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A great book that grabs you from the first word and hangs on to the last.  Set in both modern times and ancient Scotland, this book does a masterful job of weaving ancient elements in and out of current time.  Yes there’s time travel, but it’s woven so well into the story, I can’t imagine it any other way.  I loved the characters of this book.  Katie, our heroine, is strong and sassy, and well able to take care of herself (except when stuck upside down in the moonroof of her car).  She’s a good match for Ramsay, our hero, who is strong and protective, but willing to take care of Katie in the best sense.   Their relationship builds well; a little back and forth as it starts, some overbearing male, some too independent female, but they quickly learn to work together as their love builds.  Ms Greyson does a masterful job of developing a story that weaves back and forth through time, without it feeling confusing or overbearing.  The historical bits Katie, as an archeologist, knows or doesn’t know add to the development of the tale.  A great read.  I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley.  This is my freely given, honest review.
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Ramsay MacDara wishes the goddesses had left his arse back in the tenth century. That way he never would have met the gold digger who made a fool out of him. A loner at heart, Ramsay is riding his beloved horse through the woods near his family’s North Carolina theme park, Highland Life and Legends, when he hears tires squealing—followed by a thud—and rushes to the scene to help. That’s when he sets his eyes on a pair of long legs sticking out of the moon roof of a car. His interest piqued, the rest of her will soon arouse his greatest desires . . . and deepest fears. Archaeologist Katie Jenson is on a six-month sabbatical from her job at Princeton University. Following the death of her beloved father—whose dying request was for Katie to live life to the fullest—she’s headed to a friend’s beach house in North Carolina. But a momentary distraction takes her off the road and on the journey of her life . . . with a sex god in a kilt at her side. Ramsay’s passion is the stuff of legend—and it just may be Katie’s greatest discovery.
I really enjoyed this story. Katie is something else (in the most endearing way possible) and is just what Ramsay needs. I liked it from start to finish and can’t wait for the next book from this author.
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Ok...Katie's Highlander by Maeve Greyson wasn't all that I hoped it would be. Out of the previous books in this series, this one was my least favorite because the characters didn't have depth. Katie was very shallow and whiny, which made me dislike her character. Ramsey...just didn't do it for me and trust me that I love Highlander's. The plot did not have the effect of being well though-out and the dialogue was a bit kiddish. I did finish reading the story, though I struggled. Greyson normally delivers a great story that sucks it's readers' in, but I didn't see it from Katies and Ramseys' story.  
What I did like about the story was Esme's part in the end. I will love to read her story in the future. I just hope Greyson delivers it as she did in her other books.  I will recommend all the previous books in this series, just not this one.
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Time travel stories are always a little hit and miss for me, but this one was definitely a hit. I absolutely love the blend of scottish mysticisms with present day cynicism to bring two unlikely characters together that nearly melt the page. There's chemistry but also an emotional bond that only grows stronger. Some comical situations and plenty of romantic suspense. Five stars!
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. I know, highlanders are everywhere with the advent of Outlander, right? However, this is an enjoyable read, well-paced with likable characters. I am definitely looking for more books to read from Ms. Greyson!
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This story was hard to get into at first. The beginning the gave the history was a little slow. After that, I greatly enjoyed the book. I loved the vivid storyline and characters. The descriptions used allowed me to visualize exactly what the author was trying to convey. I enjoyed the book so much, I bought the first two books in the series and read them in quick order. I would recommend this book to others. 

**I received this book for free in exchange for an unbiased review. ***
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This was my first read and it was great!I really had such a fun time with this book and loved the time travel from modern era to the past . 

"What matters in life is making memories with someone you love. Memories that no one -not time, the gods, angels, or demons can ever take away."

I liked Katie and Ramsay well enough. She’s sassy  and together were perfect!They were a great match!

