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Well, it was bound to happen.  There's always at least one in a series you love that doesn't quite hit the mark for you and unfortunately this is one that's it for me.  What happened to Veronica and Stoker?!  I get it though, even the best of friendships goes through their hard times and when we have two very stubborn people... well, this was bound to happen.  Especially after the last case they had to solve which was VERY close to Stoker.

But then they finally do find their way back to each other and... where's their normal banter?!  Thankfully, this does pick up in the last fourth or so of the book.  Was this my favorite? Nope.  Buttttt, I can totally appreciate where the author went in terms of bringing us something different within their relationship rather than the usual formula we have gotten used to in books 1-3.
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This fourth entry into the series felt tad claustrophobic at times, perhaps due in part to the island setting. The heroine, Veronica Speedwell, her friend and partner, Stoker, and Stoker’s brother are lured to the island under false pretenses, involving a rare butterfly (Veronica is a lepidopterist) that is native to it. But it soon becomes clear that the master of the island wants to find out what happened to his bride, who disappeared on their wedding day several years before.  Among the suspects are the man himself, his sister, his sister-in-law and nephew, and Stoker’s brother, who has a secret of his own. The resolution to the mystery was a bit blah, but I was glad to see some progress on the h/h relationship, finally. My grade was a B.
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I love this series. I love the language that Deanna Raybourn uses in her writing. Not only do the characters sounds like Victorian characters, there are many time when I could imagine the book being written by an Victorian writer. The only thing that would stop it from being such is how against social norms Veronica Speedwell. But it is her interactions with her partner Stoker that will keep me coming back for more.
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Holy Wow! This was an incredible ride. I think this might be my favorite tied with the first book. It's darker and it really has that Agatha feel to it. I really really loved it. 

We also get a confession that has nothing to do with a murder. I'm so excited to see how the next book plays out with our two adventurers now that feelings have been mentioned!!
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Four books and a ton of sexual tension later and finally Veronica and Stoker kiss! Veronica is a firecracker. I love her mind, her whit, and her gumption. These are great, smart mysteries and I can't wait for the next book.
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A Dangerous Collaboration was one of my favorite reads of 2019! Deanna Raybourn continues the Veronica Speedwell series with a powerhouse of a novel--a mysterious castle, a disappearance, the heightened tension and intense chemistry between Speedwell and Stoker... it's a recipe for a great novel. While the first quarter of the novel has a slow start, the plot quickly thickens as the mystery builds with satisfying twists. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series!
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I just adore this series - Veronica Speedwell may be one of my all time favorite literary characters. I love that this series has become one that I can depend on time and time again to deliver a great story, excellent character growth and good old adventure! I love how Raybourn told this particular story and how it felt very Agatha Christie-ish to me. But, I think I have to admit that my favorite thing is the relationship between Veronica and Stoker. Completely non-traditional for their time but I love every.single.moment they spend together. The banter, the respect, the innuendo. It's all there and it's all good. I cannot wait to read book 5 which is coming in 2020(have you seen the COVER they've released - red and black gorgeousness)! And I loved this cover - green happens to be my favorite color so I may be a bit biased. I love how each of them are similar but unique! If you haven't tried this series, I definitely recommend it!
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A true delight -- it's historical fiction with all the essentials: a spunky, adventurous heroine, a dashing, hunky partner, and a great mystery to solve. If you haven't started this series yet, I urge you to begin at once, and read them from the beginning, in order!

What it's about: It is late 1888 when, after a long absence, Veronica Speedwell returns to London and Stoker. Even though she's just come home, it seems that Stoker's brother, the Lord Tiberius Templeton-Vane, wants Veronica to accompany him on a voyage to St. Madden, a tidal island off of Cornwall. He tempts her by appealing to her lepidopterist passions, telling her that he has secured permission for her to secure larvae for the vivarium she is building. She agrees to go and pose as his fiancée during the visit. Stoker, in a rage at Veronica's departure, has his own plans and ends up at the castle on St. Madden. It seems they've all been lured there under false pretenses -- the owner and master of the island, Malcolm Romilly (Tiberius's oldest friend) wants them to find out once and for all what happened to his bride, Rosamund, who disappeared on their wedding day. No trace of her has ever been found. NO SPOILERS.

