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I received a copy of this arc from NetGalley for an honest review. A book about creativity. Excellent for those stuck at home lately.
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I needed to read this book. As a creative with multiple passions and the desire to learn even more, the creative life can be a crazy albeit difficult road. Liked this little book with good nuggets of wisdom that kicked my butt into gear.
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Keep Going is a short book on the topic of creativity. Mr. Kleon talks about different ways we can be creative and how our environment can either encourage it or dissuade from it. Through out the book he offers quotes from different writers and figures throughout history. Mr. Kleon also, includes cartoons.

This is a quick read, but it offers a lot of helpful suggestions in how to live out being creative wether it’s through writing, painting, etc. I like that the author talks about the struggles that come with being creative and how to balance it by getting outside by exercising, gardening, making gifts for others, taking old things and creating something new out of them.

I received my complimentary digital copy of Keep Going by Austin Kleon from Workman Publishing, care of NetGalley. The view expressed are mine only and of my own free will.
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Keep Going is Kleon's third delightful book for inspiring and motivating artists. Full of quotes, drawings and comics, Keep Going presents ten useful key points to keep in mind. You'll learn the value of prioritisation, time management, detaching from the digital world for periods, and more. I loved the quotes, and the notion of a 'bliss stations'. This was a very enjoyable book with great advice. I enjoyed Kleon's style, and plan to get a hard copy of this and his other books.

***Many thanks to Netgalley and Workman Publishing for providing an egalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I LOVE Austin Kleon. His blog is magic, his newsletter is brilliant every week, I just felt like this book was a bit of a letdown. I think it might be because the information felt almost minimalist. It wasn’t enough information to hold my interest, but it also felt bite-sized or something, like Keep Going really wasn’t giving me much new creative energy. From the newsletter, I really thought Kleon would dive more into his creative process or what inspires him but instead it just felt sort of plain. I was disappointed.
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This delightful, insightful book is so chock full of common sense suggestions for enlivening the creative spirit, I bought a print copy in which to make notes, highlight important text, and thumb through as a handy battery charger in print form. 
I will be sharing snippets with my middle school students who are exploring ways to express themselves.  I will also recommend to the professional artists and writers in the family.
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One of those books you should have always on your night-stand to (re)read a little bit every day.

This is the first book by Austin Kleon that I read, and I absolutely recommend it, specially if you are an artist of any kind (although I found that some of the advice or experiencies he shared were easier to relate to if you work with your hands, drawing, moulding, doing collage...).

Along with tips for artists, there are also general life recommendations (less screens, walk more to think better!), and inspiring and motivating thoughts.
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Austin's book-"Keep Going" reminds me of Keri Smith's style.  I like that he reminds us that to be creative we need to unplug from the things that drain us such as news and social media..  I like the style of the book and how we shouldn't do things with making money in mind but doing things because it brings us happiness.  Take walks, read, go outside.  I like the words "Demons don't like Fresh Air"-which reminds us that we need time with nature.  I would recommend this book to people.
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Austin Kleon is one of the best motivational writers I've had the opportunity to read, and his latest title, <i>Keep Going</i>, simply supports that. Actually, his books are more like creativity-life-hack-pep-talks, and it makes his work much easier to read through in its entirety. My first experience with Kleon's work was actually in his newsletters, which much like his books, are nice bite-sized emails. It was this (and a sale) that made me read his first work <i>Steal Like an Artist</i>. While the focus of that title is on ways to generate your work and how to use others for inspiration, <i>Keep Going</i> focuses on ways to maintain creativity even when it seems everything is against the creator. Because of the writing style, it's so easy to flip through any of Kleon's books, and the conversational tone of <i>Keep Going</i> will have readers going back to review any of the chapters.

Highly recommended.
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I loved this book! It's written with a lens towards art and creativity, but makes for great general life advice. Its extreme digestibility and small size make it a great gift book, and fun lunchtime read. I'm planning to spread copies around friends and family as birthdays and holidays arise.
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Austin Kleon does it again with "Keep Going".

