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Just when I thought Sawyer Bennett couldn't pull on my heartstrings any more she has pulled them even harder with Legend. A hot hockey player, a surprise baby, a crazy baby momma, and a bohemian that sweeps him off his feet. You will laugh, cry and cheer for the home team with this novel.
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This book was amazing. It tells a good story, a story that gripped my heart. I loved getting to know Legend and Pepper. Opposites certainly attract. Pepper is a free spirit and loves to express herself. Legend was raised a little more conservative, more controlled. He is on his game, being the best goalie he can be. She is trying to continue her book series. Together they are a team. They are fierce together and I loved their chemistry. I cannot wait to see more from this series.
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Legend Bay is the starting goalie for the Arizona Vengeance, Pepper Nantais is his quirky neighbor. Legend follows the rules kind of guy, Pepper is a free spirit. When a surprise Christmas ‘present’ knocks Legend quite literally on his butt, it’s Pepper who is there to help him through. As the two try and navigate their way through this surprise, they realize perhaps opposites do really attract. Legend was the third book in Sawyer Bennett’s NHL Arizona Vengeance series.
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What happens when you fall for the neighbor next door. The one who taunts you with crazy lawn ornaments and the one you can't get out of your thoughts. 

When they discover they have more chemistry than they realized and they totally and completely understand each other it will be challenging to walk away.

A surprise delivery will bring them together and stir up emotions for Pepper. All she wants is a family but will Legend still want to be with her when he discovers how that will impact them both?

As with every book in this series, we keep discovering about the other amazing characters we love. If you love hot hockey romances, don't miss this must read.
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Legend is the third book in Sawyer’s Arizona Vengeance series. Legend and Pepper are neighbors, she has a knack of driving him crazy. Even though they have an undeniable attraction, he can’t contain his irritation with her antics. Yet, when he comes home to find a surprise on his doorstep, it’s Pepper he goes to for help. Thrust together, they gradually see each other differently and opposites do attract. They are passionate, sexy and heat up the pages of this novel. Also, intertwined in the story is a varied cast of strong supporting characters - there are highlights and updates from the other couples in the first two books and other characters who I truly hope will have their own books in the future. I loved this book, so if you are looking for a well written, sexy read this is the book for you.
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What a fantastic book.  I loved how Pepper irritated Legend.  As he’s been given a “ surprise”, I love how she is immediately there for hm.  I didn’t expect to cry so much.  It’s a very emotional book too.  Plus I stayed on edge, wondering exactly what his ex is up to.  I was so involved in this story, it’s just so good.  I highly recommend this book.
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This is probably one of my favorite Vengeance books! Legend and Pepper have chemistry for days but there was so much heart in this one. Without spoiling the plot too much, these two were thrown together into a pretty intense situation. But they immediately clicked and got past their differences. This book was sexy and sweet and even had some major suspense! It lead very nicely into Dax and gave a pretty good idea of who his love interest will be. We also had a lot of development with Tacker and his struggles. I am in desperate NEED for his book! 

As always, the writing was excellent and kept me glued to my kindle. I love this series and can’t wait for Dax!

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Saywer continues to find a way to keep this series fresh and unique with each book. I was up well beyond midnight reading and honestly would of stayed up later if I did not have somewhere to be in the morning. Dialogue is so important for me, I always want to read stories with characters that say things that make sense and flow with the storyline. Which is what you get here. Excited for more!
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I've read all of Sawyer Bennett's hockey series and this is part of the new series and I found it quite engaging.  It kicks off with a bang with the Arizona Vengence team and I loved all the characters that were introduced.  It's going to make for a wonderful series.  I can't wait for the next in the lineup.
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A terrific story. Legend and Pepper had never got along. Neighbours, Pepper loved  to express her herself and her wild decorative tastes, which really made Legend lose his temper at her garishness and unfortunately this pushed Pepper to add more for the fun of it. Legend’s taste was a little more reserved, more conservative, but he bit like fool every time. 
Pepper was working on a series she’s writing and career wise Legend is one of the hottest goalies there is, he’s on his game. Thing’s are going great until Legend’s life is given a surprise shake up and he finds himself asking Pepper for assistance. They become an awesome team, and a hot attraction develops between them which they decide not to ignored.

