Faking Forever

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A great continuation of the First Wives Series, as Catherine Bybee reels in another winner. With an interesting concept for the series, so far every story has been filled with intrigue, suspense and romance. 

Passing attraction between Shannon Wentworth and Victor Brooks leads to passion, love and a blast from the past. 

A story not to be missed!
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As always, I appreciate the opportunity to read and review this title.

However, I was not able to finish this as I was not able to connect with the story and the way the characters were written.

I have chosen to mark this title as a "DNF" and I apologize for the delay in sending this response to this title.

Thank you!
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You’re in love with your husband but you’ve both only signed up for a limited time engagement. You divorce as planned but are very sad. The money helps. Now you’re feeling like your biological time clock is running down quickly. You want a baby and can support one by yourself. Now all you need is the genetic material to get the whole thing started. You’re heading to Mexico to photograph a wedding…perfect opportunity…and so begins Faking Forever!

Victor is heading to Mexico for his wedding. He feels he ‘needs’ to marry so went on the hunt, found a young woman, and will be marrying her. Romance be damned. He also presents as not so nice or polite or attentive AND is sitting next to Shannon on the flight to Mexico. They can’t wait to deplane and be done with their forced proximity!

Shannon and Victor meet again at the resort where the wedding will take place. Guess who the photographer is! Sparks fly. Groomsmen take bets on the wedding and the bride goes missing! What will happen next?

I LOVE Shannon. I’ve felt she has been the most emotional of the ‘First Wives’ because she genuinely fell in love with her ‘for now’ husband. Victor is a perfect foil for Shannon, making her stronger and more in control of her life, while sometimes royally making her mad! She wants to change…he just needed to push her to it!

The First Wives series by Catherine Bybee is a must read for people who enjoy multifaceted stories. All the books in this series are ‘stand-alone’, although you learn so much about the other women and their bond by reading them all, why wouldn’t you? Ms. Bybee’s writing is top notch and her stories speak to your heart.
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I loved reading this ARC. It had a little bit of everything combined to make a good book. Close friends to rely on, a bit of drama, and a lot of laughing involved.

Shannon Wentworth is a divorcee', who was in an arranged marriage and eventually fell for temporary husband, but having her love unreciprocated, they divorced after he won the governor's seat, 2 years later.

Now Shannon wants to have a baby on her own. Telling her 3 best friends, known as "The First Wives Club" whom are all remarried, doesn't go over so well.

Since her divorce, she went back into photography, namely taking pictures of high-end weddings. That's where she meets the most miserable groom, Victor, and ends up hating him.  He doesn't pack for his honeymoon because he planned on going back to work days later.

Shannon sees that the very young bride, Corrie, doesn't want to go through with the ceremony in beautiful Mexico either, but she's too afraid of disappointing her social climbing mother. 

When the brides leaves the groom at the altar, Shannon gets to know the real Victor. After spending a week with him and new friends in Mexico, they make a deal to wait 3 months to cool off and see if there are feelings once they both return to reality. 

Too bad both of their pasts step in.
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An enjoyable book, I like the progression of characterization. Standard fare. The conflicts were well choreographed, but expected.
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I have read all this books in this series and I enjoyed this one as well. Shannon and Victors first meeting didn't go to well. They met on a plan to his wedding all though they didn't know that Shannon was the photographer for Victors wedding. However, Victor figured it out once he arrived at the resort and his bride calls the wedding off from advice she received from Shannon even though Shannon didn't know he was the groom. Victor and Shannon both stay at the resort after the wedding is called off and actually start getting along. However they both know they want different things. Shannon specifically wants a baby and Victor is still trying to get over his failed engagement. 

This was a good book with great supporting characters. This book also had suspense, romance  and dual POV. I have really enjoyed this series. 

