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A Very Lucky Christmas

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Satisfied my Christmas feel good read requirements! I like to get a couple of Christmas books in over the holiday period.

Not the most exciting I've ever read, but it did have some likeable characters and it was an enjoyable read.
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This was a very fun and easy read. It reminded me of a mix between Bridget Jones and Shopaholic, although I didn't always find the main character very likeable. 
I was also looking forward to a cozy christmassy read, based on the title and cover, but even if it was set around the holidays, I was somewhat disappointed.
All in all, I did enjoy reading the book, and would recommend it.
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This is like a comedy of errors, full of gaffes, humour and -eventually- true love. Daisy Jones was expecting her boyfriend to propose this Christmas but they end up splitting up and she moves back in with her mother and gran. Her great-gran says she needs to make a Christmas pudding and guides her in making it. However, when eating it, Daisy chokes on the ‘lucky’ sixpence and ends up being rushed to A&E. That’s where she’s treated by Dr Noah Hartley . . . . Somehow they keep meeting but discovering the secret of her ex, losing her job, moving back to her Mother’s home . . . . comparing herself to her “perfect” brother .... there are lots of changes for Daisy but will that sixpence prove to be very lucky or the portent of an even more disastrous year?

This is a fun festive read with laugh out loud incidents and others that are more heartbreaking. It is a story of facing changes, moving on and being willing to take chances. It has a diverse range of characters, the relationships within the Jones family are key to the whole story and this includes Daisy’s sister-in-law, who is initially a stranger but definitely grows on you as you read the story. This is a fun festive read that can be enjoyed whatever the season.

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley. I chose to read it and this is my honest review after doing so.
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Unfortunately this book was archived before I was able to read it - I would’ve liked it to have been available on kindle as I then would’ve had the copy regardless. I’ve given it a three stars in lieu of this
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What could be better than spending christmas immersed in this funny and heartwarming read? Just the perfect kind of Christmas Romance.
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I received a digital ARC of #AVeryLuckyChristmas from #Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book. Lilac writes in a way that really draws you in and gets you hooked. I didn't want to put it down. It was a very funny book and I found myself laughing a lot. Just what I needed! This is the first book i've read by this author but it won't be the last.
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DNF...this one just didn't work for me. I just couldn't get into this one. Daisy's family were a bunch of twats...
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This Christmas story is fun and festive.  It is an easy read full of humor and fun!  It is a perfect escape from the stress of holiday preparations.  I liked the characters and the story development very much and I am pleased to recommend it.  Thank you netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.  Tge review is my own opinion
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I really enjoyed this book which is a lovely festive tale set in Worcester. Poor Daisy - could things really get any worse for her? This is a feel good festive story about heartbreak, traditions, relationships, family, new beginnings and romance. A warm, funny story which made me giggle in places. 

A delight! I can't wait to read more from Lilac Mills. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I think this is a great book for read during this time of the year, the story is funny with obviously love and misunderstandings but I like it a lot. 
The only problem that I had was with the main character Daisy that at some point was a little be despaired in her choices and her acts is som situations but despite that I enjoyed this title and I hope I could read something about the author again 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Canelo through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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I really enjoyed this book, and it was really weird for me because it is set in my home town of Worcester. 

Daisy finds out her boyfriend is gay and she has to move back in with her mother and grandmother. A catalogue of disasters befalls Daisy and her ge ge gives her a lucky sixpence to put in a christmas pudding believing it will change her luck, except Daisy swallows it and things go from bad to worse. 

It was funny and well paced. It was quite strange reading about places in my home city, The cardinals hat pub, and warndon villages to name but a few things, it was interesting because i could actually visualise Daisy getting around, even when she walking around the aisles in Sainsburys i could see it actually happening. 

When i went to post the review to Amazon and i saw the authors picture i thought damn i know you, but i wont let on that i do and what the authors real name is. Strange. Good for you though Lilac. Ive read all of your books now and enjoyed them all. 

A really good read.
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Many thanks to Canelo and Lilac Mills for the opportunity to read and review this book.  Such a fun festive read. While a little predictable it ticks all the buttons for a bit of escapism at Christmas time. The main chararater Daisy is not having an easy time having walked in on her boyfriend with another man

Can a coin her great grand mother gives her change her luck or is she doomed to more bad luck
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This is a feel-good story with a flavour of Christmas. It is full of humour as Daisy lurches from one misunderstanding to another. The tone is set from the beginning when Daisy imagines herself to be on the brink of a marriage proposal. The trouble is, as we soon discover, all is not as it seems with her boyfriend. 
 There are plenty of smiles to be had from Daisy's friends and family. It took me a while to warm to Daisy as a character but you begin to realise that she is not as self - obsessed as she seems to be at first and she is genuinely fond of her family. You cannot help but sympathise with her and I liked the way she showed that she can change her opinion of people, as she did with her sister-in-law, Zoe. 

