A Dangerous Collaboration

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Another really great Veronica and Stoker adventure, I just love this series and am always surprised at how they solve the mystery together, two great detectives along with romance thrown into the story. I hope this series continues for many more stories.
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I have been lucky enough to read every book so far in this series and, without a doubt, this one was my favorite. The mystery itself is utterly fascinating, I would expect nothing less from Raybourn, but it is the secondary stories and side details that really bring this book to life. You get more insight into our main characters which make you understand them and their driving principles even further. If anything, I now love them even more. This book also gives you more into the simmering, underlying romance for Speedwell and that was an absolute delight. There was not a single page of this story that was not worthy of enjoyment and the little twist at the end will stick with me for a long time to come. I highly recommend this book, this series, and any book written by the delightful Deanna Raybourn.
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I’m so invested in this series, and A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION by @deannaraybourn is my favorite installment yet! Veronica is an outspoken, adventurous heroine with a penchant for getting herself into trouble and a talent for solving mysteries. Her sidekick, Revelstoke Templeton-Vane, is slightly exasperated by her antics... but he's secretly swooning, too. Their dynamic reminds me of Jack and Phyrne from the show MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES — you’ll be yelling, “JUST KISS ALREADY!” with each turn of the page. 

The slow burn between Veronica and Stoker is my favorite, and each mystery has been fun and fascinating. This particular book takes Veronica and Stoker to a small island off the coast of England, which I loved! The isolated setting, atmospheric description of it, and the small circle of suspects added to the suspense. It gave the book a gothic vibe, and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. If you love historical mysteries that never feel too gritty or dark and heroines that defy convention at every turn, you’ve got to check out this series. Each mystery stands alone, but I think you’ll appreciate the characters and relationships so much more if you start from the beginning. 

Thank you to Berkley Pub for the e-ARC for review! But if you needed proof of my love for this series, just know that I bought the hardcover *and* audiobook for my collection. I’ve listened to each book in this series on audio and just love how Angele Masters narrates! Even when I pick up the physical book, I can still hear her voice in my head.
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Book one in the Veronica Speedwell series, A Curious Beginning, has been on my To Read list for several years now. And how could I not want to read about a Victorian adventuress who hunts butterflies and has the occasional romantic tryst? It wasn’t until a publicist offered a copy of A Dangerous Collaboration – the FOURTH book – that I finally (!) discovered just what I had been missing.

Eager to secure a specimen of an extremely rare butterfly, Veronica accepts an invitation to be attend Lord Malcolm Romilly’s house party. Once all the guests are in attendance, however, it becomes clear something isn’t quite right. Each guest has a connection to Romilly’s wife who disappeared on her wedding night three years earlier and hasn’t been heard from since. With ghosts taking shape and threats appearing, Veronica and Stoker race to discover just what happened to the young woman who vanished all those years ago.

A Dangerous Collaboration was an absolute delight and I’m kicking myself for not reading the series earlier! Unfortunately, because I came into the story with book four, certain events have been spoiled, but that’s totally my own fault and I look forward to diving into the series at the beginning.
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I wasn't sure what to expect, but I enjoyed reading this. An interesting story with fun characters. Well written.
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Thoroughly enjoyable addition to this thoroughly enjoyable series! This one was a bit different from the others I have read in that the relationship between Veronica and Stoker is both less and more. I can't say I loved their time apart as the tension and banter between them are so much fun. But I did like the mystery and the growing relationship with Stoker's brother. And then finally, some progress! :)

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy.
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"A Dangerous Collaboration" eBook was published in 2019 and was written by Deanna Raybourn (https://www.deannaraybourn.com). Ms. Raybourn has published 20 books. This is the fourth novel in her "Veronica Speedwell Mystery" series. 

I categorize this novel as ‘PG’ because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Situations. The story is set in 1888, mostly on a Cornish island off the coast of Wales. The primary character is Veronica Speedwell. 

Speedwell is invited by Lord Templeton-Vane, the brother of her colleague Stoker Templeton-Vane, to visit the island owned by the Lord's oldest friend, Malcolm Romilly. Ostensibly Speedwell has been invited to obtain samples of a butterfly she is wanting to add to her lepidopterarium. Not wanting Speedwell to be alone with his brother, Stoker invites himself on the trip.

