures.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Labrador & Lockhart Press for the ARC of this book.
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Blanket of Stars by author C.W. Lockhart makes me want to experience the pilgrimage of the Way or the Camino de Santiago. I loved reading this book and reread parts of it twice. The author conveys the emotions, pain, joy, and internal conflicts as if you are beside her on this pilgrimage. The author decides to make the struggle to take back her life which has been placed on hold due to Ménière disease and agoraphobia. People who have never had to battle agoraphobia have no idea how debilitating this condition can be and how it varies in each flare-up. I could identify with Lockhart through her disappointment in living a life on the couch for several months. 
If you have ever wanted to take a meaningful extended hike to challenge yourself, please read this book! I could almost feel the sting of the blisters, the heat, and dust of the trail, and the ache from the bicycle seat. OUCH! When Lockhart confronts her memories of rape by a person in authority over her life, I was so appalled! I wanted to scream for her as she remembers the deception and cruelty. 
A very beautifully written book which encourages me to get up and walk as far as I can in my own state and to make my own small pilgrimage toward inner peace!
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