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Mike and Thea are relatable and I absolutely love the friends to lovers storyline between the two of them.
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Snowlicious is a cute and sweet novella about a man, Mike, who hopes to finally get out of the friend zone with his best friend, Thea. He knows that they’ve both been feeling the chemistry sparking between them recently, but also realizes that Thea seems reluctant to acknowledge that’s she’s feeling anything other than friendship for him. The story is Christmas-themed, and provides a lot of detail for such a short novella. I could definitely feel the shared history and both characters’ hesistance to ruin their great friendship by making the wrong move. The story is pretty light-hearted, somewhat clean, and perfect for a quick winter read. Thank you, NetGalley, for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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If you like friends-to-lovers romance and snowed-in sexytimes, then Snowlicious is going to be all your catnip. I found it to be sexy and cute, although I was a little confused by the hero’s actions.

Best friends since high school, Mike and Thea have always had each other’s backs. When Thea, a florist, loses her spot decorating a Christmas tree for a high profile holiday competition, Mike sweeps in and gets her the slot of designer for his law firm’s tree. The problem is he does it by firing the woman who normally decorates it each year, his boss’s sister. Now I spent most of the book thinking he fired this woman from her actual full time job,  and I was like “okay, this is not good at all.” Turns out he just didn’t hire her this year to decorate the tree, but paid her fee anyway. So if you’re confused, there, I solved the puzzle for you. It’s shitty, but less shitty than I originally thought.

Anyway, Mike does this because he’s realizing that he’s fallen in love with Thea over the course of their friendship and he’s trying to figure out how to tell her without potentially losing the relationship they have. Thea feels the same way. Cue sexually-frustrated partner yoga, flirty banter, and a night snowed in at a cabin when they finally act on their Feels. Nothing like the smell of wet wool to fire up your libido.

Snowlicious is like a little holiday treat, just enough to be satisfying without being overly sweet. I still have mixed feelings on Mike firing his boss’s sister without any real repercussions, but I really loved the friends-to-lovers storyline.
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A very fun, quick read.  I liked the characters and will definetly go back anx ghe read the previous 2 full length novels in this series
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I usually don't read novellas. Snowlicious was better than I expected. The plot is typical of this genre, but it's still a fun and engaging read. Very cute! Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Mike and Thea went to high school together and were friends until he became the popular jock and hung out with different friends.

They've reconnected years later, but Mike doesn't want to be in the friend zone anymore.  He's hesitant to make himself vulnerable to anyone after the way his parents' divorce affected him, but he's willing to try for Thea.  Thea has been through a rough divorce and is tired of men trying to manage her so she decides to be super independent.  The first step is beating her ex-husband in the Festival of Trees competition.  Thea also has feelings for Mike, but doesn't want to ruin a great friendship.

Will Mike and Thea realize that it's ok to open themselves up to the possibilities of love rather than to be guarded?
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Snowlicious was a quick read that hits all the major plot points. We follow Thea and Mike who have been friends since junior high. Mike turned into a jock and turned away from his friend Thea, while she grew up and married and then divorced. The two of them have become great friends again as adults, but that “friend zone” is becoming more difficult to maintain than either of them thought it would be.

LaValle does a fantastic job writing and presenting the intensity felt between Thea and Mike and I enjoyed her style of writing. While this story is an extremely quick read, we have the character tension, climax, plot twist and conclusion all in a days read! I think the complete brevity of the entire thing surprised me more than anything and with that it was well written. I would have liked to have a few additional hot scenes between them, but what was there was definitely worth the read.
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Snowlicious is the third book in the Yoga in the City series. It is also a friends to lovers romance. This book is a story of the never ending boy meets girl gets friend zoned and trys to work his way out. I enjoyed the story of Mike and Thea.
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I generally am not a fan of novellas, especially for characters that I am not familiar with. However, I enjoyed both of the full-length novels in the Yoga in the City series, and am slightly familiar with Thea’s character. Snowlicious is a quick, enjoyable read, with the friends-to-lovers trope that we know and love.
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A fun and fast read about two friends that want to be friends but also have feelings for the other one. Thea is trying to get into the Christmas spirit but it is difficult for when her ex stole her entry into the festival of trees. Now still upset with herself allowing her ex to still get to her, Mike her best friend tells her that she can decorate his firms entry into the festival. Thinking that it sounds strange he tells her that the person who does it normally has backed out this year. Agreeing to do it for his firm she is back to be happy, and Mike is happy that she is working towards her becoming and seeing the strength he sees in her. When Mike does finally decides to tell Thea about his feelings for her she has them as well, but tells him that she wants to stay friends because she does not want anything to happen with it. This is all good until searching for a tree for her in the mountains and they get stuck together in his cabin for the weekend. Now you must read this book to find out what happens. There are many wonderful scenes and very good characters that support the two main ones. Overall a very good book and a fast read.
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The perfect christmassy romance novel!!! I really enjoyed this book and thought the characters were good and well rounded. Its a pretty straight forward romance novel and doesn't throw any massive surprises your way but its a really enjoyable read for a cold evening.
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This short and sweet little book was a great holiday read. Fast and fun,  an easy way to slide into your holiday reading slowly.

