A Very Lucky Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or at least it’s supposed to be. But after a string of bad luck for Daisy Jones, including swallowing a 6 pence, lands her in the hospital with Dr. Noah Hartley, it seems things aren’t quite going as planned.

Will her luck turn around or will things continue to go downhill??

This was a cute story. Light and fun. And another perfect read for the Christmas season! 

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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If you've ever had a year where everything seemed to go wrong, you will feel right at home with poor Daisy Jones.  This fun Christmas romance has it all: a cheating boyfriend, family drama, backstabbing "friend", and even a few trips to the hospital.  Just when it looks like things couldn't get worse, they do, again and again.  When an ill-fated attempt at improving her luck back-fires, Daisy heads down a hilarious path of misadventure.  Will an unlikely love interest turn things around for Daisy in new year?  If you enjoy a holiday love story that isn't overly Christmasy, this one is for you. 

*Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
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A Very Lucky Christmas tells the story of Daisy who has experienced the most unlucky Christmas of her life. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for Daisy they do. This book is hilarious and the perfect Christmas season read. Loved all the characters, can't wait to read more from Lilac Mills.

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Everything starts to go wrong for Daisy at Christmas. Her nan decides they need to make a Xmas pudding and put in a lucky sixpence which Daisy then chokes on. She goes to hospital and meets Dr. Noah Hartley who she then keeps on meeting in embarrassing circumstances.
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This book!!!  I laughed so hard and loved these characters!  I love an English book and the humor in it.  These characters had me in stitches, good side characters can make or break a story and these characters absolutely made the story.  From break-ups, to visits to the AE, to intestinal problems, to swoony doctors; this book has it all!  I felt so sorry for Daisy when the story began and I hurt with her in all her trials, but celebrated with her in her triumphs. A great read.
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Story is well-written,humorous and endearing.Daisy's character is very convincing. As a reader you will sympathize with her and laugh on her at the same time.A good light holiday read.
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Daisy wasn’t having the best luck, but the ruddy silver sixpence certainly didn’t help. It all started when she came home to find her boyfriend, Freddie, in bed with another man, forcing her to move back home with her mother and grandmother. With Christmas around the corner, familial tensions quickly start boiling over. However, she makes a genuine effort for peace, even going so far as to making her great grandmother’s recipe for Christmas pudding—adding in a silver sixpence for good luck. Unfortunately, eating too quickly, she chokes on the coin and has to be rushed to the local A&E where she’s greeted by the dreamy Dr. Hartley … and that’s when her luck really starts to change. 

Well, this book started off with me glad I wasn’t in Daisy’s shoes. The first few pages are incredibly rough, and it only goes downhill from there for a time. Fortunately, author Lilac Mills handles these scenes with a bit of a wink to the reader. At times, she seems to even relish in the misfortunes of her main character simply because of the sheer volume of bad things that happen to her. However, it’s a Christmas romance after all, and it’s apparent her fortune will shift by the end. 

Before she gets there, though, the suffering piles on and a lot of it is pretty funny. The Christmas dinner scene at the beginning is a completely chaotic mess and relatable. It’s topped by Daisy’s choking on the sixpence piece. I won’t spoil everything, but the results of that incident crop up over and over in increasingly hilarious and fresh ways.

This book is light on romance, which isn’t a problem, but should be noted. Noah Hartley is a great foil for Daisy, and their progression together is a highlight. One common trope in the book is the use of miscommunication. Characters hear what they want to hear and make vast leaps to conclusions. At first, I found this slightly frustrating. However, Mills sets the stage for poor communication early and it makes sense for these characters. If Daisy didn’t realize her longtime boyfriend was gay and that she didn’t actually love him anyway, then it seems reasonable she would have communication problems.

And I do want to give special praise to Lilac Mills for her handling of the gay ex storyline. Plenty of other authors inadvertently demonize characters like this or play into awkward stereotypes. That doesn’t happen here, and I was pleased with how tastefully it was handled. 

It’s a fun and festive romance with some bite, perfect for Christmas.
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Brilliant book very funny and quite festive. I had only meant to read a few pages when I got started but actually ended up finishing the book in one sitting! Now that's the sign of a very enjoyable book!
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Another lovely book from Lilac Mills :c)  I do love a good Christmas book :c)

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4 - "It all started with the sixpence..." Stars!

My second read by Lilac Mills was as enjoyable as the first, with the added bonus that it was a Christmas book. A Very Lucky Christmas had me laughing out loud at regular intervals, as Daisy Jones negotiates her life and the many disasters that befalls it during one seasonal period.

She was thirty, single, and living back at home with her mum…

A relatively quick read, I think the main reason I enjoyed it so much was a lot of the bad luck that befalls Daisy, and a lot of the familial situations that occur are things you as the reader can relate to. Romance wasn’t really the main priority in this one until the latter stages of the book, and that was the only downside for me as I felt the connection between Daisy and Noah was a little tenuous, in relation to the amount of page time they actually spent together.

"Any change..?"