Why you should read it: The characters are so much fun! I love the interaction between Veronica and Stoker and often laugh out loud at their repartee. Their unusual relationship that is obviously an unconsummated passion is quite appealing to watch. The interaction between all the parties at the castle and their personalities were quite well developed as was the setting. The writing is excellent and the narrative flows easily in a linear fashion. The unraveling of the mystery was on point and the conclusion quite fitting. Very enjoyable and quick read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkeley Publishing for this 4th book in the Veronica Speedwell series. I can't wait for #5.
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Veronica and Stoker set off on a new adventure with Stoker’s brother to discover what happened to his friends bride. Three years ago, Malcolm’s bride disappeared after the wedding. Did she runaway, get kidnapped or is she dead? Read this installment to find out. 
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I absolutely adore this series! If you’re already a fan and have yet to catch up I highly recommend you do so—I’d been saving this book as a treat and am now bummed my treat is done, but glad it was so delicious. Speedwell and Stoker find themselves caught in family drama on a remote island while solving the case of a missing bride—all while Speedwell pretends to be Stoker’s brother’s fiancée. I know!! If you’ve yet to read this series, let me tell you all the reasons why you should: It follows Veronica Speedwell, a lepidopterist, who refuses to marry or abide by society’s rules; Stoker, a natural historian and pain in the cheeks you sit on, is always around to help solve the mystery, join in on the adventure, and steam things up; the witty banter; it’s so funny; it’s fun; the mysteries are great; interesting history; family drama; will they or won’t they?! If you like shows like Castle, where the leads kind of want to strangle each other but also you’re waiting for them to steam up the windows, you’ll love Speedwell and Stoker. And if I still haven’t sold you I’ll just leave you with one of the many reasons I love Speedwell so much:

“‘Did he have a good cause?’

‘Is there ever a good cause to choke a fellow human being?’ he asked, blinking slowly.

‘I can think of at least a dozen,’ I replied.”
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The Veronica Speedwell series is SO much fun to read. It’s got one of the slowest burns and some interesting mysteries that don’t exactly take up all of the story. A Dangerous Collaboration is the fourth book in Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell series and definitely nudges the needle a little bit more in the direction of the Stoker-Veronic ship. Honestly, this was quite an enjoyable read. I am finding that I am really starting to enjoy the Speedwell books almost as much as the Lady Julia books.

In A Dangerous Collaboration Veronica joins Stoker’s brother on a trip to an island in hopes of catching the Glasswing Butterfly and bringing it back for the Vivarium. However, in order to look legit and to get the invite to stay with the Romillys, Veronica has to pose as Tiberius (Stoker’s brother)’s fiance. Naturally, Stoker ends up going on the trip too. While there, Veronica and Stoker get drawn into solving the mystery of a bride who went missing years ago and the outcome of her fate. At the same time though, they’re in this weird holding pattern with their feelings.

Naturally, I ate this book up. I love love love a good slow burn. And well, we’ve yet to get very far with the main ship in this book. But ya’ll the progress made towards the end is perfect. Actually, the ending of this book was perfect. There’s a satisfying resolution. We get the door opened enough that we know the focus of the next book. AND THERE’S SOME ACTION IN THE FEELINGS DEPARTMENT. I’d say go for this series if you like intrepid heroines and historical mysteries.
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I just love this series! It is so clever and well written. Veronica Speedwell is such a delightful character. Plus, a hint for the next book was dangled in front of us like delicious carrot... can’t wait!!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book, which I voluntarily chose to review.
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Another rollicking adventure with Veronica and Stoker as this time they visit a remote island castle to solve a disappearance from years earlier. Will  Veronica and Stoker finally admit their feelings to each or will a possible ghost ruin their chances? This series continues to get better with each entry!
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another good entry in the Victoria speedwell series, while not as good as others in the series I found the mystery enjoyable and the characters a delight as always, I highly  recommend the whole series for any mystery lovers.
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Victoria and Stoker left #3 in the series on a precarious precipice re: their relationship. Reader, I am sorry to say that the slow burn you are waiting for (THAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!!) is not resolved upon opening this book. Yet, that doesn’t mean that this is a bad book. 

Victoria and Lady C head off to Madeira, but that is not the plot of this book. It is barely mentioned as A Dangerous Collaboration picks up after their return. After Stoker has been left boiling over with pent up emotion. After Victoria has found herself... resolute in her decision to remain friends with Stoker (Victoria! YOU CAN CUT THIS SEXUAL TENSION WITH A BUTTER KNIFE!!) Either way, Tiberius invites Victoria to visit his school friend Malcolm on the Cornish island that Malcolm’s family owns/has a castle-with-village. Stoker invites himself along. Malcolm has a tragic past: he married a woman, three years previously, and she disappeared after their wedding. Malcolm would like for them all to solve the disappearance. Clues crop up. Ghosts are seanced. People are held at gunshot. They solve the case. 

***spoilers below*** 

AND THEY FINALLY KISS! It only took 3.9 books, and sadly, it wasn’t as heated as I would have liked.... but Raybourn has to keep us coming back for book #5. 

