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I had some other books to review that I DNF’ed and was so ashamed I didn’t log back into my NetGalley account which is unfair to this book because it is a true gem.

As soon as I read the synopsis of this book I knew I would love it. 

I had no idea I would love it THIS much. 

Each of these stories are completely perfect. Wren’s story. Breathtaking. If I could get the entirety tattooed on my body I would. This is the kind of fantasy that made me fall in LOVE with reading and I was yearning for more. As I was reading I kept thinking to myself “Oh PLEEEEEASE let there be a full length novel by this author ...” AND THERE IS :D I am a total Ana Maradoll fan now. I need a print copy of this book and all the rest. 

Something I also want to mention is the diversity of pronouns used in this book instead of just the ones we might be used to. This is an important reminder to keep learning and never to assume. I also applaud the content warnings at the beginning of each stories, this is something that should be normalized.

I usually hate the star system because it’s so limiting but this book is 5 dazzling stars out of five.
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Did not finish. Thank you for this anthology though, the trans representation is always very much needed.
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This book is an incredibly creative and inspired series of shorts that plays on traditional fantasy tropes but creates stories for LGBTQ+ readers who may have felt excluded from this genre in the past. In fact, I would love to see some of the characters and worlds from this collection given their own novel.
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This short story collection was a sheer joy to read and I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful it would be for younger people to read this - especially those who are questioning their gender. I wish my teenage self had had something as wonderful and empowering as this to read. 

Now onto the stories themselves. They are all self-contained, and come with a list of content warnings at the beginning, which I thought was really nicely done and something that more authors should consider doing. And they were all just really nice, I don't know what more I can say! The writing was excellent, the characters well fleshed-out despite them being so short. I particularly enjoyed the last one, which was short but oh, so sweet. 

If there were more books like this the world would be a kinder and lovelier place. I especially appreciated this as a fantasy fan, and the nods to prophecies and the way their wording can be twisted, were excellently done.

I hope to see more from Ana Mardoll in future, as well as more inclusive fantasy for people of all genders.
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Spinning a tale, a story, a prophecy, a trope… those are among my favourite stories.
And No Man of Woamn Born does that with such an ease, it's simply delightful.
Those short stories are a fast read and a treat to anyone intereseted beyond the binary.
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This novel is a good one that I’ve read this year! The characters are so dynamic yet relatable. I loved the flow of the story. It held my attention the whole time.
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This collection of short fantasy stories starring transgender and non-binary characters gives me the warm fuzzies. The variety of stories told is impressive and a credit to Mardoll. My one regret is that some of these stories aren't fleshed out into larger novels. I loved these characters and wanted to spend more time with them.
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Wow I think that if you're transgender, gender-fluid or a nonbinary person, you should totally give this book a chance and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

I personally loved to see so many representations in a single book (even though I don't feel capable enough to talk about them since they don't represent me particularly), hopefully we'll get to see more books like this in the near future because they are needed. 

Another extraordinary aspect of this book is that you have stories that are "coming out" ones and others where the characters' gender is understood and no one questions it! Sometimes what we all need is to read stories were the characters get to show their true selves without anyone judging like it happens in real life (at least that's my experience reading about lesbian characters).

Moreover, this is an anthology where all of the stories are fantasy ones but at the same time, all of them had their unique plot twist, world and extraordinary creatures. Tangled Nets, His Father's Son and The Wish-Giver have to be the stories that I loved the most but the other ones are not that far behind.

I would honestly recommend this collection of short stories to everyone, not only because we need more stories with these kind of representations but because the stories are also fun, interesting and gripping. There is magic, dragons, royalty, everything you could ask for in a fantasy collection plus amazing characters representing people that hadn't gotten their spot light in stories until now.
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I couldn't quite connect with this book or its stories very well at all. The issue, I think, might have been the lack of any character development. The characters wound up feeling rather cookie cutter and unoriginal.
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I feel like there was no character development which there very much should have been. I wasn't able to connect with the writing so it was hard to get through and very slow to get through.
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This is a good collection of short stories and I enjoyed reading most of them.  

The stand-out factor for this anthology is that Mardoll takes gendered prophecy and other fantasy tropes and subverts them with trans and non-binary protagonists – which I loved.  