When they arrive Speedwell finds that there have been ulterior motives by both their host for the invitation and Lord Templeton-Vane for his asking her along. Romilly's wife had disappeared three years earlier on their wedding day. Now he has all of those he considers the prime suspects in her disappearance on his island. Romilly is determined to find out what happened to his bride.

Speedwell and both brothers find themselves involved in far more than they had anticipated. Events play out indicating that the person behind the disappearance is indeed with them on the island. They are determined to solve the mystery but are faced with lethal opposition to their involvement. The romance between Speedwell and Stoker continues to simmer with neither making a move. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the 7.5+ hours I spent reading this 333-page period mystery. I have also read the first book in this series, "A Curious Beginning", and I have enjoyed them both. I liked the characters of Speedwell and Stoker, as well as the time period of the story. I like the cover art chosen for this novel. I give this novel a 4 out of 5.

Further book reviews I have written can be accessed at https://johnpurvis.wordpress.com/blog/. 

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I've really enjoyed the rest of this series, but not this one. It was both pretty obvious & kind of boring. I kept making myself keep reading until I finally gave up about halfway through. I do still plan on giving the next book in the series a chance, but I doubt I'll go back and finish this one.
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Oh how I love this series!  Excellent mysteries with wonderful characters that grow and are fleshed out more with every book.  I love the evolving relationship between Veronica and Stoker, and learning more about their backgrounds.  In this one we learn more about Stoker and his relationship with his brother Tiberius.  Veronica is most decidedly not your stereotypical Victorian heroine, which at times sets her at odds with Stoker, but it certainly makes for fun reading.  This one had a good mystery, an interesting and moody setting, well-drawn characters, and as usual, several words that had me checking my Kindle's dictionary - Raybourn educates me while she entertains me.  Much as I loved her Lady Julia Grey series, I think I love this one even more - Veronica is just such a fascinating character.  And now I know there's such a thing as a glass-winged butterfly - hopefully I can see one somewhere someday.  Meanwhile I anxiously await the further adventures (both professional and personal) of Veronica and Stoker.  Excelsior!
My thanks to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group for providing a copy for an unbiased review.
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I have been an fan of the Veronica Speedwell mysteries for they are one of my favorite series. This novel did not disappoint! I loved the characters of Veronica and Stoker for they have grown on me. I hope that there will be a happy ending for them. As for the mystery itself! I think this is one of my favorite plots because it involves a disappearing bride! Overall, this is one of the best novels in the Veronica Speedwell mysteries! I recommend this for fans of Jennifer Ashley, Tasha Alexander, and Anna Lee Huber!
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I absolutely LOVED this book. It is a fantastic addition to the series and the byplay between Veronica, Stoker, and Tiberius was entertaining.
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I was disappointed in this book. I almost didn't finish it because the relationships, the setting and the characters were just not believable and/or likable. However, the story eventually ended with a satisfactory conclusion. Veronica needs to lighten up and the reader needs to see more of Stoker. That said, I've enjoyed the author's other books and will look forward to her next one.
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With A Dangerous Collaboration, author Deanna Raybourn, with her strong characters, trademark banter and a well paced mystery, once again proves that she is one of the best historical mystery writers out there.

A Dangerous Collaboration begins with adventurers, friends and investigating partners Veronica and Stoker somewhat at odds with each other and spending time apart.  Fortunately, their separation is short lived, and readers quickly find Veronica, Stoker, and his older brother Tiberius together, guests at Tiberius’s childhood friend’s house party.  The true nature of the gathering is soon revealed as host Malcolm implores his guests to discover the truth of his wife Rosamund’s disappearance on their wedding day several years ago.  The case is definitely cold, but Veronica and Stoker have plenty of people from whom to source information, including Malcolm’s socially awkward sister, a financially struggling sister-in-law, an entitled nephew, and a loyal housekeeper.  Even Tiberius is closely tied to Rosamund’s story. The sleuths face secrets and their own mortality to find out the truth.

