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Reforming Apologetics

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In the current state of apologetics, this is an excellent volume that needs much interaction. Between the presuppositional and classical approaches to apologetics, there can be a lack of middle-ground and understanding that needs greater bolstering. Fesko is readable and reasoned.
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Any time you present an argument having to do with theology/philosophy, I think you can expect the audience to have some bias, as well as the author. I was impressed with the restraint shown here when making judgments about what previous thoughts and ideas have been given in the past about this subject. 

The author has clearly done a lot of research and has a broad understanding of the topics in this book, however, I would have liked to have seen some of the chapters and ideas expanded upon more since I thought the author fully capable of doing so. There were some parts of the book that were very detailed and interesting and others that left me wanting more and a bit disappointed that there was not more depth. 

If you are beginning your research and want a book that is fully approachable, this would be an excellent choice. As I was looking at this book from a scholarly perspective and not a theological one, I can't really say how other people in a general audience would feel about it, but I personally thought it was interesting and valuable. 

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