The Girl in the Corner

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An easy read about a rich woman who finds her 25 year marriage wasn’t as solid as she believed. Again the protagonist has ample money to take an expensive trips with her long-time friend who happens to be sister to her cheating husband. Mainly froth with some interesting observations such as the sister defending her brother and making Rae-Valentine question where her loyalties lay.
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Another cracker from Amanda Prowse.  I thoroughly enjoy her writing about ordinary people with ordinary lives where I feel I know them. This book didn’t disappoint- all the characters were well observed and real.
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I was excited to read this latest novel by Amanda Prowse having been lured by the attractive cover design and the very relatable premise of a woman who feels the need to re-evaluate her whole life, following her husband's guilty admission of his betrayal.

In the opening chapter, we are introduced to sixteen-year-old Rae-Valentine Pritchard, who is quiet and shy, when she meets the very confident, loud and gregarious Dolly Latimer, at College. The two girls quickly become best friends and are inseparable teenagers, laughing and joking their way through life. Dolly arranges a double date for the two of them, her brother Howard and his friend, Vinnie. Rae and Howard, so in love, get married two years later. 

From her modest life in the suburbs to a splendid Georgian house in North London, Rae is now a devoted wife and mother to daughter Hannah and her son, George. Following a surprise party in celebration of their silver wedding anniversary, Howard confesses to a shocking betrayal of their marital vows that totally shatters Rae. She is forced to take stock of her position as wife and mother and also her role as a general dogsbody to the Latimer family restaurant business. Will her relationship with her best friend Dolly be affected?  

Rae starts to think about all her teenage dreams that she once had - training as a chef and island-hopping in Greece. Can Rae give up on her shattered marriage, live life for herself, and be the real Rae-Valentine?

The planned anniversary celebration trip to Antigua still goes ahead, however, Dolly travels with Rae, instead of Howard. Dolly's divided loyalties and a handsome and friendly, young barman are just the starts of matters becoming even more complicated.  In Antigua, Rae contemplates the possibility of continuing with her marriage and what this might mean for her friendship with the enthusiastic Dolly. A reconciliation with Howard may be much more difficult than everyone thinks.

This is a wonderful story for anyone who has always felt that they were 'the girl in the corner' at every social occasion or even for just being the quiet and reserved middle child in their own family, with which I can personally identify. Amanda Prowse has a lovely writing style that captures Rae’s tormented soul beautifully. I also liked the way other issues were explored, in particular, Rae’s parents and sister, Debbie-Jo, who felt like the humble relations compared to the wealthy and successful Latimers. Howard’s betrayal is the catalyst for 
 all of the years of unspoken emotions, forcing Rae to face her feelings of being second best in the Pritchard family.

The Girl in the Corner is a hugely compelling, mature and thought-provoking piece of women’s fiction. Well paced from the very beginning and quick to get into the heart of the story, the novel has great depth and plenty of humour, however, I thought the ending was slightly rushed.

Overall, The Girl In The Corner is a well written, emotive book about love, loss, friendship, family and following your dreams that I highly recommend.

Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for an advance copy of this book.
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A thoroughly enjoyable journey of emotions. Good characters who are utterly believable right to the end.
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This is the first book I've read by Amanda Prowse, so I had no idea what to expect. I found the book to be enjoyable and easy to read. It is the story of a woman who has always put everyone else first, but who, due to a change in her personal circumstances, becomes a stronger woman, overcoming heartbreak and discovering who she really is. I look forward to reading more from Amanda Prowse.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.
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Easy reading and writing style from a very experienced author, but just an ok story. However, I always enjoy finding a storyline that a more mature reader I can relate to, so many are about younger people! 

A sadly familiar tale about a failed relationship due to infidelity, something that occurs far too frequently in fact and fiction, which is probably why this topic is covered so often. The story covers relationships about families and friendships and the all too often character trait of women to place others people’s needs ahead of their own.  Rae spends so much of her life putting her parents, her friends, her partner, her children and their business needs all ahead of her own and one day, far into the future, finds that she has never fulfilled her own. This story does have an inspirational ending, not a spoiler, read it and find out! 