Overall, I enjoyed it? It is slow compared to the YA and sultry romances I’ve been on a reading streak with before, but everything short of James Bond would be. I forgot how much I enjoyed Raybourn’s style and diction. It is just peachy! (As evidenced by my own diction is this review.) And, of course, Victoria and Stoker’s banter is why I continue to read this series, even when I want to smash my head against a wall when they refuse to just admit their feelings/kiss already!
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I think this was my favorite book in this series.  Veronica and Stoker were at their peak selves and the tension between them hit such a boiling point that I could feel it myself.  I absolutely loved the setting in this story - there is something about small, old villages (and an island, even better) that hold so many secrets of the past, that really speak to me.  I loved the spooky sounding Romilly estate with it's hidden holes with a backdrop of the sometimes violent sea.  I just knew Stoker and Veronica could thrive in this setting, and once the mystery reveals itself I could not stop reading.

With Rosamund's ghost haunting the characters, Veronica and Stoker had to see through the tricks, secrets, and cobwebs to discover the truth.  They are such ardent characters and I loved how they seemed to do everything with great purpose.  Even when teasing each other, there is wit and brilliance behind each remark.  Veronica is such a strong character and I wish to emulate her vivacity and also the strength behind her convictions.  She refuses to change herself or her behavior to suit anyone else and has the strongest will of almost any other character in this series (which is saying something since Stoker is just a strong and stubborn).

My thoughts about Rosamund bounced around a lot, and I love how carefully her character and mindset were revealed to Veronica and Stoker (and subsequently us).  Each character in this series is so carefully composed and each seems to have wall around them.  My favorite thing is when that wall crumbles and we can see the intense emotions each person is hiding (when Tiberius unburdens himself I was holding my breath with the emotion).

I cannot wait to see what else Veronica and Stoker have in store.  Reading every interaction, even simple scenes, has my heart fluttering and usually has me laughing out loud.
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Another really great Veronica and Stoker adventure, I just love this series and am always surprised at how they solve the mystery together, two great detectives along with romance thrown into the story. I hope this series continues for many more stories.
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I have been lucky enough to read every book so far in this series and, without a doubt, this one was my favorite. The mystery itself is utterly fascinating, I would expect nothing less from Raybourn, but it is the secondary stories and side details that really bring this book to life. You get more insight into our main characters which make you understand them and their driving principles even further. If anything, I now love them even more. This book also gives you more into the simmering, underlying romance for Speedwell and that was an absolute delight. There was not a single page of this story that was not worthy of enjoyment and the little twist at the end will stick with me for a long time to come. I highly recommend this book, this series, and any book written by the delightful Deanna Raybourn.
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I’m so invested in this series, and A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION by @deannaraybourn is my favorite installment yet! Veronica is an outspoken, adventurous heroine with a penchant for getting herself into trouble and a talent for solving mysteries. Her sidekick, Revelstoke Templeton-Vane, is slightly exasperated by her antics... but he's secretly swooning, too. Their dynamic reminds me of Jack and Phyrne from the show MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES — you’ll be yelling, “JUST KISS ALREADY!” with each turn of the page. 

The slow burn between Veronica and Stoker is my favorite, and each mystery has been fun and fascinating. This particular book takes Veronica and Stoker to a small island off the coast of England, which I loved! The isolated setting, atmospheric description of it, and the small circle of suspects added to the suspense. It gave the book a gothic vibe, and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. If you love historical mysteries that never feel too gritty or dark and heroines that defy convention at every turn, you’ve got to check out this series. Each mystery stands alone, but I think you’ll appreciate the characters and relationships so much more if you start from the beginning. 

Thank you to Berkley Pub for the e-ARC for review! But if you needed proof of my love for this series, just know that I bought the hardcover *and* audiobook for my collection. I’ve listened to each book in this series on audio and just love how Angele Masters narrates! Even when I pick up the physical book, I can still hear her voice in my head.
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Book one in the Veronica Speedwell series, A Curious Beginning, has been on my To Read list for several years now. And how could I not want to read about a Victorian adventuress who hunts butterflies and has the occasional romantic tryst? It wasn’t until a publicist offered a copy of A Dangerous Collaboration – the FOURTH book – that I finally (!) discovered just what I had been missing.

Eager to secure a specimen of an extremely rare butterfly, Veronica accepts an invitation to be attend Lord Malcolm Romilly’s house party. Once all the guests are in attendance, however, it becomes clear something isn’t quite right. Each guest has a connection to Romilly’s wife who disappeared on her wedding night three years earlier and hasn’t been heard from since. With ghosts taking shape and threats appearing, Veronica and Stoker race to discover just what happened to the young woman who vanished all those years ago.

A Dangerous Collaboration was an absolute delight and I’m kicking myself for not reading the series earlier! Unfortunately, because I came into the story with book four, certain events have been spoiled, but that’s totally my own fault and I look forward to diving into the series at the beginning.
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