90 Days to Live

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First, I want to thank Rodney and Paige Stamps, Verdavia Press, INC, and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review. 

Rodney and Paige Stamps share their incredibly inspirational story in 90 Days to Live Beating Cancer When Modern Medicine Offers No Hope.  This book pulled at my heart strings from the first paragraph and did not let them go til the last one! Rodney took you right along with him on his full journey with him when he felt he first lump to the first doctor appointment and so on. We get to be a fly on the wall. This is why I highly suggest this book to anyone that was just diagnosed with cancer or someone going through it. This book has a ton of great educational information, books and Doctors referenced that could be very beneficial to many people.  Not to mention he gives you personal stories of his treatment that he opted to do. He is an extremely brave man to go through the ones he discusses in the book! I don’t think I would have the stomach for either! My heart goes out to you Paige! 

I was very fascinated reading about the Essiac Tea chapter as I am a huge fan of Tea. The fact that this tea could be a treatment for Cancer patients is amazing. The medical community just fascinates me. More so if you treat something without medicine, I am all for that. 

In 90 Days to Live Beating Cancer you will read both sides of the story. You will read Rodney’ side and how this affects him. This isn’t just about his medical diagnosis. This effects his whole life. You will read all about that. 
Plus, you will read Paige’s side of the story and how she recalls how they met and fell in love. That in itself is a beautiful story! They are blessed to have found each other and have each other through this! 

In the book there is a beautiful picture of Rodney and Paige. 

Being a reader and their daughter Jessika being a reader as well I thought it was funny when they would ground her to her room. She would just go up there and curl up and read a good book. Instead, they had to tell her not to go and read a book for pleasure until her punishment was up. Now to me that would be punishment enough! 

At the end of the book you will read stories from two Enzyme Treatment Testimonials from two cancer heroes.
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I'll admit, a medical memoir isn't normally a book I usually pick up to read...but let me tell you, I am SOO glad I did. Because what I do appreciate is a well written story that is being told by a couple who makes you want to pull up a seat, grab a mug of coffee (well...maybe not coffee) and sit and listen for hours. I seriously picked up this book and didn't put it down until I was done...I have no idea when I finally went to sleep (Sorry, boss). How does a seemingly ordinary man whose family gets diagnosed with cancer (because let's face it, when someone has cancer it doesn't just affect them) look the disease that has killed so many people in it's face and say "No Thanks". At the same time, HOW does this same man tell his doctors, nurses, friends...strangers..."I'll pass" when told he MUST take chemo, one of the most common forms of treatment? In fact, that's where 90 days comes from...the doctor with his handheld calculator telling him how long he has unless he has this treatment. How does he do it? I'll tell you: Read.The.Book.
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A well presented, inspiring and thought-provoking memoir.

I am very interested in medical memoirs and have read quite a few concerning cancer journeys. This book is totally different to any I have read previously in that the author didn't opt for chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy to treat his cancer.

Rodney had been a drummer in a heavy metal band when he met Paige. He'd later given that up and now a successful business was taking off. All is stopped in its tracks as Rodney has a devastating diagnosis.

He had been urged to have Chemo. It's the accepted usual. But he really didn't want that. He was desperate to find another way. They get well-meaning friends telling them of various weird and wonderful treatments that people they know have had and supposedly been cured. One sounds interesting and very hopeful. But then the terrifying truth about this wonder potion emerges. After reading what Rodney found out, I looked on google and was shocked at the images where some people had been disfigured by this. Thank goodness Rodney didn't go for this-he did check out alternative treatment options thoroughly. The protocol he did go with often made me cringe at what he had to do and what he had to eat! But, having said that, chemo is terrible, with awful side-effects, but because that is often the only treatment we know of for cancer, it's all just accepted. 

With passages throughout the book written from both of their points of view-it flits alternately from Rodney to Paige in fairly short sections. Well presented and a good, intriguing read.

His memoir concerns a difficult subject, and I know some 'don't want to go there', preferring lighter reading. But this was strangely addictive, I had to read on to find out what happened. Which treatment would they choose? What would work? Would it be something I had heard of? It wasn't-and it wasn't what I thought it might be either.

He's been well, and cancer-free for 8 years. This is not just him saying so-he still sees the doctor who gave him his very bleak diagnosis all those years ago. He goes for monitoring visits: 'watching and waiting', as they call it. Wonderfully for Rodney and Paige, things are good; thankfully there is nothing to watch at the moment and they're enjoying life and business success more than ever.

A well presented, inspiring and thought-provoking memoir.
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