My favorite stories were His Fathers’ Son, Daughter of Kings, and Early to Rise, all of which I felt had the strongest characterisation and backstory but I enjoyed aspects of the other stories as well.  

Mardoll ensures to include any triggering themes at the beginning of each story which I appreciated, and each protagonist gets to speak with their own voice. An enjoyable read.
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I would like to thank Ana Mardoll, Acacia Moon Publishing and NetGalley for this book in exchange for an honest review.

Unfortunately, I have DNFed this book, but gave it 2 stars because the book was okay; I was the problem.

I started this ARC for Reading Rush this year, but could not finish it in time. It's a collection of 7 short stories about queer main characters that have great destinies. The book itself seems great and I'm sure it is /will be some people's favourite book, but it wasn't for me.

I've read the first story - Tangled Nets - and gave it 3 stars, because I like the main character and the story as a whole, although some characters felt flat.
But when I got to the second story - King's Favor - I got really confused. So I lost interest in it and read other books, and when I tried to continue with this one, I felt like I just could not get on with it. So I decided to give up and focus on other books that are waiting for me.

Again, this is a beautiful and emotional book, and if you like short stories/anthologies and queer books, go for it. You might like it or even love it.
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These stories were fine, but since I got it as an ARC and did not read much of a synopsis, I did not realize they would mostly all end in exactly the same, already-spoiled-by-the-collection-title way. There was no variety! It became pretty monotonous. I get the emotional catharsis of having your identity validated by prophesy, but I think allowing trans and nonbinary protagonists more than one kind of story would have been way more affirmative.
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Absolutely lovely collection of stories.  Here are some individual reviews for some of the stories!

Tangled Nets - 4/5 - A fun read but a bit slow going. Fairly obvious plotline but a pleasure to read nonetheless. 

King's Favor - 5/5 - This was a delight to read. I love the hedge-witch concept and the simple solution to resolving the tyrannical ruler."

"His Father's Son - 4/5 - Another expected plotline but well executed. Good writing and kept me invested."
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This is such a good concept - trans and non-binary characters subverting gendered prophecies - and I thought it was executed really well too. I loved the writing style, and most of the plots and characters were quite well-rounded for short stories. There was just a little something missing that prevents me from giving this 5 stars, but it was a great read and definitely worth checking out.
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This was a phenomenal, uplifting collection of stories that hit right to my heart from the title... and just kept going, from the first story 'Tangled Nets' to the final one: 'The Wish Giver'. Ana Mardoll has filled each and every one of these stories with such wonderful, vibrant characters in fantastical settings, bringing new life and light to well loved tales. There is so much about each of these stories that is so powerful and important. No Man of Woman Born is absolute gem of a collection, and one I can't wait to revisit many times in the future.
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I received this via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I loved it guys. This book was just what I wanted It to be. The world building was fun and enticing. The characters were very well flushed out. I loved the plot of this. I can not wait to read more by this author. I highly recommend this book.
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Netgalley requested ebook which I really enjoyed.
A collection of original fairy tales with usually a prophesy and transsexual heroes.

Tangled Nets - Wren finds out how to become a witch with a dragon and a fish net. (Reminded me a bit of Loki making a net and Fáfnir, also Lord of the Rings I guess beyond the clear "virgins sacrificed to a dragon" theme.)
King's Favor- A kingdom in which anyone with magic could be queen (particularly liked this one)!
His Father's Son - I quite enjoyed the family dynamics within this one, swords and wandering families, world have liked to see more (reminded a bit of Mercedes Lackey Oath books).
Daughter of Kings - A bit Arthurian but a queen to be pulls her grandmother's sword from a stone in the Witchwood.
Early to Rise - Sleeping Beauty with a fairy godmother twist.
No Man of Women Born - A prophesy starts the training of a chosen one who's parents are alive to enlighten and encourage.
The Wish-Giver - A dragon gives a wish if you defeat it, so a little girl just wants everyone to see the truth.
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I really loved this anthology and thought all of the stories were so well written and lovedd this take on all of them. I loved that this anthology exists.
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These are really good retellings with queer protagonists whose adventures and challenges aren't because of their gender. It's a refreshing take on old tales and I really loved the use of neopronouns as well as the content warnings at the beginning of each chapter
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