The plot was ok, it was fast pced and slow at the same time.
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Maeve Greyson knows how to tell a story that keeps going and is believable. Can't wait to find out what happens next.
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I received Katie's Highlander from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.  This is the first time I have ever read Maeve Greyson and quite enjoyed the story.  This is the 3rd book in her Highland Protector series but can be read as a standalone.
After losing her dad, Archaeologist Katie Jenson takes a 6 month sabbatical to regroup and ends up stranded in small town North Carolina.  Ramsay MacDara, was taken out of his time in the 10th century and transported to the present by the goddesses to protect them.  But, he really wishes they would have left him back in the 10th century.  Struggling in North Carolina with the present and a loner at heart, Ramsay is riding his horse when he meets Katie and his interest is peeked.  But when the goddesses transport both him and Katie to the past, their attraction gets full attention while they work together to get back to the present.  But is that where they belong?
I enjoyed the independent side of Katie and Ramsey's struggles with the present.  Greyson does a wonderful job at showing the difference in 10th century and the present.  I greatly enjoyed the fact she uses an Archaeologist to send back in time- someone who just might be able to understand the past and work with it to blend in.  I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by Greyson.  #KatiesHighlander #NetGalley
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I read this book some time ago and do not remember how I felt during reading it. I would not be able to give it a proper review. I know that there were lots of things about the book that made me think of a friend of mine who is a military wife. I did give this book 4 stars on GoodReads.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Random House/Loveswept for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  I am an archaeologist so I have a love/hate relationship with books about archaeologists.  I really enjoyed Katie!  She ditzy but smart and practical. Ramsay-what can I say where is my Ramsay??  Sigh... I am not overly find of time travel in general, but this one was fun.  A solid 4 stars.  I think most Romance readers would enjoy.
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Someone get me a MacDara brother! STAT!

The storyline wasn't really all there for me. But that is the only complaint I have. 

Maeve Greyson, you can write one heck of a Highlander romance. I can't wait to get my hands on all of the stories.

I love the combination of 10th & 21st Century timelines. Especially since it cause to much clashing with the character's development.
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I have been such a fan of this fun series that Maeve Greyson has written here. Maeve Greyson has such a sharp wit to her books and I am always finding myself so entertained by her books here. For those new to the series, this series focuses on one family, who lived in the highlands but then to protect a sacred stone of the goddess they are brought forward in time. And Katie’s Highlander is Ramsay’s book here.

Our story begins when Ramsay has lost faith will ever finding someone to love or to marry or have a family like his brothers. Then he comes across a young woman in a car crash and when he rescues her and takes her back to the “keep” which is his family’s home in North Carolina where they have settled in modern times, he is captivated by this feisty woman. There is such strong chemistry but Katie has her own plans for the future. But as a scientist of history, she appreciates how Ramsay and his family are with their history and traditions. But Katie’s life is turned into something of a drea when she and Ramsay find themselves back in the highlands, hundreds of years before she was born and she is having to work with Ramsay to find a way back home. But Ramsay is at home in the highlands, but its not her time, and Katie will have to make a choice whether or not to return to the future alone or make a life with Ramsay in the past…

I really had such a fun time with this book and loved the time travel from modern era to the past that this author implements. I just love this family and how they look at life. They definitely have a unique perspective on what is really important considering they grew up in the highlands but then came forward in time. Ramsay unlike his brothers, craves the time he was born into. He has never felt fully at ease in the modern century and we see how much he comes fully into himself when they travel back in time. How much more self assured and confident he is in leading the clans. But there is one problem…our heroine wants to go back home.

Now for Katie, I did struggle with her at times. She is very strong willed, independent and headstrong and that gets her into trouble. And its these qualities that get her thrown back in time although she doesn’t really think that way. She does take everything in stride though, and doesn’t get too panicky and so I did admire her strength throughout this story and seeing how she faces up to everything. I did find that she could be a bit annoying at times, there were aspects of her character that I really found frustrating. We do how she realizes that love is more important that superficial things like coffee and working plumbing. Ramsay has been in love with her almost instantly from meeting her, but Katie takes quite a bit longer to realize the depth of feelings that she has for him. But Ramsay, he is so patient and understanding and respectful of whatever choice she is willing to make even if it means him being alone the rest of his life.