Keep Going is the book that I needed to read at the moment. I was feeling uninspired day to day as I was diving deeper into the digital world. In a sense, I started to lose touch with my creative self. Days spent not doing anything worthwhile and then this book came along. 

Keep Going is a book that will get you back in touch with your creative self. These 10 "rules" will get anyone out of a creative funk and back to doing the artistic things that they love.

I will recommend this book to all friends and even people who are struggling creatively.
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Do you need a little pick me up? Feel like your creative hobbies or careers are going nowhere? Than you need to read this book. Inside are ten steps to feeling and creating, well, better. It teaches you that it's okay to have a messy room, and that sometimes you just need a nap to restart your brain. This is the book that the author, and I to be honest, needed. 

Primarily written for writers and artists, this book could be applied to anyone's daily life. The steps are simple, take care of yourself, establish a daily routine, make lists, and take life one day at a time, but you know that they'll help your creative process. It's short and sweet, and I need it on my bookshelf. 

Overall this was a nice and relaxing read, and I enjoyed it. I'll definitely be trying it out in my every day life. I thought it was even funny at times, like when the author said that he envied Lil Wayne for going to jail, because he had such a good routine in there that he would be able to get so much work done. Definitely pick it up if you get the chance, and think it would be a good fit for you.

Thanks for reading!
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Love this book (and all of Austin's work) so much! 

I have an interview with Austin going up on Book Riot in early April.
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Inspiring and encouraging advises stuffed inside a mini (and honestly, the physical book won't be too thick) and thin book. This is the book for the creative workers out there, or just someone who likes to be creative (myself included). 
However, none of the list (ten, to be exact) is particularly new. But if you want to read something beyond self-help book, consider this one.
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I wasn't sure about picking this up as I hadn't particularly enjoyed the author's last book. I am glad I did.

The book is like having a conversation with a very sorted person on life. It is about art and creativity, yes but mostly it's about how to live a good life. The people he referred to in the book are all such distinguished in their lives, you would want to meet them all. The quotes and the author's artworks were inspiring.

All the advice offered in the book made a lot of sense and is worth coming back to, time and again. Definitely recommended for artists and for anyone who feels stuck in their life.

I received a free copy of the book from NetGalley. It doesn't influence my opinion in any way.
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I enjoyed this book.  I’m a sucker for a good self improvement book, I finished it feeling energized and ready to make headway.  Thank you for putting your thoughts on paper, I will take these lessons with me
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An encouraging and insightful manual on building resilience for creative people. Austin Kleon writes in such an inviting way. I look forward to introducing students to this book—especially when they are experiencing the agony of creative defeat.
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I've seen Austin Kleon's books hundreds of times when finding my next book to read and I must admit; I never felt the urge to buy and or read one. NetGalley gave me the opportunity to review this book as an educator and decided to give it a go. 

Once I started, I couldn't stop. It's a short book with an incredible amount of depth. As a photographer en photography educator, I read my fair share of books from self-help and happiness to entrepreneurship and more photography-related writings. This book fits the category -Inspirational self-help for want to be happy, creative people - that not necessarily need to monetize their work- to create a fulfilling life. To be short; it captures all aspects of life in bite-sized chapters. 

It's not a book for the bookshelves; it's one to keep on your desk and flip through when you need some inspiration.
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This book is EVERYTHING! Not sure if it’s because I’m in need of a little creativity reinforcement, or if it’s just THAT GOOD! I love the list of things he lays out to revive your creativity and not let life get in the way. Every morsel and tidbit was backed up by other mentors and quotes that would just drive home his initial intent of each chapter. It’s a quick read, but a brilliant one. So brilliant that I went ahead and preordered a hard copy so I can reference it at all time!

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC, and thank you Austin for keeping it real and being so authentic! Keep inspiring!
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For fans of Kleon's work, and those who need a nudge, KEEP GOING offers straightforward ways to do exactly that -- keep going.

This great book combines his succinct elaborations of each point with relevant blackout poems, comics, and quotes. It results in a book that is easy to flip through when a creative spark is needed or to read cover to cover to provide motivation.

This is a very useful book and deserves a spot on your bookshelf. I plan to keep my copy in an easy-to-reach spot by my desk.
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