But Daisy, and her family themselves were a fully fleshed out unit. And that was where the main focus of the story was for me, and where I derived the most enjoyment.

Ideal if you are looking for a little light reading entertainment over the Christmas period, and another winner from this author for me!
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Lilac Mills has learned the arduous art of captivating her audiences’ attention and keeping us riveted until the very end wanting more.  A Very Lucky Christmas was comical yet romantic; quirky yet entertaining.  I genuinely enjoy the characters and their development.  Zoe surprised me as an enterprising intellectual and I loved the interesting addition to the plot her character provided.  Thanks to ‘a Very Lucky Christmas, I’ll be on the lookout for Lilac Mills’ other pieces.  Thank you to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for allowing me the privilege of reading and reviewing this novel.
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Daisy thought she had found “happily ever after” with Freddie until she came home early one day.  It turns out she was the pseudo romance so Freddie didn’t have to reveal his true sexuality preference to his parents.
Devestated Daisy returns to her mom’s.  Who would have thought that the “Christmas Pudding” would change her life?
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This was such a lovely read. I really loved Daisy and her family. This book really made me laugh. A great Christmas read!
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Lovely festive Christmas read. Perfect for over the long winter nights. Magical storyline. Great characters that pull it all together
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What a hoot! If you are looking for a Christmas romance, with a lot of chuckles, then this is the book for you. Poor Daisy, when it rains it pours, with one thing after another happening to the poor thing. From catching her boyfriend in bed with another man, to moving back in with her mother and grandmother, to swallowing a sixpence and having her brother take her to the emergency room, it just keeps going. Luckily, a hunky doctor is on call, and while Noah has a lot of misunderstandings with her, it is plain there is sparks. Highly recommend this book. A great holiday read, and hard to put down.
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Amazing book. Loved it from beginning to end. 
Well written which kept me captivated throughout. 
I will definitely be reading other books by this author
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Daisy Jones is certain that her boyfriend will propose soon, but this dream is shattered suddenly. She is forced to move back home. Her Great Grandmother suggests that they make a Christmas pudding and puts a lucky sixpence inside it.  When Daisy finds the lucky sixpence, it turns out to be rather unlucky instead. As her luck goes from bad to worse, she repeatedly encounters Dr. Hartley, who witnesses her downfall. Will get luck ever change?
This book is very funny, Daisy's  predicament seems to get worse and worse, and you can't help but feel sorry for her as the situations get more bizarre. The characters are well developed, and believable. I couldn't put the book down, as I wanted to know if Daisy's luck changed. This is a very enjoyable and light hearted festive story
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Be prepared to laugh out loud when reading this book , good characters very relatable,very hard to put this book down
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What a lovely book, hilarious and entertaining! It's got the perfect Christmas atmsosphere and I was hooked since the first pages.
It's well written, with a lovely cast of characters and a great setting.
A real page turner. I will surely read other books by this author.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to Canelo and Netgalley for this ARC
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Lilac Mills gives us a very funny Christmas romance with this one. I can't count how many times I was laughing out loud while reading this book. The characters just had a way with their humor that made you want to read more to see what they were going to come up with next. Very well done!

Daisy is a young lady that is in a relationship that she thinks is ready to move to the next level. Apparently though her boyfriend is not on the same level as Daisy in his thinking with that. Daisy was expecting a ring instead of finding her boyfriend with another man. Daisy immediately moves back in with her mom, but her grandmother is living there as well now. They all give Daisy a hard time. When Daisy's great grandmother comes over for dinner one day, she tells Daisy that she is going to tell her how to make an old recipe of Christmas pudding and that she has to put a silver sixpence in the pudding for it to be good luck. Well, Daisy makes the pudding and as she is eating it, ends up chocking on the sixpence. Her sister-in-law is there to help her when she is chocking. Daisy's brother insists on her going to the A&E to make sure that everything is ok. 

Daisy is so embarrassed that she is in A&E the first place, but when a hunky doctor walks in and tells Daisy that she is going to have to check her bowel movements for several days to make sure that she passes the sixpence, she is mortified. This whole lucky sixpence thing has quickly become the unlucky sixpence. 

Daisy's sister-in-law calls her one day and says that she is in the A&E and needs her to come be with her because her brother is out of town. She is pregnant and thinks she is loosing the baby. Daisy finally gets in touch with her brother after getting to the A&E and he ends up having an accident on his way to the A&E. Daisy has got to find a way to get this sixpence out of her system and away from her as quick as possible. 

Things go on and there are lots of misunderstandings by Daisy and the hunky doctor at the A&E. This is where is gets pretty comical. When things are figured out and everyone is good to go, Noah decides that he wants to try his luck with Daisy. You will have to read this one to find out how things go between Noah and Daisy. Will it be more misunderstandings or will they hit it off, or both? 

This was a good Christmas read but was not over the top with Christmas stuff. It gave you just enough but I feel this one could be read any time of the year. I am anxious to go back and read others from Lilac Mills now that I have read this one. Great job!

I voluntarily read and reviewed this title and all opinions are my own. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for a copy of this book.
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