A Very Lucky Christmas

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 26 Dec 2018

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I really enjoyed this book. I got pulled into Daisy's world for a few hours and I laughed and felt sad and really liked it. This book is festive but is suitable for anytime of year. It was lovely to curl up on the sofa on a really wet day and forget about the world outside. The characters were interesting and I wanted to know more about them and Daisy's life had so much happening in it. I would definitely recommend this book.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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I'd previously read Lilac Mills' other novel Love in The City by the Sea and really enjoyed it, when I saw the cover revels of Lilac's other novels I was really eager to read more by this author. This cover certainly didn't disappoint, I adore the Christmas pudding in the centre (oh the relevance!) and of course the snowy scene out the window, the candles, crackers and the baubles just make for an extra festive and just beautiful cover! It's just so twinkly and pretty!

On to the story itself, it was just as good as the cover! From the off I was so drawn in to the storylines and the characters. I was eager to find out what was going on, and although I didn't twig what Freddie was up to at first, I soon caught up with what was going on when Daisy showed up at Freddie's house early! To say I couldn't believe it would be an understatement! As well as this, I actually found parts of the scene quite funny (although this is obviously meant to be an emotional and heart wrenching moment for Daisy), Carl in particular had me laughing with his sass and attitude - and the dress that Freddie was using to cover himself - don't get me started! Ha!

I felt really sorry for Daisy throughout this novel though, I know that Daisy's mum, nan and great-nan were probably meant to come across in more of a jokey way but I felt really sorry for Daisy and felt that she was being picked on by her family quite a bit. There was only a few moments when her family were nice to her which made me feel quite sad indeed! With regards to the other characters, I liked Noah, he seemed quite gentlemanly and really nice! Some of the conversations in this novel actually had me laughing out loud. There were quite a few times where a conversation would take place but one character would get the wrong end of the stick, ending in more confusion and more laughter from me!

Overall, this novel was funny, full of laughs and in moments quite heart-warming. I really liked the character of Daisy and felt her to be quite relatable. I wouldn't say it was overly festive, as Christmas takes place nearer the beginning of the novel, it's more a story about something that takes place on Christmas Day and the effects it has afterwards. It was really enjoyable and such an easy read. I read this in about two days because I just couldn't put it down. Thank you to the publisher for a chance to read this novel, which I have reviewed honestly.
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A very lighthearted romantic read.  I wasn't sure at first as I found Daisy, the main character, extremely dippy and quite annoying always jumping to the wrong conclusions as she didn't listen properly (she wasn't the only one).  But despite that I did get into the story and, apart from some annoyance at the continued dippiness, the read flowed and was written well.  There were some good observations and I found it was a good light and easy read.  A bit of a cross between Bridget Jones and Dinner Ladies, sounds improbable but that's the best way to describe it!
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A delight of a book. Took me a few pages to get
Into it and then I couldn’t put it down. Absolutely hilarious.  The characters and scenarios really well described and written. Thoroughly recommmend this wee gem to anyone with a few hours to spare as it’s a relaxing read - but hard to get away from.
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Great festive read. Daisy is not having much luck, losing her boyfriend, moving back home with her mum, losing her job. A series of misunderstandings mean she gets off to a bad start with Dr Hartley, but as they spend more time together she starts to fall for him - is her luck changing?
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