It is no secret that I am a huge Deanna Raybourn fan.  That said, this is not my favorite book in the Veronica Speedwell series though it is still very good.  A Dangerous Collaboration has a different feel than the other books.  There is less adventure and more introspection, less playful banter and one-upmanship (usually my favorite aspect of the books) between Veronica and Stoker and more angst.  The pair really struggle with their feelings and how their relationship should move forward, if it should change at all. This wears a bit thin by the end of the tale.  However, there are some wonderful moments within the book’s pages, including a swoon worthy declaration and intimate conversations between Veronica and Stoker, as well as with Tiberius.  We learn a great deal about Tiberius and what has shaped him into the man that he is. I hope he is featured in the next installment.

Surprisingly, I identified the “bad guy” pretty early on.  This did not, however, deter my satisfaction in reading, following Veronica and Stoker’s steps as they solve the mystery.  The castle and moody island setting provide plenty of ominous atmosphere, fitting for a séance and missing person case full of heartbreak.  I enjoyed learning about the menacing plants grown in the castle’s poison garden, and the glasswing butterflies add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise serious story.  Though the mystery is prominent, the focus is more on relationships and the love, trust and respect they demand.

A Dangerous Collaboration will no doubt land on my “best books of the 2019” list.  Highly recommended.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*
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This was a most anticipated read and I couldn't wait to read it but once I got into it I was beginning to think that the author was really trying to either torture me or make me real mad!This one starts off not to long after the third book and Veronica and Stoker have some things to work through but Veronica is being hard headed and doesn't want to deal with feelings so they are at a rough patch. Then Stoker's brother Tiberius comes and offers Veronica a trip to get some rare butterflies and doesn't invite Stoker which of course just fumes him.Through a lot of the beginning of this book I was so wanting to kill Tiberius but I don't want to say why as I don't want to give a lot of way. Since this is the fourth book and there is some storyline threads that you just need to read to find out. Then I started getting mad at Veronica because she was being stupid and then there is the mystery of why they are on the island.It seems that Malcolm has invited those to the island who was there the day he got married and his wife disappeared as it has haunted him and he wants to know what happened. Though Tiberius wasn't there he wanted him there for another reason, but then Tiberius brings along Veronica and of course Stoker (read and find out what happens there). They end up trying to figure out what happened to Malcolm's wife and we get a little more into Veronica and Stoker's relationship.I would have to say this one is my least favorite out of the series much of it because of wanting to kill Tiberius and sometimes Veronica at different points in the story. The best chapter was when Stoker gets a little revenge and he was the only one I didn't want to kill. :) I still like Veronica but she just made me mad at times. Stoker will always be my favorite character.It's a good thing the author resolved some things towards the end or I might have really disliked this one but now I am looking forward to book 5! Give me now! :)
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I’ve been having fun with the Veronica Speedwell series, but I have to say these last two books (3 & 4) have been my favorite to date. I do love the mysteries, and the modern clever woman Veronica presents, but I love the last two because we are finally getting somewhere with the romance between Stoker and Veronica! 

In A Treacherous Curse (the previous book) Stroker’s tumultuous past is revealed and mostly settled. Veronica is still skittish about getting involved with Stoker, worried that he still carried feelings for his ex-wife, and sort of sabotage’s herself in the process.  Fear not, Stoker seems to know Veronica better than she knows herself. Their relationship is the highlight for me!  These two are close and united even when they’re in a bit of a snit with each other.  There’s a begrudging possessiveness, they don’t want to feel jealous but can’t help it, even when there’s no serious competition. I love the obvious passion and intensity between them, their cheeky banter is a wicked delight! Cementing their connection is their shared zeal for science.  I was over the moon with how things turned out by the end!

There is a tragic romance within the current mystery (no, not Veronica and Stoker) and I have to say that while my heart broke for the injured male, I felt worse for the woman that bore the effects of his heartbreak more! I felt so bad for Tiberius’ wife! No woman wants to be second choice and she paid dearly for it! I felt more for her than Rosamund, who came off as a selfish, mercenary woman.  It was a tragedy all around. 

I can’t wait for the next book, as a Jack the Ripper type seems to be the villain, and I’m eager to see how Veronica and Stoker will take on this evil as they settle into a new understanding. 

