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This book was a beautiful read. I really enjoyed how it bounced back and forth between sections written by Jonathan and Wynter.   As I was reading it though, I was very sad for Jonathan as Wynter is now in heaven.   It is a great book about having a healthy relationship and I’d highly recommend it.
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As I read Emptied: Experiencing the Fullness of a Poured-out Marriage, I recognized a lot of the things that I have been learning over the last 5 years. I’ve watched marriages struggle, thrive and dissolve. We’ve walked a road of wrestling with what it means to lean on God and pour ourselves out for the other.

Emptied felt like a familiar companion, walking alongside the road of marriage with me. The things that Jonathan and Wynter Pitts write about in the pages of Emptied were not shaming in any way. Rather, it was an encouragement to keep trying – knowing we’ll never get it perfectly. But it’s more about the journey of learning to pour out for the other than it is getting your own needs met.

I appreciated the Pitts’ conversational style of writing, and I felt extremely affirmed as I read the book. While I appreciated the Pitts’ desire to share the things that they learned through their marriage in an effort to help others, it felt like something was missing from the book. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I was hoping for – but there was a depth missing.

I do think this book is a great starting place for those about to enter into marriage, or just starting out.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. This review is my own, honest opinion.
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I loved the conversational writing style, and the switch back and forth between who was writing was always smooth and comfortable. The stories were relevant and interesting. I also felt they used scripture well. The “Your Turn” sections at the end of each chapter are thoughtful and helpful. I am not sure the “prayer” sections at the end of the chapters were necessary, but they weren’t problematic either. 
I liked that this book addresses not so much things we can/should do or not do but looks at attitudes, perceptions and expectations and compares them to Biblical teaching.  Furthermore, the look at the fruits of the spirit and how they play a role in our marriages was so touching and enlightening. This was a wonderful book for those in any stages of marriage.
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What a precious book of wisdom! I love that the love these to shared endures forever. This book is a must have for all married couples, newly weds, and engaged couples.  They help the readers change their perspective to help them work together instead of against each other.
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While this book is filled with applicable and practical tips, it doesn't feel at all instructional. There is a refreshing level of humility and vulnerability as Wynter and Jonathan share candidly about their personal pitfalls and struggles alongside their successes. They learned many marriage lessons the hard way and they wrote this book so others might benefit from their hard-earned wisdom. The main theme is on a focus shift, emphasizing not only the importance of replacing "me" with "we," but also what it really looks like and how you can apply it to your own marriage.
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In their book, Jonathan and Wynter talk about their marriage and the struggles they faced and how the fruits of the Spirit can help you to work on your marriage and become a better spouse. I really enjoyed the relatable stories and their honesty. The writing style was good and while the advice wasn't anything I've never read in another book, I liked that they didn't just use the usual bible verses but focused on the fruits of the Spirit. 

So if you're looking for a book about marriage with relatable stories that applies Biblical principles, I'd recommend you give this one a try!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed this book on marriage from Jonathan and the late Wynter Pitts. Reading this book knowing that the wife had passed away suddenly was a bit of a weird feeling - but the way they talked about marriage was beautiful and challenging. It is definitely a book from a spiritual perspective - the practical or relational pieces aren't overly strong. However the spiritual pieces - especially on the fruit of the Spirit in marriage - were convicting, challenging and well written. Good read!
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This has been my nightly read for over a month now - when I'm not too tired to read. 

At first I started by devouring it then realized it need to be a slow read so that I could pray the points over my marriage as I read. I started reading it when I was invited to participate in the launch and have marked so many pages in my Kindle. Now that I have it in my hands I will re-read and re-mark these pages to go back to over the years. And I have to tell you, this cover- more beautiful in person! 

The Pitts love story is anything but what you would expect in a marriage book, sometimes I'm like - are you in my house? - because they were just so real in writing it. Knowing their real life story has made me love this even more because it's such a God thing! 

This is definitely a book that has poured into my marriage and I pray it does yours as well. If you have read this, let me know what you think!
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What would it look like for us to empty ourselves of anything and everything that keeps us from accomplishing the mission of God in our marriages? 

If I could summarise the book to one main question, it would be that. I enjoyed every moment reading this book, which is a good start for any marriage. Jonathan and Wynter did us a huge favour in sharing their experience and talked about being a real marriage. One that we can identify with. One that is made up of two sinners, who comes from different backgrounds and carry baggage right through our matrimony door. 

This is a good material for anyone who is married or engaged to be married. And regardless of the state of your marriage, it's comforting to know that they get it... and shared their stories with so much honesty. As Wynter puts it, "The stories might be different, but the challenges would be the same." But there is hope. If you look to God for comfort, He promised sweet relief even in your darkest times. 

I received an advanced readers' copy as a part of the launch team. However, this review is based on my unbiased and honest opinion.
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"Peace in marriage is not defined by the circumstances you find yourself in. In your marriage, you will find yourself in many different circumstances you'll not prefer and that will feel like too much pressure-from the outside and from within. Many times you'll have to choose peace in your marriage when you think your spouse is causing the chaos. That's when you must realize that peace is also unity in difference. It's finding the way to find rest in your heart, even as the boat is rocking on the waves of life-and the boat will surely rock at times" (p.167). 

Wynter and Jonathan Pitts bravely share the intimate details of their marriage, the good the bad and the ugly, in an effort to show that relationships are not about me vs. them, but instead about us vs. everyone else. And in that dynamic, it is a deeper relationship with a higher power, in their case God, that binds the couple together and keeps them moving towards each other instead of away from each other. 

