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I received a free copy of SUPERLUMINARY by Olivia Rising in exchange for an honest review.  This tale tracks the beginning of revolution amongst the superpowered.  Since the event that bestowed superhuman gifts to some, an organization called the Covenant has determined who among those receiving superpowers can live, who can use their powers, and who will be punished for using their powers in any capacity.  This story is told from the viewpoints of several individuals.  However, it is primarily told from the story of two newly-empowered young women who end up on opposite sides of the Covenant.  It is also told, briefly, from the viewpoint of a long-empowered hero who has chosen to leave the Covenant after heartbreaking disillusionment.  Who is the real villain of the piece?  Is it the nefarious Conglomerate who does awful things but also runs an underground railroad for those rejected or restricted by the Covenant?  Is it the Covenant who tries to protect the normal population from the terrible acts by superhumans and natural disasters but also who chooses to kill a defenseless healer just because she has too much power?

This was a long book, and I found it hard to focus on it long enough to finish.  I kept getting frustrated and stopping to read other books.  The story had potential, but the disorganized structure gave me a headache.  You had to pay close attention to dates and headers to map where you were, when you were, and who you were supposed to focus on.  It lacked a cohesive theme or structure that would bind the various voices used to tell the story.  The tale could benefit by culling the voices other than the three major characters.  For example, we get into the headspace of Samael for a brief moment - it’s just a memory; though he was Covenant and set up to be a possible villain, he wasn’t a major character at this point; there is nothing else in the story told from his viewpoint.  Also, if he’s going to be a villain or a peripheral character, I don’t really care about his backstory.  Why get into the Kid’s head after she seems to be out of the struggle?  The author sets up a new storyline for her and just dumps it with no resolution or indication of where that tale is headed.

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