Mike and Thea have been friends since childhood – yet they have begun wanting more than just friendship from each other, and while Mike is ready to cross that line of friendship into something more, he is not sure that Thea is. But the magic of Christmas time makes everyone hopeful and brave with the promise of the season, and Mike is willing to go the extra mile to show Thea that will do anything for her. Including giving her the opportunity to decorate his firm’s Christmas tree in the annual competition, after her own tree is snatched away from her by her ex.

I really loved these two characters, and they had some serious chemistry. I enjoyed how fun loving and realistic these two felt – sometimes you read characters that seem like people you could bump into on the street, and Thea and Mike felt that way to me. This book was a great escapism and the snowy imagery was perfect.

All in all, a fun little read! I want to find the other books in this series now!
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Thanks to #NetGalley for the advanced copy. 

Being a big fan of Christmas, I absolutely loved this festive novella full of love, friendship and snow. Probably the plot is not extremely original, but it doesn't matter since the atmosphere in the book is so nice and heartwarming. I really loved Thea, her struggle for indipendence and her stubbornness, and I loved Mike too. This is really a good Christmas novel for those who love winter time and reading a book in a cozy environment with a cup of coffee and chocolates at hand.
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This is a first for me by this author... but won't be my last... I really enjoyed this friends to lovers story.

A fun, flirty friends-to-lovers holiday romance.

Snow’s falling, carolers are singing, and holiday lights are twinkling. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to get out of the friend zone... 

At least that’s what Mike is hoping. But his best friend, Thea, is seriously lacking in holiday spirit. In fact, she’s hot-and-bothered in the wrong way when her ex steals her entry in the Festival of Trees competition. Now, she needs to find the Best Tree Ever so she can win the competition before her florist shop loses business. 

The catch? Thea's using this opportunity to exert her independence and stand up for herself, but Mike can’t pass up the chance to play Secret Santa and lend her a helping hand. 

Such an expression of holiday giving couldn’t possibly backfire, right? 

The cover and description is what drew me in and once I started I did not want to put it down.
It's a fast-paced novella that has some romance, drama and blush-worthy seduction... but could it be over before it even begins???

A quick, steamy holiday love story that's perfect for a cold winter evening read.

I look forward to more of this authors work.

Thank-You Netgalley for my ARC.
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I wish this was a little longer.  I was disappointed that it was so short.  It was a fun, fluffy little read.  I liked the characters and I liked the premise.  It just wasn't long enough for me.
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A fun friends to lovers Christmas romance. 
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author. All opinions are my own.
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A fun holiday romance. This entertaining story about friends who both want to be more than friends will entertain readers during the busy holiday season.
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This book just wasn't for me. I didn't like any of the characters and there wasn't enough storyline for me to get to know them at all for that opinion to be changed.
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Brilliant. The chemistry and friendship between Mike and the a leap off the page. I loved it, Mike's struggle with being being vulnerable whilst he tries to win There's affections and There's struggle with relationship dynamics as she tries to find herself without becoming a notch on Mike's bedpost. I loved the interplay between the two and dual pov style that Lavalle uses makes it all the more engaging.
I found it more of a novella than an actual story but it flowed nicely and was told in a way that was not rushed and left me feeling like I got everything out of the story.
Brilliant, short and romantic read.
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Hey, you guys! Today I want to talk with you about one of my newest reads! As you can see, the book is called Snowlicious by Leigh Lavalle. This is the first time I heard about this author and I am really excited to tell you my opinion on her book. So, as you know me, I really liked this book, especially on this time of the year because lets get serious, this is romance we are talking about! I love to get ready for the winter and for the holiday season with some tingly little romance novels and this one was definitely my kind of book!

If you need to read a cozy and easy book you should definitely choose this one. Snowlicious is full of romance and love and the emotions that are found at the beginning of a relationship. So if you are in a long-term relationship and you miss that excitement of the unknown, pick up this novel and it will give you all the feels. Thea and Mike will give you a ride throughout the good and the bad of Friend Zone and trying to escape it in any way. The novel will frustrate you to the level when you will yell to the characters to get their act together and after that when you cool off, you will be amazed by the power of the human beings and how they can overcome everything for love.

I was really into this book and I read it in just 3 days ( I would've read it faster, but UNI wasn't on the same page with me on this one, haha). I gave it 3 of 5 stars and I recommend it to anyone that needs to feel warm and cozy on top of their bed with blankets and tea by their side. Don't you think this is the best combination?

Love and kisses, 
A. L.
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