I received an advanced copy for an honest review.
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This author is one of my favorites. I absolutely adored this book. Shannon is on a mission and no one can stop from getting what she wants. Victor and Shannon meet when they didn't think they needed anyone,. Victor is trying to figure out where to go with his life Their story is a great one.
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Finally we get Shannon's story.  Shannon has the been the loyal strong friend who got hurt the most in her arranged marriage because she truly fell in love with her partner when she shouldn't have.  But throughout the whole series I wasn't sure about Shannon as she was always supportive but didn't let anyone truly in.  Now she's ready to start a family but doesn't have a partner.  Her idea is to have a one night stand and try to make it work.

However, her friends aren't on board with this idea.     As Shannon is heading south to photograph a wedding she meets a rude man and she isn't won over by him.  He also happens to be the groom to be at this upcoming wedding.

He leaned forward.  "I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest you don't like me very much."

Even though Shannon has her hate on for Victor there is something that bonds them together.    And Avery and her friends are on board with this new chemistry between Shannon and Victor and fully support this change.

I quite like these two together even though they met in unique circumstances.  I loved Shannon having her HEA. 

And now I can't wait for Sasha's book.
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The beginning of the story really had me interested. I enjoyed how Shannon and Victor's story evolved. Cant wait for more of the story. 

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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Another home run from Catherine Bybee.  I just love her books and this one was no exception.  I was interested to see what kind of man it would take to get Shannon to fall head over heels and Victor is perfect.  I don't want this series to end.
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I cannot condone the author’s racist writings and actions. Her works are now a no from me until she understands and atones for the impact she’s had.
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Shannon's story was my favorite and I may have read this book more than three times so far. 

Shannon has found herself single in her mid-30s, and longing to be a mother. She travels to Mexico for a photography job, and plans to find a baby daddy during her vacation time. Things change when the bride of the wedding she's supposed to photograph leaves, and Shannon crosses paths with Victor - the groom. These two don't like each other much in the beginning (as all good stories go) and once they recognize their mutual attraction, they agree to connect in a few months to see if that attraction is still there. Only they don't quite last that long apart. 

Their story is complete with a little drama (from jealous exes), a few misunderstandings and the realization that they really are made for each other. I love this completion to the series and can't wait to see what's next for Catherine Bybee.
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Catherine Bybee is truly a fantastic writer. Do you know how I can tell? Because she is able to take something I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get past and knock it out of the ballpark. The book begins with a great “meet cute” but then takes a turn I worried couldn’t be recovered from by having Shannon be the photographer for Victor’s wedding. I was sure I’d never be able to handle him moving from a fiancé to Shannon so qickly, however Bybee pulls it off and the book ended-up being every bit as charming, witty, and fun as I have come to expect from her. This is why Catherine Bybee is one of my all time favorite authors. She is able to write fantastic characters and craft stories that are relatable and engaging.
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Shannon’s been the most subdued character in this series, kind of in the background, not outspoken at all.  We’ve got hints that she’s sad over the breakup of her marriage.  It was a business arrangement, but Shannon fell in love with her husband, and hoped he felt the same. Instead, he served her divorce papers the day after the agreed upon date was up.  Now that Shannon’s turning thirty-five her biological clock is ticking, and she’s determined to have a baby even though she doesn’t have a man. Her latest photo shoot job, a destination wedding, fits in nicely with her plans as she intends to stay after the job finishes, and find a man to father her baby, someone she’ll never see again.  She never thought the annoying groom-to-be would put a wrench into the works. 

On the plane ride over to the wedding site, Shannon meets Victor and is immediately irritated by his rude behavior and lets him know, something that’s out of character for her.  She has no idea he’s the groom of the wedding she’s supposed to shoot, but they knock heads even after she learns who he is.  A fun push and pull! The bride takes off leaving Victor at the altar, and Shannon and Victor end up spending a lot more time together, not that they’re happy about it, at first.

I was a little worried about Victor, because he was supposed to be marrying another woman, and the romance develops with Shannon happens while he was to have been on his honeymoon. However, it’s quickly apparent that Victor and his intended bride were never really in love. Shannon and Victor do try and put off dating for a time to make sure they’re not a rebound sort of romance, but that only works for a little while because they can’t stay away from each other. 