In short: an entertaining rom com with a seasonal edge. 

Thanks to the author for a copy of the book
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Loved the characters in this book. Great book. Love Christmas books. I love anything about Christmas. 4 star book
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This was a brilliant Christmas read! Just the type of book I was after for the week before Christmas. 
It was full of ups and downs, laughs and tears. 
It was brilliantly written, and I couldn’t put it down wanting to see if Daisy would get her happy ever after. The characters were so likeable, even Freddie in the end! They weren’t too nice as I hate that, they just seemed like ordinary, relatable people and Daisy was just a bit down on her luck.
The only slight grind my teeth moments were the misunderstandings, I was literally screaming ‘use your words’ as they seemed a bit put on for the humour of the book. However, I understand that they were just that ‘humour for the book’ and I was being a little too sensible.
Other than that, a true feel good, festive read and I’m looking forward to reading Lilac Mills’ other books now!
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Daisy James is without a doubt one of my favourite authors. I have come to know and love, when I pick a book up that Daisy has written I am transported into a location, which is very easy to imagine. With my mind encapsulated into the story very quickly with easily likeable characters. Mistletoe and Mystery is no exception and makes for perfect Christmas reading.
Although this is the third book in the series of The Paradise Cookery School. Each book can be easily read in isolation. Daisy provides some details in the book around events of the prior two books. Although, as previously, I would highly recommend reading the full series. They are books not to be missed and reading each one gives an unmissable chapter in the life of Millie.
We first met Millie in Sunshine and Secrets at the Paradise Cookery School is set in St Lucia. Millie is a Michelin star chef, she steps in and sets up the Cookery school for Claudia who is a celebrity chef. We also met Ella who supports Millie with the development of the Caribbean recipes and Zach who is the estate Manager and the handsome male in the story.
With the school ready to be opened after the first book, we see the first booking. And follow Imogen and her wedding party in the second book Confetti and Confussion. Millie helps to get Imogen's wedding back on track and of course there is another instalment with Handsome Zach as his ex girlfriend appears on the scene.
Mistletoe and Mystery takes us to the Cotswolds. Where Claudia invites Millie to be her co presenter at her Manor home for the Festive Feast Course. And of course, Millie jumps at the chance, Zach will also be at the Manor!
The scene is quickly set, and you will be transported to the Manor House with the snow falling around you. And everything is out in place for the guests to arrive for the festive Cookery to begin.
Claudia has put the Manor House up for sale to enable her to pay off her cousins debt. Change is ahead, if the sale of the Manor goes through then Claudia will move to St Lucia with her husband Tim, and they have offered Zach a job at the Cookery school. With a prospective buyer scheduled to visit Claudia falls ill, and the events of the coming week unfold..... Millie as always is incredibly supportive and determined to make the Festive Cookery school a success. But she is also incredibly sad at the thought of the changes ahead.
This is a story of festive cheer, cooking, humour, romance and of course new beginnings. As you read, you can taste the food and feel the snow. Transported to the Cotswolds and sat in the Cookery school observing. More than once whilst reading my stomach rumbled.
Thank you to Ellie, Daisy and Canelo for our advanced copy.
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Daisy's Christmas isn't off to a great start when she finds her longterm boyfriend in bed with another man. She moves in with her mom and this is when the story really starts. Daisy and her family were a joy to read about. A Very Lucky Christmas was a delightful Christmas read filled with charming characters and witty dialogue. This was just what I was looking to read right before Christmas!
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Excellent book!  Loved the characters and it was a great storyline.  I would highly recommend this book.
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Enjoyed this book from start to finish. Daisy really doesn't have much luck, with some hilarious consequences. Her misunderstandings with Dr Hartley were amusing, although perhaps a little tedious after they just kept on happening. I really liked Daisy's character and the writing style was a perfect compliment to her personality. Haven't read anything by Lilac Mills before but will definitely be wanting to read more in the future!
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A Very Lucky Christmas was a great laugh out loud book that hooked me in from the first few pages.
A great festive feel good read, my first by this author but certainly not my last.
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