Banana Pants! (Miranda and Maude #2)

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 23 Jan 2019

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Banana Pants was a really good book. The illustrations were amazing and really brought so many scenes to vivid life. Watching all these kids try to put on this play was a real joy. They all faced different problems along the way, but once they came together it all fell into place. Miranda and Maude each made some kind of mistake along the way, but their friendship found a way to persevere through it. If you’re looking for a fun book to read then this is a story you will want to check out.
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Miranda and Maude Book 2 did not disappoint. Now that the girls have learned to lie one another despite their differences, they are facing new challenges. As school and testing looms ahead, the girls are challenges with doing and creating something important to them. It's hard for Miranda and Maude to understand that being best friend doesn't mean you have to live and do the same things all the time. Book two gives the girls time and space to work on not just liking each other but respecting one another too.
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Banana Pants is the second in the Miranda and Maude series, but without reading the first one I still really enjoyed this cute and upbeat chapter book. Miranda and Maude have very different personalities but are the best of friends. 
In their classroom everyone is working together to pull off a play called Banana Pants! The girls have a few issues while working on the play, but they’re still able to make amends in time for the final performance. 
I really liked these two girls and the rest of the kids in their class. I would recommend it to any young reader.
Thank you to ABRAMS Kids and NetGalley for this adorable chapter book.
I will be featuring this book on my blog Saturday December 15, 2018.
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Princess Miranda and Not-a-Princess Maude are total opposites and totally best friends! And their friendship continues with bumps in this second lovely book. 

As much as I know that these books are for kids, this book I feel really does flesh out the characters in the class the girls are in so much more and it really builds on our young protagonists. Giving them personalities that make them feel more real (as much as you can a princess) this book really writes the people well.

The plot allows though these characters to expand and it’s really cute story that really shows how important friendship is and how you can work as a team to get something you want. It also allows people to use their skills to make something that works and allows the kids to shine - a book that’s perfect for any kid who may be an introvert at heart for example. 

A sweet story, I highly recommend these books!
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