This is a classic hate-to-love romance; a slow burn situation as Victor and Shannon get to know each other. They spent a lot of time platonically while the heat turns up between them, falling a little harder each day.  It was lovely!  There are some insecurities on both sides, a little bit of drama from exes, but nothing exasperating or over-the-top, just the type of real-life bumps you run into while falling in love.  

The cherry on top was the HEA epilogue that not only featured Shannon and Victor in the future, but also the other previous couples in the series!
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I am a sucker for verbal foreplay. Whether it is in the bedroom or just any time the hero and heroine are in the same room, if there is banter between them I will be a grinning fool. When it came to Shannon and Victor, my face was hurting from grinning for pretty much the entire book. I adored them from the moment Shannon fell into Victor's lap. That's one way of saying hello... Seriously though, I loved both of them. Not really knowing what it is like to feel unconditional love, Shannon and Victor sparked something inside each other that they have wanted all along. Someone to pick them, fight for them, and hold them when things look dark. Shannon thought she had that with her ex-husband, but was quickly reminded that, like with the other First Wives, their marriage was a contract. Nothing more, nothing less. When Victor is left at the alter by a woman he realizes that he never really loved, it leaves him stunned. Then Shannon waltzes into his life and his dark world is brighter than it's ever been. I loved that their romance was a mix of sweet temptation and sizzling sexual tension. The whole three month deal made me crack up. Watching them tip toe across the line was perfection. Then when the tension finally ignites, hold on to your fan ladies, it's about to get hot in here. 

Just when I thought this series might end with Shannon's book, Catherine surprises us with the news that Sasha is next. Oh, I cannot wait for her story. I already know it's going to be one hell of a ride. And I can't friggin' wait!
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I am entirely hooked on the First Wives Series.    Each wife has a history, has a story, and is NOT looking for love.   All readers will know that not looking for love means you find it where you least expect it.  

I love the cockiness, the sexiness, and the persistence of Victor.    He meets a woman on an airplane, they don’t get along.  Heck they can hardly stand each other.   Oops, they run into each other again in a sticky situation.    Can you see where the story is heading?   While the story is predictable, it was so enjoyable to follow their story to love.   

The friendships, the romance, and the settings are all things I come to look forward to when I pick up a Catherine Bybee book.   She never disappoints her readers.    I recommend this series and the rest of Catherine’s books.
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This book was not for me. I couldn't get past the fifth chapter. It may be the book for other readers, nothing wrong with trying it!
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I've never read any of the prior books in this series or by the author so I didn't know what to expect going into it. I was pleasantly surprised by Faking Forever. The book is about Shannon and Victor.. She's a wedding photographer and the ex-wife of a former governor. Victor is the groom who is dumped at the altar. With a chance meeting on the way to the wedding, such events occur that forever changes them. 

I loved both characters. Shannon knew what she wanted and was determined to get it despite how her friends felt. Victor is a workaholic who needed a wakeup call after his young bride ditches him. The writing was great and you can feel the chemistry between the two characters. The third act of the book did lose the plot for a bit. I felt like the author was trying to cram too much in but it didn't change my opinion of the book. 

Arc given by Netgalley via publisher.
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Faking Forever is the fourth book in the First Wives series. I have loved this series. I love all the characters.  Shannon’s story was well worth the wait. She has always been so quiet, reserved, and wanted to please her parents. I loved that she found the confidence to be herself and the  courage to give Victor a chance. I loved this book. I have read the Weekday Brides Series, Not Quite Series, Most Likely To Series, and First Wives Series, all by Catherine Bybee. I have enjoyed them all.
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I really love Shannon and Victor together and as with every of of the books in this series I couldn't put it down.  Faking Forever is a a feel good romance and leaves you with that warm feeling that everything will work out in the end, but the bumps and bruises that occur in any relationship will be had along the way.  There are two exes to deal with here and you get to wish bad feelings on them and cheer Shannon and Victor on when they finally get their HEA.
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