A Very Lucky Christmas

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 26 Dec 2018

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I remember the days of the silver sixpences in the Xmas Pud.
Lucky if you don't choke on it or swallow it that is.
This is a romance with some ick factor but otherwise very cosy.
Not high storytelling but a nice duvet day read.
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A very festive read, it made me smile, laugh and even nod in agreement. Great plot and characters who were believeable!
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Thirty year old Daisy Jones is happy and the fiancé of Freddie, her boyfriend who she lives with. It's the run up to Christmas and life should be peachy, right? Wrong. 

Daisy's festive preparations are interrupted when she and Freddie break up when she finds him in bed with another man. This is definitely not what she expected. 

This is a wake up call of the worst kind for Daisy and the last thing she needs at this time of year. Daisy finds herself forced to move back in with her mum, Sandra and her grandmother, Elsie. Daisy,and her younger brother David, a dentist, are living completely different lives. He and his wife Zoe live in a house he saved up for long and hard. 

With Daisy's family, especially her mother and grandmother being severely lacking in sympathy and support for Daisy's new situation due to they themselves not trusting men, Daisy feels far from great. 

Inevitably, there's a moment when they must have a Christmas meal. During this, Daisy's Gran suggests planting a sixpence in the Christmas pudding. 

A short while later, Daisy is in A&E and being treated by a handsome doctor. Is he the answer to her problems in life? 

A Very Lucky Christmas was SO funny and true-to-life. I automatically liked Daisy and identified with her in her enthusiasm for shopping and pampering. The Christmas preparation and atmosphere was so cosily and accurately described that I wanted to be there with Daisy. The family situation and how they acted was so realistic too. 

When things started to go wrong for Daisy, I felt angry at Freddie and was glad Daisy got out of the situation as soon as possible. I was also glad her family was there for her and she was able to go back to her mum's. I identified with the feeling of feeling less than family members or starting to compare oneself. 

This book had a romantic theme yet was very Christmas-orientated and, I felt, the best of both worlds. It has humour, realism, great character development and really made me feel for Daisy. I was cheering her on and would have loved to have been Christmas shopping with her. 

A Very Lucky Christmas is everything a good Christmas book should be, heartwarming, hilarious and true-to-life. The atmosphere is amazing. Christmas decorations, the very English feel of the Christmas meal, and even the air freshener smelt festive. The book oozes Christmas charm and mishaps in equal measure and the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS. Eye-catching and colourful. I'm always ficusing on covers before choosing a novel and this just said REVIEW ME! I am glad I did. 

Lilac Mills writes in a way which makes her words flow off the page and she gets right to the heart of the characters and their relationships and the desceiptions of the Christmas tree, decorations and excitement over wrapping gifts resonated with me as, no matter how many years pass, I am like a big kid when it comes to Christmas. I was relishing in the book. 

Thanks so much to Lilac Mills and Canelo for my ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review. 5 sparkling stars. Loved it! 

A perfect Christmas feelgood novel. This is the second novel by Lilac Mills I have reviewed.
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This was such a comedic book that actually had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions! Granted, there was a lot of second hand embarrassment felt for the main character, Daisy, which just made it funnier! It has the most perfect Christmas vibe and I really enjoyed it! A perfect, feel-good book!
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Loved this little Christmas book. Things go from bad to worse for sweet daisy. You will find yourself rooting for her. Throughout this whole story. There are so many silly twists and turns and lots of misunderstandings.
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This little story is a nice one for Christmas and the entire holiday season.  Daisy seems to have gotten several bad rounds of luck this year, but even that can't beat the holiday season.  It ends with a happy ending and all the negative gets transformed into good luck!
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Daisy's life is a disaster she has split up with her boyfriend and had to move back in with get mother and then to add insult to injury she swallows the sixpence from the Christmas pudding and ends ip in A and E.......... but actually maybe things are looking up when she is treated by Noah the rather gorgeous doctor!