The romance is two sided, we see the perspective of both Ramsay and Katie and they both fall in love with each other at different times so this story does introduce the “unrequited love” trope but I did love seeinig Katie come into her own strength as she is faced with a challenge she never imagined possible and how she comes to realize that being with Ramsay, the man she loves is worth the sacrifice. I found Katie’s Highlander to be a heartwarming and laugh out loud tale that was very amusing and will keep you smiling for days!!
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This is a story of a handsome Highlander and a lovely archaeologist who are swept back in time to tenth century Scotland. Ramsay MacDara is familiar with the new era, because his entire family traveled in time from mid ninth century Scotland to twentieth first century North Carolina but Katie Jenson alternates between fascination and horror at the culture changes.

I enjoyed the story with its interesting time travel twist and historical references and would love to read more by this author.

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC; all opinions are my own.
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I love time-travel romance but Katie's Highlander didn't do it for me. There are some funny scenes but the characters felt too flat for me. Katie frequently came off as too overdone and obnoxious. It's hard to like a romance when you think the MC is a spoiled brat in the middle of a frequent tantrum.  I didn't really feel the appeal between her and Ramsey. This was a DNF for me.
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“Katie’s Highlander” by Maeve Greyson  is an entertaining historical romance taking place in present-day North Carolina and historical Scotland. For lovers of all things “Outlander” and general fans of Scottish Highland romances, this will be an easy enjoyable read. Grayson seems to be getting stronger with her Highland series. I am fairly certain I picked up one of her earlier books at the onset of the series and couldn’t quite get through it,  but this time around the characters seemed a little more plausible, well-rounded and less cliché.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for the next one!
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Katie Jenson is an archaeologist who is on a six-month sabbatical from her job following the death of her father.  His last request was that she live her life to the fullest.  Katie didn't imagine that it would involve crashing her car, getting rescued by a Highland hunk and traveling back to ancient Scotland.

This is the third book in the Highland Protector series.  I have liked each one of the books.  Ramsey is the ultimate brooding Highlander.  The interaction between Katie and Ramsay was great.  Katie's struggle to adapt to life in the 10th century without modern comfort and hygiene items was real!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you!!
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I was a disappointed with this book. I love the plot,Scottish highlander and modern day girl get transplanted to 10th century Scotland. However, I found the characters and story to be one dimensional. There was no depth to the characters and the story just didn't give me enough details. By the end of the story I wasn't sure if they had been there for a few days or a few months.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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This is the first book in this series that I have read.  One of the aspects that drew my interest initially was the element of time travel forwards in time. But I have to say I found the execution disappointing.  While I am willing to give lots of latitude to attempts to portray a Scottish accent in writing, I have to draw the line at the omniscient storyteller having that accent, and inconsistently.  At first, I thought possibly the main male protagonist was sharing his thoughts, but as I read, thoughts were differentiated by being shown in italics.  It was annoying, and not very well done.  And while some may think I’m splitting hairs, some of the dialect sounded quite Irish.

Another thing I found annoying was the personality of the heroine.  I’ve found these depictions are common in modern romance novels, and it may very well be that I personally don’t like it, but these women are casually profane, mistake crudeness and rudeness for strength, and seem to expect that everyone they encounter should be perfectly ok with their inconsiderate behavior.

I won’t be reading any more of this author’s work.
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Although the character of Katie was very believable, at times she was so obnoxious I had to force myself to keep reading. I kept thinking, what on earth does Ramsey find so appealing? She was stubborn beyond reason, nosy, irritating... For a Princeton professor, she was a total ditz. Who looks at the stars through their moonroof while they're DRIVING? I just didn't see the attraction. Also, the issue of Brant 's parentage was a dangling thread. Still, it was a fun read and I enjoyed it for the most part. 

ARC via netgalley
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