Three stars
ARC via Netgalley and publishers.
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A contemporary novel about the marriage and lives of Rae-Valentine and Howard.  Rae-Valentine met Howard through her best friend, Dolly, Howard's lively and bubbly sister. Rae-Valentine and Howard live a comfortable life, with two grown up children, a lovely home and financial stability. However on the night of their 25th wedding anniversary their world is turned upside down. Rae-Valentine has to come to terms with betrayal and family upsets. She begins to question how her life has turned out and goes to Antigua with Dolly to try and find some answers.  The story unfolds from here and I felt so many mixed emotions whilst reading it including empathy, sadness and happiness.  I found it a thoroughly enjoyable read.
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This is a compelling easy to read story of friendship, family, love and heartbreak. Wonderfully written with great characters and the authors gift of pulling the reader into the emotional mindset of the characters. 

Difficult to review without spoilers but read it and see what the happens when the quiet, accommodating Rae Valentine finds her world is blown apart on what should be one of the happiest days of her life, and what the realisation that her life, marriage and friends are not as she thought results in. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the copy of this book - the opinions expressed in this review are as always, my own.
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This book just wasn't for me at this time.  I had a hard time getting into the story.  This is the first book I have read by this author and I would certainly try another one.  It just didn't capture my interest.
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This was disappointing.
The world appeared grey and the characters bland.
The whole story was just very slow.
Not for me.
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Amanda Prowse never fails to keep you entertained. I always love the depth of her characters as if I know them. A moving book about relationships and how fragile they can become. You can only ever really trust yourself. Can you ever rely on someone to not let you down? I couldn’t put this book down.
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I have read a few of Amanda Prowse's book before this one and have always found them easy to read - not particularly challenging and great for holidays - as a teacherI struggle to read fiction during the school term. I have to confess I didn't really like Rae to start with - she seemed to be quite a sap and too much of a people-pleaser for my liking. But I had a feeling that would change during the book and I was right - the character developed into a much stronger outspoken woman who showed her independence and bravery, and started putting herself first, much to the chagrin of her husband and some of her friends.

An enjoyable holiday read, worth grabbing if you are at the airport and would like something that isn't too taxing.
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Rae-Valentine and Dolly have been friends since school.  They have very different family set-ups and Rae-Valentine has always aspired to be like Dolly and her family.

Dolly has had her eye on Vincent, since their days at school, and has encouraged Rae-Valentine to date her brother Howard.

Amazingly that is what happens and they become sisters-in-law.  Two children follow and the Latimer restaurants thrive.

Both girls remain close, as do their families until Rae-Valentine and Howard's silver wedding anniversary.  After a disclosure, their marriage and lives change forever.

I enjoyed this book, up to a point, but did not find it as good as other ones I have read by Amanda Prowse.  I had great expectations and felt a little disappointed.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased.  My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity of reading and reviewing this brilliant book by Amanda, I always think that she will not be able to top the last book but she always does. This one is particularly good and I really liked the surprise at the end as was not expecting that.
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I love all of Amanda Prowse’s books and The Girl in the Corner was no exception to this.
I was hooked from the first few pages and was a great page turner.
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Thank you Netgalley for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review/opinion. What a raw, heartbreaking and heartwarming book! Great read, I loved the thought process the author put into this book. The message was loud, life's short, and family is everything. Even if it's messy.
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I haven't read an Amanda Prowse book I haven't loved and this is up there with her best. It made me smile and cry and so much so I just wanted to hug Rae. Amanda manages to drag every emotion from you with her stories. I loved her setting of Antigua for part of her story this time. It made me feel warm even though it is the beginning of January. What a lovely book to read especially when it's the post Christmas slump.
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You will need tissues!
This is my second Amanda Prowse book, and rest assured I intend to find the rest of her back catalogue to read those too. Her characters are so well written.

I really enjoyed this book, enjoyed how Ray-Valentine found her way from being The Girl in the Corner into the person she was always meant to be.  Hopefully Amanda Prowse will continue her story in another book as she learns local cuisine while island hopping in Greece.
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A well written story that I thoroughly recommend.  Thought provoking and believable characters.  Well worth reading.
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This is the first book that I have read by this author and I’m only sorry that it’s taken me so long to find her. I felt as if Amanda Prowse knew me and was writing about my life. I’m sure there are many women who suddenly realise in middle age that they have lost themselves like Rae-Valentine and I identified with her story and willed her on to become a strong enough character to fight for herself and if not put herself first, at least not to be last. The interwoven story lines of juggling older parents and troubled young adult children along with a marriage that has seen better days will be familiar to many and the author expressed the emotions and thoughts so well.
I found myself reading late into the night to find out what Rae was going to do - no spoilers but I was happy with the outcome!
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