Some serious issues in this tale. Very emotional and very tense at time, with hot sexy moments that had my pages steaming. A sensitively written story with edge of your seat excitement, I loved it. Not a lot of hockey action in this one but plenty of past hockey players and introduction to new for future Arizona Vengeance stories I hope. Looking forward to the next one.
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Legend is the third book in the Arizona Vengeance Series. Once again, Sawyer Bennett has proven that she is the queen of hockey romance! With a passionate plot, high drama, and some good old fashioned hockey action, Legend offers another delightful treat that will have hockey romance fans on the edge of their seats! Legend Bay is a star hockey player for the Arizona Vengence. He lives for two things keeping a structured routine in his life and women! When his feisty neighbor, Pepper Nantais, crashes into his life the "frenemies" end up becoming friends and together they find a passionate connection. When a baby is left on Legend's doorstep, he discovers all of the many things he has been missing out on in his life. With a newborn baby, a crazy ex, his attraction to Pepper, and a non-stop hockey career on the line, Legend has to show that he has what it takes to keep his girls and his career.

Legend is a fantastic blend of passion, romance, and great hockey love! With a delicious blend of enemies to lovers story and some serious ex drama sprinkled in, this was another winning read! I adore anything and everything written by Sawyer Bennett! With her witty text and smoking hot alpha players, she never disappoints!

Overall, I am going to keep this review short and sweet. Sawyer Bennett never disappoints! If you are a fan of hockey romance, don't waste another second and dive right into the Arizona Vengeance.
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Oh my gosh! What a pleasant surprise this one turned out to be! Well, surprise for me because I didn’t read the synopsis… I mean, it’s Sawyer Bennett, it’s an Arizona Vengeance book… do I even need to read the blurb to know that I’ll be reading it? Uh no. I just knew that I was dying for Legend’s book, especially after the glimpse we got in the last book… his annoyance with his quirky neighbor was both funny and sort of crazy.

Anyway, LEGEND is the third installment in this series, although it can most definitely be read as a complete standalone, and it did not disappoint. It was quite different in the sense of the story-line, yet so familiar because I have grown to love these Arizona Vengeance men. I truly enjoyed getting to know this side of Legend, plus the adjustment period to being a new dad and new to relationships was so much fun to read. There is simply so much to love about this book. AND… we get an amazing cameo from my favorite Cold Fury couple… you’ll have to read to find out!

Bottom line… this, as always, is Sawyer Bennett at her best! Bring on Dax and OMG… hurry up and give us Tacker!
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I’ve come to adore every hockey romance I’ve read from Sawyer Bennett so far, and Legend was absolutely no different. It wasn’t only fast-paced and heart-melting to the core, but it was also such a sweet and fun enemies-to-lovers romance with one helluva twist thrown in right off the bat. Although there wasn’t anything unique or new that truly stood out for me in the storyline, I still enjoyed every second of it, especially the added suspense near the end.

Seeing Legend Bay, one of the best and hottest goalies in the league, with his newborn baby girl, was just completely endearing as all get out. I loved how much he adjusted with ease and embraced becoming a father to Charlie wholeheartedly. He might’ve been clueless at first as to what he was doing, but he was still able to balance his demanding career and be there for his little angel at the same time. And of course that happens to be with the help of his next door neighbor, Pepper Nantais, whom he first saw as this pesky, overly whimsical woman who was just a huge pain in his butt. Little did he know, she was the one who’d be his pillar of strength the moment that little girl turned his world upside down.

Legend is probably by far my favorite story in the Arizona Vengeance series. The swift, yet riveting development of Legend and Pepper’s relationship straight up drew me in, but adding baby Charlie in the mix truly brightened things up. With how things ended in this book, I’m even more excited for Dax’s story—which is up next—but I think Tacker’s tale still holds the top spot in what I’m looking forward to the most in the series.
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This was such a delicious story for so many reasons.  There's the hot, single dad who is pretty hard to resist.  Even though a baby is totally unexpected, Legend throws himself into being a parent with all sorts of love and energy.  Once he gets his hands on that little girl he does just about anything to keep her safe and happy.  He just needs a little help from his formerly annoying neighbor.

And that's another reason this was a fun read - the enemies to lovers trope.  While Pepper and Legend weren't really enemies, she did love to get under his skin and annoy the dickens out of him.  She (and I) just thought he did need a little shaking up but he didn't see it that way.  Which made it all the better.  And you totally knew that things were gonna lead to the bedroom eventually ... and whew!  They know how to keep things steamy.

I really loved Pepper and Legend together.  She's not really as zany as she's made out to be, which I think helps.  She's just a little bit original and artsy, which are not the first things that you would think of to describe Legend.  But he is strong and steady and learns to enjoy the color she brings to his life.