The book is broken up into three sections, and in each section, each author gives their perspective on each issue being written about, which provides a neat view of each story. At the end of each chapter within the sections is a reflection for the reader to think about, followed by a prayer. Wonderfully written and worth reading no matter what stage of your relationship you are in.
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Honest story of marriage. 
Enjoyed the prayer sections.
Great read for newly married or long time marrieds.
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Emptied: Experiencing the Fullness of a Poured Out Marriage did not disappoint. I enjoyed reading Jonathan and Wynter’s story. As usual, they had great thoughts to point us toward Jesus as we seek to glorify Him in our marriage in their usual conversational tone. I appreciate that everything they write feels like a conversation I would have with a close friend.

I loved that the first part was about things that we could change or improve about our marriage relationship and the second half was about putting more of the fruit of the spirit into our married life.
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Emptied is a marriage book that I admit I was hesitant to read knowing I am a little farther along in my marriage than Wynter and Jonathan were. However, I was honored to be selected to receive an advance digital copy of the book as part of the launch team. Their story took a tragic turn and God timed it in such a way, that I KNOW He has a great message for any and all married couples through this book. Thus, I read it with an open heart and mind. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Of the 3 parts in the book, part one was my favorite and most helpful. Wynter and Jonathan are open with specific internal struggles they came into the marriage with and I appreciate that transparency. They easily go from practical to deep in a conversational way making it easy to understand and follow without using a lot of churchy words. They made some great points throughout the book and caused me to think of things in marriage a little differently.

Surprisingly, the most beneficial part of the book for me are the prayers at the end of each chapter. Most times I skip over the prayers but for some reason, I read the first couple. I realized that this was the meat of the book right here in the small paragraph. Each one seemed as if it were being said to the Father right then. I am looking forward to getting a real copy so I can highlight and read these prayers again.

Emptied has it’s own spin on marriage and I recommend it to anyone looking for a biblical perspective to add to their marriage. Those who are younger in their relationship will probably get more out of it than those of us farther along but with their unique viewpoint, it will benefit all.

I give it 3.5 stars.
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This book has a wonderful theme — to empty yourself to be filled with God, his words, and to let the Holy Spirit guide you. I didn’t really like the way the book was written. I appreciate the back-and -forth conversation so that we could see how each person could explain the situation from their perspective. However, the second part of my book was better than the first — taking Galatians 5: 22-24 and breaking it down.
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This advice is presented in easy to follow language that can be broken up and applied in pieces at a time. I found it to be an interesting and informative approach to working on a relationship.
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There is always something to learn about marriage. Relationships have joys and sorrows. How we experience life with each other can truly show our faith and trust in God. In this honest, heartfelt book, the authors share personal stories and lessons learned from each other and from those around them. Knowing that this book was being written before Wynter's passing makes the words even more memorable and valuable. We never know what will happen from day to day but we do have a God who loves us and is there with us in our relationships. Excellent read. I received a complimentary copy of this book. This is my personal honest opinion. No review was required.
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This is a must read for anyone that is engaged or newly married.  There was so much truth, wisdom, and love poured into the pages.   It was a little bittersweet knowing this is the last book Wynter wrote before her death, but  what a beautiful life she and Jonathan shared.
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I enjoyed reading this book because the couple was so transparent about their lives. It made me realize that I'm not weird or abnormal. The struggles of marriage, while they differ per couple, have enough common ground so we can learn from each other. I also felt a measure of sadness while reading this book knowing that Jonathan had to go through the launch of this work after the death of his wife and co-author. It made me remember that life is short and every moment we have with our partner is one to be cherished.

Know God - the primary theme of Emptied is that we need to imitate Jesus by emptying our marriage of self. The expectations that we came into the marriage with may not fully align with the vision God has for marriage in general or our marriage in particular. We have to empty our pre-marriage identity at the foot of the cross in order to be made over into the image and identity God intends for us through marriage.

Know yourself - both Wynter and Johnathan spoke frankly about the habits and traits (fruit) they brought into their marriage. Without knowledge of self, they wouldn't have been able to do that. By their example, we are encouraged to take inventory of the fruit we bring in into our own marriage. Only then will we be able to truly empty ourselves for the benefit of our partner.

Run your race - God has a unique plan for each of us. He has a unique plan for every marriage. We are not going to accomplish that unique purpose by doing what everyone else does. We have to tap into the blueprint that God has for our marriage to become the best spouse we can be.

Thanks to NetGalley and Harvest House for the review copy.
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"Emptied" was not at all what I'd expected, and unfortunately it wasn't a helpful book for me as a middle aged person. The authors have a very cute, personable writing style, but the book felt geared toward very young people, such as newly married 20-somethings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I'd definitely not recommend the book for anyone over 30, or for anyone married longer than about five years. I felt the book was far more a memoir by the couple than a book on marital guidance and advice.  The book would probably be a very enjoyable read for a young person newly engaged, or great as a wedding gift for a Christian couple. Not recommended for the more mature reader, however. Great thanks to the publisher, who generously provided me with a free electronic copy of this title via NetGalley. I was not required to write a review in exchange for the free copy.
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I guess we often walk into marriage with rose tinted glasses and the reality can be a bitter pill to swallow. This book helps you look at marriage in a honest way and looks at the reality of married life and remembering what matters and what marriage means in life and god.
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