I alternatively read and listened to this book, and I can’t recommend the audio narration more! Angele Masters’ performance was perfection!
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Veronica and Stoker find themselves as houseguests on an island owned by Malcolm Romilly, whose bride Rosamund disappeared after they said their vows. Now Romilly has reunited everyone who was there that fateful day, and Veronica and Stoker must find the murderer before the murderer finds them.

This was such a fun book! Veronica and Stoker are fantastic characters, who were surrounded by a strong and unique supporting cast. There were so many revelations, twists, and turns, and I loved the use of the isolated island to up the tension level. I also didn't see the solution to the mystery coming at all, which is always fun.

Honestly, there wasn't anything not to like. This book just flew by, and was so much fun to read.

I will definitely be needing to read the rest of this series!
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This is the latest in the Veronica Speedwell series.  I look to Deanna Raybourn for a fast moving plot, interesting side characters and lively dialog between her butterfly collecting heroine and her partner in crime, foil, and would be romantic interest, Stoker.  Though this title contains her usual mystery and mayhem, I have to confess I am tired of Veronica and would like much more of Stoker-- a character I find more complex and compelling than Veronica has become. Still, this is enjoyable and a good read. I may hesitate to continue to follow Veronica on another adventure.
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Having enjoyed the previous offerings in this series, I was a bit disappointed in this book.  For me, the wit was missing.  Yes, there was a pointed jab or two, but for the most part, the usual banter between Veronica and Stoker either missed the mark or was completely toned down.

Veronica Speedwell, a well-traveled and independent woman, has agreed to accompany Stoker’s brother Tiberius to a Cornish isle known as St. Maddern’s, in search of a rare butterfly.  Veronica soon learns that decorum dictates a woman traveling without a maid was considered scandalous so she must be presented as Tiberius’s fiancé.  Tiberius, knowing that this information would quickly reach and irritate Stoker, was not surprised when his younger brother suddenly appears at the train station and joins the traveling pair.

Upon their arrival, the three grasp the importance behind their invitation when Malcolm Romilly requests that the brothers and Veronica partake in their own investigation into the disappearance of Malcolm’s bride Rosamund, who disappeared three years prior on their wedding day.  Malcolm has gathered all that had attended the wedding and, in an Agatha Christie meets Sherlock Holmes setting, the trio plots and examines all that could have happened to Rosamund.   Not surprisingly, each guest on that day had secrets, or desires, or ulterior motives and as each is revealed, and the Templeton-Vane brothers battle, truths come to light and we are not just talking about the facts surrounding Rosamund.
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this was so far my favorite installment in the Veronica Speedwell series. I loved the development of the relationship between Veronica and Stoker. The setting in a castle on an island was super fun and the mystery kept me on the edge of my seat.
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Veronica Speedwell is one of my favorite fictitious heroines of all time. She's an intelligent, witty woman full of fervor. I had one dilemma upon reading this novel: Do I devour it in one sitting, or do I take my time, enjoying every delicious scene. After all, it will probably be another year before the next Veronica Speedwell novel is released. Despite my internal struggle, I ended it up devouring it. Because once I started reading A Dangerous Collaboration, I couldn't stop.

Deanna Raybourn left her readers dangling at the end of A Treacherous Curse with the question will they or won't they? No spoilers here, folks, so don't ask. Raybourne once again teases her audience with the wonderful verbal sparring of Veronica and Stoker that escalates once Stoker's older brother, Tiberius, becomes part of the picture. Tiberius swoops in and whisks Veronica away to a secluded island with the promise of a rare butterfly. How could she say no? 

Once they get to the island, the plot starts to unfold, and the mystery is revealed. Tiberius's old friend, Lord Malcolm Romilly, has invited a small group of people to help him figure out what happened to his missing bride, who disappeared three years before. Stoker, perhaps fueled by jealousy, tags along to keep his eye on Veronica and Tiberius. 

A Dangerous Collaboration taps into the Gothic mystery of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Just when I think Raybourn could not top her last novel, she absolutely does. The story is fast-paced and well-written. I love the evolution of Veronica and Stoker, together and separately. I am so ready for the next book to come out. I can't wait to see how she surpasses this one!

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