The Shot Caller

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The shot caller was a book I felt was heavy veiw into the world of violent gangs, and the perspective of God.
I enjoyed this book, it was different from what I would ussally read but 100% would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a read out of their typical interest. Diaz highlights issues of domestic violence, street living, and joing a gang at 11, this is similar to the kids in my current town, looking and joinjng gangs so I didn't find it surprising, but once Diaz was sentenced felt in shock. Overall this books was good, the change Diaz has once he commit his life to God, is typical of gang members, but very inspiring.
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With gangs so prevalent in today's society this book is an important read. This true story of Casey, the son of  El Salvador refugees is a wonderful tool for parents with children vulnerable to gangs. Also, churches that want to become more involved in prison ministries would find this book an encouragement. Highly recommended!!
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A fabulous book which is encouraging and challenging.
Well written testimony. Pitched perfectly.
With honest account of his life and that of gang members this book allowed me insight into so many things I was unaware of.
Providing advice and guidance at the end of the book is helpful.
There were a couple of things that were repeated but the repetition serves to reinforce the monotony of prison life.

A true story of genuine change, repentance, and. resolve to make a difference in a positive way in the world.
Highly recommended.
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"The Shot Caller  "  is     a nonfiction Christian book by  Casey Diaz.   This  book is a moving  and  shows  how  Jesus can  change   hardened   and toughen  people.    Casey is the son of   immigrants  from El  Salvador.  His  Dad was  very abusive to his Mother.  He   grew up  watching and  being toughened up  by  the abusive  behavior of his Dad.  At  the age of  11 years old Casey    became   a member of a gang called  Rockwood  Street Locos.  He    was   doing    these  crimes:  home invasions,   car jackings,   stabbings with rivals.   He  was  arrested  at   16  years old and charged with 13 years in prison  for   second degree murder and   52  counts of robbery.    He  was sentenced to   solitary  confinement     or  23 hours  per day.    There was  a  lady in the Folsom State prison who  would walk  by his room  and tell him  He will  make a difference to   people in his future and God will use him.    She   told him this every time  she  was  there and walked  outside his    room. She  was involved in prison ministry at that  prison.  Casey    made fun of her.    One  day   there were images on his  cell  wall   of his life as a small  boy and other images  as He  gets older.    There is a  picture of  man  with long hair carrying a  cross.  He heard and  audible  voice  saying  I did  this for you and died for you. He  was placed on a cross with two other people and  the voice  told Him I did this for you.  Casey   wept  and could not believe  someone  would die for him.  He   was deeply moved  by  these pictures and  the  audible   voice.  He  confessed his  sins and the man who spoke to him told him to  see a chaplain.   Casey  had a full repentance and a full heart turn around.    You will be  amazed at  his changed  life .  How  does   Casey  change and  where does  God lead  Him.?    I appreciate  the publisher   for allowing me to read and review this  book.  It is a moving  story.   I appreciate  netgalley for  giving me this book.
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