A lovely warm festive book which is as much comedy as romance and great to curl up in front of the fire with
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My favorite time of year is by favorite time of year by far and this sweet and funny story hits all the notes! I loved it!
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When you think it can’t get any worse, Daisy finds it can. When you are thinking engagement ring and find out he is gay, running home to mom, aunt and grandmother who are man haters doesn’t help. I thought the story was super cute. I really enjoyed this book.
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very cute, funny, cozy Christmas read!

though i read it after Christmas, it still got me into the vibe of the festive season!!

Definite read during December, next to your fireplace!! :)
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This book is a light, read, predictable, but fun.  Good to read to get you into the holiday spirit, but don't expect any big revelations.
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What a lovely story and a great little Christmas read. Love hope it draws you in. The characters were well thought out and the spirit of the season comes through.
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A Very Lucky Christmas is a cute cozy mystery. No surprises here, but it's overall charming and fun. The characters are loveable. The plot is engaging and will keep you reading. Perfect for cozy mystery fans. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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What’s it About?  Daisy's Christmas is not so Merry - she's going through a messy breakup and had to move back in with her mum, and then she chokes on the sixpence in the Christmas Pudding and ends up in A&E which is even more embarrassing because the Dr is so dishy. (I love that word - I'm always telling my best guy that he's dishy!)

What I liked The cover is fun, and the story is ok - I flew through it, and Daisy was a nice enough character that I was rooting for her and I am such a sucker for a comedy Grandma (Grandma Mazur anyone) and only those with a heart of stone don't like a Christmas romance, right? RIGHT?

What I liked Less Could it have been any more predictable. OMG. Also Noah has to be the worst doctor to the point that his incompetence really distracted from the story for me and it just became tedious. I skim read a lot of this book, and rolled my eyes more than I would like.
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Zuckersüß..Nicht zu sehr weihnachtlich, kommt hier solide Unterhaltung mit  vielen  Lachtränen und teils skurrilen Charakteren. Ein echter Mills eben.
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I love this book, it’s heartwarming, cosy and as comforting as hot chocolate on a snowy evening.
Daisy is hoping for love and with a little bit of interference from grandma and a little Christmas magic who knows what will happen. I love books where it all works out right in the end! This book is a hug in a book
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This story was absolulely hilarious from start to finish. I never eat Christmas pudding anyway, but I don't think I ever will with the fear of where the coin might have been. I loved the characters and really felt for poor Daisy. She wasn't always the most likeable and I feel sometimes she might have brought a bit of her bad luck on herself but by the end I was rooting for her 100%. This was a perfect Christmassy read and I'd definitely read Lilac Mills again.
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Satisfied my Christmas feel good read requirements! I like to get a couple of Christmas books in over the holiday period.

Not the most exciting I've ever read, but it did have some likeable characters and it was an enjoyable read.
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This was a very fun and easy read. It reminded me of a mix between Bridget Jones and Shopaholic, although I didn't always find the main character very likeable. 
I was also looking forward to a cozy christmassy read, based on the title and cover, but even if it was set around the holidays, I was somewhat disappointed.
All in all, I did enjoy reading the book, and would recommend it.
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This is like a comedy of errors, full of gaffes, humour and -eventually- true love. Daisy Jones was expecting her boyfriend to propose this Christmas but they end up splitting up and she moves back in with her mother and gran. Her great-gran says she needs to make a Christmas pudding and guides her in making it. However, when eating it, Daisy chokes on the ‘lucky’ sixpence and ends up being rushed to A&E. That’s where she’s treated by Dr Noah Hartley . . . . Somehow they keep meeting but discovering the secret of her ex, losing her job, moving back to her Mother’s home . . . . comparing herself to her “perfect” brother .... there are lots of changes for Daisy but will that sixpence prove to be very lucky or the portent of an even more disastrous year?

This is a fun festive read with laugh out loud incidents and others that are more heartbreaking. It is a story of facing changes, moving on and being willing to take chances. It has a diverse range of characters, the relationships within the Jones family are key to the whole story and this includes Daisy’s sister-in-law, who is initially a stranger but definitely grows on you as you read the story. This is a fun festive read that can be enjoyed whatever the season.

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley. I chose to read it and this is my honest review after doing so.
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