Unfortunately things don't work out 100% easy for Legend when he finds out that he's a dad, so there is a bit of mama drama going on.  All of which leads up to quite a suspenseful ending, but while that part was fun it was the human piece of Legend learning to be a dad and seeing Pepper in a new light that really made this read a hit for me.
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This book was a 4.5 star read for me. It would have been 5 stars but there were a few details that irked me enough to drop the rating. I loved Legend and Pepper for the most part but they just sort of fell in love instantaneously and it was a little farfetched. All of the other team drama was a little much too but I can't wait for it all to play out.
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Legend and Pepper are just too cute! I love how this series just keeps building with each character like it's one continuous story... Bishop, Erik, Legend. This story is a sort of enemy to lovers kind of story where Legend was not the biggest fan of Pepper, but truly finds out that she's the perfect match for him when he goes through a new life adventures! Along the way, you learn more about Dax and Tacker (hope they get their stories too)!!

Another great story by Sawyer Bennett filled with fun, romance, drama, love, and suspense. You won't be able to stop reading because you want to see how Legend accepts his new life and Pepper in it!
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Ohhhh Legend and Pepper! What a story!! Enemies to lovers with a baby thrown in and a bit of suspense for good measure. These two had such good chemistry. But beyond just Legend and Pepper, all the Vengence guys are front and center. I can’t wait for both Dax and Tacker’s stories, because the glimpses Sawyer gave us here were definitely intriguing. So bring on more Vengence!!
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4.25 stars--LEGEND is the third instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult ARIZONA VENGEANCE erotic, hockey romance series focusing on the members of the Arizona Vengeance professional hockey team. This is Vengeance goalie Legend Bay, and children’s book author and artist Pepper Nantais. LEGEND can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order for the history between and about the characters. There is a slight-cross over with the author’s Cold Fury Hockey series.

Told from dual first person points of view (Legend and Pepper) LEGEND follows in the wake of a surprise ‘gift’ on Legend’s front porch. Struggling with the logistics, the responsibility, and the unpreparedness of the situation, Legend arrives at his neighbor’s front door desperate for help and immediate support.  Enter colorful and feisty Pepper Nantais, and the woman with whom Legend will fall in love. What ensues is the building romance and relationship between Pepper and Legend, and the potential fall-out as Pepper is targeted by a woman from Legend’s past.

Legend Bay has a hate on for his obnoxious neighbour Pepper Nantais, a woman who pushes all of his buttons with her gaudy outdoor displays, especially during the holiday season, but hate may be too strong of a word, as Legend’s attraction to Pepper is matched by the palpable and intense sexual attraction between the leading characters.

The relationship between Pepper and Legend is an enemies to lovers, of a sorts, enemies predicated on Pepper’s outlandish style and Legend’s inability to accept what is. As Pepper becomes a more permanent fixture in Legend’s life, the sexual attraction can no longer be denied. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense but, once again, I dislike the use of a certain four-letter word.

All of the previous story line couples, and characters play secondary and supporting characters including Bishop and Brooke, Erik and Blue, Tacker Hall, Dax Monahan and coach Claude Perron. We are introduced to Legend’s parents Wendy and Nathan Bay; Pepper’s parents  Richard and Meryl Nantais; Legend’s former girlfriend Lida Martin; Lucy and Charlie.

The world building continues to focus on the players, the game, the camaraderie and the relationships of the Arizona Vengeance.   The premise is entertaining, emotional and uplifting; the romance is passionate and seductive; the characters are energetic, strong and sassy.  LEGEND is a spicy, spirited and heart warming addition to Bennett’s ARIZONA VENGEANCE.

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I absolutely love everything Sawyer Bennett writes, but I love it even more when you get some drama and suspense added in. Can you say baby mama drama? Don't get me wrong, Sawyer still presents characters with undeniable chemistry, steamy love scenes, and appearances from, and development of, other characters, but those additional dramatic moments made Legend one of my favorites in the series. Read this book, you will not be disappointed!
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OK ladies these Vengeance players have it all….if you haven’t met any of these guys yet then you need to get to it.  If you have already had the privilege of starting this series than you already know about Legend and his rivalry with his neighbor Pepper.  He’s routined and disciplined and she’s spontaneous and boisterous…quite the combination.  I couldn’t wait for their story to come out and I was NOT disappointed.

Their story revolves around a big surprise…life altering to say the least.  I loved the way that even through there was always tension between the two of them they came together to figure this out.  Legend learns to lean on Pepper and ask for help.  Pepper puts things on hold to help when Legend needs her.  Together they figure out the day to day and become more and more important to each other.

The heat crackled when Pepper and Legend are together.  They cannot keep their hands to themselves and let me tell you….wow!!!  They jump off the deep end together and just let things go, carefree in the bedroom while handling the real world with grace and ease.

I felt a shit inside of me.  Things rearranged inside my heart, things that were once my main priorities got moved aside, and there was this big cavern, open and waiting.

I look forward to the next Vengeance book, not only for a new guy but to get more of Pepper and Legend!  You will love how the past couples all weave their way into the future books!!
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