Saving Annie: Book Two --The Investigator

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This should have not been broken into 4 books. Book 3 & 4 aren't even out so you can't even finish the darn thing. The book itself is ok, not completely attention grabbing. Wished there was more too it and more information, but then again maybe that is what is in the rest of the books that I can't finish. Received this book as an ARC and I voluntarily gave my honest opinion.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Wildblue Press and the authors, Steve Jackson and Tom McCallum, for the opportunity to read a digital copy of Saving Annie Book Two in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.
I thought this book was really well written.  I was up into the early hours so I could finish reading. 3.5 stars.
Worth a read.
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Though I really wanted to connect and enjoy this true crime novel - I had such a hard time really getting in to the story- I was lost.
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Saving Annie: Book 2 - The Investigator by Steve Jackson 
This is the 2nd installment in The Saving Annie books and it is a great followup to the 1st. The more I read the more I need to know! Hurry up and give us more of this investigation! I will be waiting for the next one! Thank you Netgalley and the Publishers at Wild Blue Press for allowing me to read this ARC book and give my opinion.
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A true crime story that will leave you wondering how people can treat each other wrong.  This second book picks up where book 1 left off.  A young mother is dead, her death ruled an accident, but everyone who knew her believes her boyfriend may have helped her fall to her death.  As he tries to collect her life insurance and take custody of their daughter, he comes up against people who will not let the "accident" remain unsolved.  The authors have done a great job of presenting the story and all of the facts don't add up.  There are two more books to come, I can't wait to see how they prove the crime, vindicate the young woman's death and most importantly Save Annie from her father.
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Good follow up to Saving Annie Pt. 1. This book takes us further into the suspects of the murder of Ms. Rhonda . Quick, concise read in this series. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book. Although I received the book in this manner, it did not effect my opinion of this book nor my review.
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Thank you NetGalley and Wild Blue Press for giving me the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.
We continue to interview the suspects in the murder of Rhonda. Every turn reveals more and more lies and deception. Her fiance has so many dark secrets and has some how managed to escape being imprisoned for the rest of his life. 
He is a true narcissistic person who refuses to believe that anything is wrong. He truly believes that he is doing any wrong. 
He doesn't believe that there is nothing wrong with him surrounding himself with young children (teenagers). Yet each time he does, a major problem does arise. He is in a lot of trouble so it is no wonder that it is imperative that his young daughter be kept away from him. 
Would he kill her after he got the money? I need to get the other books in the series to find out how this true crime story turns out!!!
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Always been interested in this story. I will follow all the books in this series. This was my first from Steve Jackson and wasn't disappointed.
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I didn’t read the first instalment of this book as I requested it from netgalley based on the fact it was a true crime story .... which I am a fan.  
I enjoyed this book.. it was a quick read..I am definitely interested in the next instalment.
Thank you netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book.
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I was looking forward to reading book two of this story, but I don't think a whole lot of new information was revealed, and it was a VERY quick read! I'm still intrigued by the story, and will pick up the last two books to find out what happens!  The fact that it's a true story makes it all the more interesting to me.
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Saving Annie Book Two:The Investigators
by Steve Jackson & Tom McCallum 
WildBlue Press 

Thorough. Concise. Fact-driven. For riveting, astonishing crimes that are as unforgettable as they are unforgivable, WildBlue Press has some of the best.
In Book 2 of 'Saving Annie' we learn what the investigators discovered from the body of 23 year old Rhonda Casto, found dead on Eagle Creek Trail, Oregon in March of 2009. The "witness" that called 9-1-1, was her boyfriend, 34 year old Stephen Wagner Nichols, the father of Rhonda's daughter, Annie. The witness lacked emotion, the operator noted. When search and rescue volunteers found the body, the facts as stated by Nichols  did not add up.
Investigators probed the past of Nichols and he became more suspect and suspicious as his true character was revealed. When Rhonda's mother, Julia Simmons told them she knew Nichols took out a 1.4 million life insurance policy 3 months before her death, and that he had had a sexual affair with Rhonda's sister when she was 15 and he was 30, he became the prime suspect in the case. This was not his first crime, they found.
Well written, easy to follow and quick to read, I enjoyed this true crime. Recommended.
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It will take one woman to change everything. A young mother falls off a cliff but something does add up. But it is ruled as an accident that is until a paralegal finds the case. Dardie Robinson knows that she has to help as there is a child involved. And she knows what can happen to child in these cases and as she digs she becomes even more worried. But can she help solve this case?
A good read just very short. I was lucky enough to receive a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is part two of a book, and I enjoyed it very much. It is a little shorter than the first part, but both sucked me in and left me wanting more. I am looking forward to part three. I enjoy reading true crime books and this did not disappoint. I did enjoy the dynamic of the book, the cold case picked back up, and trying to get justice for the people hurt. I will he purchasing the next two books. I can’t wait to read more!
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This second installment of a true crime title recaps the background of the alleged crime and suspect in the prologue. The segment then introduces an intrepid paralegal investigating the case. The author does a fantastic job of describing each individual involved objectively, yet allowing them to come alive as clearly as characters in a novel. The case and investigation are fascinating. However, readers may be disappointed by the small amount of new material (only 3 chapters) presented in this installment.
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Saving Annie: Book Two—The Investigator 

Book Two picks up where the first one left off in the case of Rhonda Casto, and the investigation into her death on March 16th, 2009 and the prosecution beginning in 2015 and ending in 2017, of her boyfriend, Stephen T. Wagner Nichols, for her murder.  The second book introduces paralegal Dardie Robinson, who gets thankfully gets involved, because this case was just sitting, basically.  Once Robinson got involved and started her thorough work, she got things moving, as she was very intent on getting justice for Rhonda and protecting Annie.  My thanks for the advance electronic copy that was provided by NetGalley,  authors Steve Jackson with Tom McCallum, and the publisher for my fair review.
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